What are we Truly Looking for?

On a cold and wet November evening whilst posting a letter, I was approached by a young man. He smiled and pointed to his ears to show me he had no hearing ability and I observed his movements without any sense of concern despite being a lone female on a dark road. He then handed me a piece of paper to read.

I put my glasses on and read the note as he stood before me and I could feel an urgency he was trying to convey. But as I stood still and read the note, I realised it was at odds with what I felt in him.

Here was a beautiful being, standing face to face with me without any sense of aggression or emotion and yet the note could be felt quite clearly to be asking for something much deeper.  I heard myself saying ‘no’ as he mouthed his need for money to get home, but at the same time felt something exquisite within me saying ‘yes’ to opening my heart to this person I had never before met.

To stand and feel these two elements very much at odds: the beautiful being and the letter were like observing two distinct and opposing factions.

I felt no judgement toward him as a person since he presented this beauty from within, which we all are, and the behaviour was simply a coat to be worn when the choice was made to cover up that innate essence that we all share. The irony here being that we choose these protective behaviours in an attempt to not get hurt, but in the end, we are hurt by the lack of connection it fosters.

Despite his gesticulations, I repeated ‘No’ to his request and the clarity with which it came allowed him to surrender to his own deeper wisdom. The young man placed his hand on his heart, mouthing he understood and then threw his arms wide asking for a hug. So there we were standing in the street, two strangers hugging, bringing a gorgeous warmth to a damp and dreary November evening. There was no part of me that held back from that hug and I felt his body melt into my arms.

So whilst perhaps his outward approach was to ask for money, in fact, I felt, he, like all of us, deep down simply wanted to be truly met. In the moment we embraced, I felt a deep connection with a warm glow in my heart and felt fuller for the experience as we each turned and walked away. By uniting in this way, I feel we are offering this quality to other people in our lives – a true enrichment that goes beyond any monetary value and is, in fact, priceless.

By Judy, Personal Funeral Advisor, Oxford

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55 thoughts on “What are we Truly Looking for?

  1. Thank you Judy, as there is so much for us when we open our heart and allow others in, as we can all feel the healing and expansion in our consciousness that most divine of connections.

  2. Once we have found what it is that we’re looking for then the journey continues, not the search but the journey. For me, having discovered the God that is naturally within us all, there is no stopping there, it’s now an absolute delight and indeed dedication to know Him more intimately and to have more of Him in my life more of the time. There’s no such thing as having ‘too much God’, it’s just not possible if the God we’re referring to is true.

  3. A moment to be and a moment to stop and feel with another is a gift indeed, when all other things can fall away and nothing else matters.

  4. To say no to a request but to say yes to a person and who they are is one of the best ways to be with another and embrace their being, accepting them for who they are whilst not having to agree with things they do or say.

    1. How beautiful this would be Greg if the world and all in it considered this awareness normal and used it to understand and support each other.

  5. What we’re actively looking for and what we’re truly looking for are radically different. What we’re actively looking for is anything that will help to not feel our eternal unrest and what we’re truly looking for is the exact opposite, we’re looking for the very thing that will support us to deal with our eternal unrest.

  6. Being aware of what life presents to us so we can evolve is super important for everyone we meet and therefore our awareness of every relationship will deepen our amazing understanding of what life is Truly about and how that will unfold for the Soul-full-ness or inner-most connection for that Godly experiences that changes lives as you have shared Judy.

  7. Judy I see it like that as well in the sense that we cover our essence up with behaviours, ideals, and beliefs, etc, just like placing on clothing – we get to the point where we have worn those ‘clothes’ for so long we begin to believe that is who we are, until we meet something who is living from their essence, the natural and true person we were born as, which gives us an opportunity to remember ourselves again.

    1. Melinda I know we have all been given this opportunity because of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine he is someone who lives from the essence of who he truly is, and this refection is offered to us all. I know that because of this energetic reflection I have been able to make fundamental changes to my life which have supported me immensely in my understanding of life and my place in it.

      1. Me too Mary, and I appreciate Natalie Benhayon too as a reflection of a woman living her essence in all parts of life. Truly every single human being is deeply beautiful in their essence and what an amazing world it will be when we are all expressing and living from that true part of ourselves again.

  8. Opening our heart and being truly intimate with others is one of the most divine things we can do. Well done Judy, these type of situation are a great lesson fro us all to understand how we can deepen our connection to others.

  9. Reading this I am reminded that everything we see and that happens in life is a result of the quality of the way we live and therefore our very being. This is what the man was responding to. We always have a choice whether we see only what’s on the surface of life or what really leads to the movements in front of us.

  10. Our days can be full of demands and critiques – things we complain about or get stressed by, but really underneath isn’t all we truly want to be met as you met this young man? Precious it would be, if we stopped at last and offered ourselves the grace of space and love to be ‘internally hugged’.

  11. Open our hearts and allowing others to be open, so we are non-imposing, which is simply shared the Love we all equally are, is simply evolutionary for us all.

  12. Being ‘protected’ keeps us in separation, isolated with our hurts. Openness makes us feel vulnerable, but the melting we experience in every encounter brings us to the realisation that we are much more than that.

    1. – I can definitely relate to being in protection keeps us in separation, it was because of your comment Amparo that I realised in a recent situation, I went into protection the drawbridge came up, my defense mechanisms kicked in and I was ready to fight back to defend and justify. I had completely isolated myself because I felt the overwhelming desire to attack before being attacked.

      1. Yes Mary and when we anticipate ourselves in a situation with that so called protection, we are just creating what we wanted to avoid in a first place. How crazy, isn’t it?

  13. Pretty much everything that we think we’re looking for we’re actually not. Be that a better job, a nicer car, a partner, an interesting hobby, a holiday house, financial security, a better body etc because none of these things provide us with the settlement that we all so desperately crave. The deep settlement that we all know is possible and are all unconsciously looking for can only be found in our re-alignment with a consciousness that’s true. There is a solidness in the resoluteness of the truth of this consciousness that wipes the floor with the flimsy piecemeal offerings and hankerings of the spirit.

    1. That’s so true Alexis we ‘think’ we want all this ‘stuff’ but in truth it brings no settlement to us and in fact the incessant searching feeds the constant demand for more ‘stuff’ round and round we go until we stop, feel and open up to who we truly are and share that with others.

    2. I agree Alexis our spirit is in constant turmoil because it chose to separate from the one soul, so everything that it has created (life) is not only a poor copy of heaven created in the refutation of heaven as a distraction to the fact that it is constantly distracting itself so that it doesn’t feel the pull up to heaven. This pull is getting stronger everyday hence the abuse to the body is becoming more extreme.

  14. The ability to read and discern energy allows us to honour another and bring a true reflection of what is possible. Honouring what is true and walking the earth in this is our energetic responsibility.

      1. Alexis I’m only just starting to realise just how tied up and tricked we all are. We have no comprehension of what has been done to us on so many levels and for me the worst lie that we have fallen for is that we are only human and that there is only one life. We have allowed ourselves to be robbed of our multi-dimensional access to heaven this to me is the greatest crime against us, that we think we are human. While we think this lie we are doomed to perpetuate the misery we call life. How much worse does life have to become before we say enough is enough and pull ourselves out of the illusion we have been tricked to live in.

  15. I have so much to learn from this sharing and one of them is discerning energy as there you were on a cold wet November evening approached by a young man while on your own posting a letter. Too be totally honest with you Judy I’m not sure if I would have been so open hearted as you obviously were on that night. I feel I would have gone into protection and thereby missed the offering that was so clearly there to be discerned.

    1. Hi Mary, Interesting isn’t it how in every moment we are offered not only the opportunity to be open to another but also to put aside the very things which prevent us from doing so. In these moments an offering from soul comes to those involved and leaves that space for all to feel.

  16. Judy I can so relate to what you are sharing here
    ”The irony here being that we choose these protective behaviours in an attempt to not get hurt, but in the end, we are hurt by the lack of connection it fosters.”
    We are also hurt by the energy we are calling in that has no regard for the human it is occupying in that moment we become a puppet to its own desires.

  17. Open our heart brings so much to share, as this is True, Intimacy and thus the preciousness of opening our heart and shoulders up to another and this relaxing gesture deepens our relationships on so many levels.

    1. Absoulutely Mary the abundance of Love is always pouring fourth from heaven, and it is simply up to us all to understand the True relationship that can be had with divinity.

  18. I loved reading about your experience Judy – it just goes to show how much our interconnection with others counts in a very significant way!

    1. I love how you have used the word interconnection, Helen – this is something we forget when we are caught in the head thinking things through, rather than being in the moment and staying with ourselves and hence others.

      1. Reading these comments it is interesting to look back on the last few years to see how humanity keeps itself in their individual silos, so that there is no cross contamination. We have become more insular and protective since the world lock down and of course it could be said that was the intention of the world governments to put a stop to the feeling that actually humanity is a whole and there is no separation in truth. We are actually so controlled that until we look back on an event we have no concept of just how controlled we are.

  19. Being held and met for who I am, without any expectation or need to be different is something that I craved for most of my life. Thanks to working with Universal Medicine and having sessions to heal my hurts I could realize that this holding quality, this love I needed is within me all the time and I’m the one who can give myself everything that confirms and nurtures the essence of who I am. Once we come to this point the fight and the desperation to fill ourselves with something external (recognition, acceptance or whatever) is over. Then we re-start a path of constant healing, never perfect, but full of joy and purpose.

    1. It is a big responsibility to love oneself deeply for from there we can then truly love another.

  20. This is a great example of how love is not something special you can give to someone but a living quality that can be lived from inside out, with everyone, even those who may encounter for the first time.

  21. Beautiful Judy. Your words can be felt and are deeply touching as the warm and nurturing hug you shared with this young man. We never know the challenges people may be facing so staying present, observing with such an open heart is best gift we can offer. We have so much to share when we connect from this place of equalness.

  22. Thank you Judy.The scenario you describe is offered to me often. I feel I am still unsure how to accept it…
    Sympathy only feeds the lies and misery by bringing more credence to them and yet I can still fall for it.
    When I don’t close down in pity and reaction I can keep my heart open, I can see who a person really is and this is so beautiful, yes, it is so much more than money or any other quick fix could ever offer, to truly meet another is as you say, priceless.When I feel it I have to ask: ‘Why would we let anything get in the way of this, in the way of us being together?’.

    1. Sympathy is like slapping someone around the chops with a damp cloth, it offers them nothing. If we can offer someone the crisp clear understanding of the firey consciousness then this will support them to feel the expansion that’s on offer at any given moment. Yes of course our timing is crucial and it might well be that space is all that’s needed at that particular moment in time.

      1. I will remember your expression Alexis
        “Sympathy is like slapping someone around the chops with a damp cloth, it offers them nothing” it’s a great expression which captures the futility of sympathy very well.

      2. Hi Alexis, I disagree that sympathy offers nothing, it actually offers them the opportunity to deepen in the misery of their hurts as we confirm them in it. Rather when we offer them space or truth they have a moment of true choice to move out of whatever they are in and return to a knowing of who they are or not, simply their choice.

    2. That is such a great question to ask ourselves Jo.It prompts that pondering on what do we each let get in the way of simply being who we are and sharing that with others.

      1. We’re each designed to be an open channel for God and so eventually we will all have to look at each and every piece of debris that gets in the way of the flow of God coming through.

    3. Jo reading your comment I can feel that recently I felt myself going into sympathy with a colleague that lost her son suddenly. By diving straight into sympathy it leaves no room to look at the bigger picture of the cycle of life. I’m learning that sympathy is an imposition, if feels disgusting in my body hence how I was able to catch it, and it does not truly support the person on the receiving end of it as there is no evolution.

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