The Wake of our Walk

Today I had a most profound moment on my way to work, one of those magical experiences that left such a clear marker in my body that I will never ever forget.

Today I walked with God.

I travel to work by public transport, but this particular morning I was travelling earlier than usual on the 7.36am train as it was my first day back after 7 days off from work. I had just completed another Universal Medicine Retreat and I often notice after these amazing events that magic happens.

I stepped onto the train no differently than on previous journeys, however, as soon as I started walking down the train carriage, my awareness was very much with the sound of my boots in my every step. No one was talking on the train and within this silence I noticed each step I walked had a rhythm, an exactness that could be heard by all.

Apart from my footsteps, the stillness was so tangible you could hear a pin drop. With each step I could feel the absolute presence with my body, and in witnessing this, each step became more and more present and purposeful.

As I came to the end of the first carriage, my arms gently opened the doors to move to the next. I observed how effortless and amazing it felt to open the doors with such grace and purpose. I had never opened carriage doors like this before. I was feeling the depth of my presence in such a simple movement – there was something quite magical and harmonious in the way that my body was moving.

I then began the second train carriage walk, only by this stage I was very aware of what was happening. I could feel that my every step in stillness was impacting the whole carriage and everyone I passed. I felt the responsibility of every step. Walking in this purposeful and connected way, accentuated by the sound of my boots, was causing heads to turn to see and understand what they were hearing… a sound that was not so familiar in the depth of presence it offered. It felt like every person on that train was being blessed by the presence and grace of my walk; it was as though every person I passed was being washed in the wake of my walk.

No words exchanged, but much felt by all.

After this experience I realised that this is the power we all have when we claim our presence. This was the level of responsibility that I could choose.

Even though at work I cannot hear the click of my boots on the carpet like I did on that train, every step I take at work and anywhere I walk is leaving an energetic footprint. The only choice I have to make in each moment is what kind of footprint this will be.

We are forever leaving a footprint wherever we go and in whatever vocation we choose. The light that we carry in our walk can be truly power-full and a healing reflection for all.

In any moment we can choose to walk with God.

Forever inspired by the graceful footprints of Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine.

By Marika Cominos (BBA), Complementary Therapies Practitioner, Melbourne, Australia

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