My Frozen Shoulders and the Big Thaw

A number of months ago I started to ‘feel,’ for the very first time, my shoulders. I didn’t feel the beauty of them or even their connection to my arms and the rest of my body. What I felt was how frozen they were.

Frozen as in a numbness that went so much deeper than numb, I can only describe it as frozen. I would reach back and press my fingers into different areas across my shoulders and not feel a thing. All that was there was a solid wall, if you will, that no feeling could penetrate. It was the oddest sensation and I kept pressing my fingers into my shoulders and upper back area at different times of the day as if checking that it was true, that I couldn’t feel a thing and I would ask myself how this could be possible.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have movement in my shoulders or that there was a total disconnection – it was, I realised, that my shoulders and upper back area were always tensed. Once I started to tune into this feeling of tenseness, I became curious about how it would feel to be without tension in these areas and I started focussing on relaxing them every time my attention was drawn to them, whether walking, sitting at my desk at work, driving or cooking. What I noticed most however, was the way I woke in the morning.

I would wake up with my head halfway off the pillow, my jaw clenched shut and my entire body braced for fight or flight. A lifetime of sleeping and waking this way eventually takes its toll – no wonder I was completely and utterly exhausted!

I made a choice to nominate on a daily basis this manner in which I woke. I started setting my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than usual to spend those extra minutes focussing on and feeling my body, in particular across my shoulders, as I lay in bed.

I did not judge or question my body or myself: I simply spent time relaxing the areas of my body that were tense and poised for fight or flight. It wasn’t easy at first as the minute I would relax the muscles in a certain area, they would be tensed and ready to jump again before I knew it.

Although I continued to wake with my jaw clenched and my body braced, these 15 minutes every morning were introducing the opportunity to re-learn how to be in my body with less tension for longer moments of time. Moment by moment my body started responding and slowly the unfamiliarity of this new way of being in my body began to abate.

I also started to feel a new sensation across my shoulders and upper back area, a sort of tingling, like the burning/tingling sensation you get when the tips of your fingers are starting to thaw from being out in the snow for too long. At times this burning sensation in my shoulders was difficult to endure as its presence was fairly constant, however I welcomed it as a change from the frozen feeling of numbness and accepted that it was a very physical indication that some sort of transformation was beginning to take place.

I had intensely disliked my shoulders from the time I was in my early teens. I swam and did springboard diving as well as gymnastics throughout my teenage years and I took on the belief that it was the strength I was building in my shoulders that made them look and feel so broad. On a subtler level there was also the understanding that I was actually wielding them as a weapon to keep people out and my true self locked in.

Looking back now, I can see and feel how what I was doing was simply building a fortress across my shoulders as a response to, and to protect myself from, the energetic attacks directed at me from the time I was a child. I had been living with the energy of terror as a result of these attacks from a very young age … the fight or flight reaction eventually became automatic and a learned way for me to be in my body.

While I was growing up I was unaware of all the many little choices I had been making and the consequences and impact they would have on my body and wellbeing. Being able to neither fight nor flee, the energy began to accumulate in my shoulders.

All these years I thought it was my shoulders I hated. Over the last few weeks I have come to realise that it was not my shoulders I so despised but the energy stored in them.

As the freeze continued to thaw, the burning/tingling sensation across my shoulders would come and go depending on how present I was with myself and with my body. When I wasn’t present in the moment, I would find my body automatically defaulting back to its familiar holding pattern of old but with the added burning/tingling sensation; it became a great joy to actually feel this as an uncomfortable feeling in my body rather than feeling absolutely nothing at all due to my shoulder area being under the ‘big freeze.’

This tingling sensation became my sign to pause, gather myself and adjust the way I was sitting, walking, driving and moving. In doing so, I started feeling a newfound freedom in my muscles and cells that has allowed for my shoulders to drop to a much more relaxed natural position. My neck and jaw have responded accordingly and this then has filtered down to how I am moving with and in the rest of my body, allowing for a deeper stillness that I can feel building from which my movements are expressing forth.

In an afternoon, some months ago my body started to shake. This shaking started from my shoulder area and went the length of my arms, with my hands shaking uncontrollably. My upper torso was shaking too, to the point where my son had to support me to get from the car into the house. Rather than freaking out, I started observing this shaking in my body which had moved down into my legs as well. I had a very strong feeling that I needed to come back to my centre and that my body needed to be handled with tenderness and great care. After several failed attempts I somehow managed to connect to the stillness within me and as I did so, the shaking lessened and my jaw relaxed somewhat. This ebb and flow continued for several hours but at some point I was able to lie down in bed and fall asleep.

I woke the next morning completely and utterly drained, with a high temperature and a splitting headache. I stayed in bed all day, mostly sleeping. As my body restored itself, I began to understand that my body was undergoing a mega clearing of the energy stored.

The high temperature, the shaking and the clenched jaw were the coming to the surface and the release in action of the energy of terror that I had been keeping imprisoned within my shoulder area for a lifetime.

Several weeks ago, I woke for the very first time with my head resting on the pillow, my upper body muscles relaxed and a new feeling in my body – close to what the feeling of being rested must be like. Waking up in a body void of being braced for attack felt almost a defeat at first, like I was finally letting the destructive energy win.

As I lay in bed allowing myself to feel the truth of what was taking place, I began to feel a sense of awe. The realisation that this must be what waking up is all about… feeling rested and refreshed, filled with joy for waking in a body that feels amazing.

This deep inner healing has reflected for me the truth of what true healing is all about and that there is no one else who can bestow true healing or indeed a miracle upon me. The Esoteric Practitioners of Universal Medicine can lovingly and beautifully support me in my healing, however it is I who chooses my own healing and my own miracle; the loving choices I make on a moment by moment basis enable me to move in such a way as to those movements being ones of self-love and healing.

Re-learning to make my choices loving ones has come about through my attendance at Universal Medicine workshops, courses and sessions presented by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon, and by being witness to the absolute commitment and dedication to truth that these amazing beings and their family live with and move in.

By Brigette Evans, a woman re-claiming and returning to her true self, Worcestershire, UK

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546 thoughts on “My Frozen Shoulders and the Big Thaw

  1. As a beautiful friend just reminded me to dance. To feel the energies stuck in my body while dancing on Michael Benhayon his music as support to release all.

  2. It is interesting to feel the thaw of a frozen shoulder and understand how it can extend all the way down the arm reflecting how I have not been willing to embrace life and others.

  3. I have found it interesting to feel how what I eat can impact how stiff and lethargic I feel when I wake up – when I eat sugar before bed I wake up feeling very heavy and achy

  4. By making a simple self loving choice we can bring our body back into it’s natural health – one of being in stillness and grace.

  5. The body never stops healing, it cannot but consistently heal, i.e. establishing a state of wholeness, the question is when does the being choose to heal and return to its wholeness, the re-union with Soul.

    1. ‘The body never stops healing…’ This is pure gold, Alexander, as once the healing begins we become aware of the realisation that there is more healing to be done and then more healing and more still and the knowing that the body never stops healing is all the support we will ever need as we return to a Soul-full way of being by clearing all our hurts, ideals and beliefs one layer at a time.

  6. It is true there is such a passive acceptance of ill health in society today and to hear someone being so pro-active on all levels is such a breath of fresh air.

  7. It is such an amazing thing once we get behind the energetics of a health condition – it is like going from two dimensions into three so the approach has substance like a 3D cube compared to a 2D sheet of paper, although in truth its more 5th dimensional I know.

    1. 2D is seeing the world as flat whereas 3D is seeing the world in all its full oblate spheroid-ness. One could argue that although there is a general consensus that the world is not flat, energetically we continue to live with blinkers on in a 2D world.

  8. Being able to feel for the first time can be a bit of a shocker, for we get to know so much about how we have been living. It’s a great pull up and we can learn so much as you have done, to surrender it all and deepen within.

  9. ‘I had intensely disliked my shoulders from the time I was in my early teens.’ Will we one day learn that our thoughts are as poisonous as our actions and that it is energy that matters first and foremost?

  10. I love your commitment Brigette it shows me there is always a way out of our predicament if we are willing to put in the work and I was going to say because things don’t just magically happen, but sometimes they do.

  11. ‘I did not judge or question my body or myself ‘ – To hold ourselves in loving acceptance as opposed to the constant judgment and critique of ourselves when somehting is not ‘perfect’ or not quite working the way we expect it to at any given situation, is key to true change and healing.

  12. This daily commitment to actually allowing yourself to feel and release the tension is pretty inspiring. It makes me wonder how many other health conditions we could address and resolve ourselves, without medical attention, if we had a better relationship with our bodies and the commitment to stay present and listen to what they’re sharing with us.

    1. I agree, to be so committed every day to let go of the tension is very inspiring. It can be so easy to give up, yet, by quietly and lovingly persisting Bridgette shows just how we can heal our bodies when we remain open and aware.

    2. Most of us a chose to ignore the natural healing power of the body but there are so many illnesses and diseases that we could heal without intervention and / or prevent if we listened to the wisom from our bodies. The impact of this would be huge when we consider that health systems around the world are simply not coping with the magnitude of demand.

    3. For sure, Bryony. How often do we hear on a daily basis how people are ‘fighting’ a cold, hay fever, the flu, a fever, an illness or a dis-ease? ‘Fighting’ has become the championed hashtag that has replaced the simplicity of connecting with the body, staying present and listening to what it is sharing with us.

      1. And the pharmaceutical companies also suggest we do it that way – e.g. they advertise when we have a cold to take a remedy and keep going, or when we have indigestion to take a remedy and keep going. Our body never gets true rest in that case, neither do we stop to look at the way we are living our life if we keep doing things on the go and fighting forward.

  13. I have been hearing the term frozen shoulder more and more in the last decade, especially as I am now in the prime candidate group – middle aged women. I have heard of reduced mobility and a lot of pain but not the authors experience of complete numbness. I loved the way that feeling and the awareness it brought to your posture began the big melt, revealing what had been buried under the numbness. Although the sensation may vary between people, this awareness and healing is on offer for any feeling we get that ‘isn’t quite right’.

  14. Every day we get a new opportunity to live the same day differently. What is so beautiful with this blog is that it teaches us that little choices made on a consistent basis to connect with our bodies and feel what is really going on with us can result in huge shifts, when committed to on a daily basis. Stone by stone we can move mountains.

  15. The thaw is a great way of describing what happens when we let go of all the tension held in our bodies from all the ideals, beliefs and pictures we have chosen, allowing our bodies to melt and surrender to their natural state of harmony… a beauty-full process.

  16. The power of nominating is certainly a transformative process when we are dedicated to clearing what no longer serves us in our lives.

    1. My choice to be ‘…dedicated to clearing what no longer serves in our lives’ was exactly that, Paula, a dedication. All else fell by the wayside as I dedicated myself to simply being with my body – listening to my body and responding with dedicated love and tender care to what it was showing and asking of me not just for those 15 minutes every morning but throughout my day in my every movement. I didn’t consider it at the time, but the stupendous love I aligned to as my Soul guided and supported me moment by moment was the healing ingredient to clearing my frozen shoulders – a dis-ease that I’m sure would have baffled the medical profession.

  17. ‘I did not judge or question my body or myself: I simply spent time relaxing the areas of my body that were tense and poised for fight or flight. ‘I love the way there isn’t any judgement or mental analysis but just a simple coming back to the body and relaxing. I tend to want to work things out mentally rather than just return to love through movement. There is an accepting of the wisdom of the body that doesn’t need any mental acuity – the arrogant part of me who wants to know better doesn’t like this!

  18. I sometimes wake with fingers that have gone to sleep and assume it is me sleeping in an awkward position. Years ago I used to wake with severe pain deep in my hips from arthritis – that has disappeared completely now. I still have arthritis but there is only pain in my thumbs, everything else is working fine and I am much more flexible than I was say ten years ago.

  19. Wow incredible on so many Brigette. I love the understanding of the body that had been offered by Esoteric Healing. To be able to clear such a long history of tension and fight in you, knowing fully that it has left your body, is amazing. My relationship with my body is changing as I learn to see energy where before I would have seen an ideal about beauty or functionality that I wasn’t meeting, and judge severely- regarding body shape etc. Now I am learning to see my body as a gauge of the energies I have taken on but are not part of me.

  20. ‘I would wake up with my head halfway off the pillow, my jaw clenched shut and my entire body braced for fight or flight.’ the way we sleep tells us so much about how we have lived during the day but we do have the ability to affect the way we sleep in the way we prepare to go to bed and put ourselves to bed.

  21. Our bodies are so with us when we connect to them… healing happens when we honour all that our bodies share with us.

  22. Amazing how a little bit of awareness of one part of the body can begin the whole re-awakening process…imagine now doing this to all other body parts, our organs, our lungs, the liver, the kidneys etc. allowing the whole body to come alive with awareness.

    1. yes – and there is a ripple effect in the body – I observe if I am tense somewhere it ripples to other parts, and when I surrender, or let go somewhere that also has a ripple effect – so in thawing the frozen shoulders, that is such an amazing healing for every cell in Brigette’s body as every cell would feel it (and celebrate it too!)

  23. What precision machines we live in and how amazing that they can put up with so much abuse and still work, even when we have allowed parts of our selves to freeze over or go rusty. There is not one man made machine that could ever handle the amount of disregard we treat our bodies with, they would simply stop working. A big message to us about how we should really be looking after our living breathing physical bodies.

  24. Reading this whilst something is bothering me in my life that a few years ago would have had me completely traumatized, I had a thought come in which said that there was no time for trivial things like connection with my body as I had serious business to contend with!!! Not listening to my body got me into the mess I’m having to deal with. Connection with my body is paramount.

  25. Just returning to this blog today I am struck by how much this breaks the mould on the way we live in society, and on not just frozen shoulder, but on so many illnesses and diseases and ailments. this is such a testimony to the truth that there is another way – and it is our choice to live in misery and suffering – and as Brigette has shown, we can make new choices so as not to live that way. Totally ground breaking.

    1. Spot on Jane, we have the choice at any moment to change things, and begin to build a greater awareness of the body … essentially this is building a relationship with the body and then from here working with it and not against it.

      1. Yes agree – sometimes we can feel the momentum of our life, how unwell we feel or how our body feels and feel the overwhelm in making a change, yet it simply takes small daily changes, just as Brigette shows here.

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