Everything Matters in the Pool of Energy We All Live in

Last week, as I drove in traffic behind other cars and trucks in the rain on my way to work, the rain felt like a nice wash and cleanse as it fell on my car. Added to this, water and dirt also came at my car from the residue of the other vehicles: when the cars and trucks passed, the dirty spray from these vehicles landed on my windshield and all over my car. It felt like my car was being spattered with something that did not feel like the clear cleanse the rain was providing – it actually felt imposing.

As each car passed me I could feel that they each had a different quality and feel to them. This is very similar to how we can relate to the fact that people bring a different quality with them. This connection made sense to me, as each car was being driven by a person, therefore had to on some level reflect the quality of the driver.

We were all driving to where we needed to go but the question is, “How were we each driving and what quality was each body in, and driving their vehicle with?” I could very much feel the way people were on the road. As I felt how the different cars and sprays from the assorted vehicles had a different quality with them, I was able to join the dots and see how the quality we choose to live in is very much reflected in what we do, how we are, the activities we are part of, how we relate and what we bring to life.

As I reflected on this analogy further, I thought of the many things that can come at us, are around us and play out in life for each of us in a day with family, friends, interactions on the street or as we go about our normal activities and work. Whether we work in an office in the corporate world, as a teacher in the education system, support our family as a house-maker, work at a register in the food industry or drive a bus in the transport industry – we are always around people, given opportunities to interact, have complications come up, work with groups and so on. I then felt very aware of the fact that how we carry ourselves, support ourselves and the relationships we build, all stem from the quality we choose to treat and have with ourselves, which then supports us to bring that quality to others. In life we are offered the opportunity to make a range of choices, no matter what is around us or is coming at us.

As I was driving, I was aware and present. With this I got to see my car as being an analogy for my body in life. I saw that everything that happened around and to my car on that drive as being like all the things that we have the opportunity to feel in life. Things that come towards us and how we hold ourselves in that, respond to, be aware, and continue in life. I could feel that I always have an opportunity to hold myself and observe life and let it pass without it affecting me, or if I choose to not be aware then I can absorb life and I will be affected – hence so will my body, the ‘vehicle’ I am driving.

This fact also applies for me when I am teaching and around children all day. There is much that can happen in a school day with 30 people in one room. And it is my responsibility to make sure that I have taken care of the body that I bring to work, am aware of how I move and communicate and that I also allow myself to observe what is unfolding around me so I can respond in a supportive way and not in a reactionary way.

Our space and all that’s in it can affect us to then behave in ways or feel things that we would not naturally feel. So how important is it for us to be the true driver of our vehicle? How our bodies – our vehicles – respond in life has a flow-on effect to other bodies, to other vehicles, so to speak.

This drive to work presented me with a moment where I got to feel a tangible analogy and reminder of how we are constantly in a pool of energy. And ‘how I am’ in that pool affects others: that is my responsibility.

This cemented the purpose of just how important it is for us to feel and read everything that takes place, for us to know ourselves, our true quality and support ourselves in every way each day – to be with our inner knowing, as best we can, so we can handle everything in our day from the inside out – observing life and not absorbing it, and responding as needed from this place without reacting.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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521 thoughts on “Everything Matters in the Pool of Energy We All Live in

  1. To walk in life knowing that everything that we do affects another is huge but so worth knowing and exploring.

  2. I love this analogy and it makes so much sense to me that we are living in a pool of energy and therefore everything we do affects everyone else. It then follows that we have a never-ending responsibility to ensure the quality of our energy; that the ‘splashes’ we send out into the world are not harming others. It also is a constant reminder to observe what is going on in the pool, both close to us and further out and not to absorb it for if we do it means we are taking on everyone else’s energy and that will, more often than not, have a huge impact on us.

  3. Everything matters as we are all here in this pool of energy we call life together. What one does affects us all.

  4. When we understand the world and humanity from an energetic perspective and make the choice to stay present with ourselves we are able to deepen our awareness to build a true foundation in knowing who we are and how that supports us to observe, rather than absorb life, from a true steadiness of being.

  5. I currently have a drive in /drive out work situation where I live for a week away from home for work. So I spend a bit of time on the roads. This blog has had quite an effect on me as it opened by eyes (and more) to how I am on the road (and hence in life) and how others are on the road, and how that feels. I watch when I overtake in a ‘man you are slow’ or when I overtake in a ‘ok overtaking now’ and it is like chalk and cheese. Great food for thought, thank you.

  6. ‘Our space and all that’s in it can affect us to then behave in ways or feel things that we would not naturally feel. So how important is it for us to be the true driver of our vehicle?’ I agree, when we are able to take a step back and observe our environment and the factors and forces at play that could make us react, then we can really see why we need to stay with ourselves and not be affected. Can we accept that other people will be in a different quality and energy but that we can hold our own quality within that?

  7. I love the fact that everything matters in the pool of energy. It just means that we get pulled to greater responsibility, which is in fact love.

    1. Yes just reading this again makes me realise that we are held in and surrounded by love; always being pulled to more greater levels of responsibility.

  8. I loved this question, “How were we each driving and what quality was each body in, and driving their vehicle with?” Whatever we do, walk, work, sleep, is a reflection of our everyday living and the quality of our everyday choices.

  9. Yes, well said Johanna. If we react to what life presents we are limiting our perception to seeing just that event or instance we do not like. Yet there is way, way more to life than this, and when we limit our perception like this we also cannot truly understand why something is happening and what it is telling us.

  10. Great to read this, it’s always good to be reminded the key is to observe life not to react, I think I will need reminding of this for many years to come!!!

  11. Just as we need to stay present and attentive when driving a car so too with our bodies. Bringing a deeper level of care every day we feel our worth and build our confidence and can more easily enjoy the ride.

    1. What a great analogy – definitely keep that level of presence that we do when driving – though often that can lapse into automatic which is not good and dangerous to boot.

    1. When we connect like this the body becomes the marker of what is possible and the joy that can be found within.

  12. When I am living in a way that supports myself, it has an enormous impact on my family… likewise, when I am not myself, it disrupts the whole household and it doesn’t have to be anything major. My responsibility to love myself is everything because through every loving movement I make towards myself, I offer love towards everyone.

    1. Beautiful Caroline I have found that exact thing too, it is actually incredible how positively it can impact everyone else. So simple and beautiful in the magic it allows us all.

    1. Love your comment Elizabeth, so true, awareness gives us understanding, supports us to be open and observe. We let down our guard because we can read what is going on within ourselves and within those around us and hence we feel safe and protected but not in the sense of feeling closed and shut down but through the expansion of knowing we are never alone.

  13. What this blog shares is fundamental to everyday living. “we are constantly in a pool of energy. And ‘how I am’ in that pool affects others: that is my responsibility.” This is huge, if everyone was encouraged to remember and live in honour of this awareness we would have a completely different expression of humanity on this planet.

  14. While doing some laps in a swimming pool the other day I could feel very clearly the ripples we all add to the pool. It really shows very tangibly how the quality of our movements affects one another.

  15. Observing life and situations supports us to not react but give us an understanding of what is really going on and what is needed next. I find without observing situations I instantly react and then this adds to the harm and complication of a situation that could have easily been resolved with observation, clarity and understanding.

    1. Yes, even though it may seem a reaction is justified it still adds a disharmonious energy to the pool, which is then no different from the act itself. It doesn’t mean we condone what is not true though observation allows us to read the whole outplay and respond.

  16. i was swimming in a pool this morning and loved to feel the water on my body and how I moved my body had an effect on the ripples in the water. And to feel how the stillness in my movements made the water so beautifully calm and it felt as though it was having an effect on the people in the water. More and more people started to smile.

  17. Water gives us great insight into the way we affect each other. We don’t have to have a physical connection to another to make a huge impact on them. Most people are living in a very irresponsible way. If we do not stay steady within ourselves we will be more affected by the irresponsibile choices they make.

  18. Over the last 4 months I have recently been driving an hour an half to visit a relative in hospital and I have been pushing myself to get there and back and I began to drive faster and faster and became less tolerant with others on the road, determined to get to my destination and back for work or what ever else I was doing. Now there is no longer the same pressure I can feel my lack of responsibility for how I drove and what was I reflecting to other drivers. As you so rightly say Johanna, ‘Everything Matters’. We live in a pool of energy and I can feel that I was not as loving and caring as I usually am when I drive, and how much I was affecting everyone else on the road and I feel was a contributing factor to why I have a big stop in the form of a broken wrist.

  19. I was walking around a shopping centre today and could really feel the energy of how people were as they were walking towards me. This confirms to me the soup we are all living in, and all the interactions we don’t think we have but we do. We so do affected each other so I made sure how I walked towards everyone was in full power and vitality.

  20. I always used to think of myself of a victim of circumstances, other people’s energy etc, but recently a few experiences have shown me that it is always a choice: a choice to stay present or not, a choice to indulge in the drama and victimhood of illness, exhaustion or anything else we might be feeling, a choice to take on the emotions of others or not. When we’re in it, it feels like that’s just how it is- and it’s easier to believe that story we tell ourselves rather than to feel that actually, the choice us always up to us to decide how to respond, to decide to stay present and aware of what we’re feeling instead of ignoring it.

    1. A beautiful comment Bryony, I can relate, and what we are uncovering here is the power we can live connected to within ourselves, a power that in its love is greater than anything the world can hurl our way. It’s a power we can live from in every moment meaning we have full responsibility at all times for how our life is and how our life effects others.

  21. As I was reading these words “How were we each driving and what quality was each body in, and driving their vehicle with?” I felt to relate them to our body in our everyday life – out of the car – and change the question to ‘How were we moving through our day and what quality was each body moving with?” To ask ourselves this question often becomes of the utmost importance when we come to understand that we have an energetic responsibility for every single move that we make, whether in our car, or not.

  22. ‘ to be with our inner knowing, as best we can, so we can handle everything in our day from the inside out’ I’ve heard this many times but am only just embracing this fact. I do know what energy runs through me. Rather than use that to berate myself if I’ve picked up on energy that isn’t loving and feels yuck in my body and think that that energy is me, I’m letting myself feel that energy passes through me and will wash away should I choose to not go bathing in dirty water again – if you see what I mean!

  23. This blog is such a beautiful reflection of harmony, that we take care of ourselves and the way we move and communicate so as not to disturb or unsettle others in a negative way.

  24. We do need to be aware of how we drive our bodies, just as we need to with the way we drive our cars. We can drive smoothly, in consideration of our car and the other cars on the road or constantly splatter dirty water at other cars in our wake.

  25. Even without knowing the word ‘energetic responsibility’, everyone knows the feeling of being affected by what is going on around us – we know to defend ourselves or avoid certain individuals or situations, and someone the ‘outside’ is not safe – I certainly did. But, interestingly, I had never put two and two together and considered how I might be adding to that pool of contamination and responsible for the yuckiness that I wanted to blame on everyone else.

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