Everything Matters in the Pool of Energy We All Live in

Last week, as I drove in traffic behind other cars and trucks in the rain on my way to work, the rain felt like a nice wash and cleanse as it fell on my car. Added to this, water and dirt also came at my car from the residue of the other vehicles: when the cars and trucks passed, the dirty spray from these vehicles landed on my windshield and all over my car. It felt like my car was being spattered with something that did not feel like the clear cleanse the rain was providing – it actually felt imposing.

As each car passed me I could feel that they each had a different quality and feel to them. This is very similar to how we can relate to the fact that people bring a different quality with them. This connection made sense to me, as each car was being driven by a person, therefore had to on some level reflect the quality of the driver.

We were all driving to where we needed to go but the question is, “How were we each driving and what quality was each body in, and driving their vehicle with?” I could very much feel the way people were on the road. As I felt how the different cars and sprays from the assorted vehicles had a different quality with them, I was able to join the dots and see how the quality we choose to live in is very much reflected in what we do, how we are, the activities we are part of, how we relate and what we bring to life.

As I reflected on this analogy further, I thought of the many things that can come at us, are around us and play out in life for each of us in a day with family, friends, interactions on the street or as we go about our normal activities and work. Whether we work in an office in the corporate world, as a teacher in the education system, support our family as a house-maker, work at a register in the food industry or drive a bus in the transport industry – we are always around people, given opportunities to interact, have complications come up, work with groups and so on. I then felt very aware of the fact that how we carry ourselves, support ourselves and the relationships we build, all stem from the quality we choose to treat and have with ourselves, which then supports us to bring that quality to others. In life we are offered the opportunity to make a range of choices, no matter what is around us or is coming at us.

As I was driving, I was aware and present. With this I got to see my car as being an analogy for my body in life. I saw that everything that happened around and to my car on that drive as being like all the things that we have the opportunity to feel in life. Things that come towards us and how we hold ourselves in that, respond to, be aware, and continue in life. I could feel that I always have an opportunity to hold myself and observe life and let it pass without it affecting me, or if I choose to not be aware then I can absorb life and I will be affected – hence so will my body, the ‘vehicle’ I am driving.

This fact also applies for me when I am teaching and around children all day. There is much that can happen in a school day with 30 people in one room. And it is my responsibility to make sure that I have taken care of the body that I bring to work, am aware of how I move and communicate and that I also allow myself to observe what is unfolding around me so I can respond in a supportive way and not in a reactionary way.

Our space and all that’s in it can affect us to then behave in ways or feel things that we would not naturally feel. So how important is it for us to be the true driver of our vehicle? How our bodies – our vehicles – respond in life has a flow-on effect to other bodies, to other vehicles, so to speak.

This drive to work presented me with a moment where I got to feel a tangible analogy and reminder of how we are constantly in a pool of energy. And ‘how I am’ in that pool affects others: that is my responsibility.

This cemented the purpose of just how important it is for us to feel and read everything that takes place, for us to know ourselves, our true quality and support ourselves in every way each day – to be with our inner knowing, as best we can, so we can handle everything in our day from the inside out – observing life and not absorbing it, and responding as needed from this place without reacting.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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473 thoughts on “Everything Matters in the Pool of Energy We All Live in

  1. The fact that everything matters in the pool of energy we are in also plays out by the way that when our energy starts to change, in either direction, it starts to affect everything. Today for me has been a great example of this, the way when we said yes to the roof repairs, the electrician fell into place, and then other things all followed as part of the flow of it all and it just feels right.

  2. It’s interesting that I got a new car recently and as I was so much more careful with this new car so was I more careful with my movements away from the car. Again it is lovely when one area has an impact on another by the way we maintain a quality and flow.

    1. It is also interesting that it needed to be a new car, that stopped you to be more considerate. What if, we would be like this with everything we got, no matter how old and maybe worn out it is. Regarding our bodies every day as new, although they have already some scars and scratches, will support inviting the beautiful effect you are describing.

      1. Thank you Stefanie, this is so true. Our cells are continually renewing themselves and whatever scars or scratches we have we can see a lesson to be learned and a beauty beyond measure.I have already felt my lessening of the level of care with my new car (and everything else) and it really doesn’t have to be this way. The care and love we have for our things, for others, for ourselves can be an ever deepening process. It is absolutely not dependent on how old or new the things or we people are.

  3. Driving in London is an interesting experience, is it a reflection that the SAS motto ‘who dares wins” has become part of the driving method of many? When you allow someone to pull out, most of the time it causes them to reciprocate and the ripple is started.

  4. I notice more and more that everything we do offers us an opportunity to observe and learn, there is symbolism everywhere communicating with us and offering us a deeper understanding of the ripple effect of the way we move. “how important is it for us to be the true driver of our vehicle?”

  5. We always have a choice in every moment, whether to observe life or absorb it. The result of which is a completely different quality of life…

  6. True and for mud to splash on your car there must be mud on the road and this could be a symbol of the fact that we always leave an imprint behind which stays until we clean it up.

  7. Love your reflection and reminder about the level of responsibility we live. Just like driving on the road, the care we take in maintaining a great quality of vehicle – our body – as well as how we drive it, not only ensures we have a great ride ourselves, but also takes care of the wake we leave behind and the impact we have on others.

  8. Thanks Johanna… And just a side note, on how you’re reflecting on the responsibility of holding the well-being of 30 people every day in your classroom. This is something that if truly felt and recognised, would realign the paradigms of teaching that have become so entrenched.

  9. Feeling the ramifications of my actions on others and myself has and continues to support me to be really honest with myself. In honesty we are not hindered to nominate what we contributed to, which is the first step towards healing.

  10. I find so much changing and shifting taking place that it is important to feel, discern and read all life presents to us, because when we do this, the learning and insights are invaluable and the learning never stops.

  11. The more we open up to people the more we learn about ourselves. We are all in this together and therefore it makes sense to support each other rather than fight each other.

  12. This brings to me another level of responsibility, that not only do I cop the effect of my choices, but it has an effect on EVERYthing else.

  13. ‘This cemented the purpose of just how important it is for us to feel and read everything that takes place’ We can all read but are not always aware of the fact that we are doing it.

    1. Why people don´t choose to read is because it would mean not having a problem or reason why they have to react and be involved. It would ask them to actually lead the way in knowing better- letting go of being excited about situations is a big one as well. It actually would reveal that how we interact with each other in this world is a big lie and in revealing that you would feel the responsibility in reflecting something different.

  14. We definitely need to be the driver of our body vehicle. Otherwise we have auto pilot driving our body. When we abdicate responsibility for our body we can end up far from where we intended or would consciously choose to be.

    1. It is not wise to leave the key in the engine and then not consciously choose to be in charge of the quality of our driving. If we do not take absolute responsibility at this level, who and what then ends up determining how our car is behaving and the impact and the ripple effects it sets in motion? And yes, same in every aspect of our expression.

  15. Responding to the energies that are coming towards us everyday all the time, means for me first reading the energy and not making and taking it personal what comes through a person and second to respond to it in the energy I know is true ( that might be saying nothing in regard to what was said). The moment I got a single moment involved, in wanting to make a point e.g., I am “gone” and aligned to the energy that was directed at me.

    1. I agree Stefanie, ‘Having my say’ is similar to what you share. That’s where we all get hooked in the energy at play. Once hooked we can’t see the big picture that has been offered. When we approach life as an observer first, this supports us not to buy into something that will make whatever it is personal.

      1. Having my say or wanting to make my point because I was invested in the other getting it, was quite an old pattern of mine… and a drain on my kidneys. Learning to observe and not absorb has been a great support in letting this go and staying steady with myself in feeling what is true.

  16. We are constantly reading the energy around us all the time. Whether we are at home, in a car on a train, that doesn’t stop us from showing how we are living in every moment with every choice. We like to pretend that this is not true and hide away from this at all possible moments. But even that can’t stop the fact that we are constantly reading.

      1. Yes Victoria – it is truly inspirational to lovingly live and know that it affects the whole and lifts us all up.

  17. “Everything matters in the pool of energy we all live in.” And when we choose to become aware of this fact how can we not accept the responsibility we all have in the effect we have on everything no matter what we are doing, what we are thinking or where we are, even in the silence of our own room, for we are all a part of the energy we choose to align to.

  18. When we are taught to drive, imagine if the first thing we were taught was to be sure that we are connected to our body and to always be aware of the quality we drive in. When we are connected to our body driving is far easier to learn then when we are checked out, so makes sense the importance of our quality of being

  19. I find things are changing and shifting all the time, and what is a great support is to read and discern everything that is happening or coming towards me which provides the clarity of knowing what to do.

  20. There is great love to be experienced. And this has been my experience as I learn, or re-learn, how to read energy once again. But the love is not from this place, it is not an earthly emotionally driven love, it is something else that is perhaps beyond human words.

  21. I always get that feeling when a big car, truck or similar drives by and splashes my car – like the gunk that comes from the way that person drives needs to then be cleaned off.

  22. We all belong to ‘the All’ that together we make and never do we not belong to it, regardless of our chosen illusion of being an ‘individual’ and ‘isolated unit’ within this space.

  23. Life is like one enormous ocean, with all the numerous species swimming within it… the way we live leaves an energetic imprint or ripple just like we would see from the numerous species as they move in water. Paying attention to ourselves, our body, our thoughts, quality and feelings, is a great marker to gage whether we are adding to or reducing harmony.

    1. Beautifully shared Johanne, and watch out for if anyone pees in the pool it will affect all those around! :0

  24. It’s possible to feel how anyone is feeling by the way they move, be it walking or driving a car. The energy that we choose to live in can be felt by everyone. This is worth taking note, as even if we think no-one is noticing how we are, it is still very evident. There is a transparency available through our movement. Everything is obvious. We just have to take notice.

  25. Gosh…How a drive to work presented such a life learning lesson, and this shows us that we are consistently in a school of life being offered many opportunities to reflect, to understand and develop awareness to how we live and become masterful in life. Its all there around us, its just we who have to ‘join the dots’, to have the ability to observe, consider, contemplate and step forward out of the ‘slumber’ (or recliner) chair to meet what is on offer.

  26. We think we get away with stuff, but we so don’t. Everything is felt by ourselves and others, and the trick here is to not take it on. To remain an observer in life.

  27. The quality of our interactions and the way we move speak volumes in terms of the responsibility of living who we truly are.

  28. The reality of the pool of energy we live in and the effects on others we all make allows us to bring an increasing responsibility to our lives in every moment and the observations we can have and allow ourselves to open up to instead of living in reaction all the time.

  29. The understanding that everything matters means there is no ‘down time’, no time where I can switch off because no-one can see what I’m doing. Our quality is made up with everything we have done, it all comes with us in this pool if energy we call life, so every movement matters.

  30. Even when we are in a room where no one can see us, the way we behave is still going to have an impact on those outside of the room. How we are has ripple effects all around, and these ripple effects can either be supportive to self and others, or unsupportive to self and others. This is a mere fact.

  31. One of the most challenging things in life I find, is to learn to observe things and accept how topsy turvy the world is, realising that we are not here to fix it all, but rather just to be here and reflect who we are. I often get caught up in the trying the fix things or the needing to help another, but doing it from a doing rather than from a being first and foremost. In addition I find it sometimes hard to let go of wanting things to be very different and working towards an image of how I would like things to be. But life is like a large school of learning, and so here I am learning little bit by little bit to let these things go…I walk, I stumble, I fall, and I get up to do it all again, till such time that I walk the grace of who I am, with no perfection, but an allowance and an embracing of the greatness that lies within.

  32. Yes, Johanna. Living from the inside out rather than the outside in is a responsibility we all have, to open up and feel everything we are connected to and not just hand ourselves over and react to what is going on around us.

  33. Gradually I am learning to appreciate the enormous difference I am already making just by being the love that I am more and more in varying life situations and challenges of a typical day. I was so loving in my energy today as I talked to a young lady for the first time at an insurance company phone line, she actually said “love you” as she signed off to me – one might say “by mistake” but such things are not really a mistake at all, as I had already shown her a great deal of my love already.

  34. ‘To be with our inner knowing, as best we can, so we can handle everything in our day from the inside out.’ This blog a gorgeous support for everyone who is learning to live life from the heart.

  35. This is a great blog to read, as it has made me recognise a few key things.. To be aware that everything matters, to remain in the observation of the movement of energy (the example of splashes of rain water puddles on the car from another car) so in this observation it becomes far more possible to stay with yourself rather than get rattled or reactive to what happens around you…And then to consider what at this point in time is your own quality as this is adding to the pool as well… we are not only on the receiving end but equally express our quality.

  36. Never had I considered that my movements affect people that I don’t directly interact with before, until Universal Medicine came along and presented the fact. And it makes so much sense, because I have been affected by people who I haven’t had direct contact with – I just refused to acknowledge the two-way exchange.

  37. When we withdraw, do we actually cease to have an impact on those around us? Or do we just drop the quality of that which we communicate and present.

  38. Everything matters. How we are in life creates the quality of the space that we live in and everyone else lives with.

  39. When we consider that we are energetic beings, and the quality of our every movement is what we are adding to the greater pool we all swim in, it inspires me/us to imprint with the quality of love and raise our vibration here.

  40. I used to think that not noticing what I knew I had already clocked, somehow kept me safe – I subscribed to ‘ignorance is bliss’. It well may be but the quality of bliss is putrid and allows all sorts of misdemeanours to go unchecked in an effort to retain being blissful. ‘…if I choose to not be aware then I can absorb life and I will be affected – hence so will my body, the ‘vehicle’ I am driving.’ This I am learning is so true and I am choosing to be aware so I can live without taking into my body the emotions, the dilemmas, the stresses of life. Being wise to all that is going on means there is no need to take anything on board through false belief or imposition as I’ll see right through it.

  41. Ripples are created with all our movements and in the sea we live in, these ripples touch everything in their path. It’s easy to feel the effect of movement and ripples in a swimming pool, but are we aware that this is happening all the time?

  42. ‘I was able to join the dots and see how the quality we choose to live in is very much reflected in what we do, how we are, the activities we are part of, how we relate and what we bring to life.’ I know this, we all do even if we’ve hidden it deep within. I used to think any shame I felt was because someone had shamed me but what if it was me not claiming what I know to be true within and standing by this in every moment of each day? What if it’s the lie I know I’ve lived when not living my truth that I am so ashamed about, and that I know all the reasons I may tell myself that it is ok to not fully live the love that I am, don’t cut it; the fact that no amount of comfort can ever soothe the tension and pain of not being true to love.

  43. A very beautiful example and reminder how our every move has an effect on everything else and there is then only one thing that makes sense to honour the quality we are in in every moment, as that is what can be felt and lasts.

  44. I remember when I was a little girl, I would look at cars and think to myself “this car looks scary”, “this car looks kind”. Perhaps I was reading the energy of the person driving the car, because even today when we get overtaken on the motorway I can sometimes sense the arrogance coming from different vehicles (I.e. people).

  45. It is so easy to walk through life disgruntled with what we see and experience. But how often as here do we stop to consider that we ourselves have been and are the contributor to it all, and embrace the responsibility that the key to any further change also resides in our own choices.

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