Abuse – Observing or Absorbing?

Someone once said to me “Do not allow abuse … Do not allow abuse in your life.” It took me a while to understand what this truly meant.

I thought abuse all fell under one umbrella. That I could simply stop abuse in one go. That abuse was one big term – Abuse. Yet there was much more to see. There was not just one door to close, but many. Continue reading “Abuse – Observing or Absorbing?”

The Truth about Energy, the Body and Possession

I was introduced properly to the concept of possession at acupuncture college. Possession, we were taught, had nothing to do with an entity entering your body and causing your head to spin around as in The Exorcist, but was a relatively common energetic block. Trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, or even prolonged periods of meditation could make one more susceptible to possession. It could be diagnosed by looking into someone’s eyes to determine their ‘reachability’ and via the pulses. Possession, we were taught, could manifest subtly, with the person still fully functioning and going through the motions of life but not fully present in it, or dramatically, in the case of severe mental illness.

Training to become acupuncturists, we were taught how to clear this block using specific techniques and treatments. Whilst some tutors were adamant that it had nothing to do with discarnate beings, others didn’t rule out such influences, but the overarching feeling was that it wasn’t necessary to know what caused the possession or exactly what force had taken over a patient, only to be able to diagnose and then clear it.

This never sat well with me. Continue reading “The Truth about Energy, the Body and Possession”


I have just had the most amazing experience. I was phoned by Barclays bank fraud department to say that two transactions had been made on my credit card and they wanted to confirm with me that they were with my consent. One transaction was for 400.00 GBP to Amazon and the other was 700.00 GBP to a union credit bank to someone in the USA. I explained I had not authorised these payments. The lady then tried to instill in me the fear that someone was using my bank details to make fraudulent claims pretending to be me. Something didn’t feel right with the call – you know when you’re a kid growing up and you just sense that something is wrong in the adult world, even though to all outward appearances the situation seems on the straight and level. Something within me decided not to play ball and instead said that with no disrespect to the caller, I would hang up and call Barclays myself.  Continue reading “Fraud”

Who are they, Anyway?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about the historical state of geopolitical issues that have faced humanity and have ended up saying something like ‘They don’t want us to know that they killed John F. Kennedy to stop him from putting an end to the industrial military complex who were later responsible for the war in Vietnam’ or ‘They are counting on the fact that most people will not investigate the inconsistencies of the official explanation of who was responsible for the 911 attacks in New York City.’

No? Just me? Well, I’m sure most people have at least heard of this emphasis on the word they being used to even describe their co-workers in the form of ‘They really messed up this project’ whilst referring to another group or shift’s work production or behaviours. This approach avoids any potential responsibility on their part while it is also demonising their fellow team members instead of looking at how they can support each other to grow and evolve together. Continue reading “Who are they, Anyway?”

What are we Truly Looking for?

On a cold and wet November evening whilst posting a letter, I was approached by a young man. He smiled and pointed to his ears to show me he had no hearing ability and I observed his movements without any sense of concern despite being a lone female on a dark road. He then handed me a piece of paper to read.

I put my glasses on and read the note as he stood before me and I could feel an urgency he was trying to convey. But as I stood still and read the note, I realised it was at odds with what I felt in him. Continue reading “What are we Truly Looking for?”

My Relationship with my Mother: Walking Out of My Self-made Prison

 Looking back over our lives we often search for reasons why we did this or that, and sometimes we come across difficult or challenging experiences…

Occasionally we muster the courage, or the will, or even the self-love to ‘go there’ again. To unpack what we remember, to apply our adult knowledge, experience, perspective and understanding to the child we once were who was hurt by the deeds or words of a loved one, which imprisoned us in the lovelessness of our own doubt, self-judgement and denial of our own senses, locking us away under deep layers of self-imposed protection for fear of being hurt further. Continue reading “My Relationship with my Mother: Walking Out of My Self-made Prison”

Choices, Responsibility and Beyond…

Making Choices

Have you ever considered what the impact of chronic illness or severe injury might be on your ability to work, earn income, support yourself, and conduct the affairs of day to day life? I know I didn’t think of these things when I was younger. I was strong, fit, full of energy, motivated, level-headed, into life, working full time, volunteering, in relationships, and in community. It never occurred to me how much could be swept away at any time by a serious incident or illness… Elderly people say this to younger ones, but how much of it sinks in?

What it comes down to is being responsible for our choices from the youngest possible age. But it’s never too late to begin. Continue reading “Choices, Responsibility and Beyond…”

The Lie of Being Good

I am a fifty-two-year-old woman who has spent most of her life being what the majority of people would consider to be a ‘good’ person. I have spent thirty years working with people with severe intellectual disabilities, a job that without fail draws gasps of admiration and praise from anyone that discovers what I do for a living.

My second job for the last twenty years has been as a yoga teacher and I know that when people hear about my second job they tend to naturally believe that I am helping others to be fit and well, whilst also supporting them to consider the deeper aspects of life. We all assume certain things about others based on our beliefs about what’s good and what’s bad, but what if good and bad don’t really exist? What if good and bad are figments of our imagination, conjured up out of our own connotations about what each word means? Continue reading “The Lie of Being Good”

‘Whatever’ – A Movement Towards Giving Up

I’m sure most of us are pretty familiar with the classic stereotype of teenagers who, when called out by their parents for not being responsible in some way, would retort with an emotionally charged reaction of “Whatever, I don’t care!” Even though this may simply seem like an attempt to get out of taking responsibility and doing what is needed in that moment and may be frustrating as a parent to hear, I have found that when I hear other people use the term ‘whatever’ in their expression, there is a deeper reading to access.

When I have really allowed myself to feel the truth of this matter, it hurt to accept the fact that when we use ‘whatever’ in reaction to the stresses and harshness of human life, we are really just saying “I give up!” And to be honest, when I ‘went there’, I started to see all the ways that I have done just that in my current and past lives that have affected how I currently view and live in the world. Continue reading “‘Whatever’ – A Movement Towards Giving Up”

A Relationship with Stillness

For a very long time, I was unwilling to stop long enough to have ever discovered stillness.

Stillness is the antithesis of how and what I felt as a child. As babies, we are born with a natural connection to our inner flow and stillness, and it is only through imposition that this can be changed. When our surrounding energy is one of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’, we will pick up on this and may choose to enjoin the overriding force that comes with doing, where we have lost all sense of connection to God and our innate essence. Continue reading “A Relationship with Stillness”