To Moan or to Appreciate… a Choice?

When we stop to listen to what people are saying – the way they talk about their lives, relationships, themselves – do we hear moaning or appreciation? It appears that it is more common to have a negative slant on things, with a tendency to blame or complain about the situations we find ourselves in.

Our media industry demonstrates better than anywhere else that the supply and demand for negativity, drama and emotionalism is a feedback loop we have created and continue to feed with gusto.

Could it be that this endless diet of invasive interest in other people’s lives, mishaps, challenges and shortcomings keeps us in a distracted, irresponsible relationship with life, looking out at others in competition and comparison rather than simply taking responsibility for our lives and the opportunities we have to make a difference, by our choices and the way we live?

Yes, it is important to be very aware of what is going on around us – observing the social climates we have built. But that is where our focus can stop, inspiring us to consider what would really make a difference rather than getting in deeper and deeper, feeding off or lost in the quagmire of gossip.

Our magazines, newspapers and online news feeds are becoming ever more salacious, extreme, sensationalist and embroidered. Journalism is not the simple, clear recording of facts and dissemination of truth, it is the emotional dramatisation of events loaded with bias, innuendo and opinion. And we appear to love it: a diet of distraction and drama that we are loath to let go of.

It is in the disconnection within ourselves that we hunt for, and thirst after, the gossip about others; this keeps us in competition and comparison with each other – either worthless because our lives, our look, our home or our cooking are so below standard, or relieved about the fact that someone is worse off than us or has ‘stuffed up’ more than us.

Whilst we keep responsibility at arm’s length, nothing is going to change. Until we are prepared to look quietly and honestly at the quality with which we live, take care of ourselves, interact in our relationships, live in our homes, commit to our work, drive, walk, cook, think… we have to accept that we are part of the perpetuation of the cycle of distraction and abuse that is our media, online communication, everyday gossip and one-upmanship.

Exposing all of the above and being honest about it provides us with the always fresh opportunity to approach our lives differently; introducing appreciation and responsibility as a super strong tag team that can arrest our habits outlined above. When we wake up in the morning and before we turn on the radio, television, computer, could we take a moment to consider the anything, everything and all that we have to appreciate? The smallest to the vast: the warmth of our feet, the people in the house with us, birdsong, fresh air to breathe, the opportunity the day offers to meet others, the fresh slate that every day (actually every moment) offers and the power at our fingertips to make changes in our lives simply by the way we move, touch things, handle ourselves.

To moan or to appreciate?

Could it be that this choice is a life-changer?

Repeating patterns or calling the changes?

Over to us : )

By Judy Joy and Matilda Bathurst

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784 thoughts on “To Moan or to Appreciate… a Choice?

  1. “Our magazines, newspapers and online news feeds are becoming ever more salacious, extreme, sensationalist and embroidered” along with the way we are into comfort and are no longer willing to call out the lies that are being propagated on a daily basis.

  2. Reading this blog again reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend years ago who used to watch TV soaps that were very popular at one time. The reason given for watching this particular series was that they were relieved about the fact that someone was worse off than themselves and so they felt more able to cope with their life. That’s quite a sad indictment of our society where we compare and actually in the comparison we all keep ourselves down rather than raising the standard and not accepting less.

  3. ❤️ True appreciation of our divine intelligence and connection, has the ability to eliminate any comparison as you have so Loving shared in this blog, Judy and Matilda.

  4. Great to read this again, and it’s reminded me that challenging situations are offering something, I can have a knee-jerk reaction when something feels really unpleasant but reading this today I’m reminded that there is an opportunity and learning on offer, and to appreciate what comes my way.

  5. We really need to grasp the fact accept that we are part of the universe. Our bodies are made up of the stuff of the universe there is no getting away from this fact. However, we are not taught this at all, it is withheld from us by an opposite force (our spirit) that is determined that we will not be aware of this fact by continuously stimulating us to look outside of ourselves into life, the big distraction. The force knows that if and when we start to look within for the answers to life then the grip it holds us in is loosened and so it (the spirit) will do literally anything to stop this from occurring. This is the battle for one’s awareness it feels to me that there needs to be a level of self-discipline not to give into its waywardness or we could be lost for another lifetime it our spirit doesn’t care, all it cares about is its inevitable demise as it relinquishes its hold back to the soul.

  6. Competition of any kind sets us up for a fall as there is always or eventually some who can out-perform out-play and we join the masses of people who get emotional or try even harder to win and all this plays havoc on our nervous system, life become like a roller-coaster with the highs and the lows. When we are connected and understand the Joy of being in appreciation life flows with the most amazing rhythm that is so natural and can be found equally in all of us.

    1. The trying harder gregbarnes888 feels as though we are still looking outside of ourselves in the doing of the I must try harder. Thats the trap that is set for us, because it takes us away from the appreciation of life and the magic that can be found within the appreciation.

      1. Absoulutely Mary, true appreciation delivers so much as we fully start to understand our sacredness and purpose to short list the amazing magnificence that we all are that comes through our appreciat-ive-ness.

    1. I am discovering the more I appreciate myself which is not something I have really considered, I always managed to leave myself out, thinking it wasn’t necessary, or that it was a bit ‘up myself’ the more there is. It’s become an over flowing reservoir of appreciation of others, I am discovering that we all bring something different to the world which makes up the whole of who we are and that ‘something’ needs to be nurtured like a plant to bring it into flower for all to see and admire.

  7. It seems currently that moaning is easier than appreciating!!!!! Of course this is not the case but why have we made it so? Time to get out of an ingrained ill pattern of misery and drudgery and to change our movement so that it can instead be one of appreciation …. at the very least. All we have to do is to look up to the stars for the Enormity, love, wonder and magic of the Universe to be reflected back to us to know we are not and never alone and that there is so much more to us than we are currently choosing to see and be ✨❤️

  8. A Life time it can take to understand appreciation but once the Joy we are living is appreciated at the deeper levels the appreciative-ness comes knocking at our door, which we have left wide open in the Love of that connection to the most divine aspect, which is deep appreciation of our Soul and thus God.

    1. Gregbarnes888 What you have written is a gem
      ‘A Life time it can take to understand appreciation but once the Joy we are living is appreciated at the deeper levels the appreciative-ness comes knocking at our door, which we have left wide open in the Love of that connection to the most divine aspect, which is deep appreciation of our Soul and thus God.’
      The more we appreciate the more the one soul has access and the more access the deeper our connection to God. We are at last coming back to the truth of how to live our lives.

  9. Appreciation feels like it lifts me up and out of anything heavy. Moaning just embeds me into being miserable. This is a choice I have available to make, I don’t have to moan.

  10. Life is in its fullest when we understand our responsibility’s and my feeling is the we are absolutely responsible for the level of Love, Sacredness, Harmony, Joy, Truth, Stillness, Wisdom and Repose in our lives that we live, and deepening in these virtues is living with a Deep-humble-appreciative-ness (True appreciation eliminates comparison and jealousy) of them as a Student of The Livingness or we are, thus living in Joy feels like a simple responsibility so we are not lost and confused to our Origins and Location.
    If your foundation is Joy (No moaning when one is in Joy) first and foremost then deepening our repose (confirmation, appreciation and authority), bringing True-energetic-purpose then the way we walk, move and go into motion is completely different and it is not just doing but walking with purpose and expressing the Truth.

  11. With absolute honesty how could we not but appreciate the Love that can come through our essences, and we can not stop there as we then feel the same love is available to every one else, so we can appreciate that they are making the most Loving choices to also be connected to their essences, to the best of every-ones ability.

  12. When we appreciate ourselves, others and our life we confirm the beauty of who we are and why we are here.

  13. Oh yes please, lets have this article front page of all the major tabloids. Mind you they would not likely to do that since the tone of writing they are used to is pure negativity.

  14. True Appreciation can only be when we understand that we are more than physical and what is coming through us is divine, and the imprints and everything in our lives comes from god and then we can appreciate physicality.

  15. ‘It appears that it is more common to have a negative slant on things, with a tendency to blame or complain about the situations we find ourselves in.’ Having observed some elderly people in a home recently, I got to see how a lifetime of negativity for some and a lifetime of seeing the glass as half empty impacted the body and attitude towards themselves and to life. To see life as abundant or not is simply a choice but in order to see it as the former there needs to be an element of self love there in the first place. This too is a matter of choice and for some of us it will take a number of lives to get there.

  16. Sometimes I catch myself moaning and god it feels horrid, I love this blog as it reminds us all that every moment we have a choice, right now I am appreciating I am pretty amazing.

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