A Relationship with Stillness

For a very long time, I was unwilling to stop long enough to have ever discovered stillness.

Stillness is the antithesis of how and what I felt as a child. As babies, we are born with a natural connection to our inner flow and stillness, and it is only through imposition that this can be changed. When our surrounding energy is one of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’, we will pick up on this and may choose to enjoin the overriding force that comes with doing, where we have lost all sense of connection to God and our innate essence.

From this point onwards, life generally becomes a gradual force of doing and driving ourselves forward to fit in with the surrounding world that is reflecting to us anything other than who we truly are.

What exactly is stillness – is it simply a word that describes no physical movement, or could there possibly be another deeper meaning? Have we ever stopped the continual momentum that seems to run our body at a pace that is so intense, to feel this, and then consider that there may be another way to live life? This may be a feeling that possibly resonates within us as we begin to feel beneath the outer layers that we have built up to protect ourselves and to realise that there is a depth of wisdom that pulses through our body.

By opening up to this possibility, I was offered a space where I could connect to my body and feel within that there could be more than I had first perceived. I was able to feel there were flows of energy and that these changed according to the movements of my body. If I moved with gentleness, my body was more settled, and if I moved in a way that was harsh, my body would feel aggravated and uneasy. Could this stillness possibly be something that was already within – as subtle as the tiny movements that take place in our body all the time as we breathe or our brain sends out a message?

How would it be if we were to be born into a family where everything was about stillness and being – would this not allow us the freedom to gradually grow and mature into a fully rounded person who is in connection both with themselves and equally with those around us? Wouldn’t this allow a flow where we were all working as one, rather than a force where competition has become the only way to survive in a ‘dog eat dog’ kind of world that has dominated and diverted us for far too long?

We all innately know the truth of who we are and how we should be truly living in a way of harmony, cohesion, integrity, and love – but for most human beings the problem is to know how to change this when we have for so long looked outside of ourselves for confirmation.

Having lived and played the game of survival and struggle for so long, it can often feel like a seemingly impossible task to do this on our own. We all need support and a reflection to inspire us, but where do we find this when so much of the world appears to be in the same struggle and stress?

For me, the support came when I was willing to open up and change. ‘The teacher appeared’: I was introduced to the books of Serge Benhayon where I found inspiration, and as a consequence, I have been encouraged to look deep within to find the answers to what had always seemed like an impossible conundrum. When we open ourselves up to that first chink of light, we are expanding our Universe as we allow the light to flow in and lighten our day.

As the cycles of life unfold, we return to the beginning to start life anew and begin to sow the seed of stillness as we return to the In-breath and Out-breath of God. When I gently breathe in and out through my nose and in connection with the whole pulse of my body, it feels as though I am gently returning to a rhythm that brings harmony and a feeling of at-one-ness both within and to the space that surrounds me.

In the words of Serge Benhayon:

“We all came from a single Out-breath and we will all  return back to our source by a single In-breath.” (1)

As I connect more and more to breathing my own breath, I receive a blessing as my whole body opens up and expands and this brings a deep healing, one that each of us can equally access. The problems and the tension are allowed to dissipate when we allow space for our body to be free of the contraction that takes place as we tense up our bodies to ‘cope’ with our daily workload.

As I read these words by Serge Benhayon, they come with a simplicity and clarity that allows me to feel a settlement and a steadiness in my body – a true home where I can rest awhile and connect again and allow the ravages of time to slip away as I feel the expansion and the space that is offered.

The support that this can bring is something that can impact on our daily life as we build a steadiness and begin to feel that there is a stillness residing deep within.

As we begin anew we can feel that we are being offered a moment of unmoving movement and a deep stillness that is in vibration with the Universe and beyond, and further volumes of this impulse that come directly from heaven take us further along our path to feel the eternity that is God and beyond.

We have for oh so many years been searching for this intangible moment and looking outside of ourselves for something akin to the ‘Holy Grail’.

“It may be that what is made legend is not material at all but a source and or style of livingness: a way to move that aligns your physical particles so as to receive the wisdom of God.” (2) 

Throughout my life, I knew that there was a greater meaning to what had become an existence and because I had made my life so complicated, I could not see that something as simple as stillness could possibly hold the answer.

It feels like we are continually searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ without having an inkling of what this could possibly be. To have an infinite relationship with God is beyond our comprehension when we have sought to live life ‘our way’ – a way that is hard and full of tension as we have an inner fight and turmoil continually playing out.

When we meet what feels like an impossible block, this may offer us a moment to reflect and become open to changing what has seemed like the treadmill of life. When we make the decision to get off the treadmill, it can be the moment when we begin to return back to the stillness that is God’s holding Love, where we can realign to our “physical particles so as to receive the wisdom of God.” (2)

By Susan Lee. Now in my seventies, I am enjoying deepening my relationship with myself and my body. I am also appreciating that life is a continuum and that we are forever evolving and enriching. Norfolk, UK.


  1. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, Volume 11, Ed. 1, 45.
  2. Serge Benhayon, Time, Space and all of us, Book 3 – all of us, Ed.1, p. 415.

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172 thoughts on “A Relationship with Stillness

  1. Thank you Susan, as you have shared stillness and or repose is amazing to take to our day so that every movement is also done in the same repose-full energy and thus opens the door to our evolution because of how we are aligned to divine energy in our movements to the best of our ability.

    1. When we move in harmony with God we are at one with his Atma and holding space and the expanse of this holding is a mutual vibration that is to be shared by each other being, all encompassing and inclusive of all.

  2. Still-ness has become the new norm as we all can reconnect back to our childhood way of breathing and thus the ensuing deep settlement in our bodies or being Still while being in motion.

  3. We are all searching for something for many they do not have the words to describe what they are looking for but the whole world is restless. Something within us all is waking up. We can sense a different movement or vibration which means that we have not lost our senses completely. Quite how this is going to play out remains to been seen, however it’s already noticeable how people are fighting their awareness by going into mental health issues and others are waking up to the realisation that their freedom is being eroded by those who seek power to dominate and control through an Orwellian dictatorship.

    1. As we move deeper into our innermost we find that the words are still there in our movements waiting to be awakened.

  4. ❤ Thank you Susan, as our every movement is what advances us so they are supper important, so the way we move can align us to the wisdom of God and seeing stillness is a True-movement, thus how we move is imperative for our awareness and evolution back to the Stillness, Joy, Harmony, Love and Truth we all come from.

  5. Stepping off the treadmill and allowing ourselves to re-connect to God and His impulsed movements is a work in progress. One can understand that in the head, but to live this is a whole new experience…hence why I call it a work in progress for myself at least.

    1. That’s beautiful Henrietta – and now looking back over the past few months I can feel that the unfolding of the stillness is going so much deeper and into the true depth of where we belong……….

    2. Even when we step off the treadmill of life the movements made on the treadmill are encased in the muscle memory of our bodies, so then the question is how do we then move in a way that enables our bodies to be de configured so that the muscles can realign back to their natural status?
      https://www.movefit-online.com these series of movement can re-align our bodies so that they are able to once again flow in that magical way they once did when we were kids.

  6. Our breath and its quality is a great place to start when it comes to re-connecting back to our essence.

  7. Stillness is commonly mis-interpreted at not moving or a lack of movement. But as presented in this blog, perhaps this has been a very smart way to deviate away from its true meaning and the quality of movement that it actually holds.

  8. “Stillness is the antithesis of how and what I felt” and as we all had to relearn to fit in and thus disconnect from our inner-wisdom, or inner-most and returning to this inner-being where our deep Stillness resides is such a Joy.
    As we restart to deepen back into the Stillness we had before we disconnected from it and take that Stillness to bed each night and thus allowing the quality of repose-full sleep to also deepen then this awareness of our inner-most or inner-temple can also expand so what is expanded within the day can also then expand at night delivering a forever deepening level of Stillness. So the Joy that we awaken with each day is moved allowing the Stillness to also be felt as we move, so is it any wonder as a young child the effervescent Joy-full-ness is refreshingly abundant and sometimes not so easily shut down and is such a reawakening delight to reconnect to.

  9. For all of my life I have been in the energy of constant motion, even my sleep was disturbed by the anxiousness that was running my body so that I woke up in the mornings as tired as I went to bed. But it wasn’t something I stopped to consider. Recently I was with a group of people and I could feel the level of stillness in my body just dropping away and more and more I can hold that level of stillness in my body as I walk. I am becoming sensitive enough with my body that when I feel a change to the stillness, I stop and bring myself back because I adore the stillness so much I cannot abide not being within it.

  10. ‘As babies, we are born with a natural connection to our inner flow and stillness’ that’s why we recognize very well this quality in those who live in harmony with their body and its cycles.

    In my experience, no matter how disconnected I was from my inner connection, once I met Serge Benhayon and his family for the very first time I knew there was something familiar in them, yet felt very new to me as I couldn’t find it in many people before. This stillness reflected back to me made me remember my true nature as a woman.

  11. We have been taught from a very young age to ignore what our bodies are communicating with us to go against this innateness and instead focus on life outside of us; which takes us away from our bodies into the ‘doing’. This world is all about ‘doing’ life, to me is a complete set up so that we take our focus away from our bodies. What you have shared Susan is if we can deeply connect to our own breath then we have the possibility of returning inwards back to where we belong before we were pulled out as children. Writing this I realise this is a profound way of being that if we all adopted would change our lives completely.

  12. We all have a relationship with Stillness, even if it’s an estranged one. It is certainly worth having an active, interactive, learning, evolving relationship with Stillness.

  13. I love this blog because it reminds us we have a relationship with everything in life … something we seem to forget!

  14. I have read the title to this blog many times and every time I read ‘A relationship with stillness’, I feel myself go inwards and get a felt sense of love and intimacy in my body. Words are not a collection of flat letters on the page they are the aliveness of energy, their meaning can be felt in the body.

    1. I agree Alexis – to connect to the essence of a word brings in a whole new dimension – one that is beyond our everyday functionality and allows us to open up to something that is grand and so much more alive – it is something that is at the very core of our being……….

      1. ” To connect to the essence of a word brings in a whole new dimension”, it really does Susan which is why I struggle so much when someone swears because it’s not just the vibration of the word that’s offensive to the body but often the energy in which the word is used as well. It’s a double slap.

  15. I have spent a large portion of this life and possibly may other lives in motion. Waiting patiently, chopping at the bit whist I was a child ready to run because I had been told you can’t do X till you’re an adult. It was like the start of a horse race where the bell rings and the gates slam open and I was off and running! Caffeine with sugar and nicotine were my mainstay to keep running unabated for many years. There was a short period I tried the body version of what nitro-oxide fuelled gas does to a car. Stillness is great when we rediscover something we have never lost. Speeding through life, racing time is a game that can never be won. Stillness creates space, where time doesn’t exist.

    1. Spoken as a True master of Stillness, and we can all learn from what you have shared Steve! And if we do learn we would not hear the bell at the start of the race because for us it would not exist and thus stillness would be natural in all we do.

    2. I adore how you have described stillness Steve
      ‘Stillness creates space, where time doesn’t exist.’
      I have found the Esoteric Yoga introduced by Sege Benhayon is a modality that supports us to create that space in our bodies so that we can reconnect back to the stillness/ space that is there waiting for us to return to as this is the essence of who we are.

    3. Wow, Steve, I love this sharing: “Speeding through life, racing time is a game that can never be won. Stillness creates space, where time doesn’t exist.”

    4. Steve you have just exposed the lie we have all fallen for ‘time’ we have made life all about time when actually it is all about space. The lie is so ingrained and insidious that most people would question space over time, is it possible that because humans created time we have an investment in it?

      1. That certainly feels very true Mary – we humans are so devious and it feels very probable that we do have an investment in time……and even a contract to keep the whole thing going round and round in circles ‘wasting even more time’!

  16. It’s interesting that when you talk to people most have a sense that there is more to life and that there is something they are missing, even if they have everything they could ever need, there is still something missing. The stillness brings us back to something we once knew as being our normal.

  17. We spend a lifetime filling our stillness with every type of motion to avoid the stillness of repose. I have found that stepping out of the madness that we have learned to call normal life, that stillness patiently awaits our return.

    1. Once again wise words Steve, and the sense I get is that though the stillness is there waiting patiently, there is yet the art of embracing it and living it that also awaits.

  18. Our relationship with stillness can be non existent, an on again off again kind of an affair or an almost constant communication. My relationship with stillness is becoming more and more intimate, I truly adore it.

    1. Alexis I feel there is a communication with space, I feel as we develop a relationship with space we are offered a deeper quality, in that offering I know I hesitate asking myself can I really hold and have this much space in my body am I worth it? The answer is yes we are all worth reconnecting, receiving and enjoying stillness within our bodies and the key word is the joy that is felt as our bodies reignite again with the space that is offered and accepted.

      1. Not being worthy is a completely made up state, one of an infinite number of totally fabricated ways of being that our spirits love to indulge in. And indulge in them they do.

  19. The activity of stillness should never be underrated as the greater awareness we have of the profound effect living and moving in a stilling way has on our whole body the more energising effect this has on every thing we do.

  20. The title of this blog reminds me of just how many relationships we have with things without even realising it!!! Cycles, sleep, our body, expression the list is endless when we have more awareness of this, how we are in life (our livingness) so much can be brought to light and to our attention for addressing.

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