Moving with the Ageless Wisdom

Settling in to my new home, I have time to reflect on the miraculous flow of events that have brought me to this point, and how they unfolded.

I wasn’t looking to move although I had begun to feel that my son and I were outgrowing the sweet mews house that we had been renting. I had a week off work and, as you do, casually yet curiously browsed the property pages.

One thing led to another and, three days later, I found myself standing outside number 7, waiting for the agent to arrive. The property had just been redecorated and was yet to be marketed – I was the first and only person the agent was showing the property to.

Stepping inside confirmed for me what I had been feeling standing outside… this felt like home. The agent took the time to run a credit check right then and there standing in the kitchen of my new home, and the deal was pretty much done by the time we left the house an hour later.

The magic continued happening as my landlord agreed to let me give shorter notice than usual, I found an awesome and affordable team who could move me, my bid on eBay won a stunning fridge freezer at a price I could afford, and a woman I’d only recently met sold me her practically new washing machine in the brand I had been looking to find for a fraction of the cost when new.

I collected boxes from a number of different sources and when I started the packing process I found – amazingly – that I pretty much had not only the exact number of boxes I needed, but that the various sized boxes were exactly suited to my needs.

As I packed I took the time to feel into and listen to my body as to what item to pack in which box, and when I got to that last little bit of each box where I might have wondered what item would be the perfect piece to finish the box off with, I didn’t have to hesitate as before I knew it the perfect item was in my hand and being placed neatly in the last space left to fill the box.

I felt an incredible sense of completion with each box as I sealed it with packing tape. My awe of all that was happening spilled over into joy-filled laughter as I packed box after box in the same dedicated manner and before I knew it, most of our belongings were boxed and ready for the move.

I took three days off work to facilitate our move. The keys to our new home were handed over to me on the 8th and we moved on the 9th. My son and I had planned on cleaning the new house from top to bottom on the 8th before we moved in however, things didn’t unfold that way so we cleaned as much as we could taking great care to listen to our bodies and not exhaust ourselves.

I was able to borrow a carpet cleaner from a work colleague, so my son cleaned the carpets whilst I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. The joy I felt and carried within me throughout the cleaning process was quite amazing. I stepped into our new house that day with the intention of re-imprinting the energy within the house, and I felt an endless supply of support coming my way in doing so.

Equally, before handing back the keys to the mews house we had just vacated, I cleaned the house with the same feeling of joy and support. I was very clear about leaving this house with an energetic imprint of loving support equal to the imprint in our new home.

The unpacking process has been similar to the one of packing. Each item I have unpacked has its place determined almost before getting it out of the box, and the joy I felt in placing each item into the box before we moved is being felt and confirmed as I unpack one item at a time and the right placement in our new home is felt and found.

Some dear friends offered to help in what way they could, so I asked them to come over one Sunday to hang things for us. They lovingly supported us as we chose what to hang where and offered their input and clarity when something just didn’t feel quite right. Three Sundays and lots of laughter later, everything is hung and placed in such a way as to allow and enhance the flow of energy throughout our beautiful new home.

Curtains were needed for the new house, something I mentioned in passing to another friend before we moved in. He immediately offered me the two sets of curtains that had been left hanging in the house they had moved into a year previously which turned out to be beautifully custom made curtains, the right size and length as well as colour.

There were a few hiccups during the move, however these were minor things that didn’t affect the overall flow of the move and the space was there to accommodate these changes.

Because this move was not something I felt I had consciously decided on and planned – rather, it unfolded before me – there was no agenda and I had no expectation of how it was going to or should look.

Staying connected and maintaining a sense of playful awe throughout removed all the stress that is normally associated with a move, and my son and I were left to enjoy the whole process from start to finish.

Since choosing to become a student of Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness, I am finding that moments of loving support such as this are showing up in my life with more frequency and are becoming my new norm.

Returning to a Soul-full way of living is allowing me to re-connect to the gloriousness of my inner-most, which in turn allows for a plethora of support from the Ageless Wisdom to flow through me. Being connected with Soul brings a joyful, harmonious rhythm to life that can revolutionise everything – even something as stressful or seemingly inane as a house move.

By Brigette Evans, A woman re-connecting and finding her voice, Worcestershire, England

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542 thoughts on “Moving with the Ageless Wisdom

  1. I felt I was walking every step of the way as you established a foundation of nurturing support in your new home and leaving an equal imprint in where you had been living.

    1. It feels to me that we are all just standing on the spot and imprinting what and where we are, as opposed to ‘moving forwards’ and leaving everything behind. So as I sit here momentarily rattled by an exchange with a work colleague I need to remember the truth of what I’ve just shared.

    1. I agree Leigh, as opposed to what most of us do, which is to hammer away at things forcing them to fit. When something has been lined up already for us to step into then there’s a natural ease and flow which is sublime.

      1. Alexis what you have shared resonates with me hammering away at life until it fits the picture I have. Which I now realise is in total disregard to the flow of how life can be.

  2. The Joy of allowing life to unfold as we simply go with what our body is sharing makes life feel more natural without any of the usual dramas that can creep in as you have shared Brigette.

  3. Like every movement when we move our location it can be of service to our body or a disconnection and from what you have shared Brigette, you have given many the opportunity to evolve including your-self.

  4. “Settling in to my new home” When we are settled within ourselves the settlement moves with us.

    1. Mary I’m finding when we allow settlement within ourselves it actually allows for more settlement and interestingly this is something that people can feel. I have had many people say they like being with me because they can feel the settlement in my body and their body wants to naturally align to it. We all have this inner quality of stillness, it is just a matter of reconnecting to it again.

  5. If life doesn’t flow then what? is it even questioned or considered normal? know for myself if it didn’t flow I took it as I need to try harder, push more or give up and believe there’s something wrong with either myself or others. But what if things are designed to flow that doesn’t correlate with what we want life to be? Life flowing is far more joyful than trying to control that it flow a certain way, in which case there is no flow in that.

  6. Great blog showing that something we consider to be such a stressful time in our lives, really doesn’t need to be at all and the practice of the Way of the Livingness ensures the move is done without the usual physical and emotional drain.

  7. This is a wonderful blog showing everyone what can be done when we work with our soul, life becomes simple and uncomplicated. So what is blocking us from listening to our soul?

    1. Could it be our spirit, who has run the show before we started to listen to our bodies and that inner-most connection to our essences or Soul as is presented in The Way of The Livingness?

    2. Being able to listen to and respond to our soul comes from our alignment and our alignment comes from our movements. Our movements being the way that we move our limbs, what comes out of a mouth and also what we think. If our movements are aligning us to a consciousness that encompasses our spirit then it makes it almost impossible to hear and respond to our soul.

      1. Greg and Alexis I totally get what you are both saying especially what you have written Alexis
        “If our movements are aligning us to a consciousness that encompasses our spirit then it makes it almost impossible to hear and respond to our soul.”
        I am just getting a sense of just how much we are driven by our spirit so that it feels impossible to connect to our soul, this is such a lie but then the spirit lies constantly to get its own way. By listening to the silence can we hear and understand there is another way to live. How many of us stop long enough to listen to the silence that actually communicates so much intelligence?

      2. Mary astral consciousness is in and over pretty much everything, even ‘listening to silence’ has been infiltrated by pranic consciousness. That’s not to say that ‘listening to silence’ can’t be soul infused but to say that silence itself doesn’t guarantee true connection. All spiritual/new age pursuits come from a consciousness that is determined to keep us away from the truth and it has a very clever ploy of taking things (such as ‘silence, nature and connection’) which can be inherently divine and infusing them with a consciousness that is anti-divinity. The truth is even an activity like doing the dishes can be Heavenly if a person is aligned to Heaven through their movements in the same way that listening to silence can be full of everything that Heaven is not.

  8. For things to flow in a natural rhythm, it is about being open… and it helps when those around you are also being equally open. Imagine if we did this all of the time, at work, at home with chores and jobs, imagine how much more open and fun life would be…And that is actually our natural way to be – and so it exposes how much we like to complicate things and stop this flow! How ironic that we would fight our natural way to be!

    1. This is very much how our natural way to be is, Henrietta, I agree. Life feels so very different, as do I, when things flow in a natural rhythm and I’m in sync with that rhythm rather than creating things to put a stop to it. When we are in our natural rhythm we do wonder how we could possibly fight the flow of our natural way to be, but fight it we do. Very ironic indeed.

  9. Brigette – I love reading how the whole move unfolded, from the moment you ‘happened’ to look at houses to the point of having settled into the new place. The ease and flow of this is a new marker in life – we often think things need to be hard work or complicated when indeed they can be fun and flowing. It is about allowing this more into our lives.

  10. “Because this move was not something I felt I had consciously decided on and planned – rather, it unfolded before me – there was no agenda and I had no expectation of how it was going to or should look” – this is gold. It’s like we think we have to pre-decide how our conversation will end, where our movement will take us, etc., but really, that is what gets in the way of us accessing what the space in that moment is offering. It’s very beautiful to feel how all that is needed is our connection, and keep connecting and keep appreciating that connection.

  11. It’s a great study in the differences between the two sources of energy we can live from – spirit or soul. I’m sure we can all relate to feeling stressed, anxious, and pressured by time and worries, and things not flowing well, and then feeling smashed at the end of an event like a house move. This blog is such a great example of living from soul, and how when we are connected to our love everything flows, and we can through appreciating our experience go deeper into feeling the magic of it all, and enjoy the wonder and awe as it unfolds. Two very distinctly different experiences!

    1. So true, Melinda. Living from Soul is everything it’s cracked up to be, and so much more. So very much more. Enjoying the wonder and awe as it was unfolding is exactly what my son and I did as every little thing down to the tiniest detail was provided for. We got to truly feel what being a vessel of God’s love feels like; the flow, the harmony, the grace and the love. And from there, living this past year in this house that continues to be so supportive of our expansion and deepening love is a magical gift that I appreciate on a daily basis.

  12. I’ve had more support in the last 10 years than I ever have for what feels like a very long time. It’s now normal to feel so at ease with life. All from re-building a connection with and listening to my body.

    1. That is stunning Leigh, I too have found the friends I have made the the courses and workshops I have been to with Universal Medicine have shown me how we can be with each other when there is a front footing for dealing with the dynamics that would normally be pushed under the carpet. The support and love is amazing. You are spot on, it develops an ease with life that is rare.

      1. Lucy and Leigh I was recently counting my blessings that life feels so easy and at last I don’t feel I’m fighting life to justify my existence any more. The absolute love and support that is there for everyone to partake has been given to humanity by Universal Medicine this organisation headed by Serge Benhayon offers a way of life without the fight and struggle that we ‘think’ we should have.

  13. There can be such joy in the simplicity of bringing our presence to our daily tasks and movements. Moving with such care and presence is a lovely example of this.

  14. Every move is a choice and is how we approach life. I’m often told at the end of a few weeks of working away, you must be glad to go home. And yet what I feel is my work and home life naturally flow one with the other, with no deep divide. For me it’s all one life and where ever I am is home/work without distinction.

    1. Awesome to hear Kehinde – and I sometimes find the opposite for me in having such ease at work and then feeling like I bring in complications at home, but being aware of this means that I am able to work on this and recognise when I stand in the way of the ease and flow and try to make things difficult. And so now I am more aware that the flow can be allowed to flow at home too!

      1. Beautiful Henrietta, we’re all constantly expanding our awareness. It helped me to connect with flow within myself and when I did, found it where-ever I was.

    2. Kehinde2012 I also used to travel a lot and be away from home for weeks at a time sometimes, but as you say whether you are away or at home if there is a flow then there is no difference it is just what it is and it is a magical feeling to be so settled with what you are doing. Being at an airport and watching the nervous energy people are in is very telling that there is no flow and could this be why we get so exhausted because we are going against the flow? A bit like swimming upstream against the current of the water.

  15. Your move perfectly constellated for you and your son and the flow of the move emanated from within yourself. Beautiful.

  16. This is pretty much the opposite of every move I have heard others share. The lightness and playfulness is what is the most striking with what is normally described as one of the most stressful things to do. Maybe there is another way!

  17. Being connected with the soul brings a huge sense of contentment which in turn brings a great sense of flow and ease into our lives.

    1. There’s nothing that the soul can’t do with absolute ease, nothing. It’s us that categorise things. We divide everything up, literally everything, then we stick labels on everything, either we like it or we don’t, either it’s a good thing or it’s a bad thing, it’s either work or it’s leisure, someone’s either our family or they’re not and on and on it goes. We need to look at the world through the eyes of our soul, one life and one life only.

    2. Elizabeth I agree that being with our soul. brings a level of contentment which is a beautiful sensation after years of living on nervous energy which has that feeling that something doesn’t feel right in our bodies so there feels like an edge to life.

    1. The Body of God is the pulse of Life, we need to surrender to that pulse and sync ourselves back into the natural order and flow of Life and then experiences like Brigette’s won’t be unusual they’ll be common place for us all. Imagine the whole of humanity synced back into the rhythm and flow of God. Glorious!

  18. To self-care is to honour the demands of the body, sleep when the body is tired, eat when the body is hungry – simple, just like babies and animals respond to their body’s needs we as human adults can learn some of that and see how it impacts our day to day.

    1. You never see a deer having a nervous breakdown or turning to entertainment and addictions. Their lives are very simple. Being obedient to the body certainly pays off regardless of species.

      1. Absolutely, it amazes me how we look at our society problems and have no explanation for them. So many people are struggling with sleeping patterns, but “nobody knows why” – yet we demand that it’s our right to stay up until whenever we want and watch whatever we want, we demand that we want our coffee and sugar, forgetting the basic needs of the human body.

      2. Being obedient to the body certainly does pay off, Leigh – we have so much to learn from those we share this incredible planet with. How did mankind become so arrogant that it thought it could leave the body behind?

  19. It’s amazing how simple life can be and how supported I can feel when I stop the pattern of making things bigger than they are, or into a struggle. I have discovered that part of me likes struggle, as it’s my struggle and whatever I achieve is against these odds. Whereas when things flow, that part of me knows it had nothing to do with the outcome and had everything to do with allowing the support that is always there.

    1. Fiona What you are actually saying is that we make life about the individual, and as you say when we make life about the struggle we focus on ourselves and not the all that we come from.

    1. Yes, the pull for completion is very strong and such a pleasure to work with when you embrace it rather than resist it because it is saying ‘yes’ to the new beginning.

  20. What a beautifully confirming testimonial to what happens when you say yes to the Ageless Wisdom and with it, the truth. This is yet another confirmation of how life can actually unfold when we trust and do not let anything get in the way, especially thinking that we know how it should be unfolding. Getting out of our own way is such an important first step to the natural flow of life

  21. Thank you Brigette, beautiful to read this again, a sense of every detail being taken care of, and yourself and your son trusting the miraculous flow of events and enjoying the magic of it all. It is truly tremendous what unfolded and the imprint of each movement made to set up your home and how it all must feel. This is a great line also “everything is hung and placed in such a way as to allow and enhance the flow of energy throughout our beautiful new home.”

  22. I love how this unfolded so naturally and easily.. just one thing leading to another and feeling your way, step by step. This is how simple and easy life can be when we let go of the pictures and follow the cues from our body on what’s needed next.

  23. I am clocking and appreciating all the support coming my way too since becoming a student of Universal Medicine, and the main ingredient is love, making life about love, starting with loving self and taking responsibility for one’s life.

    1. I agree jacqmcfaddwn04 when I moved from the rented house I left it in state of greater repair than when I first moved in. The next house I moved into I did not check the cleanliness before hand I was told it had been cleaned and I took the word of the rental agent. When I moved into the next rental house it was way below par and I insisted that the rental company send out the cleaners again, which they did. I then got to see that the cleaners did not care about the work they did spending most of their time on their mobile phones.It was interesting to observe how other people work and that if they don’t enjoy the work they are doing it shows in the end result. so many people do not enjoy being at work and see it as a necessary chore in order to have enough money to live on.

  24. It is beautiful to read and it reminds and confirms that when I stay connected, allowing life to unfold rather than pushing for an expected outcome how easy, joyful and loving living life is. To live that way is The Way of The Livingness.

  25. Is what is in front of me worth celebrating or not? Something can seamlessly manifest without me trying, as if by magic, but this thing could equally be constellated to support our connection, return to and expression of Soul, or it could be plotted to get in the way of such an unfolding. It seems that the plotting can easily happen when I have a need and an aspect of self I want satisfied, while the constellation is a never just for me, but a gift that embraces the All.

    I love how you describe “Staying connected and maintaining a sense of playful awe throughout” and also the fact that you drew on the support of so many people, showing that in effect this move was not just an insular thing for you and your son. The two of you were open to including and embracing everyone in the gift that was offered. Such ways of living and holding each moment to me determine if the original seed of what is on offer is plotted to hold us back or one of constellation for the evolution of us all.

    1. I too love the idea of ‘playful awe’ because sometimes when life presents us with so much magic we can tend to be a little stunned and in the process get a little serious. I am really going to be very aware of being playful as I move through my day today – and every day of course.

  26. It seems that the main reason for your great experience was because you are willing to appreciate, and to listen to what the flow of life is telling you. This is because of you, of who you are and the choices that you have made, which is awesome.

  27. The way you share this makes me realise that simply moving my body with connection throughout my day without drive, stress or agenda let’s what’s truly needed come up. It’s nothing we need to pursue just a quality in which we move.

  28. It is quite incredible how much life is able to flow smoothly – with everyday magic happening around us all of the time- when we stop trying to control everything and make it fit pictures of how we think things ought to be.

  29. It’s a great reflection to feel how you moved house with such a flow, Brigette, and we don’t need to move house to feel it. We can allow the same process of allowing the support of the Ageless Wisdom to bring the deep connection and steer us with any other thing we do in our daily lives.

  30. When we are truly connected to ourselves we allow the flow and joy of life to express through us and magic does happen, always in the most incredibly beautiful and supportive ways.

  31. All I could feel as I read your blog Brigette was how you completed the old and stayed open to the new beginnings on offer. Great blog.

    1. Completing the old is, perhaps, something we have let slip by the wayside as the focus has become more on where we are going with little thought to how we leave things behind. Completing the old allows us to be open to the new beginnings on offer without hindering the all that these new beginnings come endowed with.

  32. All of our greatest advances seem to occur when we stop driving ahead for some holy grail and totally accept and surrender to the all. Just being open to the divine plan and not obstructing with beliefs is what’s needed.

  33. This is a great example of what is possible when we just got for it with life and don’t resist at all, when we make life about something greater than just function and existence, even the biggest and most challenging events can feel super simple.

    1. Meg such wise words
      “when we make life about something greater than just function and existence, even the biggest and most challenging events can feel super simple.”

  34. We are settled by the innate quality of stillness in our hearts. There is no such thing as overall pride needed, for when the connection from our heart remains, we can either attend to it or not, the choice is totally up to us.

  35. ‘Staying connected’ – simple, our choice and absolutely possible in every moment of every day. And as I wake up to my body and its clear and deliberate sign-posting it is obvious that to attempt to ‘do’ life disconnected from my body is very irresponsible.

    1. Agreed Matilda, it makes a huge difference when we choose the simplicity of being connected with ourselves. The whole difference with doing life and getting through life vs taking care in our connection and way we live life is quite incredible.

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