Everything Matters in the Pool of Energy We All Live in

Last week, as I drove in traffic behind other cars and trucks in the rain on my way to work, the rain felt like a nice wash and cleanse as it fell on my car. Added to this, water and dirt also came at my car from the residue of the other vehicles: when the cars and trucks passed, the dirty spray from these vehicles landed on my windshield and all over my car. It felt like my car was being spattered with something that did not feel like the clear cleanse the rain was providing – it actually felt imposing.

As each car passed me I could feel that they each had a different quality and feel to them. This is very similar to how we can relate to the fact that people bring a different quality with them. This connection made sense to me, as each car was being driven by a person, therefore had to on some level reflect the quality of the driver.

We were all driving to where we needed to go but the question is, “How were we each driving and what quality was each body in, and driving their vehicle with?” I could very much feel the way people were on the road. As I felt how the different cars and sprays from the assorted vehicles had a different quality with them, I was able to join the dots and see how the quality we choose to live in is very much reflected in what we do, how we are, the activities we are part of, how we relate and what we bring to life.

As I reflected on this analogy further, I thought of the many things that can come at us, are around us and play out in life for each of us in a day with family, friends, interactions on the street or as we go about our normal activities and work. Whether we work in an office in the corporate world, as a teacher in the education system, support our family as a house-maker, work at a register in the food industry or drive a bus in the transport industry – we are always around people, given opportunities to interact, have complications come up, work with groups and so on. I then felt very aware of the fact that how we carry ourselves, support ourselves and the relationships we build, all stem from the quality we choose to treat and have with ourselves, which then supports us to bring that quality to others. In life we are offered the opportunity to make a range of choices, no matter what is around us or is coming at us.

As I was driving, I was aware and present. With this I got to see my car as being an analogy for my body in life. I saw that everything that happened around and to my car on that drive as being like all the things that we have the opportunity to feel in life. Things that come towards us and how we hold ourselves in that, respond to, be aware, and continue in life. I could feel that I always have an opportunity to hold myself and observe life and let it pass without it affecting me, or if I choose to not be aware then I can absorb life and I will be affected – hence so will my body, the ‘vehicle’ I am driving.

This fact also applies for me when I am teaching and around children all day. There is much that can happen in a school day with 30 people in one room. And it is my responsibility to make sure that I have taken care of the body that I bring to work, am aware of how I move and communicate and that I also allow myself to observe what is unfolding around me so I can respond in a supportive way and not in a reactionary way.

Our space and all that’s in it can affect us to then behave in ways or feel things that we would not naturally feel. So how important is it for us to be the true driver of our vehicle? How our bodies – our vehicles – respond in life has a flow-on effect to other bodies, to other vehicles, so to speak.

This drive to work presented me with a moment where I got to feel a tangible analogy and reminder of how we are constantly in a pool of energy. And ‘how I am’ in that pool affects others: that is my responsibility.

This cemented the purpose of just how important it is for us to feel and read everything that takes place, for us to know ourselves, our true quality and support ourselves in every way each day – to be with our inner knowing, as best we can, so we can handle everything in our day from the inside out – observing life and not absorbing it, and responding as needed from this place without reacting.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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618 thoughts on “Everything Matters in the Pool of Energy We All Live in

  1. I am being shown a lesson of life that how we are with ourselves and the relationships we build has an effect on ourselves and all others.
    If I were to act up by being selfish, manipulating and controlling them, this has an effect on me to get what I want and to control but it also affects all those around me that get caught up in the game I’m playing. The knock on effect could be that other people watching me can clock what I’m getting away with through being manipulative and try the same tactics to see if they can play that game. It is then possible that we all play the game and there is no moving forward just everyone going round in circles trying to out manipulate each other, welcome to our society.

  2. I am feeling how life wants to constantly pull us out of ourselves so that our focus is fixed outside of us and not inward so that we cannot feel an inner quality that surpasses anything that could be a temptation on the outside. I didn’t think I would ever be able to be steady enough to hold myself against the flow of society that is constantly looking on the outside to fulfill the emptiness within them. We do not stop to consider that if we took the trouble of looking within we would find a contentment that would be so strong that there would be no need to seek the next thrill that cannot last so that we seek extreme thrills to constantly entertain us.

  3. It’s really an act of love to take care of our every move knowing we are part of everyone and everything else, and a part of the body of God.

  4. I definitely feel that how we are with ourselves has a huge impact on how we are with all others. If we can, as you say Johanna, hold ourselves in the essence of love that surrounds each and everyone one of us then we are less likely to react to life and what is thrown at us to try to destabilise us, so that we get caught up in the emotion of life, where everything feels too difficult and so we give up and give in to the pressure of just living, this is when it becomes functional and there is no joy to life at all.

  5. Being aware of the quality we bring is really important. Too often we dismiss this but we need to understand what we bring in our essence and what we bring when we are not connected to it. The two are always vastly different. The first has to be really appreciated before we can let go of the latter, leaving more room for the first to come through.

    1. What you are alluding to michelle819 is very interesting because up until recently I wasn’t so aware of the energy I was choosing rather arrogantly I didn’t consider myself as part of the equation somehow. Somewhere in the process of growing up I had rubbed myself out of the picture. I realise now of course that how we are, what we do and say, the thoughts we have, what we eat, all matter because they affect not only ourselves but everyone else too. This is a deeper responsibility I am just waking up to and actually I’m okay with this it actually isn’t a big deal.

  6. “How were we each driving and what quality was each body in, and driving their vehicle with?” Whilst we can plead ignorance, the fact is that whether we choose to be aware of energetic integrity or not, the universal law that governs it does not change. We are either harming or healing.

  7. What you are sharing Johanna, is a whole deeper level of responsibility. And thus could it be possible on such days to leave for work o few minutes earlier and take our car to a car-wash and thus restoring the integrity our bodies deserve.

  8. I can say that I am nowhere close to exhausting what there is to read about life. Everything is communicating more than what I can pick up with my five senses. There is so much being energetically communicated that wraps up everything and makes so much more sense of it all.

  9. I do a fair amount of driving up and down the motorway and what I notice is not so much the people driving their car anymore but the energy they are in while driving. It’s a fascinating study and so much more interesting than spotting Yellow cars.

    1. It’s like honing a new skill – choosing to be energetically aware of everything around us. I could certainly use the practice, but-anything that supports with evolution has to get the thumbs up! You have given me some inspiration as to how to go about it, Mary!

  10. When present with ourselves, we feel the energy of drivers very clearly. Yesterday standing by my car on the drivers side and well before it arrived, I sensed the intensity of the driver as the car approached at speed and with force from behind, I moved myself well out the way and waited until it passed before opening my car door.

  11. To discover that we are living in a soup of energy and that everything we do affects every other person means that we are responsible for every thought and movement we make. Which means that we cannot blame the world and other people for the mess we are all in, because we are individually contributing to the ugliness just as much as the next person.

    1. I can’t remember if this revelation was an instant burn or whether it is something I arrived at gradually over time. However I arrived at it, being accepting of this universal truth has meant a huge shift in what I allow in terms of my thoughts and behaviours.

  12. I love the idea that everything is everything and nothing is nothing – trip up, why did I trip up? See a seagull, why did I see a seagull? I love, love the fact that everything is energy and all happens because of it, it brings a whole different perspective to life. To study every moment & amp; quench my curiosity through the real science that this is.

  13. To see purpose in every life activity deepens our capacity to nurture qualities of delicacy, love and tenderness. In this way we add more, not less to the pool of energy, that is life. Never drop our standard to fit in, rather raise it and bring others with us.

    1. kehinde2012 I understand what you are saying as I have just felt someone in huge nervous tension it was flowing off them and for an instant I allowed it into my body but then I was able to feel it was not me and to let it go. But if I hadn’t reconnected to this awareness that we all have I would have taken that nervous energy on as mine. So I understand that by deepening my awareness and saying no to the nervous energy it cannot be passed on to me or through me to another.

  14. Learning to live life and not get affected (in terms of reactions) by what is happening is an art that takes much practice, and a deep deep observation of energy. Serge Benhayon has talked about this in term of learning to swim like a fish in the ocean and not get wet. I have a long way to go with getting this one right 😉 but I can certainly feel the power of this in so many ways!

  15. Every moment in life is a moment or an opportunity to feel what is happening around us – be this a drive to work or a walk along the river, a dinner with family or a work meeting. Life is full of opportunities, but how many do we actually tune into?

    1. “Every moment in life is a moment or an opportunity to feel what is happening around us” A beutiful reminder Henrietta to deepen our connection to the All and not miss these opportunities in the everyday.

  16. Serge Benhayon has many times talked about how everything is energy and how we are immersed in a pool of energy and as such we cannot stop the energy from being around us, going through us etc, hence it makes sense that if everything we do is because of energy then everything we do will also have some form of effect on another be that ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ (for lack of better words I am using these now)… and so it is akin to swimming in a pool and if someone wees in the pool, you will be swimming amongst that too. This is a refreshing approach to asking ourselves how we are living and how this affects others.

    1. Currently I’m able to go swimming at a pool when I go, I’m the only one there because of the current restrictions. what I’m being shown when I step into the still water is just how much our movements produce energy this energy can be seen as ripples in the water that within seconds ripple out to the rest of the pool disturbing the stillness that was there. This then makes sense of what Serge Benhayon talks about that we are all emitting energy, so therefore we live in a sea of energy but what is the quality of that energy. Is it harming or healing?

  17. Coming to grips with “if everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 200) opens up a different world. If we were to read the energy first and not react to the person delivering it life would be completely different.

  18. Knowing that we live one huge pool of energy places the responsibility of how we live firmly in our hands, as the consequences of every one of our actions ripples out to everyone around us. Even if no one can see what we are doing the ripples are still flowing, and with them the responsibility we have to all of life. Maybe this is why many struggle to acknowledge that we actually do live in this energetic pool.

    1. Therefore when we look at the state of our society and where we are heading it is easy to see that we don’t want to know that actually we all have a collective responsibility to uphold the integrity, respect and decency towards ourselves and other people. How arrogant have we become when there is no appreciation that not only do we affect the world we live in but the universe too. How many more years is it going to take before we realise we do not live in isolation that what we say, how we behave towards ourselves and all others affects everyone.

      1. There definitely is an ‘I can do what I like’ arrogance in so many human beings, and the longer that arrogance is feted and fostered, the longer it will be until we all wake up to the fact that, as you say, “we do not live in isolation that what we say, how we behave towards ourselves and all others affects everyone.”

    2. Standing by a still lake, I observed what happens when a fish still submerged under water, takes a nibble at food on the surface – the tiniest movement caused a ripple. A beautiful reflection of how it is for each of us: every tiny movement has a ripple effect affecting the All to harm or heal.

      1. It is supportive to equally see the negative ripples and the ripples of love, and to me both activate responsibility.

  19. It is important to consider everything, leaving nothing out, asking what is it I can learn from this about how I am – and appreciating how much I am willing to learn.

    1. Love it Ariana – this is the recipe for a successful life in terms of being a sponge to learning all things energy. For that is the bottom line of how to best understand life.

  20. When we look at the world and getting all spattered, and go into reaction, it changes nothing. And actually, when I am in reaction, it is very likely I am being the one spattering the gunk all over everyone else who then would identify me as the one causing the disturbance and push them into reaction. It is not only just so called esoteric students who can bail themselves out saying ‘I was just reacting, but I know I am love but just not living it’ – we are all equally students.

  21. ‘I could feel that I always have an opportunity to hold myself and observe life and let it pass without it affecting me, or if I choose to not be aware then I can absorb life and I will be affected – hence so will my body, the ‘vehicle’ I am driving.’ Thanks so much for this – I’ve wondered how to observe and not absorb life and the key is in being open to awareness and not shutting it down.

  22. ‘I was able to join the dots and see how the quality we choose to live in is very much reflected in what we do, how we are, the activities we are part of, how we relate and what we bring to life.’ This makes sense that how we are is reflected in all different ways – I have noticed that with cars I have felt if someone is angry when driving or someone is calm and not rushing.

  23. Today I did a lot of driving in rush-hour traffic. It can be something I find challenging, For years I had the thoughts that I could be doing something much more worthwhile, I saw it as a waste of time, of time lost. This is changing. I am now feeling how supportive it is that I drive without rush, without pushing my way through the crowds in a competitive race home or to work. And certainly not to resent other people on the roads for cramping my style. Now I’m feeling how it’s about being with other people, we’re sharing a communal journey.

  24. When I am driving I get a sense of other drivers on the road and how they are as the way we drive reveals a lot about us.

  25. ‘if I choose to not be aware then I can absorb life and I will be affected ‘ I love this statement because it highlights the lie I’ve told myself many times – that if I ignore something I feel isn’t ok then it won’t affect me when actually it’s like leaving ones front door open and letting all sorts in while I’m hiding in a cupboard or something!

  26. Each and every one of us is responsible for the quality of expression they bring to the whole and therewith makes the whole.

  27. Like our cars get dirty from driving on the roads, so to do our bodies get dirty from living life on this earth in this human form and needs these to be regularly cleansed to wash off the dirt before is ingrains and makes the lacquer look dull losing that shine from when it was new.

    1. I have been taught that there is a way to observe life and not absorb it. This is not something that is taught as part of our education, if it was however, we would all be living more harmoniously with ourselves and all others. Education has it place but it doesn’t teach us how to be in life and that is the missing piece of the jigsaw. We have made everything into a mental exercise and the expenses of what our bodies actually knows.

  28. It is when we feel the oneness of us all that we really get to appreciate how interconnected we are and how what we are choosing effects everyone.

  29. Being prepared to see that we live in a sea of energy has the potential to make us more accountable for the way that we live and we often do not like this level of responsibility and accountability.

  30. “How we are constantly in a pool of energy. And ‘how I am’ in that pool affects others: that is my responsibility.” To sit up and take notice of our energy and how we affect all others, that is our work and we have work to be done.

    1. I used to feel very isolated in life when actually the truth is that we are always connected and living in this pool altogether. Feeling how we are in this pool of energy that we’re all in shows me I am never alone and have a responsibility to live in a way that doesn’t pollute the pool with yucky energy.

      1. Karin I find it fascinating how we can think we can feel isolated in life when there are over 8 billion of us on this tiny planet. This to me shows the sophistication of the energy we are choosing that we can feel the isolation and I know from experience it can feel very real, but that how this negative energy manipulates us. If we came together as a unified body of people all the rules and regulations that we have meekly accepted would come tumbling down in unification, control and manipulation has no power.

  31. To realise the impact we have, in our lives with all those around us and beyond, in how we live and equally so the responsibility we hold, is for me empowering in that we then realise and can feel how we all hold the power to bring loving change to the world, simply through the quality in which we live. I honestly find this inspiring.

  32. Once we start to feel, deep within the particles of our body, the interconnectedness of all things, the truth that we do live in a all-encompassing pool of energy is no longer a nice theory, but a way of living.

    1. We seem to have forgotten or arrogantly dismiss Chris the fact that we live within the interconnectedness of the universe. The very air we breathe into our lungs is the universe, the oxygen is dispersed around our bodies, we could say that the universe gives us life, just as the sun does. Take away the oxygen and the sun and we wouldn’t exist in this human form as we know it. We have become so arrogant and take so much for granted we have no appreciation of the life sustaining planet we all live on and why we are all together ,is there something for us all to learn?

  33. We live in a place where the most common sense is considered crazy, we have desensitised ourselves so much that the horrific news we’re exposed to 24/7 are welcomed as just another fact: yeah 1 in every 4 women has polycystic ovaries, yeah 1 in 8 women in the USA develop invasive breast cancer, yeah there are 4 million people living with diabetes in the UK. Yeah, people are bombing countries with a blink of an eye and thousands of innocent people are dying – all of this has become so normal and when we talk about it, we have become so disconnected from the devastation our 21st century lives in.

  34. If we do not read the nature of the pool of energy we are immersed in, not only will we absorb the muck, we will be totally oblivious to the fact that we are covered in it.

  35. This is huge a learning for me. When I can remember that every that I do is equally important. It helps me slow down stay present with what I am doing, rather than hurrying and thinking about the next thing to do.
    It is better for my nervous system and it allows me to stay in touch with myself so I know what is next.
    And understanding that everything happens for a reason is another reason to stay present with what I am doing, so I can listen to the message that is being communicated.

  36. When we consider everything we do, speak, act, write and express in any way is an energetic exchange it brings awareness to the importance of the quality of these movements. Nothing we do is in separation of the whole we are all a part of.

    1. So true Victoria – and with what you shared highlights a vital message for us to be aware of, that really nothing we do is in separation to anything as we are either choosing to be moved with all that is of love or all that is not of love.

  37. Because we live in a sea of energy we literally can know everything that is going on for every person we meet, whether that is conscious in us or not.

      1. Great point Victoria, the more we choose to be aware the more will come our way to be aware of. Awareness is an ever deepening and expanding process which can support us greatly on our evolutionary journey through life, if we allow it to be so.

  38. Cars are a great reflection to expose how we are really feeling if we are angry or in a rush you can feel this in the car as it passes or if it is bearing down behind you. We think we can hide inside the body of the car and no one will know but once we open ourselves up to energy our true feelings are very much felt and seen.

    1. Nothing is hidden in the world of energy, so true Alison. We are feeling the quality of energy around us each and every day. Brings our awareness to the quality we are adding to the pool.

  39. Highlighting our responsibility to choose a quality of energy that truly supports us in life in the way we hold ourselves and move our body knowing the ripple effect it has on everyone and that it is our choice whether we react to what comes our way or respond to life knowing what is needed to contribute our part in it.

  40. If someone is not in harmony with the rest of the traffic it really stands out. You notice the jerky, rushed manoeuvres or impatient, pushy lane changes. Most drivers I speak to comment on this and notice the fact that these drivers usually do not end up gaining any advantage or time saving through their behaviours. I wonder if these drivers notice or if they are too caught up to notice.

  41. If everything matters in life, then it makes sense that the quality of the space around us also matters very much indeed and is not just ‘dead space’ as we sometimes refer to it.

  42. We don’t really get away with anything. We like to think we do but in reality we don’t. Everything matters.

  43. The quality in which we start our day preparing and planning for the day ahead, determines how we are for the rest of our day. We have the responsiblitiy to create the space to be with ourselves and not rush or loose ourselves in busyness.

    1. It looks like we are so addicted to this business in life. You just have to look outside on the streets to see this, it is everywhere and it continues. All while we all keep saying that we do not like it and have the capacity to create this space for ourselves you are talking about.

      1. Nico It doesn’t make sense does it, we keep saying we do not like the life we are living but how many of us actually do something and get on and make those changes? I feel we get stuck in a comfortable rut and as we get older the rut gets deeper and it’s more difficult to climb out of a life of our own making. What I have noticed is that we then have a tendency to throw stones so to speak at those that have made the changes because to see the joy in their reflection reminds us of the self made rut we are still living in.

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