Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

“Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”


This was one of my grandmother’s favourite sayings. Perhaps from an era just fading from memory when really no one stayed up that late. It was common practice when I was a child staying at her house that dinner was early, kids were bathed and in their pyjamas well and truly before the summer sun went down. Dinner was served at 5:30 / 6pm and once it was eaten it was story time and into bed. Adults too.

It seems these days it is a much busier world. The pace of everything is much faster and having space and time in the day seems like a luxury.

The most people seem to stop these days is to queue up for coffee to get a hit to kick-start the day and keep us going because we are so busy. Flat out, not really home from work till 6… and then get dinner ready in a rush to feed the kids. And the whole world seems to stay up much later.

Or when I was single and in my 20’s and 30’s, it was out to dinner or off to a party and not home till 10 pm on a weekday – let alone the wee small hours on the weekends.

The last couple of years I have experimented with going to bed early again.

Is that old saying of my grandmother’s more than just a forgotten rambling of a world no longer relevant?

Or is it actually something that carries wisdom of old. Wisdom – that word that is different from knowledge.

Something that is known to be true because it has been lived and found to have an effect on the way we live.

I’ve tried it out.

I love getting into my cosy pyjamas early and feeling all cosy and warm and cared for as if I was putting myself to bed like a child, even now as a grown man of 40.

There is a distinct difference in how I am the next day if I go to bed early and in a way that is caring for myself, rather than the days when I sit up late watching TV or working on the computer.

It affects how I feel.

How I walk.

How I talk during the day.

How I eat because if I am tired I tend to choose sugary, starchy junk foods.

It actually effects how I think. What I think – what thoughts about myself and others I allow in my head.

And then it effects how I treat others and myself.

It took a while to change it and I am still getting better at doing it but I have to say I love ‘being a Nanna’ and going to bed early. The things I used to think I needed in my life in that ‘me time’ and staying up late, actually pale in comparison to how I feel in my life every day now.

Thanks Grandma. Now I know what it means when you used to tell me “Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”


The simple practical things that we all know, and yet somehow don’t ever get around to implementing in our lives, can make such a big difference.

I would like to say thank you – deeply thank you – to Serge Benhayon for his commitment to the simple beauty in the way we can live.

By Simon Asquith, 41, MultiMedia Professional

This blog originated as a comment inspired by the blog:
Going To Bed At 9 pm Makes So Much Sense

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1,260 thoughts on “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

  1. I love going to bed when my body lets me know it is time! It is so easy to read a couple of paragraphs of a Purple Book, turn out the light and feel myself relax into sleep. It is the best feeling after a busy day.

  2. This is such a great saying and very true – ““Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.” Going to bed when our body lets us know we are tired is super supportive and a very wise thing to do.

  3. Introducing the daily rhythm of early to bed and early to rise to my living way, has been hugely beneficial both to my health and my sense of wellbeing, and I highly, highly recommend it.

  4. “Something that is known to be true because it has been lived and found to have an effect on the way we live.” Lived wisdom, that is so important to claim back in a world, where ideals, beliefs and thoughts is what we follow but not a daily rhythm that truly supports us.

  5. I find that the way I am in the evening before going to bed makes a big difference too, that there is a natural call from my body to do things in a way and flow that is preparing for rest and to regenerate – I can even still be working on things but just in a different pace to how I might do them earlier in the day…

  6. Healthy, wealthy and wise expands to a far greater and grander meaning the more I honour my body’s natural rhythm and listen to my inner knowing.

  7. What truth is in your title, it is a great old saying, but there is a lot of wisdom in it. When we do honour ourselves by going to bed early, we certainly can and do benefit from these self loving choices.

  8. There is no doubt about it Simon there is much wisdom for us to discern in old favourite sayings. Early to bed early to rise is certainly one such saying with much wisdom and truth.

    1. There is so much proof in the pudding with this saying. Our levels of alertness are far greater when we choose to rest and reboot the body and give it the respect it deserves.

  9. Listening to the natural rhythm of the body is instrumental for our well-being. It is not about being rigid but tuning in to what is truly needed.

  10. I love the feeling of having honoured myself and all that comes with going to bed at a time that suits me and my body, also allowing myself to sleep and wake up at a time that also feels honouring, without alarms and stress.

  11. In the ‘olden days’ there seemed to be much more flow, rhythm and togetherness woven into a person’s day as opposed to the fast paced and distracting way we live that is keeping us all not only doing our own thing, but quite exhausted.

  12. I couldn’t agree more Simon, going to bed early has been a God send for my energy levels, and listening to when my body was wanting to sleep, instead of overriding and staying up to watch something on the telly – it makes such a difference to how I feel the next day.

  13. A lot of people think that going to bed early means that you miss out on time with family and friends. What I have found is that if I go to bed early I have far more time for family and friends because when I do spend time with them I am not tired and distracted.

  14. There is no more fundamental self-caring gesture that going to bed early… over time it’s benefits are beyond any comparison, nothing will compensate the body for missing vital hours of deep rest or sleep in the early hours of the night.

  15. This is such a great way to sleep, to get to bed early and then rise early. I work in hospitality and we have events that I work in during the evenings through the months. I know when I do get to bed later than what I like to what is really important is that I don’t rush to get to bed. I keep my rhythm and make sure I lovingly nurture myself along the way.

  16. As I was reading this I was struck by the word “early”. It seems to me that what your grandmother presented to you was a way of living that supports our incarnation here on earth. In that way it is not so much about being early or late but about what is true.

  17. Going to bed early we allow our body to regenerate and rejuvenate so that it is best prepared to meet what the following day may bring.

  18. It is interesting how we can be ruled by the rhythm that is displayed on a clock on the wall rather than the felt rhythm of our own body.

  19. I agree that there are many distractions that keep us up late, I’ve noticed more that when there is no tv, early nights are much easier and early mornings become a joyful time of the day, a time to set the day up before everyone heads out, or just time to enjoy the stillness of the day before it begins.

  20. I was struck by this today – “It actually effects how I think” – and I really got it. That when I am tired, I have different thoughts. I’ve known this but today I got it on a deeper lever and felt the level of responsibility I have to make sure I get enough sleep as it is ALL SO connected.

  21. This shows us how the awareness has always been there and how we have been and still are the ones to choose to not allow it. I remember growing up ‘early to bed’ which is only relative to the time we now consider normal to go to bed as in those days it wasn’t really that early. It is almost like a message from the past meeting us now in the future as we set the standard of living from how we personally choose to live.

  22. Having supportive ways of living affects us on every level and by extension everyone we meet. We cannot say these ways of living are silly or write them off as being old fashioned when they actually work…

  23. Not only does it matter what time you go to bed but what you do before you go to bed also matters. If we overstimulate ourselves before bed then it does not matter if we are in bed early or not as we will not be able to get the quality of sleep that is needed to rejuvenate us.

  24. A classic saying holding much truth to embrace and be inspired by. It makes sense that simple practical things like this make a huge difference to our health and whole way of being.

  25. ” Something that is known to be true because it has been lived and found to have an effect on the way we live.” This is the true way to live life, a livingness is a knowing that the body knows, when lived the result is a pay off for the body which supports us in life. ” healthy ” ” wise”

  26. It seems to me you are talking about a quality of life, where we value the quality of each and every moment and cherish our health and well-being and the people and relationships in our life, and from this simple choice of making life about quality how rich and incredible life can be.

  27. What is me time in a true sense? Is it staying up late? Or is it taking care of oneself just to make sure that tomorrow I will be more with me as I walk during my day (e.g., by going early to bed)? What we identify me time with is not it. It is always about being with me, not about doing something different compared to the rest of the day

  28. It always felt like a struggle to stay awake past 9pm and again an equal struggle to wake up the next day. These days I really enjoy winding down from my day and more than not I am awake before my alarm (which averages at 3:30 to 4/4:30 max) and no coffee or sugar required all day working two jobs. Yes I get tired and crave sugar occasionally but on the whole I have far more energy then I ever have had through lifestyle changes like going to bed ‘early’ which for me is now normal.

  29. Just this morning, in fact many mornings in the last few weeks, I’ve been considering just how awful I feel after going to bed a little later than I would have liked. I’ve had some things on which have caused me to get home late, which is fine, but what I noticed is that to ‘wind down’, I end up on my phone for half an hour, rather than putting myself straight to rest. It’s interesting just how much this affects the way I wake up in the morning. And I know this from the times I have experimented with resisting the temptation to numb out on my phone. Dragging out putting myself to sleep always results in waking up feeling a bit like I’ve been hit by a semi.

  30. I have to agree with this, I have had a few days where I have pushed myself and taken stuff on and then gone to bed but not been able to rest. It takes its toll as I don’t have as much energy and am more easily irritated and don’t enjoy the day as much, instead finding issues to focus on.

  31. I love going to bed early and now that I get a good nights rest, I don’t need coffee anymore to give me a kick start in the mornings.

  32. Considering more and more people are experiencing exhaustion and burnout it would be very supportive if they listened to the wisdom of their bodies and went to bed early instead of pushing their bodies when they are tired.

  33. I know this is so simple… You could look at a statement like this or this article and make a cynical observation… But the truth is something as simple as this can literally turn your life around. Because there is so much more to it… There is how you value your own life, the rhythm that you are choosing where everyone else is choosing something different, the effects can be very far-reaching and very liberating.

    1. We are seduced by complexity and when lost in this web, are blinded to the utter simplicity that surrounds us and lives within us. It does not take any degree of academic based intelligence to know for example: if it is dark, turn on a light, if you are tired, go to sleep – yet we push against this innate wisdom and override it with a whole host of very convincing reasons why we cannot perform this simple task in the said moment. Big changes come from small movements, but because we do not want to focus on the detail, we go for the BIG and skip the bits along the way. This is how we have all strayed so far from the truth of who we are and plunged head first into complication.

  34. As humans we got clever and invented electricity – ‘the suns that never sets’ and with this move, made a move away from the natural rhythm of the rising and setting sun so that now like moths, we calibrate ourselves to an artificial light rather than the butterfly that always orientates itself to the light of the burning sun and are not fooled by the many false lights that surround them in the night.

  35. I love how the simplicity of our movements and the choice to explore how they feel within our bodies can shift our wellbeing and bring great vitality, clarity and enjoyment to our daily lives and how we in turn move within them.

  36. I am inspired for so many reasons, one being that this blog came from a comment! I am really great at commenting on other people’s blogs but I am yet to take the plunge and write one of my own, this makes it seem so simple. Also, that saying “Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”
    holds so many memories for me, as I heard that a lot when I was a kid, it warmed my heart to feel how true it is. Ironically, I am up super late tonight reading this blog but ohh well, tomorrow I will go to bed and I might head of to bed now, as this article reminded me of how great resting the body can be.

  37. It’s just so beautiful that we know exactly what works and serves ourselves in this physical body and we don’t need any complicated theory or research to prove. How intelligent our innocence is.

  38. These days things are really geared up for us to stay up later and later, with stimulated TV shows, computer games, nightclubs that open at 10 pm and go onto the early hours of the morning. It’s like adding stimulation to an already exhausted body – something will have to give.

  39. This reminds me of how simple life can be – how often do we look for answers to why we don’t feel great and what if it could be answered so simply, by taking better care of ourselves and adjusting our daily rhythm… it’s worth pondering on.

    1. I agree Meg. Life is meant to be very simple and in flow. When this is not the case something is not quite as it ought to be – and when we do take on this attitude with ourselves and with life, we do allow some profound changes to take place.

  40. I love going to bed early and getting up early too! This practice was one of the most practical loving and caring treatments I offered myself 6 years ago simply from feeling my body needed it, and I was totally hooked! It is true that our modern day and age is much more faster and busier and in many countries it is true that the city’s or country’s rhythm is a lot less spacious now. But if we have built a foundation of spaciousness within our bodies there is an understanding that deepens, which then supports us to support everything around too.

  41. Lats night I went to bed later than I normally do due to my flight being delayed. So instead of being in bed by 9pm, I was in bed around 10:15…. The difference I felt this morning was significant – and that is the difference of that one precious hour.
    And yet if we’re not used to waking up feeling crisp and revitalised and all we know is the feeling of tiredness and lethargy that reaches out for a cup of coffee for alleviation, then there is no reference point to shift this.

  42. Simon i so fully and completely agree with you, as you say “The simple practical things that we all know, and yet somehow don’t ever get around to implementing in our lives, can make such a big difference.” when I look back it was my resistance to implement some simple changes and drive to fight against everything I felt in my body to be true that caused me the most angst. Change that, change my choice to do some simple practical things and the quality of my whole life changes. Even now I notice how easy it can be to get drawn into the screen and in that loose my connection and start to feel ‘off’.

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