When Pat Claridge went away with her sisters for a holiday, they didn’t anticipate they’d booked themselves into a haunted house. Here Pat, formerly a self-described ‘non-believer’ in spirits or entities, describes her experiences first-hand.

I was invited to spend a weekend with my family in North Norfolk. My sister Mary had rented a wing of a large old house, which was over 200 years old. Many of the cottages including the wing of this house were rented out as holiday accommodation. Five of us were going to share the house for the weekend and we were all looking forward to being together. When we got to the house late on Friday afternoon, we all felt uneasy just walking to the door of the house. The energy of the place did not feel very inviting at all.

When we went upstairs to look at the bedrooms, none of us wanted to sleep in the room that had the big four poster bed. However, we dismissed our feelings and went out for a walk with the dogs while it was still light. That evening we lit a big log fire and had supper on our knees and chatted away: it all seemed very normal. The next day we discovered that none of us had slept very well, having had disturbed dreams. We had breakfast and spent the day out on the marshes where the birdlife was spectacular. We all chipped in to make supper and this time we all sat round the big table enjoying each other’s company. Then we sat round another roaring fire before retiring to bed, as we were all tired from a day spent in the fresh air.

I was sleeping in one bedroom and my sister Frankie was sleeping in an adjoining room. There was a connecting door to both rooms, which we kept open. There was also a small light, which we kept on.

I woke in the early hours as I was a bit uncomfortable. I turned over onto my right side and looked at the clock, which read 2:30 am, so I snuggled down to go back to sleep again. I then felt a very heavy weight all down my back on top of the bed and it moved over me, so that I felt encased as if in cling film. It felt extremely heavy and I could not move. My natural instinct was to tell it, whatever ‘it’ was, to leave me alone and I tried to call out to my sister.

Time seemed to stop as the heavy weight pressing down seemed to go on for ages. At last my sister came into the bedroom and pulled back the covers of the bed. She said I was crying out like a wounded animal. Frankie helped me out of the bed and I went to sleep with her in the adjoining room. She was very shaken by what she had witnessed and so was I, as I have never experienced such a force before.

The next day at breakfast we all talked about what had happened in the night and had a discussion about ghosts and the unseen energies called entities, and I could feel that it was definitely an entity that was pinning me down in the night. I had heard other people talk of their experiences with this force that pins you down but honestly, I had never really believed what they had said and thought it all rather far-fetched. Now having had this happen to me – which left my whole body on edge – I can say it is very frightening and leaves me wondering if it will happen again.

For the rest of our stay at the house I slept in the bedroom with my sister and we all couldn’t wait to leave, which we did early on the Monday morning. I found people to be very supportive as they had an understanding of my experience and reassured me and helped me to understand that I should not be frightened of such entities.

By Pat Claridge, Age 73, Southern Spain

Entities and ghosts are known under different names and descriptors in most of the world’s major religions and across many cultures. Like Pat Claridge, many people experience these forces with little support or full understanding of what is happening. Through The Ageless Wisdom presentations, a practical understanding of ghosts and entities is offered.

You can read of other people’s experiences and how they were supported to address these experiences here:

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617 thoughts on “Entities

  1. As humanity in a physical body we are not alone, there are realms of energy and vibration in the unseen that support us and also those that are malign.

  2. Considering these energies to be super-natural gives the power to the energy and whether they are coming through a screen, person or entrapped in a house they pose no threat unless we give our power away to them and do not want to understand that they are simply trying to keep us from the realisation we are all Soul-full beings who do not impose upon anyone.

  3. When we entertain the entrapping energy that comes with entities we open ourselves up to understand our roots as we all have a relationship with our spiritual self, and disincarnate spirits or ghost have also played games with me especially in my younger years. Eliminating entities requires us to understand that as a Soul-full being we are in a position to read their ill ways and offer a healing as we can with everyone as we all have a spirit that can be healed.

  4. I do not have such an experience with entities but for me that means not that they are not existing. There is so much more around us than our eyes can see. What if we can feel them but do not want to feel and numb ourself to do so. I very much appreciate what Pat was sharing so honestly as it is an invitation to open up for the possibility that there are entities.

  5. If science knows that everything is energy and that energy never dies, why do we have an issue with the reality of spirits?

  6. I had a conversation with some friends the other day and they were sharing with me how they see and hear entities all the time and for them it is quite normal. I know that as a kid I did see stuff, but I blocked it out through fear and as an adult do not see anything non-physical and non-material. I found it interesting that so many adults do see stuff like this, including ghosts, but don’t talk about it in case others think they are a bit strange!

    1. I think most of us when we were young saw things and felt things around us, but the adults have a way of expressing themselves in such a manner that can make us feel that somehow we are in the wrong, or that we are being silly. I know I definitely tried very hard to not see, or hear the spirits that have not incarnated and play with us when we are children and adults alike. Only recently, I walked past a car that had no one in it and when I returned back from my walk the car was still there. From a distance I saw someone in the driver’s seat but as I walked past the car again that someone wasn’t there the car was empty. We are not alone, there is far more going on than we care to understand and while we want to remain ignorant the disincarnate bodies have a field day with us.

  7. So interesting Pat, I find this kind of thing fascinating but also a wee bit scary. Maybe why people find this stuff scary is because we just don’t talk about it enough.

  8. Entities, are a fact of life that we stubbornly refuse to see. To admit there is more going on that the physical eye can see is simply too confronting. It would lead us to ask the bigger questions about life, which we are not ready for.

    1. That is a great point Rachel that if we just keep life to the physicality we can pretend not to see the big white elephant in the room standing next to us. We can keep up the pretense that we live in a one dimensional world and not one that is all about energy first, physicality second.

      1. Yet, how many of us as kids experienced energy first? I imagine that most of us did and because the adults in our lives said that we were making it up and it wasn’t real, we doubted, blocked it out and stopped feeling?

    2. It makes the reality of reincarnation and the responsibilities we have to ourselves and each other also very clear – we are more than just flesh and bone, we are spirits and we come from something greater than physical life alone, and we have a purpose for being here.

  9. If we can see what we cannot see with our physical eyes, maybe we get to see how much more crowded this space actually is.

  10. That there is more then the eye can see is so very obvious for those who are open to it. How would we live if we acknowledged there was not only more the just physical life but also that it is right amongst us?

  11. I have experienced interference of the energetic kind, I used to call them ghosts…people thought I was an over sensitive child…when I am sensitive I know that energy is everywhere and if we are not aware of what we dealing with we get bothered and bullied by spirts, which sometimes show themselves and some times do not, but there are definitely present.

    1. Absoulutely energy will play with us but when we look at them they lose any control over us and when we are connected to our Soul they cannot but only play their games of trying to disconnect us from that innate Essence. Inherently we are Soul-full and thus anything that disturbs this way of living is felt and known from the moment we are born, so the way we are parented either maintains this connection or deepens us into the illusion. We are spirit who are having a human experience or is it the other way around we are human having a spiritual experience, where the Truth is as is shared by the babies. We are Souls returning to our Divine beginning-ness through being Soul-full and learning to embody our Souls in full.

  12. The world around us is not used to deal with forces (energy) that try to disturb us in not so good ways. Becoming honest about what we feel is mega important to break through it.

  13. It’s amazing how for centuries there have been stories of hauntings, and entities and the like and yet we still do not talk openly about it and there are still many who do not believe in spirits. I suppose it’s an indication of how we can close our eyes to something and then believe what we tell ourselves.

  14. Indeed without a full understanding of what is going on these experiences can be super frightening and be with us for life.

  15. These insights or windows into what has been known throughout our history, are an essential bridge for humanity to start to realise that we inhabit a world with many different planes of existence… And certainly one day these will be there for all to see

    1. Exactly cjames2012, we are only prepared to think of all this as science fiction, but one day we will be shown the reality of all that we have been dealing with and not wanted to admit was there all along. I think it was Abraham Lincoln who has been attributed as saying:
      “You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time”
      This will come to pass.

  16. Yes I’ve experience similar things in the past too Pat, like being pulled down the bed, or something standing next to the bed, it’s very real when it happens. I have no doubt about the existence of entities, or the fact that life has an energetic counterpart.

  17. I can totally relate Pat, as I have had several experiences of waking during the night and being pinned down with a heavy weight over me, unable to move and paralysed with fear…. it is a horrible experience. What I eventually learnt to do was to call on someone internally, someone who I felt knew exactly what was going on. In calling this person’s name for help, the entity left and I no longer have this experience.

  18. Many of us have had experiences similar to what you share here Pat but have never spoken about them, from fear of not being believed or even being ridiculed. So it is great that you share what happened to you when you were pinned down by an entity as this brings these happenings out into the open and may even encourage others to share their experiences too.

  19. It is very helpful already that you and your sisters were able to talk about it and not brush it aside. Only when we take all that we feel seriously will we be able to get a clearer understanding of what is going on.

  20. Simply because we have chosen to be ignorant of the unseen world we inescapably live in, we can be pinned down at night or otherwise be made scared to open up our eyes to it. Instead because of these experiences we do choose to further shut down this awareness because there is something out there that wants to stay unseen otherwise it will lose its power over us.

    1. Exactly Nico, they do want to remain unseen – all things that move in the dark being scary and frightening whether you are a child or an adult and that is how they have power over us. With this blog and several others, we are ready to go there, share and comment and expose what needs to be exposed.

      1. If we believe the children when they say they have seen something which is usually at night and engage a conversation about what it felt like, looked like etc., the children can then understand that there is nothing to fear, build in them confidence so that they understand that the spirits or entities are just cowards as the only way they try to gain control is through fear. Take the fear away and they are totally exposed.

  21. Reality is that we live in a world full of unseen ghost or entities, discarnate spirits, equal brothers to us, the ones that have chosen to return to the essence of our being that can only be achieved by incarnating in a human body.

  22. We are certainly not living in a world that is just physical, through our lack of openness and conversation about what we see and feel on an energetic level, we have created a culture that just casts it off we ‘airy-fairy’, ‘far-fetched’ and ‘make-believe’ and not credible. Yet if we were to open up this conversation we would find that most of us have experienced something that is not of this physical realm alone. Thank you Pat for sharing this as we do need to bring these conversations back to life and be part of our everyday conversations as it and these energies or entities are a very real and active part of this realm of life, a life that is energetic first in nature, as we are.

    1. Yes ghost or entities are real and not ever not around. But we have top memory that what we call entities are in fact our equal brothers that still hesitate to incarnate in this physical world, the only way to resurrect ourselves back to soul.

  23. As a child I always remember feeling things around me, especially at bed time and I wanted to ensure that I was well wrapped in my blankets so nothing could get me … I never understood why at the time, and it was often dismissed by adults but I know there were things around me as I slept.

    1. This is very real for most of us, if not all of us and it is essential that we support our children with this reality.

  24. Love is always more powerful, even the entities can show themselves as huge and powerful. But they are not. Love is always stronger

  25. In a world where we have made everything about our five senses it is hard to believe that there are unseen forces at play, but we have neglected our sixth sense, the sense of feeling energies, and this part of us allows us to feel, and with that also to see, what else is going on around us.

    1. In ignoring and willfully numbing our sixth sense, we are able to indulge in creation and our thirst for individuality, forgoing the awareness and livingness of the multidimensionality that we actually are responsible to live and magnify through our everyday living – AKA purpose for being here.

    2. Great point Esther, and adding to what you have shared, if we should use our sight last and our feeling of energy first then we could discern what is Truly going on around us. So naturally following on and using our sense of discerning the energy / Clairsentience (First), then feeling / touch, taste, smell, hearing and then seeing, we would not then be fooled and will innately understand what is truly ‘going on around us.

      1. Yes, but as adults we explain them away and tell our children there is nothing there and it is all in the imagination. We do a huge disservice to our children when we do this and disempower them completely.

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