Moving with the Ageless Wisdom

Settling in to my new home, I have time to reflect on the miraculous flow of events that have brought me to this point, and how they unfolded.

I wasn’t looking to move although I had begun to feel that my son and I were outgrowing the sweet mews house that we had been renting. I had a week off work and, as you do, casually yet curiously browsed the property pages.

One thing led to another and, three days later, I found myself standing outside number 7, waiting for the agent to arrive. The property had just been redecorated and was yet to be marketed – I was the first and only person the agent was showing the property to.

Stepping inside confirmed for me what I had been feeling standing outside… this felt like home. The agent took the time to run a credit check right then and there standing in the kitchen of my new home, and the deal was pretty much done by the time we left the house an hour later.

The magic continued happening as my landlord agreed to let me give shorter notice than usual, I found an awesome and affordable team who could move me, my bid on eBay won a stunning fridge freezer at a price I could afford, and a woman I’d only recently met sold me her practically new washing machine in the brand I had been looking to find for a fraction of the cost when new.

I collected boxes from a number of different sources and when I started the packing process I found – amazingly – that I pretty much had not only the exact number of boxes I needed, but that the various sized boxes were exactly suited to my needs.

As I packed I took the time to feel into and listen to my body as to what item to pack in which box, and when I got to that last little bit of each box where I might have wondered what item would be the perfect piece to finish the box off with, I didn’t have to hesitate as before I knew it the perfect item was in my hand and being placed neatly in the last space left to fill the box.

I felt an incredible sense of completion with each box as I sealed it with packing tape. My awe of all that was happening spilled over into joy-filled laughter as I packed box after box in the same dedicated manner and before I knew it, most of our belongings were boxed and ready for the move.

I took three days off work to facilitate our move. The keys to our new home were handed over to me on the 8th and we moved on the 9th. My son and I had planned on cleaning the new house from top to bottom on the 8th before we moved in however, things didn’t unfold that way so we cleaned as much as we could taking great care to listen to our bodies and not exhaust ourselves.

I was able to borrow a carpet cleaner from a work colleague, so my son cleaned the carpets whilst I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. The joy I felt and carried within me throughout the cleaning process was quite amazing. I stepped into our new house that day with the intention of re-imprinting the energy within the house, and I felt an endless supply of support coming my way in doing so.

Equally, before handing back the keys to the mews house we had just vacated, I cleaned the house with the same feeling of joy and support. I was very clear about leaving this house with an energetic imprint of loving support equal to the imprint in our new home.

The unpacking process has been similar to the one of packing. Each item I have unpacked has its place determined almost before getting it out of the box, and the joy I felt in placing each item into the box before we moved is being felt and confirmed as I unpack one item at a time and the right placement in our new home is felt and found.

Some dear friends offered to help in what way they could, so I asked them to come over one Sunday to hang things for us. They lovingly supported us as we chose what to hang where and offered their input and clarity when something just didn’t feel quite right. Three Sundays and lots of laughter later, everything is hung and placed in such a way as to allow and enhance the flow of energy throughout our beautiful new home.

Curtains were needed for the new house, something I mentioned in passing to another friend before we moved in. He immediately offered me the two sets of curtains that had been left hanging in the house they had moved into a year previously which turned out to be beautifully custom made curtains, the right size and length as well as colour.

There were a few hiccups during the move, however these were minor things that didn’t affect the overall flow of the move and the space was there to accommodate these changes.

Because this move was not something I felt I had consciously decided on and planned – rather, it unfolded before me – there was no agenda and I had no expectation of how it was going to or should look.

Staying connected and maintaining a sense of playful awe throughout removed all the stress that is normally associated with a move, and my son and I were left to enjoy the whole process from start to finish.

Since choosing to become a student of Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness, I am finding that moments of loving support such as this are showing up in my life with more frequency and are becoming my new norm.

Returning to a Soul-full way of living is allowing me to re-connect to the gloriousness of my inner-most, which in turn allows for a plethora of support from the Ageless Wisdom to flow through me. Being connected with Soul brings a joyful, harmonious rhythm to life that can revolutionise everything – even something as stressful or seemingly inane as a house move.

By Brigette Evans, A woman re-connecting and finding her voice, Worcestershire, England

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401 thoughts on “Moving with the Ageless Wisdom

  1. “Because this move was not something I felt I had consciously decided on and planned – rather, it unfolded before me – there was no agenda and I had no expectation of how it was going to or should look.” Having no expectations – for a move – is amazing, as we often have a picture of how we want things to be, or how it ‘should be’.

  2. I moved recently too and had much the same experiences. Learning to live in connection with the soul and making choices from the body rather than the tricky mind brings such a delicious simplicity and enjoyment. As one who was dedicated to complication this is miraculous! Complication kept people out and me locked in. Simplifying and letting go of a set picture and expectation leaves so much room now for magic to happen and it always does when space for it is allowed.

  3. I love what happens when we just follow that sense of feeling to do something, and when to do it, with no expectations or pictures of how something will go or how it’ll end up. There is something very beautiful and spacious in letting go and trusting what we feel, and moving from there.

  4. It is super important that we appreciate the amazing way that life unfolds, things do not happen by chance, it is worth us observing this and pondering what it means for us and all.

  5. This is a beautiful example of how things can flow and constellate when we trust what we feel and follow our Soul’s impulse without any pictures or images of how things need to be. It is incredible to live in this flow and rhythm where we allow our Soul and God to guide us.

  6. When we live in a way where we know we are not alone and that we are completely held and supported, things are simple. This example shows how based on how we live there can be a Flow to things and a momentum that cannot be owned – but simply appreciated.

  7. What you have beautifully shared in your blog Brigette can be in all areas of life when we have the connection within, trust and allow what is to come, discerning as we go.

  8. This line is key “There were a few hiccups during the move, however these were minor things that didn’t affect the overall flow of the move and the space was there to accommodate these changes.” Not needing perfection in order to appreciate the over-all flow. I can’t help but imagine someone else might make a really big deal of the few hiccups and tell it very differently. We always have a choice.

  9. I am with you Bridget Evans .. I could speak of the same; and beautifully expressed because people need to know we have an endless supply of support from heaven if we choose to make it about love. I recently had a big big move I undertook in my life. New partner, moved interstate, and new job — and all else in between. All flowed like it was seamless and just meant to be. There was also ‘stuff’ to deal with but even that was not too hard. It is when you make life about purpose to restore love back on earth — everything is taken care of. So much to appreciate about the bigger picture of life…

  10. The absolute joy of the ageless wisdom is something we build in our lives with our livingness and well worth sharing as it is the golden key to our lives and the harmony and flow we belong to and comes from our very essence within.

  11. I love that when we have no agenda, plan or pictures of how something should be or look, this allows so much space for things to flow naturally and effortlessly, as described in this blog. Could also be titled; Moving with Magic!

    1. Yes, I love it too Jacqmcfadden04. There is a huge difference when we do things already filled with expectations, pictures and images, and in my experience when I do this, it leaves to me feeling very stressed, controlling and feeling disappointed especially when things don’t go to plan. Letting go of control, pictures, and images, and start listening to the messages from my Soul, life becomes a joy, everything flows and I feel solid within myself. And, from this, nothing from the outside world seems to be able to disturb the flow, steadiness, and connection unless I allow it to.

  12. This blog to me shows so beautifully how life can flow if we say yes to its cycles and and surrender to the Ageless Wisdom of it. Life then simply tells us what will be next once we have set the first step on this path. We do not have to think it over but feel from within what is next to do, but too to be in constant appreciation of what is been given, effortlessly so.

  13. I do know that feeling too from recently moving houses as well. To leave the house you are leaving in a way you would like to find it when it would be your new house. For me it feels to make the house a present for the new people that will live there after you, only not with a nice wrapping or a beautiful ribbon with a bow, but with an imprint of love instead.

    1. When we are leaving someplace we have stayed for even a few days, we enjoy leaving the place as a welcome space for the persons that will be coming to clean the room. We strip the beds, fold everything and gather all the trash in one place. An imprint of love costs nothing but is priceless to those that receive it.

      1. Yes Steve, it cost nothing, it is naturally there and honestly, I could not do any different than leaving that imprint of love wherever I go.

      2. This is gorgeous, Steve. Leaving a place where we have stayed in such a way that the person who comes in to clean is greeted with not only a lovely surprise of a place vacated with such care but they get to feel and experience, if they so choose, a whole different way of being in and with life.

  14. Those moments in which we experience this flow is what I learn to see as possible as a way of living daily life. This reflects Serge Benhayon to me with his whole family. When we surrender and let go of wanting to know.

  15. I really enjoyed reading this blog and the joy i felt in it. It is a joy to live in that flow with life rather than against it. It shows how much magic of something greater is at work all the time, the Livingness of the Ageless Wisdom, which is very practical in everyday life, we can either jump in the flow or step aside.

    1. Indeed Karoline, it makes us to feel that it is not only us that have to do all the hard work, but that there is so much support from everywhere, also from the unseen, that what you call something greater but are simply our elder brothers that are always there to help us when we choose to live with the natural cycle that is on offer. Then we even find that the hard work is not hard at all, as living in this connection makes everything joyous, simple and especially light.

    2. That is correct Karoline, and for me the Ageless Wisdom has inspired me to live in a way that supports my life in every way. I can now see the magic in life, feel and appreciate the abundance of love and joy that is within me and around me. Whereas before, I was so caught up in pictures, images, and control, I didn’t even realise I was feeling miserable, angry, stressed and exhausted until I stopped and took a good look at the way I was living and realise it was not loving. Thank God for Serge Benhayon for bringing back the Ageless Wisdom to humanity and with his living way inspiring thousands and thousands of people to be inspired to live The Way of The Livingness and the Ageless Wisdom.

  16. This is wonderful to read how you have embraced being supported and moved in a way that’s allowed all the wonderful things to come through. It seems to me that, for example, the curtains aren’t just a gift given but a gift that keeps on confirming your choices to say yes to God and bring with them more than the practicality of what curtains do.

    1. Spot on, Karin. Each time I open or close the curtains it is a very visual and felt confirmation of my choices to say yes to God – as a wise man we know once said, it is not to let the light in, but to let my light out every time I open the curtains. The same goes for the fridge-freezer, I open and close the door and drawers with a very felt connection to the beauty of life’s flow when living in harmony with all that is on offer. There is a wonderful playfulness with the fridge-freezer especially as the brand is Haier and The Hierarchy and I have a good chuckle about that one every time I go to get something or put something away 🙂

  17. When we choose to be in alignment with true purpose and commitment, a completely new standard is then the norm. The joy felt in this blog is gorgeous and there is no doubt that some unseen hands were supporting the harmonious flow with you Brigette.

  18. Moving forward, listening to and in line with our bodies, will naturally keep things simple and flowing because we do not push ourselves to reach an end goal.

  19. Reading your contribution, it feels as though you have been enchanted by the seeming miracle of how it all unfolded, in its own time and rhythm.

  20. If we can make our every move, taking into account the wisdom passed down through the ages about self-responsibility and being all we are truly are, then we will make every move count as an impress of love.

  21. ‘I was very clear about leaving this house with an energetic imprint of loving support equal to the imprint in our new home.’ That’s our responsibility towards each other to bring the same love where ever we go and leave ‘the old with the imprint we know everyone is worthy off. What a blessing for the new tenants to receive.

    1. Yes, Annelies. In the past I have found it a chore and a nuisance to have to clean a place that at the time I felt was solely for the purpose of getting my deposit back or, I would pay someone else to clean it for me. This time I couldn’t contain the joy I felt whilst cleaning, knowing I would be leaving the house with an imprint of love to welcome and embrace not only the next occupants, but the landlord as well. Leaving the house with no expectation or picture of how this imprint of love would look for either party, just an offering available should they choose to connect to it.

  22. So gorgeous to read Bridgette, what a beautiful confirmation and reflection of your own livingness, “Being connected with Soul brings a joyful, harmonious rhythm to life that can revolutionise everything – even something as stressful or seemingly inane as a house move.”

  23. Brigette, the more women who do what you are doing which is re-claiming yourself and your voice the greater it is for everyone in the world.

  24. This has been a busy week with both of us packing up to go to different places at different times at the end of it and yet it has just flowed easily without taking a huge amount either.

  25. What a beautiful flow and harmony that feels so amazing and real and something we all have the ability to allow in our lives by connecting to who we are, allowing life to unfold before us and not trying and pushing to make things happen and live to the pictures we create.,

  26. The magic, the joy and the ease with which you moved is a gorgeous confirmation of how you are living, and a timely reminder, that we all have access to this way of living and relating with every choice we make, which is either harming or healing.

  27. It’s a shame that there is a sense of surprise or that this story is extraordinary. When I think of moving or recall other people’s experiences, it sounds like a lot of work and not much fun. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this story was the norm and we allowed all the support to be there to find the right house, movers, boxes etc? It is an opportunity to leave a very supportive imprint in the house you leave for the next people. It is also a great opportunity to choose what you take with you, so the new house has what will support you without the clutter.

    1. I absolutely agree Fiona, it is very telling that we make this extraordinary, when really, this is the true normal. Why is it that in general we refuse to see that anything less than this, any struggle or complication, we actually create ourselves.

    2. It would be amazing if this story was the norm, Fiona. Indeed it would. The more we can share stories that show the incredible amount of support that is available to us simply through changing our choices and movement, the more the ideals, beliefs and consciousnesses that abound can be looked at, questioned and chipped away. One doesn’t have to be qualified, ordained, selected or approved to start making different choices and to start feeling the flow of life that is on offer to all by doing so. The opportunity to de-clutter on the energetic as well as the physical level creates and supports the space to start accessing this harmonious flow of life.

    1. It is fascinating, Michael, I agree. And fascinating that we actually choose getting ourselves in the way over getting ourselves out of the way over and over and over again, wondering why the magic of life seems to continually escape us.

  28. What if we took death of a loved one, divorce, moving, major illness or injury and job loss as a positive life event? Death is a celebration, divorce is a re-constellation, moving is an opportunely to shed what is longer needed. Illnesses are stop moments and a reflection of how we have been living. Losing our job is because they were not ready for our light.

  29. I love the ‘no-effort’ quality of your moving. It can be felt the loving imprint behind every movement you did. What a beautiful reminder for me to start this brand new day… Thanks Brigette.

  30. Without expectations we are much more accepting of whatever comes our way, open to dealing with it when it happens rather than controlling what unfolds before us, and thus not giving space for any flow but the one we consider to be the only one we want to have which ends up with no flow at all but a forced way forward.

    1. That’s a great point Alexander. Without expectation you accept what comes as what is needed or in the flow of life. Accepting it all, means you don’t have the heaviness of wanting or expecting it to be another way and being disappointed.

    2. So very true Alexander. Having expectations is like having the blinkers on and cutting oneself off from all the support and the many opportunities that abound, to allow all to unfold naturally, effortlessly and with the touch of magic described here in this blog.

  31. Simplicity is a lost art these days but when we re-connect with the Ageless Wisdom we connect with simplicity.

  32. The joy I felt while reading your blog Bridgette was not only inspiring but infectious, enough so that I will endeavour to take this infectious joy with me into my day.

  33. I love how everything just fell into place for you confirming the choices you made to make the move happen.

  34. Moving with the Ageless Wisdom – to experience flow we need to be in the flow; hence although it seems to just happen without us doing anything to make it happen we have contributed to it in an often not so obvious way as it is not necessarily a linear process.

      1. I agree Steve. Brigitte, the way you chose to live in harmony with your son in your old house opened up the space for your move without conflict or effort. Awesome to be able to work with your son in this way.

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