In 1999, Serge Benhayon introduced his working capacity as that which represented our Soul, the One Soul we all are. Among his first movements were the teachings of Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility as well as the difference between a spirit and a Soul. Collectively, and by act of direct evidence, Serge Benhayon has revealed a living way (The Livingness) that is based on principles that stem from our Soul, who and what we all truly are.

Accordingly, words expressed by Serge Benhayon are words that carry the vibration of our One Sound, the ‘fire’ and the voice of our inner-most – the One Soul.

This platform, ‘The Fiery Words of Serge Benhayon’, is a celebration of the lived quality of these words.

Words of fire from our innermost vigour carry the vibration of universal intelligence and love. This may stretch the credulity of some because in our current world, we rank words on a hierarchy of importance according to the social standing of the person communicating them, or the mindset they represent. Alternatively, we dismiss words as no more than ink on paper or just ‘talk’.

When we assimilate words as mere knowledge, it confirms the vibration of separation. When we observe for example, a ‘tree’ and discern only its visual attributes (shape, size, colour etc.), we remain separate to the living vibration of the tree. This positions us as an object in a world of 3-dimensional objects to which we are separate, cutting us off from true relationship with everyone and everything. Words used in this way come from a mind that is in disconnection to the physical body.

When we express from our essence, in connection with our body, our words carry a living quality that confirms our interdependent relationship not only with the world and everyone in it, but also beyond, to the multi-dimensionality we all originate from. When such words are discerned, they can be vibrationally felt as the unity we all are – the One Soul.

The true vibration of words is received when they are in this absolute relationship with the Oneness we are.

Such are the words of Serge Benhayon.

These words of Ageless Wisdom carry the vibration known as fire or the quality of Soul. When this fire is lived, as it is by Serge Benhayon, its vibration unifies by virtue of its spherical quality, bringing about unending expansion as it ignites this same vibration within, and that is innately known by, all. The vibration itself remains accessible to all as a living agency of fiery aliveness, and each person thereafter adds their unique colour to its expression.

Words that carry this quality and vibration belong to the absoluteness of the Order of the Universe, which is all about Expansion.

This platform is about the expansion of this enrichment, also known as The Way of The Livingness, as we learn to live in a way that expresses the fire and living quality of these words from the One Soul.

In the words of Serge Benhayon …

“We have not given enough focus and dedication to the benefit of ‘lovepower’ in how we use our spoken and written communication. Everything matters. And the simplest form of lovepower is in the use of fiery words. If considered, we have, in the energetically true use of words, the capacity to deeply enrich every member of the human race.”

And this…

“Observe. Judge not. Observe some more. Then, from deep within, put a voice to all that you know does not make sense. In the same song, assert a voice to end all your hurts. In its loving tune sing the song that reverberates the sound of what is unjust, and therefore must cease. In short, speak only the voice of your innermost essence. Then, and with all the love that at that point you can muster, seek the footsteps of renunciation, knowing that imperfection and expected miscarriage are all part of the re-evolving steps.”

Such is the fiery beauty of the words of our Soul on Earth.

[Updated 27 December 2021]