Who are they, Anyway?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about the historical state of geopolitical issues that have faced humanity and have ended up saying something like ‘They don’t want us to know that they killed John F. Kennedy to stop him from putting an end to the industrial military complex who were later responsible for the war in Vietnam’ or ‘They are counting on the fact that most people will not investigate the inconsistencies of the official explanation of who was responsible for the 911 attacks in New York City.’

No? Just me? Well, I’m sure most people have at least heard of this emphasis on the word they being used to even describe their co-workers in the form of ‘They really messed up this project’ whilst referring to another group or shift’s work production or behaviours. This approach avoids any potential responsibility on their part while it is also demonising their fellow team members instead of looking at how they can support each other to grow and evolve together.

Also, to expand on the above paragraphs, although some may say the label ‘conspiracy’ has been demonised in an attempt to crush the hidden truth that people are attempting to expose, what I have recently recognised is just how much we avoid taking responsibility for the mess the world is in by describing the cause of our problems as originating from some mythical figurehead we describe as ‘they’. It’s an easy-out that we can revert to, for sure.

The use of the word ‘figurehead’ has also been carefully chosen here, as it is defined as “a nominal leader or head without real power or authority.” (1) For this is symbolic of the way in which we can so easily absolve ourselves of the responsibility of recognising that everything that we observe in our lives, on both a micro and macro global scale, comes about as a direct result of all our daily movements and choices. So when we place the burden of our current socioeconomic, health, environmental and wellbeing status on various governmental, pharmaceutical, and even secret societal entities under the umbrella term ‘they’, it actually seems to ironically support the sustaining of the very systems of global life on Earth that we would like to see changed, because we are giving our inherent power away to them by doing so.

Instead of realising and accepting that we actually have an amazing capacity of love within that can guide us to bring more joy, harmony and purpose to our life when we so choose this, we may many times choose to take on the role of being the victim and rely on the sympathy of others to avoid the responsibility and work it would take to enact these true changes.  

There have been so many times in my life where I found myself complaining about some policy at work, governmental corruption, an illogical utility bill, or even corporate greed. But interestingly enough, I never really looked at how I was contributing to bringing these same aspects into my own life and that ultimately, all these seemingly insurmountable challenges that we face in the world start with a simple choice to align to love…. or not. Really, we’ve made it all too easy for us to avoid responsibility and continue to place the burden and thus blame for all our problems on a nebulous ‘they’ that in the end has been built brick by brick by all the little things we do throughout the day to contribute to this pool of energy that others can later dip into at will.

An example of this would be when we are driving down the highway and someone zooms up behind us, tail-gaiting, and then aggressively passes and cuts in front of our car without signalling. We have a choice to stay calm and centred, while not taking it personally, with a knowingness that this is their issue, not ours, and simply observe that their behaviour was disregarding or to consider that this may be a reflection for us to consider in our own lives. Or we can decide to react with road rage, swearing up a storm, and then begin to drive with anger to catch up with them in a desperate attempt to get back at them somehow by reversing the situation by tail-gaiting them.

After we have just gone through the check-out line at the grocery store and noticed on the receipt that the clerk forgot to charge us for the steak bought for dinner, we can either say something to them so that we can rightly pay for it or we may prefer to just slink out of there hoping they never notice while sheepishly justifying this action by saying “Well, it’s their responsibility to charge me for the items I bought.” For we can either enjoin an emotional way of being that we actually know is not beneficial for us out of a need to relieve a tension we feel in our bodies, or stay more centred and settled, without reaction, thus potentially inspiring others to do the same in their lives.

There is another deeper aspect that is being offered here, in that it is an opportunity to realise that, perhaps, who we have deemed as ‘they’ within our political, educational, governmental and economic systems is actually a hidden agent of a not quite so obvious,  non-physical kind.

Not one that could potentially be pinned down to a specific group, agency or powerful corporate player, but the force or energy of individualism and separatism that constantly manoeuvres to sabotage any sense of unification or equality, even though on a fundamentally energetic level, we are all connected. This shadowy force of division and disharmony feeds those who align to it out of their own disconnection or emptiness when they have deviated from their Soul, the vehicle of love and harmony we can connect to via our inner heart.

It’s as if there is a consciousness that we have the option to align to that feeds the thoughts and beliefs that we are not One, and that what happens in the world is a product of some random, cosmic ‘roll of the dice’. In truth, the reality is that we always have a choice to bring love into all that we do, knowing that everything that happens after we make that choice is part of the Divine Order we all belong to. Equally, aligning with this brings the awareness that we all have the opportunity to accept responsibility and to let go of placing the blame of our current global and everyday problems on our fellow human beings, for it may not be ‘them’ who are to be vilified after all, but instead, this energy of self-centred individualism ‘they’ have allowed to enter their consciousness when ‘they’ disconnected from their inner heart in the first place.

When we begin to examine on a daily basis how and when this force that has driven humanity’s sometimes virulent and self-centred behaviours manifests itself, it may become more obvious how we are truly conduits of expression and not sources, even though any harmful acts that come from disconnecting to our Soul will socially continue to require due legal consequences.

Perhaps this will inevitably lead to a greater awareness of the true identity and source of what lies behind the use of the term ‘THEY’, and how we have used this phrase to negate our own part in feeding this nebulous and apparently hidden ‘player’ behind the veil of illusion that we have actually created and chosen for ourselves on this planet.

By Michael Goodhart, B.A. Psychology, Licenced Aircraft Technician

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24 thoughts on “Who are they, Anyway?

  1. The fact that we use the term ‘They’ I feel shows at some level we all know that there is as yet an unseen force that is directing humanity, so it is possible as you say Michael we opt out of any responsibility to really go there and call out the energy the majority of us would rather turn a blind eye and in doing so allows the as yet unseen energy to have its way with us all, its almost as though we say to ourselves let someone else deal with it so we all wait for someone to deal with it – in the waiting we withdraw and the energy takes over.

  2. The Value of the veil sets itself apart when we understand that, our most imperative venture, in life is to reflect without the mask. Then the Love we all come from is lived and thus eliminating any tangles we could get into in so many situations as you have shared Michael.

    1. Greg, this is indeed a beautiful point: “to reflect without the mask’ – to drop all the facades and just be who we are and let that shine out and inspire all including ourselves by what divinity can come through us…

  3. Essentially this article is about being willing to see the truth – giving ourselves permission to take responsibility and not write things off as just occurrence to which we have not played a part nor had anything to do with the outcome. Globally we are all responsible in one way or another, and it is about recognising this and understanding how important it is that we work together and don’t make it about separatism and individuality.

    1. Henrietta life is pre ordained for us to be in separation to each other, being an individual is championed as a pinnacle of achievement. As an example a man delivered a parcel and chatted to me about what was to him a very important rugby game one nation versus another, and while he could say it would be a great game it is also a game of the winner takes all, about superiority, individualism, national pride, gloating, so the complete opposite to unity and brotherhood. with 50,000 people in the stadium and thousands more watching the game around world that’s a huge amount of anti brotherhood and that’s just one game played in the separation to humanity.

  4. Thank you Michael for a great article exposing the mysterious ‘they’ and how using this in any form of communication is in effect aiding separatism and individuality.

  5. Finding the answer to the lies we live can be simple once the so called truths are being seen for the lies that they are and when this happens we are exposing the fact that we are all caught up in this situation where the lies are seen to be our truth. Reality is we convolute our way of being to be one of believing in lies and that is who we are, instead of searching for the Truth of our divinity and seeing the self indulging individual for all the lies it can hide as so called truths.

  6. I remember the first time someone asked me ‘who is they?’ and I realised I didn’t know but was willing to accept that ‘they’ were responsible for whatever the situation was at that time. It is our responsibility to be aware of the choices we are making and the outcome of those choices, their effect on others and the ongoing effects in the world – as mentioned earlier we are all one and thus the energy we chose to allow to flow through us at the time will affect the ‘All’.

  7. From your blog Michael, it is easy to see that you have reached a level of awareness where you can read below the surface of life and connect to what is actually occurring in life. The more we become aware the more we are shown. For many of us as our awareness grows and develops we become unstable as the very foundations of our life gets rocked because we come to the realisation that what we have been taught and held as the fabric of our society isn’t it. We have all invested in the lies and corruption which we then blame on others because it is in some cases hard to accept that we have all had a hand in shaping the society we live in and with today.

    1. These are wise words Mary and exposes the game many of us have been playing consciously or unconsciously.

    2. Thank you Mary, the depth of lies is almost unfathomable to those who choice to remain-in-investment to who they are, rather than the Light 😇 of what we can all bring, through being Truth-full as our undeniable deepening foundation.

  8. Thank you Michael, True history will one day recall these blogs and comments as something that comes from a Livingness. The Livingness is presented to us all equally through our Soul😇 and such an alignment is the most Loving choice we can make as it renders all the facade we are surrounded by into an obvious energy that can control us if we have no understanding of the Energetic Truth.

    1. We can all say that babies are love they ooze love from their every pore, yet they have no understanding of the word love, so to me love must be a being, not a doing. As babies grow up this love that is so obvious that we are all smitten by, gets crushed by the ideals and beliefs which make up the society we have made. The livingness you speak of Greg that comes from our soul is a reconnection back to the love we all were as children, and those people who have reconnected back to this are we could say reaping the benefits because there is an alignment to the energetic truth. The energetic truth cannot be denied, it can by free will be resisted but in the future, everyone will live the alignment to their soul.

  9. In any situation if we find ourselves dwelling on the actions of others at the expense of reviewing our own actions and choices then we know we are ‘off’ and are being steered by the forces you mention Michael.

  10. Such a clear call to responsibility here for us all Michael. We can be so quick to point the finger when we all are equally responsible for our decisions and what energy we align to. Love your writing.

    1. When the game of life is exposed as it is so easily being exposed currently and thank heaven literally that we can no longer say we didn’t know, because now the whole world knows and if we still chose to remain ignorant and ignore what is really going on in the world, then we are exposed in our resistance to knowing the truth because it suits our irresponsibility of not wanting to know.

  11. I love the reminder you have given us here Michael that we are the ‘they’ that we are referring to when we place ourselves in our own bubble above/apart from others and actually feels very arrogant.

    1. Spot on Helen there is an arrogance that comes from discussing the matter as if one knows how to handle it best, whilst all the while, one takes little to no responsibility and actually perpetuates the situation further. It is about staying humble and recognizing that we have all played a role in some way – directly or indirectly with our choices and actions as an individual or as a collective.

  12. – Looking back the psychologist I went to see for many years gave me the excuse that it wasn’t my fault I was the victim of my family,’they’ were not supportive or loving so was it any wonder I was mentally unstable? This was for me a huge ‘get out of jail’ free card that I played to my advantage, I avoided taking responsibility for myself. I understand completely what you are referring to Michael looking back at this period in my life I was in an energy of self-centered individualism which I allowed to enter my consciousness having disconnected from my inner heart, rather than take responsibility for this, I blamed my family and the world. Thankfully I have dug myself out of that hole and understand that we need to take back responsibility for ourselves and claim back our inner heart that you refer to, which is the vital missing part in all of our lives.

  13. Beautifully expressed and such great examples given. Thank you Michael. I love the way you look at life and how you take everyday ‘normal’ situations and put them into perspective. There are so many things in life to observe and reflect upon to then move on with greater awareness. Life is never boring. Who needs a TV. So many things to discover and uncover.

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