This site is intended for students who study with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to write about and share their experiences of Serge Benhayon and his work as a presenter, author and practitioner of Esoteric Medicine. It was started by a group of students who felt that their experiences were either not being documented or were being at times mis-represented online and in the media.

This site is not written to convince the reader of the merits of Universal Medicine. It is one of the central tenants of the Esoteric work as taught by Serge Benhayon, and many of us share the same view, that each person should have the right to discern for themselves whether they feel the Esoteric presentations to be of truth and value or not. It is not for us or anyone else to impose our views, or chosen ways of living, on another. Having said that, it has recently became apparent that it is imperative that our voices and stories are present on the Internet lest the only source of information about us be that which originates from third-parties.

There will be many people from many professions and walks of life whose contributions will be shared here. Among us are doctors and lawyers, cleaners, accountants, waiters, teachers and builders. We are normal everyday people with varied backgrounds and experiences. We share a commonality in that the words and teachings of Serge Benhayon have resonated with us and inspired us in one way or another.

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  1. ‘This site is not written to convince the reader of the merits of Universal Medicine’ and why would we? The world is full of greed, corruption, lies, exhaustion, lack of self worth, deep self loathing, anger, hate and religious wars abound. Yet here you have a bunch of people who are living in a way that promotes self care and a healthy life style. They are vibrantly healthy, not running with the obese statistics that are ever increasing, nor are they exhausted or debilitated by their diet. If I were a scientist I would be banging on their door to study these people, who are a living body of proof that there IS another way to live, and I am one of them.

    1. So true Ariana in amongst all the corruption and lies of this world lies a group of people who have made true changes in their lives and live in a loving and harmonious way, and this change is inspiring others to do the same. Universal Medicine was key to theses changes and should be applauded and studied not harassed and vilified

  2. Like many I have been appalled by the recent media coverage that has been published about Serge Benhayon and family, and Universal Medicine practitioners. I have felt more love, respect and integrity from them, than anyone else i know. Their ethics and conduct is beyond reproach. Which is not what I can say for how these journalists have conducted themselves.
    It is a very sad reflection indeed of where journalism is at in our society today, total disregard for truth, total lack of integrity and all it being about delivering ludicous words (not news) to get a headline. How very sad!

    I have been involved with Universal Medicine for almost 3 years, both having Esoteric Breast Massages and attending workshops during this time. Before then, I had not even come close to understanding what it meant to be connected to myself as a woman or indeed know what it felt like to actually be gentle, loving and tender with myself. To know when to stop driving myself to hard, listen to my body when it was saying ‘your doing to much, this is not loving behaviour or talk!’ Concepts that were foreign to me prior to having sessions or understanding more abouts myself from attending Universal Medicine workshops.
    I now have such an appreciation for myself, for who I am and how to make loving choices that are respectful to my body, which in turn impacts in the most postive way on those around me just by me being more of who I am. How amazing is that!!!
    Sydney Morning Herald and Northern Star, wouldn’t that be a headline- women learns to connect to self and really love who she is!!!
    I long for the day to see that!!!

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