The Wake of our Walk

Today I had a most profound moment on my way to work, one of those magical experiences that left such a clear marker in my body that I will never ever forget.

Today I walked with God.

I travel to work by public transport, but this particular morning I was travelling earlier than usual on the 7.36am train as it was my first day back after 7 days off from work. I had just completed another Universal Medicine Retreat and I often notice after these amazing events that magic happens.

I stepped onto the train no differently than on previous journeys, however, as soon as I started walking down the train carriage, my awareness was very much with the sound of my boots in my every step. No one was talking on the train and within this silence I noticed each step I walked had a rhythm, an exactness that could be heard by all.

Apart from my footsteps, the stillness was so tangible you could hear a pin drop. With each step I could feel the absolute presence with my body, and in witnessing this, each step became more and more present and purposeful.

As I came to the end of the first carriage, my arms gently opened the doors to move to the next. I observed how effortless and amazing it felt to open the doors with such grace and purpose. I had never opened carriage doors like this before. I was feeling the depth of my presence in such a simple movement – there was something quite magical and harmonious in the way that my body was moving.

I then began the second train carriage walk, only by this stage I was very aware of what was happening. I could feel that my every step in stillness was impacting the whole carriage and everyone I passed. I felt the responsibility of every step. Walking in this purposeful and connected way, accentuated by the sound of my boots, was causing heads to turn to see and understand what they were hearing… a sound that was not so familiar in the depth of presence it offered. It felt like every person on that train was being blessed by the presence and grace of my walk; it was as though every person I passed was being washed in the wake of my walk.

No words exchanged, but much felt by all.

After this experience I realised that this is the power we all have when we claim our presence. This was the level of responsibility that I could choose.

Even though at work I cannot hear the click of my boots on the carpet like I did on that train, every step I take at work and anywhere I walk is leaving an energetic footprint. The only choice I have to make in each moment is what kind of footprint this will be.

We are forever leaving a footprint wherever we go and in whatever vocation we choose. The light that we carry in our walk can be truly power-full and a healing reflection for all.

In any moment we can choose to walk with God.

Forever inspired by the graceful footprints of Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine.

By Marika Cominos (BBA), Complementary Therapies Practitioner, Melbourne, Australia

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1,187 thoughts on “The Wake of our Walk

  1. The way we walk is a healing modality in itself. I can walk in a way that aggravates nervous energy or settles nervous energy, the choice is mine and the outcome is either harming or healing.

  2. Every footprint we make leaves an imprint of energy on the earth that has the ability to inspire or bring someone else down, we can never underestimate the power of every step we make.

  3. ‘We are forever leaving a footprint wherever we go and in whatever vocation we choose.’ And every step can lead to the next point of light and evolution.

  4. To be so deeply connected within our body when we walk magnifies every movement in grace as our particles expand and are at one with the universal rhythm they belong to – harmoniously walking with God.

  5. Thank you Marika for this timely reminder that we can choose to walk with God in any moment… and for sharing it in such a practical and relatable way… “I was feeling the depth of my presence in such a simple movement – there was something quite magical and harmonious in the way that my body was moving”

  6. “No words exchanged, but much felt by all.” We are communicating with each other all the time so we have a responsibility to choose the energy we are communicating in every move we make.

  7. Loved your words Marika ‘We are forever leaving a footprint wherever we go and in whatever vocation we choose. The light that we carry in our walk can be truly power-full and a healing reflection for all.’ So true and it comes from our choice to walk with all we are.

  8. I love to feel the power of my walk when in connection I move through the streets of London every day. It is so amazing to feel the steadiness, strength, delicacy, vulnerability, grace, love, divinity, majesty…….I could go on and on….that I bring with me and leave behind me.

  9. It is beautiful sharing and a great opportunity to feel the power we have to inspire others and reconfigure places by leaving an imprint of truth when we walk, this is felt by many and inspires them to embrace a true movement which is inline with their own evolution.

  10. I love knowing that “In any moment we can choose to walk with God” but it has taken me a very long time to come to know this. There have been so many times when I walked alone, or so it seemed, but I can feel now that I was actually never alone, God was always walking alongside me, I just had chosen to disconnect from him. These days I know that I simply need to acknowledge that he is there walking with me and like you, I can feel the change in my footsteps, and sometimes, so can others.

  11. I notice these days that when I don’t walk with God my day is much more disconnected and chaotic. When we walk our divine selves there is a flow and an order to everything we do.

  12. It’s great to see the space that is created for us to see things like this when we hold a deep presence in ourselves. A walk becomes more then just a walk that you do and takes in all and everything around you. At that point you see that ‘your’ walk isn’t your own and it’s become an instrument of something grander that goes out into the world with that same purpose. We are so often caught by the ‘me’ that does things and yet in this we close off the ‘we’ that holds the quality. In other words when you see beyond what you can do, you see more clearly the purpose of the ‘I’ in the world. The I is for us to return to the we and when you hold this responsibility the world see it more clearly and the space is there for all of us.

  13. Every footstep matters because any footstep that has not been walked in love will need to be retraced and walked in love at some stage as we circle around the sun.

  14. Each time I tap into this deeper part of myself, I end up recoiling at some point. At first, I am amazed and can’t believe that I haven’t always walked and moved in this way and then something happens, a responsibility or the next step, I am not sure what it is but something happen because otherwise I would be walking with God every day. What I feel is powerful about this blog is that you have a written confirmation of your experience, I find writing a very strong tool to solidify and confirm an experience as magical as this, a diary can be a great place to start too and serves the same purpose.

  15. I have read this powerful blog and its comments a number of times, and its title has stayed with me as a reminder and marker of the way I walk. This reminder enables me, without perfection, to stay with me as much as I can as I walk, and to feel what this can mean to me for my day and for those around me. Thank you Marika for taking the time to write this blog as it is such an insightful sharing.

  16. Our footprints, and indeed our imprints are left wherever we are. It may not be understood or appreciated, but nevertheless it still happens, opening the door to the great responsibility we all have.

  17. When we are connected to our essence, walking with God, every movement and every detail is felt by all those around us. The way we push our chair in when we leave our desk, the way we place papers down in someone’s tray, the way we jingle our tea bag or open the wash room door… every action either inspires or not.

  18. Beautiful Marika… the reverberation of the healing, the remembering of something so sacred we do all know because that is who we are and where we come from can be felt in what what is written here.

  19. It is amazing to feel something as simple as us choosing to walk with God can offer such a powerful reflection and healing to many.

  20. Isn t it amazing that we carry all in ourselves to truly serve ourselves and others just by the quality in which we walk? is it that simple? Yes, it is. 🙂

  21. I love this ‘In Any Moment we can choose to walk with God’ and that we can and it’s as simple as being fully in our own presence.

  22. Surely it is a testament to the truly divine nature of who we are that such a simple act as walking can help us to realign to our true purpose, our deep connection inside, and thus to God

  23. Whether we choose to be aware of it or not, we are never not leaving our footprints wherever we go, whatever we do. The power we connect to when we choose responsibility is enormous. Choosing responsibility is such a loving thing to do.

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