When Pat Claridge went away with her sisters for a holiday, they didn’t anticipate they’d booked themselves into a haunted house. Here Pat, formerly a self-described ‘non-believer’ in spirits or entities, describes her experiences first-hand.

I was invited to spend a weekend with my family in North Norfolk. My sister Mary had rented a wing of a large old house, which was over 200 years old. Many of the cottages including the wing of this house were rented out as holiday accommodation. Five of us were going to share the house for the weekend and we were all looking forward to being together. When we got to the house late on Friday afternoon, we all felt uneasy just walking to the door of the house. The energy of the place did not feel very inviting at all.

When we went upstairs to look at the bedrooms, none of us wanted to sleep in the room that had the big four poster bed. However, we dismissed our feelings and went out for a walk with the dogs while it was still light. That evening we lit a big log fire and had supper on our knees and chatted away: it all seemed very normal. The next day we discovered that none of us had slept very well, having had disturbed dreams. We had breakfast and spent the day out on the marshes where the birdlife was spectacular. We all chipped in to make supper and this time we all sat round the big table enjoying each other’s company. Then we sat round another roaring fire before retiring to bed, as we were all tired from a day spent in the fresh air.

I was sleeping in one bedroom and my sister Frankie was sleeping in an adjoining room. There was a connecting door to both rooms, which we kept open. There was also a small light, which we kept on.

I woke in the early hours as I was a bit uncomfortable. I turned over onto my right side and looked at the clock, which read 2:30 am, so I snuggled down to go back to sleep again. I then felt a very heavy weight all down my back on top of the bed and it moved over me, so that I felt encased as if in cling film. It felt extremely heavy and I could not move. My natural instinct was to tell it, whatever ‘it’ was, to leave me alone and I tried to call out to my sister.

Time seemed to stop as the heavy weight pressing down seemed to go on for ages. At last my sister came into the bedroom and pulled back the covers of the bed. She said I was crying out like a wounded animal. Frankie helped me out of the bed and I went to sleep with her in the adjoining room. She was very shaken by what she had witnessed and so was I, as I have never experienced such a force before.

The next day at breakfast we all talked about what had happened in the night and had a discussion about ghosts and the unseen energies called entities, and I could feel that it was definitely an entity that was pinning me down in the night. I had heard other people talk of their experiences with this force that pins you down but honestly, I had never really believed what they had said and thought it all rather far-fetched. Now having had this happen to me – which left my whole body on edge – I can say it is very frightening and leaves me wondering if it will happen again.

For the rest of our stay at the house I slept in the bedroom with my sister and we all couldn’t wait to leave, which we did early on the Monday morning. I found people to be very supportive as they had an understanding of my experience and reassured me and helped me to understand that I should not be frightened of such entities.

By Pat Claridge, Age 73, Southern Spain

Entities and ghosts are known under different names and descriptors in most of the world’s major religions and across many cultures. Like Pat Claridge, many people experience these forces with little support or full understanding of what is happening. Through The Ageless Wisdom presentations, a practical understanding of ghosts and entities is offered.

You can read of other people’s experiences and how they were supported to address these experiences here:

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563 thoughts on “Entities

  1. It is as if we live behind a veil, and that we actually choose to live behind this veil. With the opening of awareness, and our increasing perception, we can see what is there to be seen, but the growing connection with ourselves brings clarity and wisdom and consequently the fear drops away.

  2. We tend to ignore the existence of entities or disembodied spirits but they are a more everyday reality that we want to know and realize ourselves and with that we too ignore our spiritual origin.

  3. Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I do now have a true understanding of spirits and entities, while in the past it was much of a whishy whashy for me because nobody could, or would, tell me the truth of their existence.

  4. Entities and ‘possession’ are not new concepts and especially noticeable when people are under the influence of any addictions, drugs, alcohol, … gaming., and not ‘being themselves’. Apart from the behaviour, the look in the eyes says it all.

    1. Yes Jenny, it is the arrogant look in the eyes, the look of I can do whatever I like because I can and deeply enjoy it irrespective of the hurt I bring to myself and the people around me.

  5. Thank you for sharing Pat, I have had an experience like that too and was astonished by the force I could feel and also frightened by what happened but from what I knew through what Universal Medicine presents I was able to connect to my body and came back to my own breath quite quickly.

  6. There is so much more to life than the tangible and physical reality we can see, hear and touch. If we were able to readily accept this as a fact then we would have to change the way we viewed our world, to a much wider perspective in accordance to what is there, unseen, but can be clearly sensed.

  7. How wonderful that you were able to share this with you sisters and with the world, as I know there will be many who have experienced such a traumatic event only to think it was their imagination and so buried it and the accompanying fear. A great lesson in trusting your initial feelings; your natural clairsentience, that we all have access to.

  8. ” When we went upstairs to look at the bedrooms, none of us wanted to sleep in the room that had the big four poster bed. However, we dismissed our feelings ”
    A beautiful example of how we feel truth but just dismiss it.

  9. Until we moved out of the, you could say imprisonment, of our five senses, and into what we can truly perceive, when we open up a deeper connection, we will still be walking in a world that sees not and hears not what is truly there

  10. It is interesting to know that more people than we realise have had experiences with entities, it would be great if this was talked about in a normal way so that parents can be aware that when children talk about something being in the room, it is actually happening, so that they can support them.

  11. I saw this comment to your blog – “The more this type of conversation becomes normal the less power they have” – and I agree. Most of the public discourse around entities is usually based on ghost/horror films and/or documentaries which leave us more scared and unsure how to deal with them. So we need more normal/every day conversations about them to take away their power on us. And if/when it happens, we are more equipped to deal with it and understand it.

  12. An awful experience forced on you by the unseen cowards that like to control human life. Many many people have such experiences but naturally they don’t get discussed because one is worried about being considered nuts. The unseen entities can do as they please but their day of reckoning will not be far off.

  13. This blog is groundbreaking as this subject is often not spoken about and if it is it is treated as new age or airy fair or plain nuts…and yet this is very real, we live in a world of energy and are all energetic beings, the fact that we cannot see them with our eyes doesn’t mean we are not aware they are there. But if we cannot discuss our experiences openly this will support them in staying unseen and in people not really knowing what has happened to them leaving us powerless to do something about it. If I had been able to share freely as I child of what was happening with me during the night it wold have helped me in knowing what was going on and from there dealing with it. By leaving it in obscurity we are being scared of something that without that veil of ‘unseen ness’ really has no power at all.

  14. This was something I did not know about or have any awareness or even thoughts of in the past. That was until I had a family member pass over and then had lots of strange things occurring in the house. There was a want to try and dismiss or play down what was happening but it intensified to a point where you couldn’t ignore it but little was spoken about it between family members who were all experiencing the same things.

  15. I lent a book to a friend recently and she was getting right into it until she started reading a few home truths about entities which she thought was weird and stopped reading the book. Why is it that many of us are so closed to the possibility that we are not alone the so called supernatural does not exist?

  16. When we can accept this world to be more than what we can see and beyond the physicality, many of the strange and mysterious can be explained, and I find that to be more empowering than staying in the denial.

  17. Its hard to believe with all the evidence and the countless experiences that so many of us still fail to feel or at least believe that there is entities, ghosts or disincarnate spirits or what ever we like to call them.

  18. I do not have this happen now for a long time, but I also have had this experience where during the night I become aware of being pinned down, and feeling absolutely paralysed, unable to move an inch. Very frightening at the time. I shared this with a good friend who also had this experience. It feels important to talk about it and not keep it hidden, because it is real.

  19. ” so that I felt encased as if in cling film. ”
    This is very real Pat from my experience , I have had this happen to me a few times growing up and in recent times.

  20. As a child I was very aware of the entities in my bedroom at night and what they did to me. many children have the same experiences yet the adults, who have lost the ability to have this awareness tell them it is not real. We have to face the fact that entities are very real and that our children see and feel them, so that we can support them in learning how to deal with them.

  21. I have heard many similar stories from friends over the years but none of them were brave enough to write on the subject, let alone put their name to it! I am sure that this blog will confirm many people that may have been too afraid or embarrassed about having these things occur to publicly proclaim them.

  22. It does seem cowardly for these entities to inflict themselves on people in this way, especially as they cannot be seen. Is it any wonder children complain of having these experiences and then the parents don’t believe them because they can’t see them.

  23. Thank you for your willingness to share Pat, entities are not talked about nearly enough yet they exist and as you have shown by your experience, they can at the time be quite scary and can shake us. Until we experience it for ourselves we don’t believe entities exist, and this is the problem, yet children talk about them a lot especially when they have nightmares but we tend to dismiss this as just a bad dream rather than honour and listen to what they have felt.

  24. Wow this sounds crazy… I too have not known what to think when others have shared their stories but I know it to be something that truly happened a lot of the time as it did for you, but I can’t even imagine it, I don’t want to really…..

  25. It is quite strange that things like ghosts and spirits seem to be the experience of a lot of people but research in the matter does not seem to bear fruit. Where is the disconnect? Is it really just a collective hallucination?

  26. It always amazes me how many people have had experiences with entities and yet we still have people that totally deny their existence. When I had a similar experience I was woken in my sleep and it was only very brief so I was left wondering whether it was a dream that just felt like reality. But after hearing many similar stories from many different people it confirmed to me that it was real.

  27. I had a similar experience when I was in my early 20’s of feeling a presence in the room and having the lights flick on and different electric items start turning on in the house. I was with my Aunty who also experienced it all. We didn’t talk about it much and then just went on and kind of pretended it hadn’t happened.

  28. It’s great to be supported and confirmed in what you feel. Some may say other things about this but to be honest it’s not that much a stretch as people have been speaking about spirits and all types of things for many years and yet we still hold people out for sharing what they see. We even condemn them at different points and so most people override what they sense or see not unlike they did in this article. What if we all were to start to honour more and more deeply what we feel? I wonder how much better off we would all be if this was the case. As a starting point we have articles like this one to support.

  29. The reality is that Entities are happening and it is effect many people, when we brush it of or keep it on the low down then we are letting it have the upper hand. To honestly open up and share like you have Pat is absolute awesome and there is clarity in what took place, This is super important so thank you.

  30. All we really have to do is truly listen to what our young children see and express, to observe what babies are observing around us, so that there is so much more literally than meets the eye.

  31. We have ghosts in the basement at work. Several of my team have had experiences of seeing them. It feels like they are just stuck there from when they used to live there long ago. There are so many examples of this in so many people’s lives, there is no doubt that entities exist. It is the way that we react to them that counts. Fear is not the way to go.

    1. This is great advice, Rebecca. As in all things, it’s how we respond that determines the quality of our next moment. This blog confirms to me that there is so much more around us than we can truly fathom, much of it intent on holding us back from living the fullness we truly are. Great when such experiences are shared as it removes the mystique to render it the commonplace it is.

  32. Amazing that you are sharing your experience like this Pat as so many people have these experiences and don’t feel they can talk about it. I personally haven’t experienced anything like it that I can remember but I know a lot of people that have had this. To be able to understand that it is just an energy trying to attack you that has no power over you is awesome. Great you had some support with this as well for clarity.

  33. There are so many stories about ghosts. The thing is that they are narrated as if they were fiction, but the scaring feeling we have when we listen to them is true. We have in our body the mark of what is real and not, and these unseen energies use this ambiguity to play with us. I appreciate this blog for explaining a real event with real effects, that reveals those bullying energies that exist between us. Bringing light to this reality, is the beginning of deactivating its harassment.

  34. Terrifying indeed! I feel like I’ve seen ghosts before, and often it’s been in the same place over and over again. It’s unsettling. I have heard of many people who have had experiences with entities pinning you down in your sleep, and it doesn’t honestly scare me!

    1. I have heard many stories as well and seen flashes out of the corner of my eye when you swear there is someone there and yet when you really look there is nothing. I use to write it off as being nothing at all but now I just take a moment and appreciate what I have felt. We can already confirm that there is a large chunk of life missing when you don’t honour the energy or the energetic nature of things and so this is another part. Where you have something operating almost exclusively energetically and if you write it off as being nothing or laugh it off then you are holding back the awareness you have just been offered. Where do decisions and choices come from, do we think them up ourselves all on our own or and as we are seeing again more and more is there any part in play?

  35. We have an issue with the word normal. We normalize what is not normal, do not easily accept as normal what is normal, and we have a clear picture of what is and has to remain ab-normal….. until life hits us and asks us to go back to the drawing board.

  36. There are very few people that have not had some experience with spirits or ghosts. What is astounding is that we hold such disbelief when we are presented that they can, and do influence our thoughts. How is it that we question this when we know our thoughts are constantly influenced by how another human is behaving, hence the question should be, why do I allow any others, spirit or human to influence the quality of thoughts I have.

  37. I have had a similar pinned down experience. Entities are not common conversation as in they do live with us and we can feel their presence yet how many people experience this? The more this type of conversation becomes normal the less power they have.

  38. It is really great that you have shared this, if we talk more about such things it will normalise the fact we are not the only beings on this earth, there are unseen beings around us. They are with us all the time influencing our thoughts and behaviours, when we choose to be any less than ourselves.

  39. Narrow minded are we when we spend trillions of dollars to go look for other life on the moon, when all around us is a multidimensionality that surpasses what the eye can ever see.

  40. Your experience Pat just illustrates to me that there is so much more than meets the physical eye in the world around us that our senses can feel.

  41. We hear many stories about ghosts and haunted places etc., and through our own experience of walking into a place and feeling uncomfortable with no obvious reasons etc., in a way we accept there are things that we cannot see with our physical eyes but we often react with fear – our relationship with this whole thing feels somewhat half-baked and undecided. Perhaps, accepting in full that there is a world of energy, that there is a thing called spirit would be too much for many of us as it would eventually and inevitably ask for our energetic responsibility as well.

  42. When we live in connection to our hearts we get a clearer understanding of the other world around us where our clairsentience is needed in order to discern other beings/energies that are not aligned to the light of the soul.

  43. Most of the worlds population acknowledges the existence of entities or spirits, in fact, it’s rare for me to meet someone that denies the existence of these things. Yet these spirits are rarely acknowledged in public life. If they were they would be considered in our systems (legal systems etc). Instead those that admit what they feel are dubbed ‘crazy’ but what is really crazy is a collective denial of fact that most admit to themselves but not others.

  44. There is a whole plane of existence living in on around us… For most of us we simply have not awakened the eyes to see, all the senses to feel… But this in no way diminishes the fact that this plane is still there interacting with us and affecting us all the time.

  45. I have heard many people describe this feeling of being pinned down by entities. It seems unfair and cowardly of the entity to harm someone who is unable to see his or her attacker or fight back. It must be very hard to deal with if you are not listened to or believed as many kids are not when they have ‘nightmares’. Luckily in this case Pat was able to understand what happened and have support from other people.

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