My Unfolding Relationship with Surrender

I used to have a repetitive dream where I would fly out of the window of the bedroom where I slept as a child. My arms would flap like crazy and I’d do this kind of frantic breaststroke movement that would just about lift me off the ground – there was usually something coming after me so it wasn’t a nice dream at all.

In another regular dream, I would be on a trapeze swinging at a great height. I would feel much fear and vertigo, and when I fell off, I would wake up in a cold sweat!

I look back at these dreams that repeated themselves so much during my infancy, adolescence, and part of my adult years, and I realise that they had a lot to do with fear and my attempts to control life so that the worst wouldn’t happen.  Continue reading “My Unfolding Relationship with Surrender”

Abuse – Observing or Absorbing?

Someone once said to me “Do not allow abuse … Do not allow abuse in your life.” It took me a while to understand what this truly meant.

I thought abuse all fell under one umbrella. That I could simply stop abuse in one go. That abuse was one big term – Abuse. Yet there was much more to see. There was not just one door to close, but many. Continue reading “Abuse – Observing or Absorbing?”

A Relationship with Stillness

For a very long time, I was unwilling to stop long enough to have ever discovered stillness.

Stillness is the antithesis of how and what I felt as a child. As babies, we are born with a natural connection to our inner flow and stillness, and it is only through imposition that this can be changed. When our surrounding energy is one of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’, we will pick up on this and may choose to enjoin the overriding force that comes with doing, where we have lost all sense of connection to God and our innate essence. Continue reading “A Relationship with Stillness”

Supremacy – More Common Than We Think?

Supremacism – the belief or ideology of superiority, control and domination. That some particular group is superior to all others and has a right to dominate, control and subjugate others. (1)(2)

When we think of supremacy we tend to picture Nazis, war, mass genocides, white supremacy (e.g. Ku Klux Klan) or something similar and we tend to think that it is something that happens somewhere else in the world and/or that it is an extreme event and that we are not affected by it or do not partake in it in our daily lives – but is this actually true?

Continue reading “Supremacy – More Common Than We Think?”