Building Loving Relationships in our Communities

A while ago I started noticing a number of shops closing down or just sitting empty. I wondered why. So I started talking to the people who felt they had to close their shops.

The common theme that came up was that their rents have been raised and they can’t afford to pay what the landlords are asking for. Some even felt they were being pushed out because they were not of a certain nationality.

This all got me reflecting on what has happened to equality for all, what has happened to decency, respect and care for our fellow brothers, no matter what nationality they are, or whether they are skinny, overweight, rich, poor, Australian, Chinese etc?

I wondered, why are we not accepted in society for who we naturally are?

  • Why does someone have to be more or less than another?
  • Why do we segregate each other or allow the segregation?
  • Where is the genuine support and deep care for each other?
  • Why aren’t we truly listening to another?

When I was a child, life was simple: people would support the little businesses around town and if there was work to be done at someone’s place, we would all get together to help out.

I can remember my dad one day wanted support with setting up a pool in the back yard. So, everyone got together to set the pool up and at the end of the day my parents put on a barbeque for everyone to say thank you – to let everyone know how much they deeply appreciated all their support. Then, when someone else needed something else done another day we would all get together again and support them. Then it would be their turn to put on a ‘barby’.

To me back then it was like we were one big family. I feel this is how we are all supposed to be… one big family, all collaborating together.

For me, community is not about the individual, it’s not about someone being more or less than another. It’s not about using people to get what someone wants. It is about deepening the true quality in how we all are with each other, our connections, lifting everyone up in equalness, a sense of openness with each other and true support when needed, truly connecting to each other in a gentle, deep caring, loving way that does not in any way harm another: this is what can build an awesome community.

But is our world missing these important ingredients today?

I know there is a heap going on in our world now: there are so many relationships in deep disregard, harm and abuse. This is a world that is segregating us all in one way or another, as opposed to us all living in brotherhood, leaving no one less or more.

I wonder what it would be like if we had a ‘one country world’ filled with harmony, not segregated by borders, wars, religions, politics, social segregation etc… a world where we all deeply cared for others with decency and respect in everything we do. What if it is possible and it all started with developing a true loving relationship with ourselves first – and then establishing true connection with others.

What I have come to understand through the teachings of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and from my own lived experiences, is I now know with all my heart that everything I do, say, act and think impacts not only myself, but others as well.

I wonder how often it is that we consider how are we in our relationships and what the effects of our choices are having on another, including ourselves? Are we loving or harming another?

I remember a time in my past when I put myself on a program to bring deeper awareness to how I was in all my relationships, whether that was with my family, the shop assistant at the plaza, my hairdresser, the woman I sat next to at the doctor’s surgery, the stranger in the park, my employees at work, my family etc.

To do this, I knew I had to be honest with myself. Like how am I feeling and expressing in my relationships throughout my day?

It was time to explore this…

It was quite revealing for me: I realised at the time there were some people I didn’t allow myself to truly connect to, where others I did. I was realising I hadn’t been treating everyone with equality.

This was something that needed to change, so from then on I have been doing my best to purposefully connect with everyone I meet… holding myself as an equal too, which at the time was quite challenging for me.

But with all this deeper awareness came responsibility – responsibility for my quality of being in the way I express in my relationships, including the relationship I have with myself and my body.

I’m not perfect at this and nor do I expect to be, but no matter what challenges may come my way, I now know I always have the choice to choose the quality I want to be in, with whatever I have to face and how I want to express to another. Each and every one of us can make this choice.

I’m realising more every day that all our connections big or small are so valuable.

Sometimes when I go down the street to the plaza to buy my groceries, I often end up talking to a stranger, as for some reason some people feel drawn to me, they feel safe to open up to me about what is happening in their lives. I know in that moment I do make a difference in someone’s life, which can also have a flow on effect with another, that they too come across.

Each one of us has the power to activate a seed in someone, to make a difference in their life: it could be through a simple conversation, or it could even be with a gorgeous smile.

Writing this blog makes me realise how important it is to let people in, to be open-hearted and embrace all our connections we have with different people who come across our path and to build and experience true community.

By Jody Bladin, Office Manager, with a love of connecting to people – you never know what may unfold.

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78 thoughts on “Building Loving Relationships in our Communities

  1. What would our current model of life be like if we e were treating everyone with the same 👌 decency and respect ✊ as a new born baby 🍼? Would we not adjust our way of Looking 👀 and living to include buckets ⚱️Loads of 💓 LOVE.

  2. What you have written here is huge
    ‘What I have come to understand through the teachings of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and from my own lived experiences, is I now know with all my heart that everything I do, say, act and think impacts not only myself, but others as well.’
    If we could truly grasp how enormous this sentence is and stopped to consider what impact negative thoughts have on ourselves and others then may be we would start to see a change in our society. But while we feel we have a right to say whatever we like, especially when it can be said anonymously on any social media platform then it is very clear we have a long way to go.

  3. Of late there has been quite a few occasions when I have had the opportunity to observe how we are and how this affects those around us, both in a positive way and negatively. We are all super sensitive and feel everything so it stands to reason that our behaviour hugely impacts others, even when we pretend that it doesn’t.

  4. An unimposing True community that comes together in Harmony and True Love shares so much and allows everyone to feel the reflection of living from our Essences, Inner-most-hearts / souls, will deepen the relationships on every level.

  5. There is an absolute joy felt when we make it about true community as well as a natural ease and flow that happens ✨

  6. We all want to be met and therefore we have a responsibility to be open and to meet another and rebuild our communities as one humanity.

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