Push Force and Gentleness

While teaching a Primary School Science lesson on Push / Pull force, I became intensely aware of how much we use physical force to maintain and support our existence in the three-dimensional world. Sharing and brainstorming at the start of the lesson all the ways we use push force daily filled the class whiteboard within minutes.

We shared opening and closing doors, flushing the toilet, turning lights on and off, turning on the TV and changing channels, computer games – pressing the console, sitting down, using the stove, turning on and off the kettle, turning on and off any electrical appliance, washing clothes, riding a bike or scooter or roller blades, playing sport, swimming, weight training, working on a computer keyboard, driving a car – especially accelerating and braking – moving furniture or any other items around, propelling a lot of toys, especially toy cars and trains, pushing a pram, a shopping trolley or a wheelchair, all the rides at Theme Parks… With no space to add anything more, nor any space to note down any examples of pull force, we concluded that we use push force absolutely everywhere!

I have often observed how society endorses the use of push force in an unconscious manner that can appear harsh and abrasive. We even pit our strength against each other in terms of how much force we can exert in opposition to another – everything from arm wrestling, to rugby tackles, to the horsepower of our cars, boats, trains, planes and even rockets. We make it all about the might of the push force. Looking at the short list above, it is evident that in using force, we apply millions of newtons* daily just to exist and that we often apply this force with unnecessary harshness. That is an incredible amount of force used globally on a daily basis, and often ill applied.

To further these studies, we visited a local Science Centre. One activity presented the opportunity to measure the amount of force a person could exert by squeezing two handles together, the implication being that the more force exerted, the greater the number of newtons and hence the greater your power and strength.

I decided to engage in this activity to test the effects of push force applied with gentleness. I squeezed the handles gently to see if any force applied in this way would register. My result was… 0… I could squeeze the handles together gently and no newtons registered as I did this.

This was an awesome confirmation that we can use push force in a certain quality without brute force and thus register little or no effect on our surroundings.

So, what would happen if all the push force we use were to be applied in this quality of gentleness? What if there were fewer newtons at least being exerted across the globe – what effect would that have? Would it mean less reactionary force (for each and every force, there is an equal and opposite force)? How might our lives change as a result of this? Would we open to other energies that respond equally well to gentle measurements as Aharanov found in the quantum world, where the past, the present and the future all aligned as one? (1)

What intelligence or energy is served by us maintaining push force in a mighty and harsh manner? Why would we not, at least, choose gentleness as we push our way through this 3-dimensional world? Taking one basic example: how would the world feel if we all opened and closed all the doors on the planet in gentleness? What about pushing all buttons – remote controls, keyboards, car locks, phone buttons – in a gentle way? What effect would that have? And what would we gain in terms of lifestyle by living and moving in this gentle way?

Dedicated to Serge Benhayon, who re-introduced the art of living in gentleness and stillness through the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom.

By Coleen Hensey

* A newton (N) is the international unit of measure for force. One newton is equal to 1 kilogram metre per second squared. The unit was named after Isaac Newton, who developed the concept.

(1) “Chapman University Scientists Introduce New Cosmic Connectivity.” Press Room. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 July 2017. <https://blogs.chapman.edu/press-room/2014/07/31/chapman-university-scientists-introduce-new-cosmic-connectivity/>.

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600 thoughts on “Push Force and Gentleness

  1. Beautiful experiment Coleen that confirms what power lies in our being gentle. There is no need for pushing with exertion, for being hard and trying with all our might. Watching a swan yesterday ward off some ducks that were getting too close to its ‘wife’ and 6 cygnets I saw how this bird purely expanded itself, showing his wings slightly more than usual and just gliding deliberately in the ducks direction was enough. No noise, no force just an acceleration and sense of purpose and the ducks got the firm yet graceful message.

  2. Push force requires much hardening of the body with a lot of tension, amazing how a movement in the quality of gentleness can move the handle with no reaction going out into the universe, feels like a sense of harmony .

  3. We are vehicles of expression, our body is here to move. We are here to learn to move in a way that is harmonious and causes absolutely no harm whatsoever. I can feel how the misinterpretation and conversion that might have occurred there for us to tiptoe around, or not move in fear of making any possible impact on others, and ended up warping our expression.

  4. It’s interesting to note that we have all this science and yet we seem to ignore the basic stuff of our lives, as though we are constantly looking for the next big thing, rather than just staying with ourselves and living from there. It’s as though we constantly have to distract ourselves from what is under our very noses. So my question has to be why do we distract ourselves, what is it we don’t want to feel and see?

  5. This tells us that we have a whole different level of responsibility that we have seemed to forget (denied I would say) of why we are truly for and the quality of movement we come with.. Simply carrying on in life is simply not it.

  6. If your hypothesis is even remotely possible why would we not want to give it a go. The world is struggling on a physical, emotional and psychological level so anything we can do to not add to that mess should be on the table.

  7. I have always been really sensitive to people being really rough with things, but now that I have made it my conscious focus to embrace even more gentleness into all my movements, when someone at work throws down a tool or a piece of equipment it is like the proverbial ‘nails on a chalkboard’ and my whole body kind of goes ‘yuck’ and retracts a bit in protection sometimes. So I could only imagine how much more open and vulnerable we would allow ourselves to be if others around us were being super gentle with all their movements!

  8. What an awesome lesson for all to see that the quality in which we move can hold such an immense power simply by being our gentle selves. Super cool thank you Coleen,

  9. Great questions Coleen. If everyone opened and shut doors with gentleness I suspect that the levels of violence would drop all around the world immediately as we are all connected. This could have a huge impact as it would not be feeding the mass of aggressive energy as it once did that fuels the violence and war that we all are ultimately responsible for.

  10. How is it that when we want to get something done, we think rushing will get it done faster – often we trip ourselves up, drop something, make mistakes. So, is it really any faster?

  11. “Taking one basic example: how would the world feel if we all opened and closed all the doors on the planet in gentleness?” I was so aware of this yesterday in a swimming pool changing room when doors were banging excessively – no gentleness here. Yet I’m sure I too closed doors in such a way before my attention was drawn to how gently a door could be closed, It makes such a difference!

  12. I also wondered if your gentle squeeze had your full-strength in it? Either way I love your idea about the snowball effect of “gentle” force around our world, so simple yet could be devastatingly amazing….

  13. Wow I just want to comment on how smart the kids in your class are, their thinking was very open and expansive, I am blown away how much they came up with….

  14. Beautiful — this is showing us the importance of gentleness.. being in our body and being delicate with our body as much as we can. So that our body gains strength from our gentle movements, instead of the hard exhausting moving against all that natural delicate flow that our body needs.

    1. It is a seemingly illogical outcome – less force more energy, yet that is what I have found. The more gentle and tender I am with what I ‘do’ the more energy output I have to ‘do’ it as long as my body says.

  15. A great sharing Coleen reminding me again the beauty of gentleness and its unimposing nature, it is something to consider how much push pull energy is put out into the world which by its imposing energy is actually harming.

  16. It is talked of here about the equal and opposite force being created by the force that each of us expresses with. So does that mean in every moment of anger we lay that out in the world with a clear path leading it back to us? Does that mean any indulgence in hurt, saddness and grief is also being set up to return to us, over and over again? Could this be why so many struggle to change their ways, because how we each choose to behave is coming back to us returned relentlessly, that is until the day where we choose to introduce gentleness in to our life. Not as a perfect immediate reality, but one that is steadily expanded to increasingly include the many activities that we engage in every day.

  17. I loved reading this as it gave me much to ponder on. I do everything in a rush and am often exhausted at the end of the day, however, I can feel from this, if I surrender more to a different quality within my day, then I won’t feel so depleted.

  18. I love the squeeze the handle test and the results of how being gentle has little impact on our surroundings. That’s another awesome example of energy and how different we feel when we are surrounded by tension or not.

  19. This is such an incredible concept, the way you laid it all out in such a Scientific way was so impressive, I really did love it. It has made me feel like change on a global scale is possible, if we all begin by simply closing our doors with a gentleness, how easy is that?

  20. Considering the quality we do everything in is a global game changer. We often consider how fast we walk, for example, or how far etc. however do we consider the actual quality we are moving in? What if quality can lead to a profound change in deepening our relationship with ourselves and with everyone we have relationships with…could it really be this simple?

  21. It is indeed a profound and beautiful realization that can change our lives when we realize that in so many instances, and in so many circumstances, we do not need to push, that we can allow, and in that allowing there is a beautiful flower that is possible

  22. It is natural for us to be gentle, this is how we start out as babies and little children. Unfortunately the world does not confirm our natural gentle ways and rewards those who are rough and tough, so to speak. Great to question what we consider ‘normal’ as adults which may not be normal at all!

  23. Thank you Coleen for showing us exactly the two we can use in our movements.. And asking us the right question: how different would our world be when we use gentleness instead of force?
    A whole other level of awareness this is bringing. One we need – that brings in the freshness of our Soul.

  24. When we really choose to surrender, we have the ability to connect to one’s inner natural flow, this allows for the universal knowing to simply and effortlessly release, so that we can live from and make choices from there.

  25. Such an amazing sharing of how it is possible to be tender and gentle in pushing. I mean – we seem to think force gets us places, but does it – and is it possible that there is a quality in which things can be done that can be far more powerful. This is a great experiment to show that force does not have to be the focus of a push motion.

  26. Push force uses so much energy and depletes our bodies placing undue stress on it, the gentleness we feel in our movements is an unimposing energy which is a beholding with no force or pressure.

  27. Push force and gentleness are put to perspective – and we are shown that what we initiate is what is felt by our environment in one way or the other. Best being a force-less effect that does not push a force onto anyone or anything – being a simple movement only.

  28. We tend to use push force as a strange way of confirming ourselves. This is how much I can push things around to make this, which I wish to happen. So, push force is a good thing (when those that apply it is us). It is not so good when it is another one using it if we do not agree on where things have to go. Yet, we naturalize it. Politics is a great example: it is admitted that this term things will be pushed to in this direction because next term I will try to get it in this other one. Push force is about imposing something onto others and about creating a dynamic of tolerance in the name of tomorrow, or immediate reaction. There is nothing good about push force since does not allow for what would flow naturally to just flow.

  29. You certainly get to feel the stark opposite in your body when you stop pushing with a force. When we allow the gentleness within to be our movements this is by far the most amazing feeling. Realising you don’t need to be hard as we go about life.

  30. Today i saw a recording of a huge tornado. I can clearly feel that how we live as humanity gives us this natural disaster as a reflection. We have to change our way if we want to get out of our misery. Serge Benhayon and his teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are of great service for that.

  31. We remain ignorant of the fact that there is a ripple effect to the way in which we move through life. Your experiment Colleen is a great example of this. What does it mean if a walk is in anger or frustration? What is the ripple effect of that? It seems that because we can’t clearly see the links, that it makes no difference, which is very clearly not the case.

  32. Wow love this Coleen. Through what you have shared it is evident that if we move with the gentleness of who we are within, in essence, we will bring an unimposing and loving the quality to all that we do. As such, it is very possible for a world of love to be lived, but clearly the responsibility is ours to do so.

  33. Sport is an example of this push force energy we use that is unnatural to our body. We have to harden every part of our body in order to compete against each other during a game of sports and this is currently celebrated in our society. To me this example alone highlights how disconnected and far from love we as a society have been choosing to live.

  34. It’s pure logic to me that the more gentle and tender we are in all that we do, see and feel the more those qualities have a ripple effect on the fast paced world around us where we can all too often feel pushed and pulled by the harsh forces and momentums of it.

  35. “…we can use push force in a certain quality without brute force …. So, what would happen if all the push force we use were to be applied in this quality of gentleness?…”
    Consider this with how the Great Pyramids were build thousands of years ago, when there was no cranes or technology that there is today. It makes you wonder that just maybe the builders of the Great Pyramids knew a lot more about engineering, precision and movement of huge large stones by the push force you are describing…

  36. It seems that we have lived with hardness as a default position but as we reconnect to the gentleness, tenderness that we really are underneath this facade we gradually let that be our default position instead.

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