A True Commitment to Work, Getting a Job… and Life

Committing to work is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I say ‘happened’ to me, as it only seemed to begin after I had a major operation and STOP in 2010, yet it is one of the most empowering and loving things I have ever experienced for myself.

I did not grow up this way. As far back as I can remember, to age 8 or 9, there was the ideal that one day I would grow up, romantically fall in love, have a family and live happily ever after (which fell well short!). I did not do well at nor did I enjoy school, thinking that careers were for the smart ones; for others who did not want families and therefore had nothing else in their lives.

However this was all based on a belief, a picture I had in my head about how life should be. While love and commitment to having a family and raising children is important and needed, the same dedication was not there for myself and my life first (which included having a job) and therefore I was not truly there for my family either.

As independent as I looked on the outside to everyone else, I was forever happy to hand my life over to someone else – usually a boyfriend/my husband – and then just become a chameleon and adapt to their way of life. This was easy for me to do and so I did it… but at what cost to myself?

This lack of commitment extended to the fact that I couldn’t commit to a job or regular work.

After being introduced to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I remember in 2006 in one of my sessions with Serge where he suggested that I get a job… any job! I heard his voice saying this, but at the time could not feel it at all in my body and certainly wondered about the benefits versus being able to freely have coffees down the road with friends, then take myself off to the shopping centre to see what more I ‘needed’ there!

Clearly this was not IT as it left me feeling very lonely even though I was surrounded by people, something deeper was totally missing. I was in so much illusion thinking that my life was fulfilling when in fact there was a massive void of emptiness.

Getting a job… committing to life?

What did that mean?

I felt getting a job had to look a certain way and that I needed status so I looked important in it and that it paid well without my having to do very much. The arrogance superseded everything else.

I decided to try temping and casually did this for a couple of years. It had its ‘benefits’ financially, however there was still no true commitment from me and I would find reasons why I needed to stop working. It took a number of years as I worked on my own self-worth to appreciate the value of working and truly begin to support myself fully.

One of the things I felt as I began to heal from the STOP I had in 2010 was the strong need I had to take better care of myself, but more than that I had such a strong pull to take responsibility for my own life, mainly financially. I had hardly worked for the past 15 years, using children as an excuse to not engage with employment opportunities. The thought of having a career suddenly felt so strong and supportive and quite frankly a necessary and practical part of life. How had I not seen this before?

This was a completely new feeling for me but empowering and wonderful to feel. I had never felt that level of care for myself.

I began to see Universal Medicine practitioners who were trained in Esoteric Breast Massage, and Esoteric Chakra-Puncture and did several programs that supported me to address the lack of care and self-worth I had for myself.

This was the turning point as I could feel the most basic support of looking after myself with food and rent was grossly lacking and I wanted to change this more than anything.

It was only when I cared enough for myself as a woman that I began my journey back into employment. It was really hard at first, with several wake up calls to where I was actually at, so I started at the bottom….

I made a commitment to myself that I was going to earn money no matter what I had to do, as long as I could remain integral with myself. I sold GF (gluten free) eggs for a while, then did some house cleaning and the odd temp job with agencies. One day I asked an organisation if I could volunteer in their clinic to gain some experience, which I did for 3 months. After that I applied for a job as a receptionist for a super clinic and got the job.

I could feel myself going from strength to strength, not in a career driving way, but in my body; I could feel how this was truly supporting me and my life. I could feel that I had been at the other end of the same spectrum, withdrawn from life, and that the difference was to not go into driving a career, but ensuring that I bring all of me to whatever I am doing: this is what is truly fulfilling and what truly grows my confidence and the way I am with myself and others.

I’ve learnt also that a STOP, in my case an illness, can be the most amazing blessing in disguise – a healing journey that evolves us if we choose to adhere to the learning being asked of us.

In growing me, I automatically grow my career without having to go into a driving force.

I now know that there is no bottom or top of the ladder, it’s about committing to being ME first, then working in places that need my skills and expertise with a whole lot of ME in it!

As long as I am being my playful self, live in a way at home that supports me with my daily rhythms, my food and time to connect to myself, then work/careers take care of themselves. So while my commitment to life at first was about me getting back on my feet to support myself financially, what in fact it really was about was taking better care of myself, developing self-worth and re-connecting to something deeply beautiful within.

By Donna Harris, Dip BA, Brisbane

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1,101 thoughts on “A True Commitment to Work, Getting a Job… and Life

  1. We really take so much for granted that we completely dismiss the importance of being committed to ourselves and life. it’s unfortunate that it takes a huge stop moment to arise before we assess our approach to life, or lack of approach to life. We are capable of so so much, if we’re just willing to connect back to ourselves and appreciate how much there is we can offer and how much there is on offer.

  2. You demonstrate how working more can be a great support for our health as well as the financial aspect. I feel we are born to work because it teaches us commitment, consistency and service. Yet how we work is the key to determining if work drains us or builds us.

  3. It’s is interesting how when we take on a job we can believe our value is connected to what we do and that society will view us as a nobody if we have a low paid job or what is considered a lesser job – I had these views also and would feel better about myself if I had what I considered as a decent job, or an interesting job. I have since come to understand and feel it within myself that, I am not less if I am a cleaner or a hairdresser … and that what really matters is our commitment to life in full, regardless of our job title.

  4. Working for a living can provide much structure and rhythm to our everyday. It can also get us out of our comfort zone, for I am not sure about anyone else, but in every job I have ever done I was and am forever learning something.

    1. Me too Suse, I love the structure of going to work and I can feel I learn so much from every job I do and have. What I have to watch is that the rhythm comes from me not from the structure that has been provided to me from the job – that way we work harmoniously together rather than using it as a crutch.

  5. ‘the same dedication was not there for myself and my life first (which included having a job) and therefore I was not truly there for my family either.’ We could say you were dedicated to be there for your family, this is what most people would say but with not being there for yourself in the first place ( which I can relate to) you were not truly there for your family. It is all one life and when we start to take care for ourselves we are coming from a very different place, a place of deep care and love in our own body which makes we feel this same love and care for everything and everyone else.

  6. It is only when we learn to truly self-care that we can bring that same care to our work whatever that may be. I have often felt overwhelmed by whatever job I happened to be doing but since I committed to taking better care of myself my working life has flowed so much more smoothly. I am loving working full-time as I turn 60 this month (which only a few years ago was the age women retired at in the UK) and have no intention of retiring as I can feel how working supports me in all other areas of my life.

  7. I have been judging someone for abnegating their power and handing their life over to someone else but reading your blog this morning I can see how I used to do that myself in a way and that I can understand more easily this person’s behaviour and let go of judgement. I can also see very clearly how my level of self care has a direct relationship with how I am at work and how by having a 9-5 job, even if only part time allows for a structure and stronger purpose to my life and brings a greater sense of rhythm to my week. My sense of commitment is likewise growing.

  8. Committing to loving, caring and nurturing ourselves first and foremost reveals to us who we truly are. From this solid foundation our true purpose in life becomes apparent.

  9. There is such freedom in committing to life as Donna has shared here. I used to think I had freedom when I was relying on my ex husband to support me, I could go where I wanted when I wanted etcetra, but I never felt truly free inside myself when I was living this way. Freedom is not what we can do in life, it is in the integrity of how we go about our lives.

  10. Donna this is a great blog to read and I love this equal-ness with no top or bottom of the ladder – what a joy the workplace would be for all if the intention was to attend work with a ‘whole lot of themselves’ in it!
    “I now know that there is no bottom or top of the ladder, it’s about committing to being ME first, then working in places that need my skills and expertise with a whole lot of ME in it!”

  11. “As long as I am being my playful self, live in a way at home that supports me with my daily rhythms, my food and time to connect to myself, then work/careers take care of themselves.” When we make a commitment to ourselves and take responsibility for our choices, everything takes care of itself, and we find that whatever job we do is exactly where we need to be at that time.

  12. Great lesson Donna in really committing to oneself first, then the natural flow on that occurs is what is really amazing. As you described, even when you were going about working and had a job, that didn’t automatically mean you were committed to life. But it was only when you felt more deeply what it meant to value yourself that the commitment came.

  13. ‘Work is love made visible’… one of my favourite quotes, by Kahlil Gibran, says it all. Work is self-love, love of others and love of life.

  14. “How had I not seen this before?” This made me smile as this is a question I have asked myself so often during the presentations by Serge Benhayon at Universal Medicine events or in his writing.

  15. Getting a job… committing to life? What did that mean? One would think it simply involves getting a job and getting on with it, but so many are doing just that, they may have a job but there is no true quality in what they do because they are constantly thinking of the next holiday, weekend or thing to do and always working against themselves, so essentially not truly committed to life in the real sense.

  16. Totally agree. Committing to life and your development, making sure your day is of a high quality, living the principles you’d want to see in the world, working hard, making life about people, contributing to the world around us and always growing and learning and moving forward is such a rich and fulfilling way to live.

  17. A very beautiful sharing Donna. I also was not committing to work even it looked like I did. But it didn’t come from the whole of me, more from a survival way. It is important to earn our own money and play our part in the working world if we can. For sure it builds the trust in ourselves to play our part.

  18. How beautiful life presents itself to us when we commit to it and its forever learning’s that are there just waiting to be honoured and confirmed simply by our presence.

  19. The image of having spare time to have coffees with friends at any time of the day is taken by many as the best sign ever that we are having a great life. In truth, this is more a great image than a sign that we are having a great life. Our only commitment there is to make sure that others know they are not alone in buying into this image.

  20. Committing to life is a rhythm of smaller movements that bring purpose and simplicity to our lives and once we begin to say yes to this commitment it’s amazing to see how our life unfolds and expands thereafter.

  21. People do notice when we show how committed we are. Just yesterday I went to start another college course and they had changed the criteria from the previous course, which basically meant that we would have to go in every day for two weeks, and then go in less and work online from home – I asked why the change and they said it was because students were not committed and were dropping of the course. But when I expressed that this new program would not work for me because I had work training days to attend to, the course manager said to me ‘Don’t worry I know you are committed from how you were during the level 1″. So now I can come and go as I please, do most of my work from home and come into the college when I can. I was also advised that if I needed an extension to my course, then that would be offered to me.

  22. There is no way I could have committed to life the way I have if it weren’t for making sure that I was truly looking after and caring for myself. Serge Benhayon has been presenting since 1999 the principles of Self-Love and Self-Care and sure I had heard them before this but I hadn’t heard them and totally appreciated what he was offering like any other time I had heard it before. Because this is the foundation of who we are and this connection is to be honoured, cherished and embraced whole heartedly then having this as our focus and choosing this for ourselves is monumental when what you have been living is disregarding and disrespectful.

  23. Donna I loved how you started back in the workforce. Building consistency and confidence to get yourself started. Work is very good for us, no matter what we do, we get to see the world ‘out there’. See how people are in the world, how we travel through life and interact with one another. Work is about our commitment to people. I love work, always have and I have worked in a variety of areas.

  24. ” I now know that there is no bottom or top of the ladder, it’s about committing to being ME first, then working in places that need my skills and expertise with a whole lot of ME in it! ” This is so wonderful Donna getting your life back thank you for sharing.

  25. ‘So while my commitment to life at first was about me getting back on my feet to support myself financially, what in fact it really was about was taking better care of myself, developing self-worth and re-connecting to something deeply beautiful within.’ Yes the more we connect to the beauty that is within the more we want to share this with the world and the more we care for ourselves the more care we can bring to the work place, the more we want to work and become responsible in ways that we may have never been before.

  26. I have seen my own life and the lives of others transform through taking on full time work. I would say working can be considered true medicine.

  27. This is an incredible sharing- I had no idea of your past and no hint that you struggled to commit to life and engage in the world, this is a true testament that you have healed this as there is not the lingering feeling of someone who is struggling with life.

  28. Its interesting how our ideals and beliefs set in very early on and then shape all the choices we make. I’m finding that there are so many ideals and beliefs I subscribe to that have narrowed my view of the world and kept me blinkered. It’s being very freeing to identify and get rid of some, because it has started to open up a whole new world of opportunity I had kept myself away from.

  29. “I was in so much illusion thinking that my life was fulfilling when in fact there was a massive void of emptiness.” Such an honest and revealing statement, and I don’t think you are alone in making that or living that. I know I pretended for many years that life was awesome when inside I was feeling very empty.

  30. After working part time for 10 years I had to resume full-time work a few years ago due to some financial issues, I was nervous how I would cope with this change as I work shift work. It has been a great experience and I now enjoy my work more than ever and have found the commitment to my work has been an amazing addition to my life and supported me to commit to other areas of my life as well.

    1. Actually we can say that we are made to work and when we retract from this what is so naturally in us we miss the opportunity to grow and evolve. So then the question is what do we really choose for if we neglect the opportunities work is offering us?

  31. Wow Donna, I love this. I can very much relate to not working due to having children, I used this as an excuse for a long time, but I felt flat and I found that the lack of purpose in my life was tiring. I now love to work and enjoy all the life lessons I learn and love the connections with people that I meet in my day, I now can’t imagine not working.

  32. Not committing to life feels like a shallow breath, holding back on our fullest. The feeling of resignation and resentment is all too familiar at many work places and people are constantly complaining about their job and talking about being elsewhere, doing something else. “In growing me, I automatically grow my career without having to go into a driving force” – this is an amazing wisdom.

  33. Committing to me first has always been the missing ingredient, so it’s a bit like trying to make a loaf of bread without using the main ingredient it doesn’t work. I have come to understand that only by taking care of ourselves can we truly take care of others.

  34. To embrace these periods in our lives where we have been brought to a stop for what they have on offer is for me the way to go. As I experience all of life as a learning, then certainly a stop moment. like described in this blog, should be considered as something crucial and to a situation to appreciate deeply.

  35. Donna I could have written this myself. It’s been a long walk back to commitment but the rewards have been enormous. When we make life and all we do in it about bringing all of us we see how needed we are in all walks of life.

  36. I hadn’t made the link before reading this today that neediness in relationships comes from a lack of commitment to one’s self. Because when we commit to ourselves, in full, embracing, adoring, cherishing, appreciating every part of ourselves, including all our past choices, there is no need to fill ourselves up with emotional love from another. We’re so full of our own love, that it’s this that we exude and connect from, with others, instead of an emptiness we’re seeking to fill.

  37. We all do have a true purpose, a fire that burns bright inside, I was annoyingly aimless for years, this has changed through reconnecting to purpose in my life. Appreciating that there’s meaning in Everything, supports me to connect to purpose, nothing by chance and everything a message.

  38. A deeply loving change this is – to commit to ourselves in full not as a way to ‘fix’ but as a way to love. Donna it seems you have truly healed the disconnection you once had and now connect to your purpose.

  39. A life without purpose, just drifting along from one coffee shop to the next or one shopping centre to another, exposes the big emptiness we feel inside when just ‘loafing’ and not taking responsibility.

  40. From an early age I had this ideal about retiring young enough to enjoy life. I did retire young but not really in the way I had envisioned. I was completely burnt out from running a business for 20 years without taking care of myself in any way. For seven years I did very little, running the kids to school and shopping cooking and cleaning. Life suddenly had no purpose and was very empty. Inspired by listening to Serge Benhayon, I grasped that I needed to work and also to be of service to the community, Acting on this realisation initiated changing my life in every way.

  41. Every day I feel how supportive it is for me to be working full-time and more. It is extremely healthy for the body.

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