A True Commitment to Work, Getting a Job… and Life

Committing to work is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I say ‘happened’ to me, as it only seemed to begin after I had a major operation and STOP in 2010, yet it is one of the most empowering and loving things I have ever experienced for myself.

I did not grow up this way. As far back as I can remember, to age 8 or 9, there was the ideal that one day I would grow up, romantically fall in love, have a family and live happily ever after (which fell well short!). I did not do well at nor did I enjoy school, thinking that careers were for the smart ones; for others who did not want families and therefore had nothing else in their lives.

However this was all based on a belief, a picture I had in my head about how life should be. While love and commitment to having a family and raising children is important and needed, the same dedication was not there for myself and my life first (which included having a job) and therefore I was not truly there for my family either.

As independent as I looked on the outside to everyone else, I was forever happy to hand my life over to someone else – usually a boyfriend/my husband – and then just become a chameleon and adapt to their way of life. This was easy for me to do and so I did it… but at what cost to myself?

This lack of commitment extended to the fact that I couldn’t commit to a job or regular work.

After being introduced to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I remember in 2006 in one of my sessions with Serge where he suggested that I get a job… any job! I heard his voice saying this, but at the time could not feel it at all in my body and certainly wondered about the benefits versus being able to freely have coffees down the road with friends, then take myself off to the shopping centre to see what more I ‘needed’ there!

Clearly this was not IT as it left me feeling very lonely even though I was surrounded by people, something deeper was totally missing. I was in so much illusion thinking that my life was fulfilling when in fact there was a massive void of emptiness.

Getting a job… committing to life?

What did that mean?

I felt getting a job had to look a certain way and that I needed status so I looked important in it and that it paid well without my having to do very much. The arrogance superseded everything else.

I decided to try temping and casually did this for a couple of years. It had its ‘benefits’ financially, however there was still no true commitment from me and I would find reasons why I needed to stop working. It took a number of years as I worked on my own self-worth to appreciate the value of working and truly begin to support myself fully.

One of the things I felt as I began to heal from the STOP I had in 2010 was the strong need I had to take better care of myself, but more than that I had such a strong pull to take responsibility for my own life, mainly financially. I had hardly worked for the past 15 years, using children as an excuse to not engage with employment opportunities. The thought of having a career suddenly felt so strong and supportive and quite frankly a necessary and practical part of life. How had I not seen this before?

This was a completely new feeling for me but empowering and wonderful to feel. I had never felt that level of care for myself.

I began to see Universal Medicine practitioners who were trained in Esoteric Breast Massage, and Esoteric Chakra-Puncture and did several programs that supported me to address the lack of care and self-worth I had for myself.

This was the turning point as I could feel the most basic support of looking after myself with food and rent was grossly lacking and I wanted to change this more than anything.

It was only when I cared enough for myself as a woman that I began my journey back into employment. It was really hard at first, with several wake up calls to where I was actually at, so I started at the bottom….

I made a commitment to myself that I was going to earn money no matter what I had to do, as long as I could remain integral with myself. I sold GF (gluten free) eggs for a while, then did some house cleaning and the odd temp job with agencies. One day I asked an organisation if I could volunteer in their clinic to gain some experience, which I did for 3 months. After that I applied for a job as a receptionist for a super clinic and got the job.

I could feel myself going from strength to strength, not in a career driving way, but in my body; I could feel how this was truly supporting me and my life. I could feel that I had been at the other end of the same spectrum, withdrawn from life, and that the difference was to not go into driving a career, but ensuring that I bring all of me to whatever I am doing: this is what is truly fulfilling and what truly grows my confidence and the way I am with myself and others.

I’ve learnt also that a STOP, in my case an illness, can be the most amazing blessing in disguise – a healing journey that evolves us if we choose to adhere to the learning being asked of us.

In growing me, I automatically grow my career without having to go into a driving force.

I now know that there is no bottom or top of the ladder, it’s about committing to being ME first, then working in places that need my skills and expertise with a whole lot of ME in it!

As long as I am being my playful self, live in a way at home that supports me with my daily rhythms, my food and time to connect to myself, then work/careers take care of themselves. So while my commitment to life at first was about me getting back on my feet to support myself financially, what in fact it really was about was taking better care of myself, developing self-worth and re-connecting to something deeply beautiful within.

By Donna Harris, Dip BA, Brisbane

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1,043 thoughts on “A True Commitment to Work, Getting a Job… and Life

  1. I love my work – it puts me in front of all sorts of different people, gets me engaged in the world, and provides an opportunity to explore what it means to offer a true service that will evolve people, rather than just a functional task. Its all a work in progress but then that too is the whole point – we are here to learn and evolve.

  2. Your blog Donna, shows to me that the impulse to live all of life completely must come from the body and it only can if we are taking proper care for it and start to honour and nurture that what is out biggest friend in life, our body.

  3. Committing to work is hands down the best thing you can do, it’s like the ultimate treasure chest of life’s lessons, there’s so much we can learn, grow and evolve in at work, it’s amazing way to master life.

  4. No matter what work, in fact anything, that I do, “it’s about committing to being ME first” and then taking all of ME to it. Very inspirational Donna, and the perfect words for me to read right now; next job here I come!

  5. An honest and inspiring sharing, Donna. The greater our commitment to ourselves, the more we are able to bring all of us to whatever it is we do. And that just feels great.

  6. ‘I now know that there is no bottom or top of the ladder, it’s about committing to being ME first, then working in places that need my skills and expertise with a whole lot of ME in it!’ I love this Donna, how we can be in the illusion of doing instead sharing ourselves in whatever there is to do.

  7. “it’s about committing to being ME first, then working in places that need my skills and expertise with a whole lot of ME in it!” Once we commit to ourselves then we can commit to others – and to our work-place – and truly be of service – regardless of the status of the job.

  8. WOW going from lack of self-worth and no commitment to life to this …. AMAZING. I have been the opposite in I have worked nearly all of my life BUT still was not committing to life and had lack of self-worth and self-esteem. How can this be? I was in function mode, ticking the boxes of what I had to do or ‘seen’ as what I had to do but it was not coming from my heart, there was no truth or purpose with this. So I would say that lack of commitment to life and lack of self-worth can be for anyone … even a CEO if we do not have that self-love and self-worth in place for us first. The Universal Medicine modalities are a great support in helping all come back to who they truly are.

  9. Work, like many other parts in our lives, reflect the level of self worth we have. Do you have ‘ sloppy abusive jobs”? And do you want better, well paid job on a different level? Just work on your self, your self love and self appreciation.

  10. I had a lack of commitment to myself and to life and like you Donna step by step got myself back into full time work and I love it. It’s interesting all those ideals and pictures of how life should be get in the way of how life can truly be, what seems like its working for you actually doesn’t it just holds you in a situation that feels comfortable, but really in separation to humanity, I found.

  11. It’s so true when we do our homework well by looking after our body, eating and sleeping well, we are putting our body in the readiness of what needs to be done next even though we don’t know what that might be, and we get offered or come across an opportunity to be even more of ourselves outside our home. Life is magical.

  12. Great blog, Donna. It’s great for us to be honest enough in STOP moments to not only consider what is causing the stop, but also to look at how we need to make different choices to change the way we live.

  13. There is a saying love what you do and do what you love, but how can you if you don’t love and cherish yourself first? Bringing the focus from the mind into the body allows us a settlement, more awareness about what actually feels right or true or not. So taking care of our bodies and loving ourselves goes a long way in supporting us in a full commitment and not following an ideal or belief in what we think commitment is.

  14. A very inspirational blog in so many ways. I had a stop moment last year and was in hospital for a week and I saw just how many people were there with their own stop moments but possibly not being able to see them as stop moments or events to learn from. I am slowly but surely learning the importance of commitment to life on a daily basis.

    1. I’m so glad that people like you, Donna and many others on this blog site share the power and blessings that our stop moments offer us. You remind me to appreciate my own stop moments and also to stop myself before my body has to step in and do it for me.

  15. The pictures of an ideal life, are so far away from a truly loving and deeply fulfilling one. Unfortunately, sometimes we wait for the picture to be smashed before we are willing to let go of it.

  16. Wow Donna, you have come a very long way from those days. Knowing you as I do now, you are committed, hardworking and very competent. Any workplace would be graced by you in my view.

  17. I remember as I was growing up that everyone had an idea about what I should do when I grew up. They could all see different aspects of my character that would suit different professions and there was probably some projection going on there too as many wanted for me what they had not been able to realise for themselves. This creates a huge fog around a person if they do not have a strong feeling for a career of their own coupled with the belief of the day that women need not commit to anything other than their children and husband. No wonder then that I slipped through the net of the most-assumed-by-all step which was University. I had many jobs but there was no commitment until my thirties and that was not true as I see it now. True commitment starts with an ongoing surrender to our tender precious selves. It is putting ourselves first and deeply caring for ourselves and allowing ourselves to listen to our own body and the wisdom that it has always held but we have drowned out in favour for those around us or our stubborn rebellion to them and their ideas. This responsibility then nurtures the responsibility we have to support ourselves financially.

  18. Stop moments or events in our life either through illness, a tragedy, redundancy or the end of a relationship etc. are a true gift and blessing, as it affords us the opportunity to reflect, ponder and re-evaluate the way we have been living and to re-imprint what has not worked for us. We may not or not want to be aware of this at the time of the Stop event, but with hindsight we get to see it more clearly.

  19. “I now know that there is no bottom or top of the ladder, it’s about committing to being ME first, then working in places that need my skills and expertise with a whole lot of ME in it!” Thank you Donna I loved your blog and your commitment to being you first and foremost and taking all of you to whatever you are doing.

  20. Donna this is such a interesting journey that you have shared with us all. What I find is so unique about Universal Medicine is that as we heal ourselves obstacles that we feel are insurmountable slowly become little ant hills and then dissolve away naturally. Ideals and beliefs that we have about life also seem to just dissolve and for me my body feels lighter and I have much clearer thoughts.

  21. I appreciate your sharing as it gave me insight into what people may struggle with as they enter the workforce. I can feel that I have had a judgement of people who don’t work and this sharing helped me to bring more understanding to what may be going on for people and helped me to explore where that judgement in me comes from.

  22. Bringing commitment to life has changed my picture of life – the world is an ugly place, but I can now choose to live with joy and harmony within myself rather than the ‘suffering of victim consciousness’ in my earlier years.

  23. Thank you Donna. I’m in between jobs at the moment and I can see how easy it is to think you have ‘no time to work’ and withdraw. You remind me that work is a huge blessing and support to us all.

  24. Thank you Donna, patterns of lack of confidence and low worth can really impact our ability to commit to life and work, yet committing to life and to work actually builds our self confidence and worth. We get to see ourselves in different situations and learn more about who we are and how valuable our contribution is to the world, especially if we make it about our qualities and what we bring to what we do.

  25. It seems that we have developed the belief that work is an inconvenience and something that is to be endured, but what if it is the opportunity for us to heal on many levels. Everyday we are offered reflections from people that we have come together with for a reason (as nothing is by accident) to heal something within us, and to connect to others.

  26. Seeing our worth and accepting all of who we are enables us to move forward with life and build a foundation of self care that not only supports us moving forward but also knits together our movements beautifully. Thank you Donna.

  27. We tend to look at work as something second to life – something that we do for a certain time frame, until we have kids, retire, or simply something we ‘fit in’ to part of our days so we can then have free time. However, work is a crucial part of our wellbeing and our purpose in life – and never is it separate.

    1. Our work does not have to be seen as arduous and disruptive to our lives-as you say Kylie when it is a true purpose it is not separate to us and this is joyous to feel. It becomes our gift to humanity. Rather than, ‘I need to go to work to make a living’, we could say ‘I love to express my gift to humanity and this supports me fully’.

  28. My life started to flourish when I committed to work. I have always worked, but it had been a means to an end while I focused on my ‘real’ career of being a musician (which didn’t support me financially at all). The turning point came when I felt I needed to take responsibility for my life – all of it, including money, and realised I needed to commit to work in whole different way. It hasn’t always been easy, but I continue to go from strength to strength at work, which is mirrored at home too. The one supports the other.

  29. Committing to life has many different layers. I have worked for all of my adult life, but have only truly committed to it in the last few years. What does this look like? Well I now don’t try and get away with doing the bare minimum. I give my very best to each and every task that needs attending to. I don’t just stick to my job description, but will help out and volunteer to take on other tasks if I have the capacity. These are just a couple of examples, and it does feel so much better.

  30. It’s really strong the pictures we can create of how our life should look, and work is a big part of this. For me I have found my work was married with a real lack of ambition, which limited where I would go with employment. I am certainly not drawn to making lots of money, but on the others side of the coin there is no reason to not take oneself constantly out of the comfort zone, particularly if we can feel it is building a solid foundation for progression as Donna has found in her way.

  31. Prior to meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I believed I was committed to life but I learnt, in fact I was not committed to life but to attempting to make my life secure and better for me. What I have learnt is that to commit to life is to work with life rather than trying to make it ‘work’ for me, and all that means.

  32. It is amazing the joy that can come from life when self-responsibility and commitment are embraced and true purpose is revealed. This is something that many are yet to discover and suffer in their apathy towards work without realizing they themselves hold the key and not something from the outside they wait to be delivered.

  33. I did an experiment last week, what would tomorrow look like if I gave it everything? In asking that question it was so apparent just how much we hold back in life and don’t give it our all. And you know what – it feels amazing to give life everything we’ve got, not only is the world missing out if we don’t but we are too.

  34. Committing to life starts with the appreciation of what has been given to us perfectly constellated for our own evolution, as the more we appreciate this the more we can maximize what is there for us and express from the fullness of who we are.

    1. That’s true, our lives are perfectly designed for our own evolution and growth, when you can see that nothing is an accident and everything is actually there to help us life gets truly amazing.

  35. Working has been a very interesting experience for me. I have always loved my jobs, whatever job I had I enjoyed it. However, just under a year ago I got a job that I knew was really to serve humanity, the purpose of the job was certain, however this job does not fit any of my ideas about what I imagined myself doing after graduating – the glamorous office in a top graduate recruiting company, wearing fancy clothes, heels, and going to meetings, no, none of that! This has been so difficult to accept, however the more I go to work, the more I love it, I know I have a long way to learn, and I still try to cut corners every now and again, however this is slowly changing and my commitment to work, life, and myself is deepening – thank you Waitrose!

  36. I used to believe that i could be a man of leisure and be very happy with that, but over time I really started to understand that we are made to work, and when I am not working there is a deep unsettlement and dissatisfaction with my life. We are all made for work and it is just for us each to address the issues we have with it and make it as enjoyable as any other part of our life.

  37. “As independent as I looked on the outside to everyone else, I was forever happy to hand my life over to someone else – usually a boyfriend/my husband – and then just become a chameleon and adapt to their way of life. This was easy for me to do and so I did it… but at what cost to myself?”. This can happen to us in all areas of our lives. The daunting feeling of looming responsibility can make us want to hide. When I feel responsibility as connected to true purpose, then it doesn’t seem so daunting for me.

  38. Such a great awareness to have around choosing to go to work: it isn’t about the career path and the recognition it is the fullness of me I bring to my work – to everything. The truth of living this is very clear by the end of the day. Living for recognition brings exhaustion, living for purpose brings vitality.

  39. Donna I remember your egg selling days but didn’t know all of your work back story. Knowing how you are today – hardworking in your paid role/s and just as committed in your voluntary ones – you would never guess you were once someone who found the idea of work repellent. Congratulations on your slow but steady – and oh so solid – rebuild. Super-inspiring.

  40. This story brings to life a favourite quote by American-Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran: ‘Work is love made visible’. What you have chosen Donna is love in every way.

  41. God does not stand by and wait for another, we as humans do this, holding ourselves in our total illusionary belief that we cannot stand alone in a world that is fully dependant on another to remain the same so the status quo doesn’t change. Yet making the decision to do this, to stand against the tide, naturally brings with it a commitment to our bodies, to life and to the world at large.

  42. Committing to life is saying yes to that which we know is our innate right as a son of God, and renouncing that which keeps us away from living in the awe of how truly amazing life is.

  43. ‘…it’s about committing to being ME first, then working in places that need my skills and expertise with a whole lot of ME in it! That is what I am learning too, to commit to life in full and to be honest with myself when I try to sabotage bringing all of me by choosing a comfortable cruising way, holding myself back instead of connecting to my body and feeling the purpose and just go!

  44. Someone asked me if I was happy the other day. My answer was… ‘Are you?’ They said they were trying. From that I could feel a level of purposelessness that is so heavy and unforgiving and very difficult to get out of once it has been someone’s normal for a long time. My reply, ‘There is unlimited Joy in a life of Purpose’.

  45. Work offers us something that is very precious and little understood… it offers us a constant reflection of our worth and what we bring the world.

  46. We seriously miss out when we don’t commit and give life one billion percent, work and everything it gives us is such an enriching and valuable part of life.

  47. We are meant to work! But, if we are just ticking boxes and coasting through life on a comfort level we will never evolve. With purpose behind whatever we do, there will always be growth in our evolution, and this spills over onto those around us!

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