Music – What are we Really Listening to?

I was in the gym changing room when I took a moment to stop and listen to what was being played through the speakers; it was along the lines of “if you love me, come and get your fill”. Hmmmm… definitely not a love song by my standards, and certainly not what I would want to hear from someone I loved or who loved me. I’ve learned that love can only be something that truly comes from within me first, not from anyone else filling me up: believe me I’ve tried it, and looking outside myself for love simply doesn’t work.

Hearing this song made me stop, and think; what are we really listening to?

As I listened I felt in my body the hardness of the song; it actually hurt my body to hear the music. I could feel it in my chest, and the words became so clear, in the sense they were not loving at all, keeping us in the belief that love is something we find outside ourselves. Even the lyrics were not honoring of women or men at all.

I decided to conduct a little experiment: I chose to observe music for the week, just to feel what is really going on. Music is everywhere, 24 hours a day, non-stop: in the supermarket, clothes store, the gym or in the car whilst getting a lift to work, even the kids put their earphones in when moving from class to class at school. The more I observed and listened, the more I became aware of how music imposes on us and just how harming it can be without us even realising.

Sometimes I could feel like it was trying to hook me in – all the stories, emotions and need, other times it was more the actual tone of the voice or the sound of the instrument that actually hurt my body to hear; my chest would tighten, my head hurt, or I’d actually physically wince at the sound. I found when I listened to my body it spoke to me loud and clear.

Looking back I remember being little and reacting to music that didn’t feel right by hiding behind the couch when a certain person and song came on the TV, or shouting ‘stop’ at the radio in the car, and getting into trouble as my sister whacked on the brakes.

As I grew up I got totally sucked in by music that was being played, as long as it had a story of emotional woe I could relate to that kept me immersed in some sort of drama, for example – being sad, lonely or in the misery of a relationship breaking up, or if it had a good beat I could also dance to, I was totally gone.

But thank goodness, it is not like this anymore.

I have found that there is actually music out there that is clear, without one ounce of emotion or woe, which is made with love. It doesn’t hurt my body to listen to it, nor do I wince or get sucked in – it’s the complete opposite in fact. I feel me, I feel so much expansion, freedom and joy in my body, there’s not one ounce of tension or pain.

It’s music that allows my body the freedom to expand, and it calls me to connect more deeply within myself and all that I am – absolute love, joy, truth and so much more. The difference is it has not been made to self-promote or gain, but made with love for all of humanity to hear: it holds all others equally and allows people to feel the truth of who they really are with no imposition at all.

Inspired by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

By Gyl Rae, 37, Scotland

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1,268 thoughts on “Music – What are we Really Listening to?

  1. “I have found that there is actually music out there that is clear, without one ounce of emotion or woe, which is made with love” How wonderful it will be when everyone moves with the rhythm of this Glorious Music.

  2. Thank you Gyl, it is our responsibility to constantly discern what it is that we are digesting and taking on in life, for there is no difference between a type food that we digest or music that we choose to listen to- as it is all the same for it can have detrimental effects on our health and well being or offer us an opportunity for expansion in our lives.

  3. Most of us will only understand the principle of that music imposes when we hear music that is not imposing and clear of such drive. Now it is not about singing nicely or well tuned – or having a happy day. It is about how one lives and the emotion he or she brings into her way of living and music instead. There is an integrity to music that we seemingly have lost, simply because we have no idea any more what true love is – being lived. So we must come back to connection first – from there our music will be whole differently.. Thank you Glorious Music for simply showing us the way forth in music, one of connection with yourself and the all (everybody). Holding sincerely the integrity of making music and everything that comes with that.

  4. Music is played everywhere, although are we aware of what we are listening to, or how the music affects us in different ways, our emotions go on a roller coaster ride depending what we listen to, and the emotional association we have with it, although it takes us away from who we naturally are, and the difference becomes obvious when you get to listen to music that doesn’t play with your emotions but leaves you to feel a greater connection within yourself.

  5. Music can affect us emotionally if the musicians are not energetically clear and if we are disconnected from ourselves. Having had a long break from listening to pop music, I noticed how easily it was to get emotionally caught up in it, once I noticed this and was less affected and chose to reconnect to myself.

  6. I was in a waiting room the other day with music playing. A few days later I found myself wanting to sing the song that had been playing and this showed me that music does impact us. It took a lot of staying very focused to get the song out of my head.

    1. I know that one Elizabeth, also what I have noticed is that even if we are not paying that much attention to the song at the time, a couple of days later the words of the song will be there as if I knew them. This shows me that we don’t have to play a song over and over to get the words – they are there in our body whether we want them or not.

  7. ‘If music be the food of love…….’ as stated by Shakespeare then it would do us well to discern astutely as to the energetic quality we consume through such sound. Does it come from all the love we are and thus need nothing of us or, does it come from all that opposes this and thus hooks us in by way of needing us to react to it in a certain (emotional) way?

  8. One day we will all know the harm that music can cause and the negative impact it can have on us, until then we need to put up with the incessant and imposing noise that can often be heard when out and about.

  9. This is an interesting point, as I can remember when I was younger my parents telling me to ‘turn the music down’ and they described it as ‘a terrible noise’. This in itself is really telling as on some level it obviously felt like an imposition to them, and I can too remember having a similar reaction when my children put on certain types of music. But any music that has been written from an emotional body rather than one that is fully in tune with its connection to love is going to have a detrimental energetic impact on our bodies, even if it sounds beautiful to our ears.

    1. Ah yes, this was me also although to be fair I was listening to punk and heavy metal and the unruly teenager in me quite enjoyed the fact that my parents reacted to it. On the other end of the spectrum we also have the music that is pleasing to the ear but crafted from the deep pit of emotion we fall into when we do not live true to the love that we are, so even though the person may be singing about being in love, or it is a classical instrumental piece played by a renowned orchestra, it is still fed to us from the one and same spectrum of energy that gives us the punk and the heavy metal. The short of it is – music will either serve to help us reconnect to the great love that we are or, it will take us further away from it. As always, it is up to us to discern what we are being fed and the affect this is having on us no different to the foods we eat.

  10. “If music be the food of love, play on” – Shakespeare.

    But as you point out Gyl, music can also be a food that contains not an ounce of love and so it pays us well to discern at whose banquet do we sit and thus what will we be fed when we attune our senses to what is being delivered and the energy it is being delivered in – be that love or be it not.

  11. I was at work yesterday for a conference which was actually really good as the people were great the unfortunate thing was they had really loud music playing which I find really imposing, music can really take us out, in the future just as we now know the harm of smoking so to will we know the harm which music can have.

  12. This a great question and at times we may not know but we are certainly feeling what it is. The more I have become aware of what I am feeling the more I have become more sensitive to what is being played around me.

  13. Music can be so deeply imposing, and the crazy thing is that as a society we have not learnt to discern it, to feel it and to know its true message. Too eagerly we tend to override what our bodies are saying and listen to music that is actually harming us.

  14. I don’t like going into shops where the music is blaring and it feels like an assault when you walk in there. I find it hard to focus and notice that I feel irritated when I walk out.

  15. I remember the lyrics from songs I heard decades ago. They will randomly pop into my head almost every day. This shows me how powerful music is, so I can understand how very important it is to discern what we choose to listen to.

  16. One thing that I am aware of is when I am at work and if I am not completely on the ball and loose the connections with myself the music has a very strong impact in how I am feeling and ususally reacting to what is gong on. Music I find is really imposing and when you do get to experience not having that impact around you there is so much space and you feel free in what you are doing to be.

  17. I used to be so addicted to listening to music from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed, no wonder I was more emotional then and often felt exhausted. It became obvious to me the impact the type of music I listened too was having on me and how hooking and imposing it truly was.

  18. Many lyrics of mainstream music are an absolute disgrace. If we take it beyond just the lyrics and feel the vibration of a lot of music, it does indeed hurt the body. And that is possibly more damaging than vulgar words.

  19. It is interesting how we almost cannot go anywhere without there being music. It is there when we shop, when we go to the gym, when we visit the doctor, in fact there are so few places we go that there is not music. Given that then would it not be wise to investigate for ourselves how music is impacting our bodies?

  20. ““if you love me, come and get your fill”. Hmmmm… definitely not a love song by my standards, and certainly not what I would want to hear from someone I loved or who loved me.” There are so many songs that we are without our doing exposed to during the day and the snippet you give here shows the quality we are listening to. We have been allowing so much in our society under the banner of freedom of expression that nothing seems to stop us to becoming more vile and more vulgar in what we express and deem as normal.

  21. All of the music you hear in the shops feels imposing, and at times I feel agitated by the effect the music is having on me and choose to walk out of the shop. It seems that a trendy shop has to have very loud trendy music, as they are marketing for a certain clientele, but I often wonder how the people working there get on every day with having to ignore the music.

  22. I have a love hate relationship with music. I kind of have to have mainstream music playing at my work and sometimes it drives me nuts and sometimes I must admit, I like to dance around and sing along. I know that most music is produced by people that are pretty emotionally damaged, in it for personal gain or simply lost, so energetically, it’s not that great to be soaking into your system but, yea, there is a but…. Isn’t everything in this world basically not that energetically great? I mean, I don’t mean to sound like a downer but the world is a pretty messed up place. It doesn’t mean we don’t buy clothes because they were made by a company that doesn’t have integrity. I mean really, how many of us know the detailed background of how our clothes were produced? Not to mention the food we buy from and what and who that supports? For me, it’s not about removing music or anything else for that matter from my life, but instead, about watching, feeling, observing, as you have in this blog and continuing to do this, with the intention that one day, we might be able to feel past a good tune or a designer label to the core of what is being offered and more interestingly, why it is being so readily offered and at what times?

  23. What we tend to forget is that music is an energetic vibration before it is anything else and even if we like the tune or the theme or words of a song we have to check how the music actually energetically feels in our bodies otherwise we may be getting more than we bargained for.

  24. It is amazing how we can fool ourselves into thinking we enjoy something that actually is harming us. Music and food are quite similar in that I do know and can feel the harm it is doing to me, but there’s this hooking energy that sticks and I often find it hard to let go of.

    1. I agree Fumiyo, music and food are very similar in this sense. Although we could say that music can be far more toxic to ingest due to the fact we do not even think that we are ingesting it. At least with food, it is visible to the eye and we know what we are putting into our body but when it comes to music it seems we have not attuned our hearing to the same degree. For example, we know a sugary sweet or a burger is not so good for us even though we may still eat it anyway. But do we really understand that a particular song can have the same effect to our body and the being within it?

  25. Music is such an interesting medium, as out of our five most commonly known senses, it only involves our hearing. But once we can accept that we also have a sixth sense, which is our clairsentience, and the sense that we use to ‘feel’ what is going on around us we start to appreciate that music affects us in many more ways than we may have first realised. Due to the vibrational waves that music sends out, the effects of it can and do premeate through our bodies energetically, so depending how any piece of music is written or perfomed, it can do untold damage at this level. But equally when music is written with no investment whatsoever, it is completely unimposing to the listener and simply leaves them alone to be themselves.

  26. When we can see the world as a vast sea of energy then we can understand that all music delivers a vibration that will either cause a disturbance in the water we swim within or does not. The problem here being that many of us live in such a discordant way, we have unwittingly attuned ourselves to this discordance and so we don’t register that we are being energetically assaulted in this way.

  27. This is such a great question to ask Gyl ” what are we listening to?” As a world wide society we need to ask ourselves what is the energy behind the lyrics and the beat? Why can we get hooked on certain music? and why do we allow ourselves to get emotionally stimulated?

    And a biggy -why do we not recognise the harm that most music is bringing.

  28. Gyl, reading this reminds me of how sensitive to music I have always been, as a child I didn’t listen to music, i had no interest and I remember going to university and feeling very uncool for not liking any music and so to fit in I pretended there were some i liked, I realise now that the music felt awful in my body, having in last few years come across music by Chris James music and Miranda Benhayon I now love to listen to their music, there is no jarring in my body, it feels lovely and easy to listen to and I can listen to it over and over again, i feel inspired by this music.

  29. Sound starts with a simple vibration. It would stand us well to discern the quality of that vibration well before we fall for a catchy tune.

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