True Inspiration

To ‘inspire’ comes from Latin inspirare – ‘breathe or blow into’ from in – ‘into’ + spirare ‘breathe’. The word was originally used of a divine or supernatural being, in the sense of “impart a truth or idea to someone”. (Oxford dictionary)

However, what matters in true inspiration is whether a person allows themselves to truly feel and open to what has been received, and then what they choose to make of it.

If what is shared by someone is lived, it requires very few words. There is no need to be understood, or to prove anything – there is no imposition at all. Without imposing, what is allowed in the relationship is a truth-full feeling of equality between people.

When we feel the connection with ourselves first, naturally we feel a connection and understanding with another and all others – truly feeling something is relationship, it goes both ways.

True inspiration is simply to naturally bring back equality and harmony within humanity and within our relationships — if the choice to be inspired is accepted by the receiver, there is a natural upward pull towards a shared equality in deepening awareness.

The greatest inspiration I have ever received was one of few words and the reflection, deeply felt when the resistance subsided, was that we are truly all equal. The deep love felt from this inspiration, and my choice to be inspired, is a commitment to also not live less than who I am. When I commit to living in this fullness, the reflection naturally becomes an inspiration when the receiver chooses to accept it, and so we evolve each other together, just by being who we are truly.

By Adele Leung, Image Director, Hong Kong

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910 thoughts on “True Inspiration

  1. “a commitment to also not live less than who I am.” What beautiful words, to commit to ourselves and learn to express who we are unconditionally and without compromise.

  2. We are all made up or said another way we all consist of the matter that makes up the universe so is it possible that when we are inspired by someone that it is a communication taking place on a particle level first which ignites our bodies to respond before our brain kicks in. We are led to believe it’s our minds that do the thinking but I’m not convinced I believe it is our body that responds first at the particle level and this is where we get our true intelligence.

  3. When I allowed myself to deeply feel the truth expressed in these words, my body settled, feeling expanded, and I notice how the quality of my in-breath changed. Literally inspired.

  4. True inspiration lets us know we can be that too, and live that if we so choose to. “If the choice to be inspired is accepted by the receiver” – this makes me ponder on what gets in the way of me accepting the choice to be inspired – comparison, competition, inequality, thinking that to be inspired by another means that I am less/inferior to whoever is offering the reflection. It irks my spirit even just to entertain that thought. But you say “when resistance subsided…” – no matter how much resistance and fight the spirit might like to put up, the truth is always there, unchanged, that we are all absolutely equal. I really feel that, that truly is what we will have to come back to. Thank you, Adele.

  5. Understanding how True words work is an inspiration and being potent is another word that has its fiery origins in being re-connected with our Soul is to be potent. Importance of energetic truth in words is therefore a potent power-full reflection.

  6. Absolutely Adele, when we are not open to our greatest form of communication, which is reflection we are open to the old sayings ‘empty vessels make the most noise’ ‘loose lips sink ships’ ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’ and when connected to true expression ’silence is golden’.

  7. For me inspirational is always something what someone is living. If someone is not living about what he or she is talking than this feels imposing and really not inspirational to me.

    1. Yes, it’s like parents saying to their children ‘don’t do this’ yet actually are doing the same themselves. Hypocrisy and definitely no inspiration. I remember going to a talk about food and healthy eating, yet the speaker was vastly overweight. I was not inspired…….

  8. Some of my greatest inspirations have not come as a result of someone’s words, or something they have done, but simply from the way they move, a way that shares with the world everything they are in that moment.

  9. To be inspired is a beautiful thing because it asks us to be more and we have a choice in that moment to recognise that inspiration or not.

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