When Pat Claridge went away with her sisters for a holiday, they didn’t anticipate they’d booked themselves into a haunted house. Here Pat, formerly a self-described ‘non-believer’ in spirits or entities, describes her experiences first-hand.

I was invited to spend a weekend with my family in North Norfolk. My sister Mary had rented a wing of a large old house, which was over 200 years old. Many of the cottages including the wing of this house were rented out as holiday accommodation. Five of us were going to share the house for the weekend and we were all looking forward to being together. When we got to the house late on Friday afternoon, we all felt uneasy just walking to the door of the house. The energy of the place did not feel very inviting at all.

When we went upstairs to look at the bedrooms, none of us wanted to sleep in the room that had the big four poster bed. However, we dismissed our feelings and went out for a walk with the dogs while it was still light. That evening we lit a big log fire and had supper on our knees and chatted away: it all seemed very normal. The next day we discovered that none of us had slept very well, having had disturbed dreams. We had breakfast and spent the day out on the marshes where the birdlife was spectacular. We all chipped in to make supper and this time we all sat round the big table enjoying each other’s company. Then we sat round another roaring fire before retiring to bed, as we were all tired from a day spent in the fresh air.

I was sleeping in one bedroom and my sister Frankie was sleeping in an adjoining room. There was a connecting door to both rooms, which we kept open. There was also a small light, which we kept on.

I woke in the early hours as I was a bit uncomfortable. I turned over onto my right side and looked at the clock, which read 2:30 am, so I snuggled down to go back to sleep again. I then felt a very heavy weight all down my back on top of the bed and it moved over me, so that I felt encased as if in cling film. It felt extremely heavy and I could not move. My natural instinct was to tell it, whatever ‘it’ was, to leave me alone and I tried to call out to my sister.

Time seemed to stop as the heavy weight pressing down seemed to go on for ages. At last my sister came into the bedroom and pulled back the covers of the bed. She said I was crying out like a wounded animal. Frankie helped me out of the bed and I went to sleep with her in the adjoining room. She was very shaken by what she had witnessed and so was I, as I have never experienced such a force before.

The next day at breakfast we all talked about what had happened in the night and had a discussion about ghosts and the unseen energies called entities, and I could feel that it was definitely an entity that was pinning me down in the night. I had heard other people talk of their experiences with this force that pins you down but honestly, I had never really believed what they had said and thought it all rather far-fetched. Now having had this happen to me – which left my whole body on edge – I can say it is very frightening and leaves me wondering if it will happen again.

For the rest of our stay at the house I slept in the bedroom with my sister and we all couldn’t wait to leave, which we did early on the Monday morning. I found people to be very supportive as they had an understanding of my experience and reassured me and helped me to understand that I should not be frightened of such entities.

By Pat Claridge, Age 73, Southern Spain

Entities and ghosts are known under different names and descriptors in most of the world’s major religions and across many cultures. Like Pat Claridge, many people experience these forces with little support or full understanding of what is happening. Through The Ageless Wisdom presentations, a practical understanding of ghosts and entities is offered.

You can read of other people’s experiences and how they were supported to address these experiences here:

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474 thoughts on “Entities

  1. I have been in a course or workshop with Universal Medicine and how entities have been explained and a raise of the hands as to who has experienced anything like that and at least half the room has had first hand experience. This is not something that happens to only a few that seek ‘bad spirits’ it is a really life experience that many encounter.

    1. Yes, I have observed this too, Natalie, where most of the people in the room admit to having felt an unseen force at some point in their life. Why do we not generally talk about this when it is such a common experience?

  2. ‘When we went upstairs to look at the bedrooms, none of us wanted to sleep in the room that had the big four poster bed’.. Sometimes places look great and appealing to the eyes, but don’t feel safe. Its amazing that you all felt this and makes me wonder what life would be like if we actually expressed what we were feeling more in real time.

  3. I have had that same experience Pat and it is actually more common than we like to think. The fact that people are, as I was, reluctant to share such events for fear of being called crazy or delusional contributes greatly to the silence on such matters. I found it such a relief to know I wasn’t nuts when it was openly discussed at a Universal Medicine workshop many years ago and found that the majority of those present had had similar experiences. It is something we all do know and I feel the more we are are able to discuss such things sensibly the less power they are likely to have over us.

  4. The interesting thing about entities is the more we ‘see’ them, the less they are there – meaning that if we are willing to really feel the effect they can have on us, the less power they have to influence us. Put simply – they thrive off our chosen ignorance.

  5. The more normal we make energy and talk about it the more normal so called ‘unseen’ forces are exposed for what they truly are. We all know there is far more at play than purely what is physical and can all recount how people have done behaviours which are completely out of character and not them.

    1. Some of the common stories I have heard about people acting out of character relate to drinking alcohol, for example a gentle person I knew became so angry each time he consumed alcohol yet away from alcohol he was completely harmless – even more disturbing are people who drink alcohol and begin talking in foreign accents. People think this is “bizarre” or just “what happens” with alcohol but we need to ask questions – how and why do people act so strangely when drunk, to the point of sounding like someone from another country? Could it be that spirits have something to do with this and alcohol makes us more vulnerable to their influence? Maybe there is more to the saying that to be drunk is to be “under the influence” and certain alcohols are called “spirits”?

      1. I fully agree with you. Seeing how people change after a few drinks can be quite scary and off putting. I find when I delve into conversations about alcohol with people its usually because they want that extra kick or buzz. But that shows me they are not really enjoying their life or the day that much so need something extra.

    2. I agree James we have to make these conversations real and more common for the more understanding we can bring to these unseen forces the less we will fear them.

  6. In my work as a counsellor, I feel that I am dealing with unseen forces all of the time, and have seen time and time again that the more clients give themselves over to darker energies, the more their state of mental health deteriorates.

  7. I have always ‘felt’ presences around me, often got a scent of something or someone and had a sense of something out of the corner of my eye but not seen anything in full view. But my daughter often does and always has had such experiences which cannot be denied. There is so much going on around us that we do not always see, but there is no question that we humans are not the only beings in this world.

  8. What I find curious is that what is unseen is felt by all of us on some level, and yet we don’t talk about it – we think it is odd. Could it be that we have created the safety of the physical first because we don’t want to acknowledge there is so much more.

    1. That’s a great question HM, acknowledging spirits would mean to also acknowledge our own non physical being, which then opens up more questions such as – “what are we doing here in bodies? Where did we come from before we took on a body? And does reincarnation fit into this?” It’s easy to bury ourselves in the systems and familiarities of the physical world but acknowledging spirits asks us to go much deeper, to look at our origins and the greater order we come from. Doing this could give more meaning, clarity and purpose to why we are here in physical form.

  9. Imagine if we actually used our clairsentience (or 6th sense as they call it) and were aware of everything around us all the time? It would open up the world of energy quite profoundly and ask us to reconsider what life is actually about.

  10. This is such a fascinating subject. Generally, in western society we ignore the fact of it and pretend that entities are not there. Yet we are affected by them whether we choose to be aware of them or not.

  11. A great sharing of the hidden unspoken realities of life. Since reading this I am seeing a greater amount of people talking about how affected they have been by what they have seen since childhood and have been scared off and not spoken of but are now understanding and no longer giving power to these forces and the amazing difference this makes.

  12. You highlight beautifully Pat, that it’s not that the world is a big, scary place, where we should hide inside a cave, but that it’s only when we block out the energy we feel all around, that we get afraid. When we connect to our senses and feel what is there, we are perfectly resourced to navigate everything that life has to share.

  13. It makes sense that these entities who have been bullying children forever and then we grow up pretending they do not exist, or ignoring the incidences that then happen as an adult, we are left with a tension that never gets aired. So the healthiest thing we can do for our children and our adults is to have open conversations and make it our everyday normal, because lets face it pretending something isn’t happening is like saying the world is flat.

  14. The more we understand the world of energy the easier it will be for people to accept that entities exist. In the acceptance of that fact we can deal with them and then they have no hold over us. It is our deliberate ignorance that makes us think they are more powerful that we are.

  15. Thanks for sharing this Pat, When I was in my 20’s, very often over a period of about a year, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and feel an entity crouched down and the end of my bed watching me. I would just freeze and keep my eyes shut, knowing it was watching me. The first few times it happened I really thought someone was in my room, but could never see anyone. The feeling was just the same though, I know someone or something was there watching me. I never told anyone at the time. So true, what others have written above, the more awareness we have, the less they bother you.

  16. It is so interesting how many people experience entities but do not speak of them, we just cut off all the support we can offer from each other. Why is it that we shut down what we don’t understand?

  17. To be able to talk about the energies that are at play and make it a normal thing, which it is, we have only been told that it is not, that it is our imagination, that it is all ok and nothing is going on. Energies as Einstein said many moons ago ‘Everything is Engery’ and as Serge Benhayon has been saying since 1999 ‘Everything is Energy, Therefore Everything is because of Energy”. This is no avoidable, no escapable – even though we may pretend and ignore that it is going on… it is still going on no matter what.

  18. Like all things we can fear, the more we understand them, the easier it gets to let go of that and accept the facts as they really are.

  19. Over the years Pat I have experienced some strange incidences. As a small child I would sometimes wake up and not be able to physically move, also there were times I could see something surrounding my bed, they appeared as animals. I know now that these entities are not more powerful that we as Souls are and thanks to the Presentations of Serge Benhayon I have more understanding and less fear and know I am not imagining that this happened.

  20. Talking about unseen forces and entities that are behind the scenes manipulating human life brings much more understanding about how and why certain things happen or why we feel what we feel, and if we understand what is actually occurring and also understand that when we are connected to our soul we are far more powerful than any entity, this changes a lot about how we deal with this reality of human life.

  21. There is so much going on that we don’t choose a lot of the time to feel. Entities are such energies that are around us and your experience is just one of many I have heard that certainly confirms that your experience is not just a one off. We do not have to be frightened of them, even if the experience does feel that at the time. Instead understand there is an energetic world coexisting with us and to not fear it, but understand it.

  22. We’re so often dismissed when we read and feel things the eye cannot see. We then begin to only trust what we do see with the eyes. But there is so much more to this plane of life, only part of which the eyes can see.

    1. This is so true Nikki, I remember when young seeing all these entities around people and after a while when I realised nobody else noticed them, I learnt to dismiss them and thought that it was my imagination. We are all knowing and can definitely reignite our clairsentience and feel that which cannot be seen.

  23. There is so much more to this world than what we see with our eyes. I have experienced many things that I could not explain, and been with animals who clearly had seen something that I could not, but there was no denying there was something there that scared them. It’s interesting to consider that we ‘think’ we are the only beings on this planet when there is so much evidence from peoples’ direct experiences that says otherwise.

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