True Inspiration

To ‘inspire’ comes from Latin inspirare – ‘breathe or blow into’ from in – ‘into’ + spirare ‘breathe’. The word was originally used of a divine or supernatural being, in the sense of “impart a truth or idea to someone”. (Oxford dictionary)

However, what matters in true inspiration is whether a person allows themselves to truly feel and open to what has been received, and then what they choose to make of it.

If what is shared by someone is lived, it requires very few words. There is no need to be understood, or to prove anything – there is no imposition at all. Without imposing, what is allowed in the relationship is a truth-full feeling of equality between people.

When we feel the connection with ourselves first, naturally we feel a connection and understanding with another and all others – truly feeling something is relationship, it goes both ways.

True inspiration is simply to naturally bring back equality and harmony within humanity and within our relationships — if the choice to be inspired is accepted by the receiver, there is a natural upward pull towards a shared equality in deepening awareness.

The greatest inspiration I have ever received was one of few words and the reflection, deeply felt when the resistance subsided, was that we are truly all equal. The deep love felt from this inspiration, and my choice to be inspired, is a commitment to also not live less than who I am. When I commit to living in this fullness, the reflection naturally becomes an inspiration when the receiver chooses to accept it, and so we evolve each other together, just by being who we are truly.

By Adele Leung, Image Director, Hong Kong

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843 thoughts on “True Inspiration

  1. Our abiltity to appreciate another’s reflection and be inspired by the values that they bring to be more loving and understanding is a great gift anyone can offer another, as it is through inspiration that we get to know ourselves as sons of God.

  2. It is beautiful to feel truly connected with ourselves, and from there to truly connect with another as there is an understanding that needs no explanation.

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