Buying a House – A Full Body Decision

I recently moved to the other side of the world to be with my new partner who interestingly, actually came from the same area I’d been living in for 30 years in the UK! Our courting was based on a few brief meetings at events in Australia, and continued on Skype for a year. Since then we’ve been physically together six months and have recently bought a house together.

Choosing a house was tricky at first because we didn’t know exactly what money we had until I transferred what I had from the UK, but once that was done we knew the maximum we could afford and we looked at houses up to that price. The trouble was everything we looked at had something missing according to our personal tick box, and the ‘perfect’ houses always seemed to be just above what we could afford.

We then expanded our ideas to see if we could share with another couple, but no one came forward within the timescale we set ourselves, so we looked at possible finance. That was a challenge because we are both in our late 60s and we didn’t want to commit ourselves to a debt for the rest of our lives.

The whole business of looking, making offers and waiting for results was making me feel very ill and tired, and I realised that we were making it a very mental process. I already knew that the best decisions are ones I make with my body, in other words, when I pay attention to what is crystal clear in terms of what I feel. So we decided to go with our feelings and let go of the tick list.

Eventually we relaxed and started having more fun – we enjoyed meeting with the estate agents on the open days and building our relationships with them, so they gradually got to know our requirements and would email us details of houses they thought might suit. Basing my decision on feelings not thoughts, I found that I could walk into a house and go “Nup.” Nothing to consider, just a feeling in my body that it wasn’t the house for us, so we could let it go and not waste time and energy on the what ifs. I knew our perfect house was ‘out there’ somewhere and that I would recognise it as soon as I saw it.

There was in fact one house that felt absolutely gorgeous and my body relaxed as soon as we walked in, but it felt cold, and I’d been struggling with the cold Australian winter with no central heating. The advantage was that it was well within our budget and would leave us some spare cash for other things, but it was in an area that many people recommended we avoid, although several of our friends already own houses there. We expressed interest but left it at that, not making any definite commitment.

Despite that, it came back to us time and time again, and even though we looked at lots of other options, this was the one house that felt good right from the start. Alcohol consumption and drug addiction were reported as being an issue in the area, but my house in the UK had similar issues with the flats opposite and I never personally had a problem, apart from occasional noise at night. There were many pluses to this house – a beautiful deck, spectacular views of sunsets, and it even had a veggie garden ready to plant and citrus trees, which looked promising.

So we bought it and it’s been lovely living here – I’ve been discovering plants in the garden that I only ever saw in office plant pots in the UK; we’ve had a few trees trimmed to let in more light and the house has felt warmer as a result. It feels like we are right in the middle of a very real family community and when it’s quiet, the birdsong is a delight. Sitting on the deck each evening enjoying the sunset has been an absolute blessing.

Red sunset with trees in the foreground and hills in the background

The longer I stay there the more I appreciate what we have, and the trust in my body that constellated everything making it possible for us to live there.

Published with permission of my partner.

By Carmel Reid, Age 67, BEng, DMS, CertEd, MCMI, Personal Development Coach/Counsellor and International Presenter

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600 thoughts on “Buying a House – A Full Body Decision

  1. The outlook🦉 we have in life comes from the inner-glow💕 we have towards the way life will always provide what is required for our evolution as you have shared Carmel.

  2. Our body does know. I remember clearly over 40 years ago as we bumped over the potholed track that the house we were about to view was ‘the one’ for us. And we are still here and the house has grown with us.

  3. “the best decisions are ones I make with my body” – This 100% even if those around me say differently I feel the most settled and steady when I listen to my body.

  4. This is my experience too in that when I start looking for something, home, car etc if I just start the process, making connections, talking to people and be open to it from my body, the perfect one is found ✨

  5. WOW what a view. Beautifull sunset. This is a teaching that when we loose the pictures in our head of what is perfect and instead come from a knowing within our body what is actually perfect for us is found ‘I knew our perfect house was ‘out there’ somewhere and that I would recognise it as soon as I saw it.’ A great lesson and reminder.

  6. The body knows ahead of time what’s up ahead and is perfectly equipped to deal and respond to it; it’s us that gets ourselves into a muddle by over complicating everything with our heads.

  7. More and more I am getting to feel that the most perfect situations, events and people are already laid out for me, all I need to do is to loosen my grip on the steering wheel of life and allow myself to be guided towards what’s true.

  8. ‘I already knew that the best decisions are ones I make with my body, in other words, when I pay attention to what is crystal clear in terms of what I feel. ‘ I have certainly never regretted any decision I have made in this way. When I have ignored how I feel and have gone with my head – I have lived to regret it.

  9. We try to control so much in our lives without appreciating there is so little we can truly control. Surrendering has therefore seemed like a rude word, like we have failed in some way, yet to let go of control is to surrender to a holding that is far wiser than we can fathom most of the time.

  10. The view of the Sun-setting is priceless and when we consider that this comes from your house it feels like you have made a wise choice. What a conformation of the most loving choice, and we are able to see this as a blessing from heaven.

  11. It is always good to be sensible and to have an idea of what we are looking for in terms of features that will support us in a home, but if it doesn’t feel right it simply won’t be. We can get this same feeling with dating or friendships, even with sales people, the outer surface can tick all the boxes but something doesn’t feel right, and what a disaster it can be if we don’t listen. Trusting our feelings can apply to anything, including houses.

  12. It is amazing what happens when we listen to the guidance from our body rather than our mind and I have found it quite surprising what it/I choose and it always turns out rewarding.

  13. Houses are a wonderful symbol of our growth and commitment – we purchased a block of land a few years ago and then proceeded to build a house, but as we did not have the money at the time to transform the front and back yard into proper gardens, they sat as ‘mud pits’ for a few years before we were then able to get a start on things gradually. Though this apparently slow time frame has in moments been frustrating, at the same time, it has been a beautiful process to watch the transformation of what once was a mud pit now into a gorgeous garden. But each step happened little bit by little bit, and we have really enjoyed the process in the end. And really there is no end, for a garden is constantly growing and evolving as are we.

    1. Yes, we have a picture of what it should look like and there seems to be a tension until what we see matches what we think it should look like. Yet in space there is no time, so perhaps there is a greater understanding needed to allow things to unfold rather than force a picture to be.

  14. What I love about your sharing Carmel, is how you let go of the ‘trying’ and began to have some fun with the process, and when you did this, things then started to flow even though you did not find the house straight away. As they say, it is not the outcome that always matters but the process that leads up to it that offers the growth and the understanding, which means that the outcome is in a way the celebration of the process.

    1. I noticed that too Henrietta, that the process was a bit heavy or ‘hard slog’ and lightening up and having fun made it much more enjoyable. Someone recently told me their focus at work is playfulness and it’s been very positive for productivity and for this person’s work colleagues.

  15. Carmel, I have had a similar experience too with looking at places to rent and places to buy – I have found them to be very physical experiences. I recall looking for a place to rent at one point and whilst checking out one house could clearly feel a nauseous feeling and a creepy feeling which to me was a clear no for renting it. And likewise when we did find the house that we ended up renting, it was a clear ‘yes this is the one’ feeling. Trying to work things through the head only, seems to interfere with how my body is feeling (responding or reacting) with regards to some decisions, so it does help when me to utilise my whole body rathr than just the head.

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