The Responsibility Spectrum: Where do we Draw the Line with Responsibility?

Where do we draw the line with responsibility when it runs along an entire and all-encompassing spectrum from responsibility to yourself, your family, to others, to work, to groups, to your local community, to your state and country, to the environment, to humanity, to the Earth and beyond.

Is it possible that we can be responsible for all of this at the same time?

In the traditional understanding of responsibility – of course we cannot! We cannot be dedicating our every waking hour to projects supporting every one of these singularly huge aspects of responsibility at the same time – this is the collective responsibility for all of us to play our part in through our unique daily life contributions.

However, along this spectrum also runs a correlating aspect of energetic responsibility and this aspect is where we discover that everything we do, say and think will affect everything and everyone else. This is where we can actually be responsible for all points along the spectrum at the same time.

There may be those who ask: ‘Energy,’ Energetic Responsibility,’ – what does that mean?

Albert Einstein, with his famous E=mc2 equation, proved that everything in the universe is energy. He showed that everything is made up of energy patterns, whether seen, as in the physical realm of matter, or unseen as for example, in the more abstract realm of the mind.

Nobel Prize winning physicists empirically confirm that the world is an enormous pool of constantly changing energy, and quantum physics that ‘nothing is solid’ – except the fact that everything is energy!

So would it stand to reason that we have an energetic responsibility spectrum as well?

Yes it would! But it’s a lot to get our heads around because we have not been raised or educated to understand energy, even though it is well known and accepted to be what everything, including ourselves, is made of.

Understanding our bodies as energetic beings can be simplified as such:

The human body is made of:

  • A number of operational systems – the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, muscular-skeletal, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, urinary, lymphatic, immune, skin and the micro biome…
  • These systems are made up of tissues and organs…
  • Tissues and organs of cells…
  • Cells of molecules and ions…
  • Molecules and ions of atoms…
  • Atoms of sub-atomic particles – electrons, neutrons and photons…
  • And finally subatomic particles are made of energy!

Under the microscope we look like giant clusters of ever-changing energy. This energy, also called light, coordinates in the most beautifully intelligent co-operation and amazing symbiosis to form not only the physical configuration of the human being, but all of its many automated operational systems too.

The human brain is a mass of energetic sub-atomic particles, molecules, cells and tissues and the thoughts running through the brain have energetic origins. They are energetic impulses before they are thoughts – because everything is energy.

Therefore, as Serge Benhayon introduced to us, it logically follows that “if everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p. 200). This man’s teachings on energetic integrity and energetic responsibility have changed my life in every possible way. Exploring myself from an energetic perspective has raised my self-awareness, general awareness and understanding of others above and beyond the physical reality of our spoken words, intentions and physical actions. It has been like exploring a whole new world within a world, a world which makes sense of all the human pain, suffering and illness, all of the abuse and the beauty, love, compassion, true goodness and grandness, of all the previously inexplicable. I have found that from an energetic vantage point, we can know the truth behind everything because it takes us to the true source of truth – the one-unified energetic truth.

And so in line with both the extensive recordings of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon, and modern science, it seems that we do have the added spectrum of energetic responsibility to uphold.

We have an energetic responsibility to everything and every being within our energy field – including the Earth and beyond. We have a responsibility to be aware of energy, to be willing to re-activate our innate ability to feel and respond to energy, to be aware of the different types of energy, how they move, how they both influence and impact us, our bodies and minds, each other, and the whole. We have a responsibility to consider if the energy we exude is loving and healing or imposing and harmful, and to take responsibility for the energetic impact we exact – for in the great sea of energy in which we all live and of which we are all made, what every single subatomic particle does affects every other single atomic particle in the universe.

This takes the spectrum of responsibility to an entire new and fascinating level. To a level that transforms our understanding of who we are, inspiring us to know the empowerment and joy in assuming true responsibility for all aspects of life. This takes responsibility to a level that has no lines to draw but instead spherically defines our place, our purpose and power within the ever-expanding universe in which we live.

What strikes me as most imperative is that we understand the importance of knowing exactly what quality of energy we choose to align with, to define our bodies, to run through us and to impulse our thoughts and actions. This choice is our ultimate responsibility,

To me that is the biggest ‘WOW’ and most empowering knowledge ever! I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for bringing this wisdom to me and for supporting me to start reclaiming my ability to feel and understand energy, how to choose which energy is in line with my Soul and how all this energetically supports me to make very different and much more loving choices. I am thankful and awed at being shown to embrace my responsibility for myself, my family, colleagues and others, my local community, my state and country, for the environment, our planet Earth and humanity all at the same time, simply by choosing to consider my energetic quality in all that I do above, beyond, and before I champion the action I am doing.

By Jeanette Singer-Goldberg

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416 thoughts on “The Responsibility Spectrum: Where do we Draw the Line with Responsibility?

  1. It was really beautiful reading about the fact our bodies are ever changing energy and that this can be seen under a microscope. We have such strong beliefs that energy does not exist and something solid is not energy – when it actually is. If we are made of sub atomic particles and so is everything else, then we are surely part of a grand Universal oneness.

  2. There is no room to hide and no excuses that work when we start moving in a way that says yes to energetic responsibility. It is not a pressure, it is a gift and fits very well with the other gift of the repetitive nature of the cycle of life we live in. It is a constant deepening of our awareness.

  3. Thank you for a really great article Jeannette, making it so simple and clear about what our ultimate responsibility is, which is all in the choice of which energy we choose, as every thought, word and deed affect everyone and the whole planet, because we all live in an ocean of energy.

  4. This is such a beautiful reminder. I so agree – knowing what quality of energy we are choosing is so significant. Throughout life, we get trained to do things, ticking boxes, but rarely inducted on the truth about energy, let alone the responsibility we are to consider – even though as a child we all do feel and know it so well.

  5. We have seemingly lost the ability to feel energy all of the time even though it is, I now know passing through us all the time. So it would make sense to me if this ability that we seem to have lost or disregarded needs to be re introduced to us all again from day dot and continued into the education system. Is it possible this could be the answer to our mental health problems? I know from my own experience of having negative thoughts that this lead to my mental health issues.

  6. Responsibility is a way to be, an attitude, a way to live and to love – it allows us to be aware at all times as it is difficult to be irresponsible and aware – possible, but difficult so it is easier to choose to be unaware.

  7. To consider what we are all part of expands our awareness and encourages a level of responsibility that I adore. It makes sense to me. I found it a bitter pill to swallow that what I turned a blind eye to could harm another, but we are here to learn and our lessons will keep coming round until we develop the skills to address them in full energetically – without the boarders of the physical body – and feel the ripple effect.

  8. We may champion an action but if that action is taken with an alignment away from soul it cannot truly support us to move forward in absolute truth and love and so it is actually holding us all back.

  9. The constellations that are happening to me in my life at the moment I am finding challenging. Becoming greatly aware of the imposing and harmful energy coming my way is bringing me to a realisation of the amount of abuse I have put up with in my life where I have tried my best to cover it over by being nice and pretending it was not happening. The abuse coming from those who have chosen not to deal with their hurts and issues I have taken on big time giving me a hung over feeling in my body but what is my responsibility and on offer for me here in the world of energy? Playing victim is equally abusive and harmful as I know and sense within my responsibility in taking the lead to show there is another way. Playing this role down and pretending is a lie to myself, everyone and everything in the world. I am not being honest and so there are consequences to this way of being hence the nauseous feeling, tightness in my chest, the lack of vitality etc that are presented to me in my body.

    1. My experience is that when I became aware of the impact of how we behave with each other, my first instinct was to protect myself but that didn’t stop the impact on me, it just hid it. The next step was to stay aware and simply say no to the abuse, but not to the person, as the person, in their essence, is beautiful. What they express may not be so and that can be said no to, but what they are is different.

  10. “What strikes me as most imperative is that we understand the importance of knowing exactly what quality of energy we choose to align with, to define our bodies, to run through us and to impulse our thoughts and actions. This choice is our ultimate responsibility,” Yes and yes again. beautiful to re-read your post Jeanette. “Everything is energy” as you show in your post.

  11. You have simply explained and showed how the saying “everything is energy” plays out in our everyday and todays world. It is brilliant how you have linked the reality of energy to everyday life. Brilliant, brilliant and brilliant….

  12. There is a joy not ever before realised that one will find in living with energetic responsibility. Nothing explained or even experienced comes close to this joy. What is even more profound is that this feeling of joy expands and naturally exudes from your body, as it cannot be held within, it is to be prolifically shared.

  13. ‘what quality of energy we choose to align with’ … that’s what is ultimately comes down to, and to know that always that choice is with us is truly empowering.

  14. This article goes above and beyond are currently understanding of responsibility and really hits at the heart of what true responsibility is and also how to choose it. When things are broken down like this it’s like a wake up call. Not a wake up into the unknown but more of a wake up to yes that simply just makes sense and you are often left wondering how you could have seen it any other way and this as a clincher, “knowing exactly what quality of energy we choose to align with, to define our bodies, to run through us and to impulse our thoughts and actions. This choice is our ultimate responsibility,”

  15. What a beautiful and detailed explanation of what energetic responsibility really is. I am grateful that I am aware of it now, even I know that to fully understand it is an ever evolving thing. Just to remember we are a part of something much grander than my physical form is a gift in itself.

    1. And just appreciating that we are part of something bigger in itself is huge. This has taken me a long time to understand.

  16. Although we sometimes forget we are One in this pool of energy, separation is impossible. Whatever we do then, is always affecting everyone around and beyond us. We are scientifically responsible of our every emanation.

  17. “…And finally subatomic particles are made of energy!”
    … I love it when we get to this point of reflection… It’s like everyone is seemingly quite happy to keep looking on the surface… The world of matter… Of action and reaction… And yet always when we go deeper there is… Energy.

  18. You walk down the street and can feel how people simply discount the fact that everything is energy, or even that we constantly align to an energy that is harming or healing. Add to the quality, and it comes down to very few people who bring this into how they are living. Humanity is a long way off from the potential of where we could be.

  19. Quality knows no bounds and hence true quality in expression impacts all. The question is…what is the quality of expression are we contributing on a daily basis?

  20. Energetic responsibility is indeed what is totally missing on this planet. What would happen if children would be held accountable for the energy they put from a young age? Shouldn’t that knowledge be part of parenting and education, as an absolute foundation.

  21. Are we being responsible only for what we think we are being responsible? Or responsibility is something that stretches beyond that? We tend to equate responsibility with visibility. Yet, responsibility stretches beyond it even if there is no physical evidence that this is the case.

  22. It takes a while to process and understand these very simple teachings, not because of any lack of anything but because those choices and then effect derived from the spirit take a while to see.

  23. Beautiful, so simply, so beautifully in detail described.. We are brought to a deeper awareness of what is energy and our responsibility with that.. A world within a world – that actually makes up our real world, maybe only just not so comfortably as we had made our illusion to be otherwise.

  24. The more we commit to responsibility in our lives the more we get to understand the magnitude of the consequences we have on how we choose to live and this is not a hard task as simply we need to choose to live in a way where we meet life through our bodies first and not the ideals and beliefs from the head.

  25. It makes complete sense that if the whole universe and our bodies are fundamentally comprised of energy that we understand the science of energy as you have presented it here and that perhaps everything can be explained by what type or quality of energy we align our bodies to.

  26. Even though we have known that everything is energy since Einstein, its not been something until recently that we have been able to embody and understand that we are part of that everything. Everything about us has its basis in energy, even what we see.

  27. I love what you have shared here, Jeanette, how responsibility defines us spherically. We think we are going forward lineally, but in truth we are only deepening in the quality of our being, which ripples out to the whole world.

  28. Its true, we haven’t been raised to consider that we live in a pool of energy, and so it does make it harder to get our heads around the idea of energetic responsibility and what that means tangibly in how we live and behave. It certainly makes a lot of sense.

  29. There is no line we can draw when it comes to being responsible. It is an ever-deepening process in the sense that as we start to live more of who we are, we naturally take on the responsibility to reflect to others the depth of who they truly are also. If done correctly this is never a chore and always a joy.

    1. Yes Liane and ever deepening, as you say there is no line that can be drawn and this is a gift we have been given by God. We have great power which should never be abused, the power of Love – what we are made of, who we are and where we are from reflected in all our movements, words and in what we produce here on earth.

  30. “We have an energetic responsibility to everything and every being within our energy field – including the Earth and beyond. ” A great blog sharing the real responsibility we all have with the quality of energy we choose and very empowering and inspirational to wake up and live this.

  31. The simplicity of the fact that all we have to focus on is the quality of energy we hold ourselves in and that this then informs the quality of everything we then do, say and think makes responsibility super simple

  32. How often have you thought that to change the way the world is we have to change what we do by doing something? This can be either within our own life or what we see in humanity in general. But what if the true change happens not through what we do per se but through the energy of how we are? Quality of life therefore comes not from our doing per se but how we are within ourselves doing what we are doing

  33. Once again I am presented with the fact that everything comes back to quality as it is the quality of energy that determines the quality of our foundations which in turn determines the quality of all that we see, feel and do. Great blog, thank you Jeanette.

  34. Thank you Jeannette you have made it very clear that we are basically units of light that have a responsibility to align to love as we affect the whole with our every movement whether it be a thought, a word or a deed.

    1. I just got a lovely visual when reading your comment Kathleen of little stars all moving towards a line of continuous light.

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