Eyes Open

Do you ever feel like you are sleep walking through life? Going through the motions on automatic pilot, your eyes appear to be open, but the reality is they are not in the sense of having blinkers on, focussing only on what you need to do to get by, focussing only on your own little corner, and so in effect your world is tiny. I can relate to all of this.

Life is a great teacher, and let’s just say life delivered some packages to wake me up. Once awake there is no going back because life changes… everything changes. I began to understand life and see through much of the falseness I had bought into. I began to pick at the fog of illusion wrapped around so much in life. I began to question, and the more I questioned the more I began to see. Perhaps it is this questioning of everything, ‘eyes open’ approach to life that supported me to address (without freaking out) a phenomenon that may well be experienced by many others, but is not talked about…

In my sleep last night I felt my body start to freeze as sheer panic washed over me, which I guess is what woke me – I tried to speak, I tried to scream, but no sound came, only this small groan: I felt paralysed with fear, but this time was different from the rest, as I allowed my body to guide me with what to do.

My eyes were closed tight, not wishing to open them as I could sense danger, a force or presence coming near me – instantly I felt a knowing of what to do as I heard my inner voice say “open your eyes:” I did and what I saw was this dark blob of energy… it would be correct in saying it was an entity hovering over the top part of my body. As soon as I saw it, in that same split second it was gone. My feeling is that the very act of opening my eyes and acknowledging what was there meant that the fear left me, and the entity no longer had power over me or was able to interfere with me.

Some may find this a bit out there, while others will admit that they too have had similar experiences. For me it was very real and not the first time either. Perhaps it is time to bring it out in the open and have conversations about things that happen when we sleep, because my feeling is I am not the only one that these entities visit while we sleep. I am wondering how many other people have this same experience?

We could move on and apply this same scenario to children – when they wake during the night scared and run to their parent’s room because they saw a monster or a dark figure in their room, maybe it is time to believe them and maybe it is time to ask:

Were you that child?

And if so, is it possible you are still being visited during your sleeping hours but no longer conscious of it?

When we start asking questions, when we start to ‘open our eyes,’ so much gets exposed, and better to be open and talk about these things, because when we do not, they remain hidden and cloaked under a blanket of fear and ignorance, but nevertheless we still get hugely affected!

We do have a responsibility to start the conversation not only for our children, but also for our own inner child, for the potential of the huge healing that can occur on so many levels. Are we all not being called by our bodies to be more responsible, to really open our eyes and expand our awareness of life, of where we are at and where we are heading? If true, one way to begin is to be honest with ourselves and each other, and to question everything.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Complimentary Healing Practitioner, Scotland

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1,042 thoughts on “Eyes Open

  1. So many have had similar experiences with these cowards that Sneak around at night trying to control our way of living and as you have shared Jacqueline to simply confront them with Love ❤️ scares them away and gives us back the True power that comes with Love❤️.

  2. A big question I can ask myself is how do I use my eyes – do I let myself see what is truly there to be seen or do a choose to see things selectively and filter out those things that I am not comfortable seeing?

  3. Opening our eyes to what is happening because lies are going on and is not shared by the spirit as it is not willing to be exposed with the way and how it plays with humanity endlessly.

  4. When we start to open our eyes it seems to me that more gets shown to us. To me it feels like looking at life through the lens of a microscope. As you take your eye away you get to see more of what surrounds you. This is how we gain greater awareness and realise there is more to life than what we can see, feel and accept at the surface level.

      1. Greg I can honestly say that I was not my self for years, Someone contacted me about the death of someone I knew and as we were talking I could not believe that the person I was referring to was me years ago, I was completely withdrawn from life, apologizing for the space I was taking up as I had zero self worth. Since knowing Serge Benhayon I have completely changed and this was possible too because of my willingness to make the changes necessary and to Serge Benhayon and his entire family for supporting me during the changes I decided to make. I am a completely different person reconnecting back to the joy of being aware of life.

      2. Absoulutely Mary, appreciation of what has been our return to normal and the glorious way we live with each other has been set in motion from the stillness we all respond to because of the amazing presentation of Serge Benhayon.

  5. As you have shared Jacqueline, I was one of those who had visitations as a child and would run into my parents room scared. So how much have we been lied to as I feel this is just the tip of the ice-berg and finding out the Truth opens the door to being connected to our Soul instead of the spirit who is openly lying about who we Truly are.

    1. like you Greg I was constantly visited by energy as a young child that hung around especially when I was on my own. My family said I was imagining it and never took me seriously so I too pretended it wasn’t there; but the feelings never went away. Now I have a greater understanding of what is actually going on that there is an energy or consciousness that if we allow into our bodies invades in such a way it’s as though a thick fog has come down dulling our senses and awareness which makes connecting to God very difficult but thankfully not impossible.

      1. Thank you Mary, Awesome and may I add our Godly relationship expands exponentially as we become aware of the our True spiritual relationship.

  6. When on my phone I can experience this closing in effect. The rest of the world is blocked out and when I wake up to whats around me the whole bus journey has flown by. Same thing happens when the focus is on human, visual, temporal life. Everything that is energy just goes past without my awareness of it. Or the fact that the earth isn’t in a bubble thats separated from the universe. If my focus remains in a box, the box is all I know. Thank God for Serge Benhayon showing that there’s more beyond the boxes.

    1. Serge Benhayon has shown that there is life out side the box or outside the prisons we have entrapped ourselves into. I know beyond a doubt that there is an energy that wants to keep humanity controlled and in the box. And current events are highlighting just how controlled we are while all the time believing we live in a free society.

    1. I’m just starting to realise how affected we are by energy that is so invasive it’s like we have a parasite sucking away internally without any outward sign that there is a problem as we have lived this way for lifetimes it’s so familiar we don’t know any different until its brought to our attention.

  7. Are we willing to see all that there is to see. Also to awaken to the fact that our eyes do not see they actually receive!! … when this was shared with me it was a huge moment and I could feel the stress I put on my eyes trying to see when actually I am receiving energy the whole time.

    1. Is it possible that this is one of the many lies we have fallen for as this was never taught at school we were taught in Human Biology that we see with our eyes. It wasn’t until many years later that I heard that we receive with our eyes, this made sense to me and explained the stress I feel in my eyes because I’m constantly staring to see what’s in front of me. I know there is something there I just cannot see it, but my whole body senses it. This puts my body into a constant state of alertness which means my nervous system is compromised.

  8. Amazing it is that our eyes confirm what our bodies are feeling and this is how divine magic works, as our eyes are like our sixth sense and our feeling of energy should be our first sense and babies share this with us before they can see properly.

    1. Yes Greg – and our biggest hurdle is this self critique and ‘force’ that we yield upon ourselves.

      1. And feel justified as the self-entitlement makes us feel we have the right’s to live a love-less way and not the divinity❤ we aalll come from.

    1. SLC I agree with you because I know I have only been reading life from a surface level not wanting to know that there is more to admit to more means to know there is a greater responsibility to life. I can feel how I have got used to the mundaneness of life not asking any questions that could expose the shallowness of life we all lead.

    2. Agreed – To find something boring means we have not allowed ourselves to explore all its facets and possibilities.

  9. Acknowledgement of the unseen forces is such a great evolutionary step and should be taught to everyone at a young age, so we are not burdened by those forces that would like to disempower us.

  10. What a great question to ask humanity
    “Do you ever feel like you are sleep walking through life? Going through the motions on automatic pilot, your eyes appear to be open, but the reality is they are not in the sense of having blinkers on, focussing only on what you need to do to get by, focussing only on your own little corner, and so in effect your world is tiny.”
    The problem with sleep walking through life is that there is no awareness that this is taking place, there is functionality to how we are and respond. It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I became aware of just how checkout I was. As I attended the courses and workshops I realised I was living on auto pilot, this was not a pleasant feeling at all. I felt stuck on a race track that I couldn’t get off. Universal Medicine supported me with making different choices that have now brought me to my senses and every day brings more joy and settlement.

  11. When it comes to entities the majority of people dismiss them as nonsense, however if we were to acknowledge the fact of them would it mean we would have to admit that life is actually different to how we like to perceive it? Would we have to admit that everything is energy and everything is because of energy and that we are either energetically responsible or irresponsible and that depending on which energy we are aligned to that is the consciousness that operates all our thoughts and behaviours? It is no wonder people don’t like to go there. To dismiss what we can actually feel negates the truth of the responsibility that is ours to own.

  12. I am beginning to understand that we have no idea just how much we are played with and how much illusion we are in and as you correctly say Jacqueline once we begin to pick at the fog that surrounds us there is so much more to unpick. I am for instances really understanding that the thoughts we have are not ours we are choosing them from a pool of consciousness that is constantly passing through us and it is to become aware of those thoughts because if we are not aware of the energy that is entering our bodies we are poisoned by it, and worse still can be taken out by it and so become completely disconnected to our inner self. Which is why they attack those they feel are moving up in their vibration lets call it this ‘negative’ energy does not want one single person to escape the fog that they have surrounded us with.

  13. I definitely feel it is time we had more conversations about the things we are aware of but don’t talk about .. like the seen or unseen forces we feel. I was aware of these as a child but could not openly talk about them because no one around me did, so I had to keep what I felt to myself which made it worse, or if I did talk about them was told I was silly and there was nothing there. Recently a teenager I worked with spoke of an entity they were aware of in their room while they were getting ready, so this is very common but still currently not spoken about. I definitely feel as well if we have more awareness of this we would also have a better understanding of mental health and wellbeing or the decline in mental health and wellbeing that is currently happening, as to me in some cases both are linked (or maybe all are linked!)

    1. Being willing to see what is truly there knowing as you say, that our light it far greater than it ✨

  14. They come at night but where are they during the day? I often wonder if there’s something around me that I am simply not paying attention to. We can get a feel for physical people but what about pausing to feel the presences around us that are not physical?

  15. Something happened recently and I wondered why I hadn’t been more observant of my surroundings, it was as though I had fallen asleep. I contemplated how I can catch the tiniest movement if it is in nature but seem to switch off when it comes to observing people. I feel it comes down to wanting to believe the best in people and so therefore seeing them just as a physicality and dulling my awareness to only see what I want to see and ignoring the rest. But living this reduced way catches everyone out because we dismiss what is really going on in life at a deeper level, we pretend its not happening when it is. This is when we get caught out and we feel hurt because we make it personal rather than reading the energy behind the movement. So if I had read the energy behind the recent happening for example I would not have got caught napping!

  16. It’s odd isn’t it that we have a vast array of books that we can read on the subject, there are many films, t.v. programs based on the subject of ghosts and ghouls etc, our history is littered with them, and yet we still really don’t want to admit that these things exist along side of us. I wonder what it is we are in denial of.

  17. I keep realising how much we actually have our eyes closed or see through our own, self-created glasses. Everything that we see & percieve goes through our lenses, if we are protected, we will always think people are out to get us. If we are fearful, we will always think somebody is going to attack. Some people say that we attract things because of our prayers & so on, but what if we things happen to us as a result of our perception? For example, if you held the perception that you attract needy men because you are needy yourself? So whenever you receive a compliment from the opposite gender, instantly you react and think to myself “here we are again, another needy one” so you distance yourself & cut off all communication. But what if these men are not needy, but genuinely mean the compliment they are saying? What if they have seen something and it is only natural for them to say it? And if so, what if this whole time you have perceived something in the completely wrong light and used your blinkers to shut off the love of those around you?

  18. Unseen energies lose their hold on us the moment we realise they are there and can describe them and possibly name them for what they are. This is power in itself and a form of power that we often neglect to activate, and yet it is one of the the greatest assets we can develop to support our own growth with awareness.

    1. I have found this to be true Henrietta as recently I woke up from a deep sleep to be aware of a tall grey shadow standing in the doorway of my bedroom. I clocked that it was there and went back to sleep again. Now if that had been me in my childhood I would have completely freaked out and have been wide awake in fear in an instance. So we can grow and support our awareness so that these unseen energies no longer have any power over us.

  19. It takes a lot to be truly willing to see all there is to see in our world – to be willing to see all that can be seen physically but also to be willing to see all the unseen too.

  20. This just goes to show in how not to have fear but instead build a relationship with ourselves where we can be claimed and present in our body and attuned to our innermost, its powerful stuff! ❤️ And listen to what our body is telling us, something I am learning more and more in that our body is literally our best friend.

      1. Alexis what you have shared is a beautiful statement and one that we all forget. That we are all an integral part of the universe which is an intelligence beyond our imagination. We are all witness to those people who easily tap into the wisdom and share it with the rest of humanity they are not ‘special’ people but are showing us that we all have this ability we have just forgotten how to access what is there for us all to assess the beauty of the ever expanding universe.

  21. ‘I am wondering how many other people have this same experience?’ Probably far more than who are willing to admit incase of judgement from others or looking foolish. The more we discuss it, the more normal it becomes as part of our daily awareness, the more we can deal with it.

    1. A similar experience happened to a family member which upset them for months. They had never experienced this happening before and it has been a great teaching for them because now they know that it’s not just humans that inhabit earth but other energy called entities which for the moment we cannot see but we can experience them as you have done Jacqueline McFadden.

  22. “The very act of opening my eyes and acknowledging what was there meant that the fear left me, and the entity no longer had power over me or was able to interfere with me” – this is very powerful and applicable to anything in life.

  23. No matter what comes in the way our body is a powerful tool of healing capable to deeply support us in whatever situation we may be in. It knows what to do, how to hold us in a very beautiful way.

  24. It takes courage and honesty to bring up a topic like this. We all once or several times in our life have experienced the cold feeling of fear but not so many are capable to admit it. It seems like expressing how we really feel is for the weak ones and to cope with life we need to be tough. However being aware, feeling vulnerable and admit it is the most empowering choice I’ve ever made, for opens me up a space where I can let go what no longer supports me and step up. Living with my eyes open take me away from the ignorance, the arrogance and the pride about ‘all is good’ when in fact not.

  25. Jacqueline what you reveal here is quite powerful, the fact any darkness can’t longer exists or affects us once we open our eyes and be aware of it. This can be applied to everything in life that makes us feel tight or fearful…this kind of feelings are not coming from love and it’s our responsibility to be there, present, moment by moment, allowing our body to clear and let go the stuff we once let in.

  26. To question everything in life is a healthy approach to live. To give ourselves the space to pause and reflect on a situation, event, something another has said or done offers an opportunity to bring a greater awareness but not just to ourselves but to everyone concerned.

    1. I agree with you Caroline we seem to live in a society where we just go along with what we are told without questioning what is truly going on.

      1. And that’s because we’re aligned to a consciousness that won’t let us know what’s going on. This form of consciousness isn’t going to call itself out and so all of those who are aligned to it aren’t given the option of knowing that it exists. The only reason that I have been able to start to see what’s truly going on is because I have aligned to a different consciousness, one that’s provided me with the option of seeing the truth. And how did I switch which consciousnesses I was aligned to? I changed the way that I moved, the way that I spoke and the way that I thought. This is the way out for us all. We have to change the way that we move and then we’re given different options of what we’re able to see and seeing the truth becomes an option.

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