Push Force and Gentleness

While teaching a Primary School Science lesson on Push / Pull force, I became intensely aware of how much we use physical force to maintain and support our existence in the three-dimensional world. Sharing and brainstorming at the start of the lesson all the ways we use push force daily filled the class whiteboard within minutes.

We shared opening and closing doors, flushing the toilet, turning lights on and off, turning on the TV and changing channels, computer games – pressing the console, sitting down, using the stove, turning on and off the kettle, turning on and off any electrical appliance, washing clothes, riding a bike or scooter or roller blades, playing sport, swimming, weight training, working on a computer keyboard, driving a car – especially accelerating and braking – moving furniture or any other items around, propelling a lot of toys, especially toy cars and trains, pushing a pram, a shopping trolley or a wheelchair, all the rides at Theme Parks… With no space to add anything more, nor any space to note down any examples of pull force, we concluded that we use push force absolutely everywhere!

I have often observed how society endorses the use of push force in an unconscious manner that can appear harsh and abrasive. We even pit our strength against each other in terms of how much force we can exert in opposition to another – everything from arm wrestling, to rugby tackles, to the horsepower of our cars, boats, trains, planes and even rockets. We make it all about the might of the push force. Looking at the short list above, it is evident that in using force, we apply millions of newtons* daily just to exist and that we often apply this force with unnecessary harshness. That is an incredible amount of force used globally on a daily basis, and often ill applied.

To further these studies, we visited a local Science Centre. One activity presented the opportunity to measure the amount of force a person could exert by squeezing two handles together, the implication being that the more force exerted, the greater the number of newtons and hence the greater your power and strength.

I decided to engage in this activity to test the effects of push force applied with gentleness. I squeezed the handles gently to see if any force applied in this way would register. My result was… 0… I could squeeze the handles together gently and no newtons registered as I did this.

This was an awesome confirmation that we can use push force in a certain quality without brute force and thus register little or no effect on our surroundings.

So, what would happen if all the push force we use were to be applied in this quality of gentleness? What if there were fewer newtons at least being exerted across the globe – what effect would that have? Would it mean less reactionary force (for each and every force, there is an equal and opposite force)? How might our lives change as a result of this? Would we open to other energies that respond equally well to gentle measurements as Aharanov found in the quantum world, where the past, the present and the future all aligned as one? (1)

What intelligence or energy is served by us maintaining push force in a mighty and harsh manner? Why would we not, at least, choose gentleness as we push our way through this 3-dimensional world? Taking one basic example: how would the world feel if we all opened and closed all the doors on the planet in gentleness? What about pushing all buttons – remote controls, keyboards, car locks, phone buttons – in a gentle way? What effect would that have? And what would we gain in terms of lifestyle by living and moving in this gentle way?

Dedicated to Serge Benhayon, who re-introduced the art of living in gentleness and stillness through the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom.

By Anonymous

* A newton (N) is the international unit of measure for force. One newton is equal to 1 kilogram metre per second squared. The unit was named after Isaac Newton, who developed the concept.

(1) “Chapman University Scientists Introduce New Cosmic Connectivity.” Press Room. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 July 2017. <https://blogs.chapman.edu/press-room/2014/07/31/chapman-university-scientists-introduce-new-cosmic-connectivity/>.

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610 thoughts on “Push Force and Gentleness

  1. Absoulutely Colleen the “what”you have pointed out is distraction and lies in every way possible to keep us from the “gentle-ness” we all innately are and thus as you have shared being gentle takes us to being a What that is Harmonious and connected to our Soul-full-ness 🔥.

  2. When we open our selves to energy and start by being at-least gentle and treat others with decency and respect then we are on our way to true understanding of how energy works.

    1. I agree with you gregbarnes888 it feels as though there is a vast science that is being over looked by humanity when it comes to the energy of gentleness with ourselves first which if felt by all others because the vibration of gentleness stands out in the energy of hardness we are all moving in.

  3. The world would be significantly different if all car doors were opened and closed gently. Having experienced bringing gentleness to one area of life it doesn’t stay there for long as that quality soon spreads into other areas of my life.

  4. It is very inspiring seeing a man or a woman moving gently. Truly deeply beautiful. They shows me what true strenght is about and invite me to hold myself in this quality that I can easily recognize within me as part of my true nature as well.

  5. Before reading you I made the choice to sit in my chair being aware of my movement, then I realized that I needed a cushion for my back, my body was asking me to get up again to get it, so I did it. It feels warm in my lower back now. This little and simple choice supported to understand why being gentle with ourselves is so important.

    No matter how pedantic or firm our body may seem in asking what it needs, it’s worth honouring it.

    Thanks for remind us how key it is caring the little details in our everyday life, everything has an effect inside and outside us.

    1. Inma what you are presenting here is an insight into truly living from the a depth of quality that our bodies are communicating. To be aware of our movements, you honoured your body by getting a cushion to support your back, When we take care of our bodies they communicate a vastness to us its a vibration that is felt as being so very different to the hardness of the life we are all currently living.

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