Causes for Causes

I have learnt so much over the last two years about myself, humanity, and my relationships. It is a never-ending process, one that I am entirely grateful for and committed to. I have at times experienced many moments of revelation, understanding, knowledge, immense beauty and love, coupled with dips and challenges along the way.

Recently I have learned a new lesson that I felt to share. Now you may already know all of what I have to convey, but for me it was a poignant revelation. When it unravels in front of you and actually demonstrates that the philosophy Serge Benhayon teaches is absolutely true, it is a wonderful confirmation – simply magic.

Lately I have heard about some awful things happening in the world. We all know that there are terrible things occurring – people, children and animals getting hurt – but one news story really grabbed me. It felt so awful that I went into several reactions: shock, horror, disbelief, hurt, empathy, helplessness, anger and then followed this urge and desire to want to protect, change the system, raise awareness, make something happen, change the world and make it all stop.

I went into action and began to raise awareness, I signed a whole lot of petitions and researched support and activist groups. It seemed to overtake me for days; it was never far from my thoughts. My sleep quality and rhythms were affected, I didn’t feel myself and I was aware that my usual sparkle and zest were being dampened down. I realised that going into drive for this cause was not good for me, it was affecting my connection to myself and others. I knew that I was of much less use to this world in this dimmer, sleep deprived, concerned, anxious and hurt condition.

One night I prayed for an answer, what can I do? How can I make a difference in the world? I knew that the way I was going about it was not it.

Over the next couple of days this was demonstrated to me very clearly. On one of the activist websites they had displayed a video that was being cheered and celebrated by its members and followers. The video showed a woman rescuing a small puppy from a man who was harming it. The next scene shows the woman holding the puppy in one arm and hitting the man in the face with the other. Very uncomfortable to watch. I wrote a comment after the video – I don’t know if they will publish it but I really felt to say that “aggression and violence cannot be overcome with aggression and violence, it is simply not going to work. It only perpetuates and deepens the harm… it doesn’t help, it makes it worse. It is the same energy. No violence against any animal or human being should be celebrated – whatever they have done.”

It is the same energy. This really resonated with me. It was very clear.

Further confirmation soon followed. A post that I had put on Facebook in order to ‘raise awareness and help’ had been shared to other people’s Facebook pages. There followed a string of comments that were angry and venomous, causing more harm. Unwittingly I had stirred up hate and anger! What?! How did that happen?!

I realised so clearly it happened because, as Serge Benhayon so tirelessly presents, Everything is energy, and therefore, everything is because of energy (Serge Benhayon, 1999)

This is where beauty and magic happens; this is where you can make all the difference in the world. Not just in your family and friends and close circle but on the other side of the world! Wow!

I can sign a million petitions, stand with a banner and yell at the top of my lungs but in what energy would I do that? Desperation? Hurt? Injustice? Anger? Fear? I would only make everything so much worse.

Coming back to a Chris James song that I love so much and which is oh so very true. “All I have to do is just be me.”

How beautiful is that? My body confirmed it as it felt so right to return to myself, knowing that being me and the love that I am – and not holding any of that back – really is going to change the world.

I am forever grateful for the work of Chris James, Serge Benhayon, his family, and the amazing student body.

And further still… today as I look again at my ‘UniMedLiving’ calendar for March 2017, the message that I have read before, several times but now I feel the absolute truth in: “We ought to consider that whatever we do has a bearing on the all that is the all we exist in.” (Serge Benhayon, Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, p. 140)

Perfectly timed.

By Jacqueline Raven, aged 45, professional singer, specialising in singing for and with the elderly in day care and residential homes, holds sound groups in Suffolk based on the work of Chris James. Lives in Brandon, Suffolk, UK.

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566 thoughts on “Causes for Causes

  1. “We ought to consider that whatever we do has a bearing on the all that is the all we exist in.” So true especially in this space of the Gemini full moon and the fact that we are involved in what can only be described as more than one life “we exist in” of many thousand of lives we have lived and in effects all that affects the what that we are now.

  2. Could it be possible that the protesters cause more harm and insight more abuse than those who simply make the changes themselves and thus reflect a harmonious way of being me?

  3. Millions and millions of people protesting, campaigning and all sorts. Sometimes nothing changes physically and sometimes it does. But energetically nothing changes it just moves to a different location.

  4. I know because of how I am and what I feel that the philosophy Serge Benhayon teaches is absolutely true. That’s a fact that the body cannot deny. The mind however is a different matter because it is fed thoughts from a pool of consciousness that it is un aware of. So we think our thoughts are our own. The energy that supplies the pool of consciousness (and so our thoughts) feeds the resistance to the philosophy because it knows that once we embody the philosophy then it is doomed and it will have to start its evolutionary process which is something it has resisted because it wants to create and not co-create. And so that fraction of a part that separated from the soul is for now the mover and shaker of our thoughts which make up our current life.

  5. Thank you Jacqueline your awesome blog is such a great proof that how we do things that this has an effect to others and the whole world. You gracefully invite us to be more aware of the power we all equally have.

  6. It’s a really vital conversation because we give our power to how things look on the outside, particularly doing ‘good’, but when we break it down to the quality of energy then ‘good’ can be adding just as much harm to the world as things we consider to be ‘bad’.

    1. The doing good and being nice are what we are taught from a young age, and when we are young and so impressionable we have no idea of the poison we are accumulating in our bodies, and when we get sick we don’t put it down to letting such an energy into our bodies. If we were taught about energy from young and its effect on our bodies and the world we wouldn’t live in such ignorance of the truth about energy.

  7. “aggression and violence cannot be overcome with aggression and violence’ When faced with a behaviour we find upsetting or abusive what is important is not the behaviour we meet, but how we respond to it. Not always easy, but wise to not use the same vibration of energy, but one of a higher quality.

  8. This is something I’m just starting to allow myself to feel – that we actually live in a sea of energy and it is passing through us constantly, so surely how we move is crucial in defining what energy passes through us. So having a connection to our bodies so that we can actually have a sense of what energy is passing through us would be a great support. This then makes no sense to me why we then take any substance that would take us away from this connection.

  9. That is such a beautiful quote you have shared from Serge Benhayon. There has been so much wisdom shared by Serge over the last 19 years and so much would make the most life-changing curriculum for school children and this is definitely one pearl of wisdom that would. Just imagine how life in this world would change if we knew from young that ““We ought to consider that whatever we do has a bearing on the all that is the all we exist in.”” Responsibility 101.

  10. “….. aggression and violence cannot be overcome with aggression and violence, it is simply not going to work. It only perpetuates and deepens the harm… it doesn’t help, it makes it worse. It is the same energy.” This is so true. To change something it can only happen by changing the energy – energy always comes first and the only energy that can bring about true change is Love lived.

  11. It is always very important to look at our reasons for going into something, supporting something and if it feels true for us or because we have been riled up. If we go into something because we are in reaction then we are only adding to the reason why that something has begun. It is fed ur hurt by our reaction. If we are in reaction, a previous hurt we have felt has been triggered. What is important here is to offer ourselves the space to understand what is being triggered and what was underneath that hurt.

  12. I saw a social media post recently where someone was expressing anger about disabilities and how people are treated. What followed was layers of abuse, not towards the sharer but the person in the story. With this I could feel that what happened between 2 people has now affected many more and that the energy of anger has expanded or spread. With this I can feel our responsibility in how we deal with things that come up in our lives. Sure if there is something that needs to be shared, share it. But its the how this is done that is the important thing and are we conveying something for the benefit of all or just to make a point.

  13. What evil is after is for us to not live who we truly are in our essence, in any way possible, and there is absolutely nothing worth doing that for.

  14. We can never tire of hearing that “Everything is energy, and therefore, everything is because of energy” (Serge Benhayon, 1999) because it is simply the truth. The more we embody that truth the easier it is to see through any situation in life.

    1. The follow on from this Elizabeth is to see/feel the energy coming through people rather than seeing them as a physical human-being. What is the energy coming through them? I have to admit that more often that not I’m caught up in the person. Except one particular person where it is so obvious what energy is coming through them which is sadness as it is like being covered in a wet blanket as it permeates around the group and it is actually possible to feel how it brings everyone down. But there are energies that are more subtle and we can get caught up in someone being nice, but actually the energy coming through them is jealousy. This science should be taught from young so we do not take on someone else’s negative energy as though it is ours which can and does affect how we view the world.

  15. Jacqueline, I agree with you, it’s so easy to get sucked into these websites calling for action of change and some of the images are horrific. Energetically they are designed that way to invoke an emotional response and now and again I get this pang of guilt for not signing the petition or not passing on the message (especially, when its friends or family who have highlighted it) but alas, I do resist and say no. I do this because I know that it’s just keeping that energy going and in my view, it’s not going to make any difference.

  16. We cannot underestimate the power of our Livingness when in connection to our Soul with the quality of vibration that is magnified through our movements and the imprints we make. Granted that change may not be visible instantly however what is offered are loving and divine imprints for our future, for us to return to, and this is everything.

  17. The force of evil (which is nothing more than the collective pull away from the love that we are) creates the atrocities and then feeds the reactions we have to them, whether we rage with injustice and go into the fight or try to ‘do good’. Either way we are played to continue living in separation to the one and only unifying force we all have access to, which is love. Not the emotional version that binds but the true source that brings us all back together and dissolves the borders we have used to keep us living in separation to each other and this great love.

    1. And our reactions feed the same pool of energy that abuse is sourced from, without knowing the energy behind everything we can unwittingly support the very things we find abhorrent.

      1. Melinda going one step further with your comment if our reaction feeds the same pool of energy which we unwittingly support because we have not been taught that it’s energy first. If we were to put a trace such as a chemical dye on the energy we would be horrified to see that it was being used elsewhere in the world to hurt or abuse another person or people. But because we cannot see the consequences of our actions we carry on adding to the pool of energy that keeps this whole rotten mess going. This is a science that is missing from our education.

  18. It’s great to ponder further on the causes that we are or have been apart of and what the effect of this has been. The examples shown here, show very clearly that ’causes’ are not all that they seem to be and in some cases change nothing whatsoever.

    1. Revelations are nothing more than the peeling away of the layers of illusion we have allowed to veil our eyes so the simple truth that lives beneath it all is revealed. It is an exquisite process of surrender that is brought about by the way we choose to move.

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