Everything Matters in the Pool of Energy We All Live in

Last week, as I drove in traffic behind other cars and trucks in the rain on my way to work, the rain felt like a nice wash and cleanse as it fell on my car. Added to this, water and dirt also came at my car from the residue of the other vehicles: when the cars and trucks passed, the dirty spray from these vehicles landed on my windshield and all over my car. It felt like my car was being spattered with something that did not feel like the clear cleanse the rain was providing – it actually felt imposing.

As each car passed me I could feel that they each had a different quality and feel to them. This is very similar to how we can relate to the fact that people bring a different quality with them. This connection made sense to me, as each car was being driven by a person, therefore had to on some level reflect the quality of the driver.

We were all driving to where we needed to go but the question is, “How were we each driving and what quality was each body in, and driving their vehicle with?” I could very much feel the way people were on the road. As I felt how the different cars and sprays from the assorted vehicles had a different quality with them, I was able to join the dots and see how the quality we choose to live in is very much reflected in what we do, how we are, the activities we are part of, how we relate and what we bring to life.

As I reflected on this analogy further, I thought of the many things that can come at us, are around us and play out in life for each of us in a day with family, friends, interactions on the street or as we go about our normal activities and work. Whether we work in an office in the corporate world, as a teacher in the education system, support our family as a house-maker, work at a register in the food industry or drive a bus in the transport industry – we are always around people, given opportunities to interact, have complications come up, work with groups and so on. I then felt very aware of the fact that how we carry ourselves, support ourselves and the relationships we build, all stem from the quality we choose to treat and have with ourselves, which then supports us to bring that quality to others. In life we are offered the opportunity to make a range of choices, no matter what is around us or is coming at us.

As I was driving, I was aware and present. With this I got to see my car as being an analogy for my body in life. I saw that everything that happened around and to my car on that drive as being like all the things that we have the opportunity to feel in life. Things that come towards us and how we hold ourselves in that, respond to, be aware, and continue in life. I could feel that I always have an opportunity to hold myself and observe life and let it pass without it affecting me, or if I choose to not be aware then I can absorb life and I will be affected – hence so will my body, the ‘vehicle’ I am driving.

This fact also applies for me when I am teaching and around children all day. There is much that can happen in a school day with 30 people in one room. And it is my responsibility to make sure that I have taken care of the body that I bring to work, am aware of how I move and communicate and that I also allow myself to observe what is unfolding around me so I can respond in a supportive way and not in a reactionary way.

Our space and all that’s in it can affect us to then behave in ways or feel things that we would not naturally feel. So how important is it for us to be the true driver of our vehicle? How our bodies – our vehicles – respond in life has a flow-on effect to other bodies, to other vehicles, so to speak.

This drive to work presented me with a moment where I got to feel a tangible analogy and reminder of how we are constantly in a pool of energy. And ‘how I am’ in that pool affects others: that is my responsibility.

This cemented the purpose of just how important it is for us to feel and read everything that takes place, for us to know ourselves, our true quality and support ourselves in every way each day – to be with our inner knowing, as best we can, so we can handle everything in our day from the inside out – observing life and not absorbing it, and responding as needed from this place without reacting.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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570 thoughts on “Everything Matters in the Pool of Energy We All Live in

  1. It is when we feel the oneness of us all that we really get to appreciate how interconnected we are and how what we are choosing effects everyone.

  2. Being prepared to see that we live in a sea of energy has the potential to make us more accountable for the way that we live and we often do not like this level of responsibility and accountability.

  3. “How we are constantly in a pool of energy. And ‘how I am’ in that pool affects others: that is my responsibility.” To sit up and take notice of our energy and how we affect all others, that is our work and we have work to be done.

  4. To realise the impact we have, in our lives with all those around us and beyond, in how we live and equally so the responsibility we hold, is for me empowering in that we then realise and can feel how we all hold the power to bring loving change to the world, simply through the quality in which we live. I honestly find this inspiring.

  5. Once we start to feel, deep within the particles of our body, the interconnectedness of all things, the truth that we do live in a all-encompassing pool of energy is no longer a nice theory, but a way of living.

  6. We live in a place where the most common sense is considered crazy, we have desensitised ourselves so much that the horrific news we’re exposed to 24/7 are welcomed as just another fact: yeah 1 in every 4 women has polycystic ovaries, yeah 1 in 8 women in the USA develop invasive breast cancer, yeah there are 4 million people living with diabetes in the UK. Yeah, people are bombing countries with a blink of an eye and thousands of innocent people are dying – all of this has become so normal and when we talk about it, we have become so disconnected from the devastation our 21st century lives in.

  7. If we do not read the nature of the pool of energy we are immersed in, not only will we absorb the muck, we will be totally oblivious to the fact that we are covered in it.

  8. This is huge a learning for me. When I can remember that every that I do is equally important. It helps me slow down stay present with what I am doing, rather than hurrying and thinking about the next thing to do.
    It is better for my nervous system and it allows me to stay in touch with myself so I know what is next.
    And understanding that everything happens for a reason is another reason to stay present with what I am doing, so I can listen to the message that is being communicated.

  9. When we consider everything we do, speak, act, write and express in any way is an energetic exchange it brings awareness to the importance of the quality of these movements. Nothing we do is in separation of the whole we are all a part of.

    1. So true Victoria – and with what you shared highlights a vital message for us to be aware of, that really nothing we do is in separation to anything as we are either choosing to be moved with all that is of love or all that is not of love.

  10. Because we live in a sea of energy we literally can know everything that is going on for every person we meet, whether that is conscious in us or not.

      1. Great point Victoria, the more we choose to be aware the more will come our way to be aware of. Awareness is an ever deepening and expanding process which can support us greatly on our evolutionary journey through life, if we allow it to be so.

  11. Cars are a great reflection to expose how we are really feeling if we are angry or in a rush you can feel this in the car as it passes or if it is bearing down behind you. We think we can hide inside the body of the car and no one will know but once we open ourselves up to energy our true feelings are very much felt and seen.

    1. Nothing is hidden in the world of energy, so true Alison. We are feeling the quality of energy around us each and every day. Brings our awareness to the quality we are adding to the pool.

  12. Highlighting our responsibility to choose a quality of energy that truly supports us in life in the way we hold ourselves and move our body knowing the ripple effect it has on everyone and that it is our choice whether we react to what comes our way or respond to life knowing what is needed to contribute our part in it.

  13. If someone is not in harmony with the rest of the traffic it really stands out. You notice the jerky, rushed manoeuvres or impatient, pushy lane changes. Most drivers I speak to comment on this and notice the fact that these drivers usually do not end up gaining any advantage or time saving through their behaviours. I wonder if these drivers notice or if they are too caught up to notice.

  14. If everything matters in life, then it makes sense that the quality of the space around us also matters very much indeed and is not just ‘dead space’ as we sometimes refer to it.

  15. We don’t really get away with anything. We like to think we do but in reality we don’t. Everything matters.

  16. The quality in which we start our day preparing and planning for the day ahead, determines how we are for the rest of our day. We have the responsiblitiy to create the space to be with ourselves and not rush or loose ourselves in busyness.

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