Truly Appreciating the People in my Neighbourhood

I live in a small and old neighbourhood just outside one of the many cities in Australia. Having lived there for over 10 years I have noticed families come and go, with employment issues and downsizing of family units. What has been interesting to note in the last few months has been the selling and buying of a number of houses near me, and in recent weeks the home next door and one across the road.

The same real estate agent was organised to sell both homes and dropped past my front yard one day while I was gardening, asking if I could give her a short summary of the neighbourhood, as she was setting up a profile for potential clients moving into the area.

At first I was surprised to hear this question coming from a real estate agent as I had this instant crazy belief that all ‘real estate agents were out to make money’ and were not interested in supporting anyone to get the best location and price for a new home. It was interesting to note how I could feel my body move in protection and my head move straight into setting up a facts profile of what to share about my neighbours:

  • Old married couple across the road
  • Gay couple in the house adjacent
  • Mother and disabled daughter next door
  • Single gay woman with overseas students homestay two houses down
  • Young couple with a newborn on the corner block.

Even though this was a factual account, there was nothing that had dropped into my head that was truly sharing what a great community I live in.

I knew at that moment that what had played out was the instant load of ideals and beliefs that are constantly on standby waiting for us to take or leave about the world and how we see each other.

It made me realise the ways in which we project towards each other and assume another to be without stopping to feel what is the intent of each person’s words, including our own.

Do we speak to heal or harm?

Many times, the judgement that comes with ideals and beliefs often clouds both people from sharing what is on offer to appreciate about the exchange and see what can be offered to everyone in the long run.

I knew that none of these thoughts were true as the movements in my body said it all and stopped me from sharing the realness we share as a community together.

The ideals and beliefs were blinding me from hearing that this real estate agent was genuine in asking about the place – and what better way than to ask those who live here? What I did choose to give in return was a snapshot of the diverse backgrounds of each and every home, and what each person brings:

  • The old married couple who bring in my garbage bins from the kerb each week and always stop for a chat, come rain or shine.
  • The deeply loving gay couple who regularly open up their home for us all to enjoy their built-in pool, all year round.
  • The mother and disabled daughter who offer support with recycling projects in the neighbourhood and gladly offer to mind pets when families go away on holidays.
  • The single gay woman who has a heart of gold and offers her home to many students and people new to the country with affordable accommodation close to the city.
  • The tender and loving father of the newborn child next door who often asks for gardening advice and is a whiz at supporting with ‘handyman jobs’ around the house.
  • His wife, a beautiful woman who constantly reflects the importance of staying steady and honouring herself as she spends time nurturing her newborn.

This is my neighbourhood. A place where there is no perfection but a community of people who are all playing their part to support one another, and in doing so have broken down the beliefs and ideals I have held about people in general and how a community should be. This group of men, women and children who live in my street bring such a sense of community and family that it has deepened my understanding of the importance of being part of a community and what we can all offer each other when we make life about supporting one another, deepening our relationships and opening our hearts.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Anonymous

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498 thoughts on “Truly Appreciating the People in my Neighbourhood

  1. This highlights our ability to either confirm and appreciate people for their innate qualities and care or label others for their surface differences. The first account allows me to feel another in all their innate beauty and harmony.

  2. Our neighbourhoods really are a microcosm of the macrocosm. It seems in your neighbourhood Natasha you have just about every combination of couples or family arrangements covered with the old married couple across the road, the gay couple in the house adjacent, the mother and disabled daughter next door, the single gay woman with overseas students homestay two houses down and the young couple with a new-born on the corner block. Of course, there are many other combinations but that is a pretty good start as the others may only be a block away!

  3. It is amazing how we can form an opinion about another without even giving them a chance. Most people exercise this prejudice without even thinking about it on a daily basis. Your blog gives me an opportunity to reflect on my relationships and I start wondering whether the judgments I’ve made about others out of hurt or fear are far worse than anything they may have ever done to me.

  4. What a great opportunity to appreciate and confirm your neighbours, allowing for the shift from judgement to a real appreciation of what each brings to your community.

  5. We each bring amazing qualities and it is our responsibility to share them with everyone, and appreciate what other people naturally bring.

  6. When we moved counties and found a place to live we were pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and warm our neighbors were. Well we shouldn’t have been surprised because our neighbours back in our home town were like family to us and to this day we visit them when we go back. It shows how connected we all really are and that even though we live in seperate houses with walls and doors, when we open up to each other there is no separation just care, love and genuine support.

  7. It seems that at one level our neighbourhoods represent great diversity in it’s forms of families, and yet in essence we are all the same in the way a community can come together when we recognise we are all equal.

  8. Where we live the sense of community is hugely missing, and I often wonder how we can bring back more a sense of neighbourhood – and your blog has me wondering if it could simply be in the small acts of caring and helping each other.

    1. I feel this to be so Meg. There are opportunities constantly presenting themselves where we can do this. And as we care for ourselves more more opportunities seem to be there.

  9. Also our neigbours are reflections of part of oursselves.
    And if we have an issue with them we can look what that shows us about ourselves.

  10. Being part of our community/neighbourhood is so important. This made me feel am I being and bringing all I can in my community and neighbourhood.

  11. One of the saddest things to happen in our recent history is the decline of the local community – no longer do we know our neighbours as we used to, with our busy lives it takes more of an effort to actually find out about the people living close to us. Locally and nationally it effects us all when there is not that network of support.

  12. I live in a small village and at the moment we are all coming together to lobby our local council over improvements to the village. Everyone is getting involved and has something to say on the matter. And to me this is one way of building a village community by supporting everyone to work together and to speak with one voice.

  13. The community that is possible within a village or street or area, when people are willing to come together and connect within their everyday interaction in even the smallest way, is a very profound kind of connection that we can often loose in our focus on our own busy lives.

  14. I love this and many would, to live in a community like this where everyone is open, knows each other and there is a care that is present between everyone. I often find the same thing in remote communities.

  15. Anonymous, I love this, it feels like such a simple, natural and gorgeous way to all be together, it puts things in perspective and reminds me that life is about people; ‘what we can all offer each other when we make life about supporting one another, deepening our relationships and opening our hearts.’

  16. It is incredible how the love with which we hold people and the way we choose to engage with life, think and express not only affects everyone and everything around us, but also has a direct impact on ourselves and the energy with which we move forward in life. This relatively simple choice profoundly colours and shapes our world.

  17. As soon as we drop into critique we are judging and condemning or as you say harming, then when we open to the essence of who we are then the golden wisdom of what is true flows from our lips.

  18. A gorgeous reminder of how important it is to stay awake, be clear and open to see what is truly happening around us. What needs change and what needs absolute honoring (appreciation) from our side.

  19. Every person is truly beautiful even if it can be hard to see at first, so a neighbourhood can if you want show you people in their light or if you want to see all the bad this will be all you see. So powerful how we choose to live in order to feel and see what is really there for all our brothers.

  20. It is great to read of the appreciation you have for your neighbours and fellow community members Anonymous. There are always many things we can be appreciative of when we choose not to judge or criticise.

  21. A sense of community is a crucial element of our collective well-being. I love what you share about how community has deepened your understanding of what we can all offer each other when we make life about supporting one another, deepening our relationships and opening our hearts.

  22. This just proves to me that most people are good, decent people and many are there for us in a crisis or just to help us move a bookshelf or something and there is no reason our world shouldn’t be one gigantic neighbourhood, except like anything there are a few bad eggs that have to ruin it for the rest of us so we have to lock our homes, put up protection and be afraid of getting mugged, raped, shot by a terrorist or something as sinister if we walk out the door.

  23. This judgment happens with the people in our street, the people we live and work with and the world in general and affects us every time we have that judgment. And the judgment isn’t needed.

  24. Just this week I realised how this process of appreciating people around me is an ever expanding movement. It started with those closest to me, then those a little less close, then the neighbourhood, the community and now even on a larger scale in a way that it becomes quite natural to appreciate all people that I meet. Sometimes I still get challenged and can be critical first but the work I have done in the past years is then supporting me to come back and see people for the uniqueness that they bring.

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