Inspired by Universal Medicine… Just Being Me

I am beginning to realise how powerful it is just being me by connecting to the quality of who I am within.  I have spent most of my 60 plus years of life living from my head and thinking I needed to constantly be available for everyone else. My way of doing this was by trying to fix things for everybody, often because I felt responsible for what others did or didn’t do.

I used to suggest solutions to problems or issues and steer people to what I thought would be solving the problem without really connecting to what would be truly supportive for that person to gain a new understanding for themselves as to why the issue was happening in the first place.

I have learnt that if I just stay with my body and myself and observe without the need to fix a situation, this allows more space for people to be responsible for their own lives, without my being attached to any outcomes.

I now know that the way to live my life is by just being me – and that is all that is needed.


This change in my approach started over three years ago when I began to re-connect to the truth of who we all are, as presented by Universal Medicine and in the book The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon. I had been searching for this truth all my life but had focussed on solutions to life’s issues instead of realising that the truth of everything is inside us all – in our inner-heart, our inner knowing through being with our bodies instead of being in our heads. In other words – JUST BEING who we truly are.

Over the last three years I have changed my behaviours because I am learning to keep re-connecting to the quality of my presence in my body – by being present with myself – and I am finding that this allows others to also be with themselves. I have found that I am not responsible for anyone else’s life and this fact alone means that I now have less stress and a more joyful life.

An example of this was demonstrated to me through a woman whom I had been visiting in a nursing home for some time and I was very close to. Previously I had tried to help by endeavouring to solve her problems as I felt responsible in some way – that’s the way my mind worked.

After attending a Universal Medicine retreat I became aware that to assist this woman the only thing I could do was to just be me. When I visited her and I stayed present with myself more consciously, just being me, then things started to change for both of us; her whole demeanour began to alter and her face looked soft, serene and pain-free. As I continued just being me and not falling into any old ‘doing’ or ‘fixing’ patterns, our relationship opened up and I began to feel a beautiful closeness and a deeper connection with her.

As I became more open to accepting her as she was, then magically there didn’t seem to be any problems to solve. I continued to take care of her daily needs but I did it with more love because I stayed present with myself and I found that I could now visit without becoming tired and drained.

I have realised that when I try to fix others people’s problems I am giving my energy away to something that I have no control over and hence I can become quite exhausted.


This woman has given me a wonderful gift: the opportunity to learn that I am enough just being myself – around her, and around everybody.

I reflect upon how all areas of my life are changing when I allow myself to just be myself and stay in my body. The power of that connection is all that is required and by accepting, loving and appreciating who I am, my relationships with people have changed for the better.

How I have learned to do this is to consciously breathe my own gentle breath that connects all of me to my body (bringing my head in line with what my body is doing) so that I can feel what I am doing and be present in every moment with whatever action I am undertaking. As I exhale I feel the rhythm of my breath as it flows through me, allowing further surrendering in my body. I now know that everything is part of the unfolding nature of life and the way this happens is by me just being in my body, trusting the process of life instead of trying to fix everything for everyone, and that is all that I need to do… just being me… simple!

Inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Susan Wilson, Albury

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1,121 thoughts on “Inspired by Universal Medicine… Just Being Me

  1. When we live in connection to our Soul we live the truth of us all, reflecting the light of all that we are, the light of God and indeed powerful we are when it is the light of God moving us.

  2. ‘I have realised that when I try to fix others people’s problems I am giving my energy away to something that I have no control over and hence I can become quite exhausted.’ I feel the whole idea of fixing problems whether it be with someone else or with ourselves is exhausting and never a true answer for our problems, with our own problems we can have the same approach of letting unfold by observing and understanding what is happening, maybe we think we are in control but we never are.

  3. ‘Being me is enough’: we so often forget this, looking outside for problems to fix or issues to resolve, getting lost in the busyness and identification of all of that. That’s not to say that we don’t support others, but as you’ve shown Susan, it’s the way that we support others that is important: are we just ourselves, feeling what is needed, moment to moment, or are we stressing ourselves out (and the other person) trying to control, manage and fix everything?

  4. When we stay how we think other people want us to be, there is this separation of just talking but not really connecting deeper, and it is this deep connection that we actually all crave.

  5. In my experience too – learning to observe without having attachments or needs for things to go or turn out a certain way helps us to not impose on others and also to sense what is truly needed to help, and in that respond in a way that truly benefits everyone.

  6. Constantly finding solutions and endeavouring to ‘fix’ things for others is an imposition as it does not allow for an equality of sharing. ‘Being oneself’ and allowing another to do likewise gives permission for a spaciousness for things to unfold naturally.

  7. Observing situations without feeling the need to fix what is going on and not being invested or have any pictures on what an outcome will look like is huge. We often want to come in and fix what we think is ‘wrong’. But we are imposing our beliefs and our pictures on others when we do this and this essentially is an abuse. Its not often thought of this way with righting wrongs deemed as having a ‘good outcome’. But are we really considering what are the overall effects of this?

  8. Isn’t it beautiful that when we let go of our doing and fixing a deeper connection can be felt in the relationship with ourselves and at the same time in the relationship with the other. What is true is as always simple.

  9. I think the thing with trying to just jump in and ‘fix’ something for someone is that we can lose sight of the bigger picture and not help them truly learn from the situation… It’s not that we can’t help just the way that we go about it makes a big difference for all involved…

  10. I used to be an expert at taking on other people’s issues that is until I realised, that in fact what I was doing was avoiding looking at and dealing with my own issues. This was a very sobering realisation, to say the least.

  11. Brilliant Susan – what a common pattern people, especially parents, fall into. It’s just pure selfishness to try to fix others and certainly doesn’t work, it sets up antagonism when we could be holding them in Love.

  12. It’s crazy when you consider the amount of time and energy we use to be someone we think we should be when all the while the wonderful person we are is waiting in the wings for us to realise that all the other characters on stage are simply acting out a role. We don’t need to be given a script written by societal beliefs we simply need to turn within where the biggest, most beautiful script for life is there waiting for us to open and begin to read.

  13. Trying to fix another creates disharmony within a relationship which stems from a lack of love and the disconnection to self. Sense the loving connection to self and there is not one ounce of imposition towards another but an allowing and observing to be themselves to make their own choice or choices in life.

  14. ” I now know that the way to live my life is by just being me – and that is all that is needed. ”
    Life is very simple really

  15. All we have to be is ourselves and yet we seem to fight this so much. Imagine how much freer we would be if we just accepted ourselves and stopped comparing ourselves to others. It would free us up to have a lot more vitality.

  16. When we suggest solutions to others or try to fix their problems basically what we are saying is that we know better or that they are not capable to solve their own problems, which creates an inequality and separates us from each other.

  17. I’m appreciating more just how much we can support one another by the quality we hold ourselves in and are with each other – for instance like you say not just jumping in to try and ‘fix’ something but to truly observe, engage and support in whatever way we feel is genuinely helpful, rather than reacting with an ideal of how we think things have to be…

  18. It is beautiful to be able to observe life without needing to fix it. I am definitely not a master at this, but am learning the value of having this skill, because with it I am witnessing the most wonderful blossoming of the people around me, which is heart warming and gorgeous.

  19. What a great lesson and one that we could all learn from. When we stop trying to fix people’s problems and simply bring our full selves to them, their problems which of course they had created for themselves, magically dissolve away. So many lessons in this simple example. You cannot fix things for others. Trying never works. And bringing love to them shows them they didn’t have a problem at all.

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