Where Are We Going and What Are We Doing?

This is a question that we may ponder on.

Sometimes we may feel lost. It feels as though we have lost our way and don’t know where to turn.

I base this feeling on what I have been feeling for some time and this is that I have become so caught up in looking outside of myself that I am ignoring the loss of contact with my innermost feelings and I sense that I am not alone with this particular feeling.

When I reach a moment where something uncomfortable is felt, so often I will distract myself by adjusting the outside – how is my hair looking, whether I am wearing the right clothes – forever looking outside for approval and confirmation. It feels as though we live in a world that feeds this distraction and we are offered so many ways that can tempt us and mostly this is about changing the material things in our world. In one way this is quite convenient as it means I do not need to begin to look within and see where I can change, and what seems even more pertinent and important in the current climate is that I accept responsibility for where I am at, how I feel and what is happening all around me.

Have you too noticed this huge impulse to join the material world that is presented to us in so many ways and in so many places? And it is becoming harder to escape the onslaught, to avoid the intensity. At one time if you needed food, you would visit the food shops – the butcher, the baker and the greengrocer etc. – but nowadays when you visit the supermarket it’s a whole lifestyle change that we can find ourselves caught up in. Do you need an up-to-date model of your phone, sold as a must-have for anyone with concern about their street credibility? Or maybe it is the latest fashion distracting you from what was a simple errand of needing some food.

I am also feeling a weariness with the material world and what it is offering – a quick fix and a distraction from what I want to avoid. Is this distraction blocking me from feeling what is going on within? Is it keeping me from living the natural joy and vitality that I am beginning to feel is emerging as I take more notice of messages from my body? Maybe that living this way is causing pain, both emotional and physical.

When I walk out of my front door I can be faced with the effect of this on everyone, as I feel I am no different. Many of us are feeling that there must be something more to life than the continual need to keep going while we ignore our true impulse. As our world becomes sicker it feels that we are not willing to take ‘the bull by the horns’ and face a deep sadness within, and that we have lost track of how to live life in a way that is simple, harmonious and purposeful.

How much longer can we continue to abuse our bodies with a lifestyle that does not truly support us, and also those around us? Are we slowly reaching a point where we can no longer ignore the ongoing impact?

There is a simple way to begin to make changes if we are willing to release everything that has thus far not worked.

Is it time to take stock and feel where we are at and the truth of what we feel? Maybe we need to change direction and not seek outside of ourselves but go within where we will find a ‘buried treasure’ – and by ‘buried treasure’, I am talking about the wisdom that is available to us all when we open up our hearts and let love in.

As we learn to appreciate one another and allow others into our lives we can feel that true community has not disappeared, it’s like a candle that has been flickering, as our light too has been flickering. We can all allow ourselves to burn more brightly in the world and come back to the light that we are. Is it possible that this is the moment our Soul has been waiting for?

Realising that we are in truth a part of a much bigger whole and not isolated with our feelings enables us to feel that we can change and that others may welcome this reflection as we begin to slowly come together within ourselves and within our communities. When we walk down our streets we can be open and engaging and find that most people welcome a warm smile and a warm heart.

It is a path to be ventured on with deep humility and grace, whereby we allow ourselves to have the understanding that the beauty of the Soul is in fact a part of our Livingness. It only requires a willingness and commitment to being open and honest, first with ourselves and then with others. We can then reach a place where we begin to trust our own feelings and that we are no longer reliant on a constant need for recognition as our relationship with our Soul begins to be confirmed and realised. Heaven will rejoice as we return to living together in harmony, and that we no longer need the material world to seemingly satisfy or cover up the emptiness we once felt. It is incomparable when we know our true relationship with our Soul and that we are all equally part of the Universe.

None of these realisations would have taken place if I had not first connected to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Susan Lee, Retired and enjoying a life that continues to be purposeful and engaging, Norfolk, UK.

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84 thoughts on “Where Are We Going and What Are We Doing?

  1. Life has never been so confronting as it is for most at present with lockdowns still happening world-wide. What you have shared Susan is a breath of fresh air in these times. The exposure of the corruption that is rife and is bewildering many, and we need to explore the light of our Soul❤ as you have shared.

  2. The title of this blog is very meaningful as currently we are all experiencing the effects of aglobal pandemic ‘Where Are We Going and What Are We Doing?’ Surely now is the time to stop and consider, was the projectory we were all on delivering a true life, a true way of living, and if not, is it possible that we now have space to admit it isn’t working? We have another opportunity to change our behaviours and consider whether we are evolving at all or regressing by lowering our standards of living into sub-human behaviours.

  3. This is a question we should all be asking of ourselves
    “How much longer can we continue to abuse our bodies with a lifestyle that does not truly support us, and also those around us? Are we slowly reaching a point where we can no longer ignore the ongoing impact?”
    I feel looking around me that we have a way to go yet, its as though we are on a sling shot trajectory we haven’t reached that point where we turn back on ourselves and walk back to God. This will occur because it is the law of the universe. So no matter how much the spirit thinks it can escape it has a destiny with God; as we all come from God so we will all go back to God.

  4. Where we’re going and what we’re doing is dependant solely on the energy that we’re aligned to. Of course what we’re all doing will range massively but everything boils down to being in one of two categories. We’re either doing something in alignment to God or we’re not and that’s it. And then dependant on whether we’re aligned to God or not will answer the second question and that is ‘where are we going’? Well if we’re aligned to God then we’re on our way back to being incorporated back into His Oneness and if we’re not aligned to God then we’ll be circling aimlessly around and around. A kind of energetic treading water.

  5. When I was a child I questioned everything I was always asking why? When I reached my twenties I stopped questioning and gave into society and its demands that keeps everyone in a state of a seeming sleep-inducing trance. Coming across Universal Medicine I regained the sense of curiosity of life I had as a child. And what I reconnected to made so much sense. I have regained a zest for life that I had as a child; life has come alive again, it is the most wonderful experience.

  6. Due to sickleave and holidays I hadn’t been at my work for 3 weeks. During these weeks I had set new standards in being with myself, however coming back to work I felt the intensity and the pressure to react to all the demands but also how the only way was to connect with my innermost before anything else.

    1. Annelies just recently I became even more aware of the pressure at work from management to make a profit even in such times as we are currently experiencing. The management talk what I call double talk they say one thing but actually they are saying something completely different and basically what they are really saying is I don’t care how difficult it is out there at the moment you should still be making sales. There is no true compassion towards humanity so as you say the only way is to connect to oneself first so that we don’t get caught up in that pressure cooker energy which at times is extremely difficult.

  7. In all aspects of life we can either react or respond to what the moment is calling for. I can react to the moment and withdraw and get lost or I can respond, with my Soul, to what is being offered and not feel lost.

  8. The way many of us are living can be likened to being the hamster on its wheel running and going nowhere until we collapse from exhaustion, and then start again, endlessly. You have aptly described how life is meant to be, that contains no wheels.

  9. “how to live life in a way that is simple, harmonious and purposeful.” This is the essence of The Way of The Livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon.

    1. “How to live life in a way that is simple, harmonious and purposeful”, how gorgeous does that feel compared to how most of us are living which is complicated, disharmonious and lacking true purpose. And this isn’t a criticism but an invitation for us all to get honest so that we can actually start to change what’s not working.

  10. Susan I know what you are saying here ‘When I reach a moment where something uncomfortable is felt, so often I will distract myself by adjusting the outside.’ I had this feeling yesterday, I was feeling very uncomfortable where something had been exposed but I wasn’t sure what it was, I just knew I had to stay steady within myself and just allow what ever it was to unfold. I could feel resistance, stubbornness, and a feeling as though I had done something wrong, or was less than. These feelings passed through my body as I just allowed myself to stay steady while I went about my day. But I know that a few years ago I would have tried to run away from these feelings, feeling that they were too hard to cope with and so would have gone into emotion, distraction or why me. When we are able to let these feelings go that we have hung onto it frees up our bodies so that there is more space and allows the truth of who we are to shine the brighter.

    1. ‘When we are able to let these feelings go that we have hung onto it frees up our bodies so that there is more space and allows the truth of who we are to shine the brighter’ – your words are so encouraging – when we hang on to the feelings they contract our body and intensify – instead of letting go and expanding with the Universe and all that is around us in our daily life.

  11. I started to change how I was approaching life and live in a way that feels much more connected to my feelings and myself, when I became honest with how I felt. I remember feeling as though I couldn’t feel anything; there was a numbness.

    I was quite surprised when I realised this. It wasn’t situations outside of me that were bothering me- relationships, work situation etc that I would typically have been able to complain about. Nope, it was how I was feeling on the inside first that bothered me deeply, and enough to make me want to make changes in my life as I instinctively knew that numbness was a far cry from what I really felt. It was the end point of burying sensitivity and feeling, and so I chose to start living in a way that could allow my natural sensitivity again.

  12. I love connecting with people and without this connection with myself, I would not be able to do this. Nothing can replace this, as much as the world or the consciousness is trying to sell us cheap entertainment (cheap compared with what our connection with ourselves feels like), nothing will ever replace it.

  13. The material world cannot come close to what it feels like to allow our relationship with heaven to flourish. And in this simple understanding and experience our choice is clear… do we continue to expect the next purchase to have the answer or do we deepen into our relationship with heaven?

  14. Appreciation of our essences or Soul and then the ensuing appreciation that we have with others deepens our intimacy with everyone, and thus being intimate is letting people in because we are opening our inner-heart and not closing it down. Thus True-humble-appreciate-ive-ness, with humble being our relationship with our Soul-full-ness is where we are going.

  15. Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have re learnt something I knew as a child which is everything is energy first. I was very aware, as we all are as children but I allowed myself to be persuaded that what I felt wasn’t real and so went through life discounting my feelings. When we can connect to one of the fundamental corner stones of life everything changes. Now I cannot be fooled into believing that what I feel isn’t real or true. Thanks to the support I have been given by the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom I apply a simple test does the energy coming through the other person match the quality I feel in my body yes or no. If no, then no matter what they say or do will not shake me from knowing the energy they are presenting is false. It’s not them it’s the energy. This is also how I know that what Serge Benhayon presents is the truth because my body connects to the truth. There is not one particle that questions the truth of what is presented because my particles come from the same truth. This makes complete sense because we all come from the same particles that make up the universe.

  16. When we are connected to ourselves, we are a ship that is anchored. We may change our direction with the tide but are still grounded. When we seek more outside of us, we abandon our anchor and drift aimlessly away from our self.

    1. Absolutely Steve, it is like finding our feet in life and no-one can pull the rug out from beneath us, and this is the level of appreciate-ive-ness that is our foundation that can-not be moved.

      1. Steve and Greg I totally agree with you both, it is a great feeling to be solid in our bodies so that when something comes along in life the stability we feel doesn’t get affected and we are more able to deal with everything life throws at us with equanimity. Interestingly what I have noticed is that this is noticed by everyone because of the comments I get from family, friends and work colleagues, they can feel the steadiness and it supports them to be steady too.

  17. ‘When I reach a moment where something uncomfortable is felt, so often I will distract myself by adjusting the outside…’ this is our norm isn’t it? We will do virtually everything and anything to not stay with the discomfort and look deeper into why it’s there. We make distraction the name of the game and tend to bury what has come up to be looked at.

    1. I agree with you Rachel and we have as a race of Human-beings come up with a plethora of distractions which are more and more extreme so that we do not feel what actually we cannot stop feeling, and I know that at some point in the future we will all hit the brick wall and have to turn around to face what we have been trying unsuccessfully to run away from, which is ourselves and our connection to the universe.

    2. We’re all walking around with shovels in hand, ready to bury the slightest amount of discomfort in either ourselves or others. We avoid discomfort like the proverbial plague. In fact we’re so adept at avoiding discomfort that we work at keeping it buried so there’s not even a chance of it rearing it’s ugly head. But discomfort is a glorious invisible sign as to what exactly it is that we need to look at and work on.

  18. The word I am sitting with at the moment is Control. Trying to control our focus to remain on the outside rather than within. “There is a simple way to begin to make changes if we are willing to release everything that has thus far not worked.” This makes so much sense because trying to go through my life measured and controlled is not and has not worked.

  19. We are currently living in a world surrounded by, You only live once, a belief held by a majority of people around us! There is no longer fresh local seasonal food! Everything is seasonable someplace on the planet. Teachers could have geography classes in the fresh veg and fruit isles, asking where all the different countries are, on a map. All of this and more has fostered an ‘I want it now’ generation that is only satisfied with what is outside of us and what does it offer us. We have lost/forgotten the amazing us, that has always resided within us all. It is well past time to come home, that has always been a choice away.

  20. Funny (or maybe not so funny) in how there is literally so many things in the world that distracts us so we are constantly looking outside of ourselves to feel better or for answers instead looking within ‘feel to look within and see where I can change’. It has got to the point where do we even know how to look within or where to start with this! What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present is deeply healing and absolute gold for all equally.

    1. I’d say that we’ve been at the point of not being consciously aware that there is a ‘within’ for most of the time that we’ve been on the planet because how otherwise would we have been able to construct and maintain a world full of distraction?

  21. It is very amazing to stop the search for answers outside of ourselves and realise that by deepening our relationship with ourselves/our bodies we have access to everything we need. The more i do this the freer I am from my habitual need to be in control.

  22. Why, when we need a little or a lot of distraction, the world can provide it just like that, at any time or place? But, when we try to reconnect to ourselves, we can become the child locked a sweet shop being tempted by the just one, everywhere you look. Like everything in life, it takes time to develop, even choosing to be who we are not! Un-changing who we have decided to become, takes practice and mistakes are valuable stepping stones for what is not true.

    1. Steve Matson un-changing who we are can take time and practise as there are so many ideals, beliefs, pictures, patterns that span life times to de-configure. But I have also witnessed the fact that we can be wayward and then come back into line and live with purpose so easily. This got me wondering is it possible that in previous lives those that can realign to their soul so easily have lived past lives in greater connection so that in this life it is just a case of remembering and then realigning to something that is so strong in their bodies that it is more difficult to be wayward because there is no momentum of waywardness in the body?

  23. Thank you Susan, as appreciation is one of my favourite words ,and when we understand that to appreciate with Deep-humble-appreciate-ive-ness our life becomes transformational ,as it allows us to feel the energy we and others are in thus the appreciate-ive-ness of where ,or to understand the True-aprrciate-ive-ness of what energy is coming in and through us and others. As we expand our energetic understanding the foundation that we are setting is always deepening and humble-ness is an appreciation of the fact that we are divine or Soul-fully-connected ,and this is worth developing as we deepen our foundation of appreciate-ive-ness.

  24. It is a joy to read this article again. To take time over it and ponder on what has been shared. ‘As our world becomes sicker it feels that we are not willing to take ‘the bull by the horns’ and face a deep sadness within…’ and I realise that I often shy away from the truth because I am avoiding facing the deep sadness within. However to shy away is to further delay and add to the sadness, so this realisation is an inspiration to be sure and steady with myself and face whatever I think is fearful or too hard to face.

  25. For many generations we have not been brought up to consider our innermost, our feelings or to respect our bodies. We are encouraged from day dot to look outside, while our inner most gets forgotten and eventually so heavily layered by societies ideals and beliefs it’s as though our innermost quality doesn’t exist. Since 1999 we have been given a different perspective and choice about life in general. This is enabling many to choose a different way to live by reconnecting back to the body and all the wonders that can be discovered from that innermost connection. This then naturally reflects to the rest of the world that there is a different way to live. It’s as though a stone has been thrown into a stagnant pond and the ripples are reaching out to everyone the movement of the ripple will either wake you up or put you into more resistance of what is actually on offer…Evolution.

  26. “How much longer can we continue to abuse our bodies with a lifestyle that does not truly support us, and also those around us? Are we slowly reaching a point where we can no longer ignore the ongoing impact?”

    I feel we all do know this, our hearts tell us daily the way we live is not it, unfortunately it will be a while until we all do realise it and implement true change…. but it is coming.

  27. Forgetting where we’re here and what we’re here to do, is a ploy engineered by forces who want us to do just that- be in a place of self-forgetfulness and seduced by the material world. Staying connected to our multi-dimensional selves requires a deepening, diligence and true presence in all our movements. Anything less and we fall through the trap door and often unaware that we have.

  28. When you mentioned ‘ the sadness within in’ this touched me deeply as I know I have felt this sadness and nothing outside of me has shifted it. The moment I acknowledged it was there and started to live and nurture self from within the sadness has dissipated. We have all the answers to the questions within each of us and all we have to do is claim this love and wisdom and begin to live it.

  29. ‘Where are we going?’ answer- round and round in tighter and tighter circles. ‘What are we doing? answer- repeating ourselves over and over again. Question ‘how do we break the cycle? Answer – by starting to make different choices, one genuinely loving choice at a time.

  30. This is a question I am sure thousands if not millions have asked themselves at some point in our lives ‘Where Are We Going and What Are We Doing?’ From my experience Universal Medicine can truly and I mean truly offer a teaching and truth about this ✨

  31. I used to see the world and all its problems and have feelings of overwhelm or hopelessness and powerlessness to change it, but what you are presenting here Susan is that there is a flame within all of us and within community itself that has never been extinguished or vanquished and it is just a matter of reconnecting with this part that we have perhaps forgotten, neglected or covered over with other stuff. This is a game changer to realise that we are in essence love and not evil and brings back our purpose for being here and our true power.

  32. ‘As our world becomes sicker it feels that we are not willing to take ‘the bull by the horns’ and face a deep sadness within, and that we have lost track of how to live life in a way that is simple, harmonious and purposeful.’ I have really been feeling this in both observations around me and what I have been hearing lately .. in how the world, or rather we, are getting sicker. We have a lot to both learn and action to move away from this sickness and back to one of, as you say true vitality, joy and well-being

  33. When we get ourselves out of the way the small life we had chosen to live fades away and the world and its opportunities expand with us and our reflection is there for all to see and feel.

  34. Sometimes I can feel the resistance in my body, it’s as though there are two parts to me. One is in a constant fight with the other for domination. One part of me is my spirit and the other part is my soul. My soul is telling me there’s so much more to learn and discover about myself and not just the world but the universe and how magical life is. And my spirit is distracting me wanting me to believe that what I see and have is all there is. To reconnect back to my soul has become the most important aspect of my life and I do not want to listen to my spirit as I have listened to it and have allowed myself to become entangled with emotional stories, justification, excuses, and pictures of how something should be when it cannot be, because it is all pure illusion made up by the spirit to keep us all away from our soul, the one soul, which is God.

    1. Mary everything that we have been caught up in for eons has been pure illusion, even though our agonies and triumphs have felt so very real. There is a Life underneath this whispy illusionary life that is everlastingly real and when we all return to that Life then this one will disappear like a puff of smoke.

  35. There is a generation of women whose lives have been built around politeness, pleasing others, saying and doing the perceived ‘right’ thing and being dutiful. And then when all the roles are stripped away: wife, mother, grandmother, friend, housekeeper what is left? We become a vessel without substance, empty, directionless and have little to give ourselves or others. And yet it is never too late to re-build that inner-connection we crave without knowing we do.

  36. The truth this moment is knowing we don’t have to go anywhere. We’re already where we need to be, and have everything we need within. The call is to accept this, deepen the love we already are and align to Soul.

    1. When we turn our gaze from looking out on the horizon to looking deeply within then we realise that what is outside us has very limited and limiting perimeters and yet there are never-ending Universes within us.

  37. The only time we may feel lost is when we have lost the connection with ourselves. This is when thoughts of doubt, lack of self-worth, indecision and so on come in. It is never when we are full of ourselves and of our love.

  38. It’s an important part of our growth to realise that there has to be more to life, it’s an honesty and an honouring of our inner truth.

  39. I really noticed this the other day when it was highlighted to me by being given a simple exercise in just how much I look outside of myself. What came from this was then to connect back to the breath and how our breath and relationship with the breath is everything which in turn is connecting with and deepening our relationship with our Soul.

    1. I am finding this is so supportive – to understand how often my attention becomes ‘lost’ and I am not with myself – it’s an opportunity to re-connect and feel the depth of love within always waiting patiently.

      1. That’s gorgeous Susan. Instead of this being a reaction you are seeing it as an opportunity to deepen. Very Cool ✨

  40. ‘Sometimes we may feel lost. It feels as though we have lost our way and don’t know where to turn.’ When we feel lost we have lost connection to ourselves, for it is this connection that is our inner compass. In overwhelm we can tend to panic, but in supporting ourselves through breathing gently, going for a walk, expressing how we feel to others who are supportive, getting to bed early etc., we can start to rebuild that connection. In that connection we feel steady and purposeful.

    1. Being lost is to be anchor-less. Without that inner compass we’re lost at sea, not only at the mercy of the wayward mind, but also vulnerable to those who, feeling the emptiness, step in and seek to control us. Re-building that inner connection is foundational to loving self and valuing our true worth.

      1. I speak as one who experienced first hand being ’anchor-less’ in the world and remember vividly the inner sadness and emptiness of not knowing who I was and why I was here. It took almost two decades and working with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to re-set my inner compass to where it is now.

      2. You have made such a pertinent point here Kehinde. In our vulnerability of feeling lost we are open to being manipulated and indeed manipulating and using others in our turn. Before I met Serge Behayon and started to work on my self worth, I could make some loveless decisions and then turn around and wonder why people would try to make me feel small!

      3. You make a great point that when we are feeling lost without an inner compass we can be taken advantage of by others who are equally lost and want to control others so they feel less lost. We witness this everyday whether its relationships, family, and work place situations.

      4. I witnessed in another the total loss of control, from the dullness of their voice, the emptiness of their eyes they were not themselves an energy had taken over and was in command of their body. I realised that was me before I met Serge Benhayon, just a walking zombie totally controlled by an energy that had taken up residence in my body because I refused to occupy it. When we are in disconnection to our soul this gives permission for another energy to reside in our bodies and this other energy is making the choices and decisions we think are us. As you correctly say kehinde2012
        “Re-building that inner connection is foundational to loving self and valuing our true worth.”
        without this we are truly lost.

    2. And it’s so wonderful when we return within and feel the settlement in our body – a feeling that is forever expanding while we continue our path in the direction of our soul.

    3. It really is that simple. To start rebuilding our relationship/connection with ourselves we just have to bring our attention to our breath and observe whether we are breathing fully and steadily or whether we are caught by outside events and almost being breathed by them. The impact of bringing a steady quality back to our in-breath and out-breath is extraordinary. So simple and yet we don’t always do it.

  41. ‘When I reach a moment where something uncomfortable is felt, so often I will distract myself by adjusting the outside’. As a school teacher I so often encounter students in my everyday who will choose a whole host of varying behaviours to distract themselves from the feeling of unease they have when they encounter something they don’t understand or don’t like. Rather than supporting these children to check in with what they are feeling, those of us in the system can react in the demand that they perform rather than getting to the root cause of the issue.

    1. Unless we’re steady in ourselves, we’re more likely to choose drive and getting things done, rather than read a situation and get to the root cause. To be given insight into why a person is as they are, is a blessing and opens the way to deepen the quality of relationship with them. Without this understanding, we miss the opportunity to support another to evolve beyond where they currently are.

      1. ‘Without this understanding, we miss the opportunity to support another to evolve beyond where they currently are’ and I would add that without this understanding we miss the opportunity to support ourselves to evolve beyond where we currently are.

      2. When we are given an insight into why a person is as they are, it is indeed a blessing because then there is understanding rather than reaction to what has been presented.

  42. Susan I personally feel this is a much needed conversation to question what is truly going on, why are we so sick and why do we want to constantly distract ourselves? And what is it that we want to distract ourselves from? I believe, as you say it is as though we are determined to avoid the fact that we are part of a much bigger whole, it’s as though somehow we are trying to wipe out the fact that there is a universe and we are very much a part of it. We are all made up of the same particles as the universe, we cannot exist outside of the universe with all the laws that appertain to it. So is it possible that our sickness is showing us we are acting outside of the laws of the universe and because of this our bodies are coping with our distain, disregard and arrogance. So it is possible that humanity will get very sick both mentally and physically and that we need to be brought to stop before we relinquish the arrogance and start the journey back to our soul?

    That’s the hard way or we can listen to the simple teachings of Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom and make the changes now, the choice is always ours.

  43. “Heaven will rejoice as we return to living together in harmony,” Heaven rejoices with each light that shines more brightly and inspires another to equally shine.

  44. It seems that we have to get to a point where we say to ourselves ‘There has to be more to life than this?’ I know I did about fifteen years ago and that’s when things started to change, not straight away but it was the start.

  45. These days even if I try to distract myself with food, entertainment etc. I can’t shake that feeling that there’s more to life. But that’s because I have connected to it more in the last few years so it’s a conscious knowing that anything physical is substandard when it doesn’t have Soul guiding it.

  46. There will always be the hooks of the material world and distractions galore, yet there is also a tension that cannot be numbed in full. Nothing compares with the ease that is felt in the body when you feel your connection to the greater whole we are from, made of and part of.

  47. Thank you Susan for reminding us that sometimes we are the one who withdraws and creates the picture we have convinced ourselves is true. As you have shared here, when you open your eyes and are prepared to connect with others, there are always others ready and willing to connect with you.

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