Eyes Open

Do you ever feel like you are sleep walking through life? Going through the motions on automatic pilot, your eyes appear to be open, but the reality is they are not in the sense of having blinkers on, focussing only on what you need to do to get by, focussing only on your own little corner, and so in effect your world is tiny. I can relate to all of this.

Life is a great teacher, and let’s just say life delivered some packages to wake me up. Once awake there is no going back because life changes… everything changes. I began to understand life and see through much of the falseness I had bought into. I began to pick at the fog of illusion wrapped around so much in life. I began to question, and the more I questioned the more I began to see. Perhaps it is this questioning of everything, ‘eyes open’ approach to life that supported me to address (without freaking out) a phenomenon that may well be experienced by many others, but is not talked about…

In my sleep last night I felt my body start to freeze as sheer panic washed over me, which I guess is what woke me – I tried to speak, I tried to scream, but no sound came, only this small groan: I felt paralysed with fear, but this time was different from the rest, as I allowed my body to guide me with what to do.

My eyes were closed tight, not wishing to open them as I could sense danger, a force or presence coming near me – instantly I felt a knowing of what to do as I heard my inner voice say “open your eyes:” I did and what I saw was this dark blob of energy… it would be correct in saying it was an entity hovering over the top part of my body. As soon as I saw it, in that same split second it was gone. My feeling is that the very act of opening my eyes and acknowledging what was there meant that the fear left me, and the entity no longer had power over me or was able to interfere with me.

Some may find this a bit out there, while others will admit that they too have had similar experiences. For me it was very real and not the first time either. Perhaps it is time to bring it out in the open and have conversations about things that happen when we sleep, because my feeling is I am not the only one that these entities visit while we sleep. I am wondering how many other people have this same experience?

We could move on and apply this same scenario to children – when they wake during the night scared and run to their parent’s room because they saw a monster or a dark figure in their room, maybe it is time to believe them and maybe it is time to ask:

Were you that child?

And if so, is it possible you are still being visited during your sleeping hours but no longer conscious of it?

When we start asking questions, when we start to ‘open our eyes,’ so much gets exposed, and better to be open and talk about these things, because when we do not, they remain hidden and cloaked under a blanket of fear and ignorance, but nevertheless we still get hugely affected!

We do have a responsibility to start the conversation not only for our children, but also for our own inner child, for the potential of the huge healing that can occur on so many levels. Are we all not being called by our bodies to be more responsible, to really open our eyes and expand our awareness of life, of where we are at and where we are heading? If true, one way to begin is to be honest with ourselves and each other, and to question everything.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Complimentary Healing Practitioner, Scotland

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891 thoughts on “Eyes Open

  1. Packages from our soul are delivered when we are well ready – the question is do we welcome and truly embrace what our soul is offering to us or do we resist and ignore what is next on our path of evolution?

  2. I love this and totally agree; ‘better to be open and talk about these things, because when we do not, they remain hidden and cloaked under a blanket of fear and ignorance, but nevertheless we still get hugely affected!’ I find it really helpful to talk about what I feel and what I notice rather than keeping it to myself.

  3. I can relate to what you share. I have in the past had moments of sensing something over my body, or often at the bottom of my bed, as well as feeling pinned down. As soon as I open my eyes the energy is gone. I remember as a child I would tell my parents to keep the light on, as I knew then I would not feel or see these dark images.

  4. I grew up in a household that openly talked about spirits, ghosts etc but I soon realised when I went to school that not everyone had the same view. To me it was normal but when I brought the subject up in the classroom it became obvious that it was not something people were comfortable talking about but even though I was told I was wrong, I knew what was true from my own experience.

  5. We talk about living with our eyes wide open – but what if there is a second vital part to that – feeling life from within? It seems to me that it is only when we feel the truth that this new understanding of lies propmts us to act and change our life.

  6. Nowadays, I feel I go through life with my eyes more wide open than I ever have, and it allows me to see some extraordinary and ridiculous things around me at times. I am so appreciative to have the clarity that I do today and the understanding for others who may not yet be choosing that.

  7. I totally agree that once we wake up there is no going back because as you correctly say Jacqueline everything changes, the more we can truly see the more corruption that we have allowed is exposed.
    I guess this is why we don’t want to wake up to the reality of the corruption that we live in because to do so would mean that we would all have to take responsibility for it. And that is too big a bitter pill to swallow. So we all go around with our eyes shut or averted to the absolute mess we are in.

  8. I haven’t had such a sleepwalking experience for a while but I have noticed times where I was on what may be called automatic pilot, going through familiar motions but that feels like time lost.

  9. I can also relate to this; ‘focussing only on what you need to do to get by, focussing only on your own little corner, and so in effect your world is tiny.’ I love it when I look up at the stars, this reminds me of the bigger picture and to not get caught up in issues but to stay joyful, appreciative and to know that there is much more than what is going on right in front of us.

  10. I love this; ‘one way to begin is to be honest with ourselves and each other, and to question everything.’ I have found that when I question everything that life becomes about learning, truth, understanding, making changes and evolution.

  11. I agree when we ‘start to ask questions so much gets exposed’ for if we do not ask these questions and have open discussions and instead ‘remain hidden and cloaked under a blanket of fear, ignorance’ (and maybe comfort? .. just putting that one out there .. and something I can relate to) then what are we breeding?

  12. It can be all too easy to be hard on ourselves for having such big wake up calls in our lives, yet important to remember that to be healing and opening our eyes has to be better than staying in the dark with them closed pretending nothing needs to happen.

      1. But the truth is many of us have been living this way and many are still choosing to live this way, not wanting to see, perceive or observe life.

  13. I find that I am opening up more to seeing and feeling what is really going on in the world. In the past I was like a turtle that would stick its head out momentarily and then retreat straight back in again, but Universal Medicine has taught me that withdrawal and contraction is not the answer to our collective malaise. The more we see the truth the more we find true purpose in life.

  14. We do know that we are not alone or on our own, even though we may tell ourselves that we are. Many times in my life I have seen and felt things, and growing up it was normal for us to say what we had seen. Some families aren’t that open to discussing such things.

    1. I totally agree with you Julie, I know a family that moved recently and the child saw a ghost and the family were not prepared to talk about it in an open and honest way. And from my own experience that leaves a child bewildered, confused in what it knows to be true. There is just too much evidence about ghosts etc., for us to turn a blind eye and pretend they don’t exist when they do.

    1. Yes it is about deepening our connection so we can read and feel what it is truly behind what we see in life. It is through this depth of movement can we get a clear reading and understanding.

  15. As always this inspires me to open my eyes in all areas of my life. Currently I know I’m avoiding a few issues but the wise saying that we are never given more than we can handle is very apt. Though I may say well, there’s always a first time for everything, I also know that I can’t continue being blind because the means by which I ty to dull my awareness is killing me. Surely it’s worth keeping my eyes wide open?!

  16. We live life not wanting to see what is truly going on, we may think we want to see and we may tell ourselves we are open to seeing but are we really? Are we really willing to see the truth of what is there right before our eyes?

  17. So many close themselves off to this kind of thing, pretending its just tricks of the mind, bad thoughts from bad experiences, and ignoring the possibility of something else, beyond what they might understand or be able to explain. But consider the impact on our kids when they are not given the benefit of the doubt, that their experience is not listened to and respected. It immediately shuts them down, and they are left to try and figure out the terror themselves, rather than getting support from those of us who are supposed to be older and wiser.

    1. That is the knock on effect Simone, that as children we shut down our clairsentience because we are not believed, and then on top of that and as you say, we then have to face or try and figure it out ourselves. And lack of trust in self and others takes root.

  18. It is no coincidence that the time most opportune for offering surrender is also the time the creatures try to disturb us the most.

    1. It is because they know when we are connected to our stillness we are connected to our true power, they don’t want us to connect to that, that’s when they disturb us the most.

  19. I love this and would have loved the support of it when I was a child. And now, knowing that I simply need to open my eyes more and that when I actually look into the shady corners where entities cowardly lurk, I absolutely break their hold over me.

  20. There is a way of looking at life that involves so much more than just what we see with our eyes. When we look beyond what is directly in front of us so much more is revealed for us to see and understand about life and what is going on around us.

    1. Exactly Sandra, sometimes we just have to take a step back from something, thus with taking a little space, we are able to see what is truly at play and can respond ( as opposed to react) accordingly.

  21. ‘If true, one way to begin is to be honest with ourselves and each other, and to question everything.’ I love this. I’m finding it can be a process of seeing things that aren’t pretty and being honest, feeling what I’m feeling which isn’t always pleasant. But this is a process I’m starting to commit to and trust. I used to be very upset by things which now I can see and feel aren’t ever going to be pleasant, but which don’t deter me from staying connected or appreciating the love we are always held in. This is an ongoing learning process of me being more present each day.

  22. When we sit back inside ourselves and then use our eyes to see what is in front of us, not just on a three dimensional level we start to understand that there is much more at play in our world than just what we see in the physical dimension.

  23. Just recently I have been hearing people sharing about some really not great experiences from family members who are so unaware that they are impacting very harmfully upon them and just don’t see it. This has caused me to reflect and appreciate just how aware (eyes open) I and others around me have become.

  24. This is a great question
    “Do you ever feel like you are sleep walking through life?” that I keep coming back to because the more aware I become the more I can appreciate just how blind I have been willing to be; that I only see what I want to see and disregard the rest. I can really feel the energy now that wants everyone to be in a state of somnambulance so that we live our lives totally unaware of the fact that we are puppets to an as yet unseen energy that is controlling us. And what is worse is that at one time we were aware of the energy but we chose to give up this awareness and are now paying the heavy price of doing so.

    1. I get this, Mary. For every moment of expanding inspiration when I see the magic and gift of life and learning, there is the awful realisation of the ignorant/arrogant ‘sleep walking’ I have been content with. However, there is also the understanding of how this came to be, so I am learning not to waste more time in self-criticism and regret.

  25. I am loving raising our kids to know and talk about energy and what they feel. They share so much wisdom that is unquestioned. When he feel something that is not the ok or act in a way that isn’t them – we can talk about it and bring an understanding to the behaviours. It is changing how I see the ‘terrible twos’ – I now see my toddler as responding to forces and can identify when it is her and when she is calling something in.

  26. “Your eyes appear to be open, but the reality is they are not in the sense of having blinkers on, focussing only on what you need to do to get by”. This sentence captures the smallness and mundaneness of life when you just see your physical reality and nothing beyond. And when life does send us something more than the physical as in this story, we are left completely underprepared. Whereas when I was visited by an energy only last year, I knew what it was and how to deal with it.

    1. Thank you for sharing Fiona, what a huge difference it makes when we are prepared and know how to deal with those things that are not talked about, but nevertheless come at us; the imposing visits during then night to disturb our sleep time, and our repose time. But then being prepared to deal with all that life presents is how we respond to life as opposed to reacting, which requires us to be fully present in our bodies and with our movements.

  27. We feel everything therefore at a deep level we know everything that is going on. Whether we want to become truly aware of everything that we feel is our choice.

    1. So true Elizabeth and sometimes we do not want to be aware of what is going on around us, so we numb our body to not feel but our body will always communicate to us no matter how much we try to numb it.

  28. We deny ourselves a truer way of life by not acknowledging that there is an unseen world around us. So many can attest to what you are sharing here, Jacqueline, and I agree talking about our experiences brings out this unseen world into the open, as you share, simply opening your eyes and allowing yourself to see changed your whole relationship with the situation you were in.

  29. Great question Jaqueline.
    If I am ready to see, to be much more aware. Till now I was not. I notice this as I do not surrender to my sleep so well lately. To surrender to the loving space will also show me all what is not loving. This means there is a lot of evil to see when we are willing to take a higher responsibility as seeing things asks us to respond. To live in a way that off sets the evil. Which means living more the love we are and ready to let go to comforts of just our own pretty life.

    1. And … are we looking or receiving energy with our eyes. I always thought that our eyes see but in truth they actually receive. Also we feel so much with our other senses and not just our eyes. But yes, better to be open to awareness and truth than numb with ignorance.

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