Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

“Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”


This was one of my grandmother’s favourite sayings. Perhaps from an era just fading from memory when really no one stayed up that late. It was common practice when I was a child staying at her house that dinner was early, kids were bathed and in their pyjamas well and truly before the summer sun went down. Dinner was served at 5:30 / 6pm and once it was eaten it was story time and into bed. Adults too.

It seems these days it is a much busier world. The pace of everything is much faster and having space and time in the day seems like a luxury.

The most people seem to stop these days is to queue up for coffee to get a hit to kick-start the day and keep us going because we are so busy. Flat out, not really home from work till 6… and then get dinner ready in a rush to feed the kids. And the whole world seems to stay up much later.

Or when I was single and in my 20’s and 30’s, it was out to dinner or off to a party and not home till 10 pm on a weekday – let alone the wee small hours on the weekends.

The last couple of years I have experimented with going to bed early again.

Is that old saying of my grandmother’s more than just a forgotten rambling of a world no longer relevant?

Or is it actually something that carries wisdom of old. Wisdom – that word that is different from knowledge.

Something that is known to be true because it has been lived and found to have an effect on the way we live.

I’ve tried it out.

I love getting into my cosy pyjamas early and feeling all cosy and warm and cared for as if I was putting myself to bed like a child, even now as a grown man of 40.

There is a distinct difference in how I am the next day if I go to bed early and in a way that is caring for myself, rather than the days when I sit up late watching TV or working on the computer.

It affects how I feel.

How I walk.

How I talk during the day.

How I eat because if I am tired I tend to choose sugary, starchy junk foods.

It actually effects how I think. What I think – what thoughts about myself and others I allow in my head.

And then it effects how I treat others and myself.

It took a while to change it and I am still getting better at doing it but I have to say I love ‘being a Nanna’ and going to bed early. The things I used to think I needed in my life in that ‘me time’ and staying up late, actually pale in comparison to how I feel in my life every day now.

Thanks Grandma. Now I know what it means when you used to tell me “Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”


The simple practical things that we all know, and yet somehow don’t ever get around to implementing in our lives, can make such a big difference.

I would like to say thank you – deeply thank you – to Serge Benhayon for his commitment to the simple beauty in the way we can live.

By Simon Asquith, 41, MultiMedia Professional

This blog originated as a comment inspired by the blog:
Going To Bed At 9 pm Makes So Much Sense

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1,288 thoughts on “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

  1. We often disregard the simple wisdom that are offered to us. What I love about the Ageless Wisdom teachings is that all those things that you heard or felt over the years all make sense, they all seem to click. This, click factor, I put down to the living way that seems to be so active in all the Universal Medicine presenters.

  2. It isn’t just sayings like your grandmother’s that we have lost, we have also lost all understanding and connection to what wisdom is. This must have been our choice to walk away from it. Perhaps we valued technology and didn’t value wisdom?

  3. Lovely blog Simon. While the whole world bombards us with how many cool things you can and should do after work, it actually does not serve us at all. The old saying of grandma carries a deep wisdom in it, as going to bed early, rising early is more in the rhythms of nature.

  4. I still find it not easy sometimes to go to bed early – I would love to be in bed well before 9pm, but something often comes up to keep me up until 9.30 – yes it is work, and there is always more to be done, but I still sense a light reluctance to surrendering to bed! Going to bed early feels so beneficial so I need to follow up that reluctance, and what it is all about..

    1. Sometimes for me it’s the feeling from childhood that staying up is fun otherwise you’re missing out, and other times it’s the obsession with being in constant motion, not surrendering to the simplicity of being because of the stimulation of doing.

  5. Thank you Simon, I used to the think it was the way to go to stay up late and watch TV, even when tired, however going to bed early and waking rested means the whole day is enjoyed. There is no TV show that delivers how lovely I can feel from simply caring for myself and listening to my body.

  6. I know this is so true but I still have trouble going to bed early. What I have trouble with is honouring me and reading this has reminded me that it really is so simple and loving, that I’m worth being with and that all the things I may have floating around me as complications from my day also need putting to bed. The next day I can look at the complications and simplify my life so I am not embroiled by them.

  7. I agree Simon the pace of life seems much faster now than years ago with far more technology to distract us too that allowing space in our day to stop and take stock of how we are and feel our body’s natural rhythm appears impossible as we feel we have so much to fit into our day. And in the drive and push of our body we override what we are truly feeling preventing us from truly winding down from our day to fall asleep when our body feels tired at the completion of the day.

  8. If you think about it – our sleep is super important – it actually affects every part of our lives, from how we feel in the day, to our ability to work, to every single one of our relationships and our ability to commit to life and learn and evolve and move forward, and all these parts affect the whole bigger picture of our lives and the direction they go in.

  9. Thank you Simon. Enjoying a rhythm of preparing and going to bed early is a beautiful way to set a strong and solid foundation for the next day.
    “There is a distinct difference in how I am the next day if I go to bed early and in a way that is caring for myself, rather than the days when I sit up late watching TV or working on the computer”.

  10. Wisdom “Something that is known to be true because it has been lived and found to have an effect on the way we live.” we do not need to be told it, have it proved, prove it, wisdom is a quality lived from the whole body and not just from the mind.

    1. Absolutely! A body that lives this kind of wisdom and shares the experience cannot be questioned. No knowledge can challenge, if you are the living proof of what you share. That´s why it is so important to never talk from any knowledge, but only what you experienced in your own life.

  11. You have to ponder on what we receive while we are asleep because more often that not many avoid sleep. Could it be we are offered repose and a space that prepares us for what next is on offer? Could it be we are offered evolution and because of this it brings up resistance?

  12. We can all feel the effects the next day of how we are, set up by the previous day how we have lived. Whether it is a hangover from the night before, or waking refreshed from a good night’s sleep, the message is there from the body to be listened to.

  13. It is indeed a super simple thing to go to bed early with such a huge effect. I agree in all the mentioned points from you. Sleep from 9 o clock on rejuvenates me much more, than going to bed later with the same amount of sleeping hours.I realised how I used to want to lengthen my day by staying awake longer. Being more with me during the whole day, I don´t feel I need to extend anything later at night. It just feels super cosy to choose to sleep when my body tells me to.

  14. I had a late night last night and I just feel my body didn’t enjoy my sleep as much as it usually does. I can feel it did what it needed to do, it recharged my batteries, but there is a spark missing which means I can see there will be more of a pull to outside supplements like sugar! Our bodies are stunning in the level of communication through its subtle and unsubtle conversation.

  15. Coffee is fuel these days, no doubt about it. And the fact that it tastes nice too is a bonus. But I wonder if perhaps it keeps everyone so busy and in motion that for the most part it is difficult to really feel its effect on the body. It’s like, if you spend so long being so far away from harmony that eventually you forget what it’s like? And so then you don’t even miss it?

  16. ” Or is it actually something that carries wisdom of old. Wisdom – that word that is different from knowledge. ”
    Yes wisdom carries truth, and truth is lived and therefore one is wise.

  17. With tv, computers and social media I feel most of us have our heads into a screen right up until bedtime now .. and many young people all through the night on social media. I reckon if we all took the early to bed and early to rise we would definitely see a difference, and yep just maybe be healthy, wealthy and wise. And how many of us still read stories to or with our children and young people? This is such a lovely thing to do.

  18. Great point that it’s the simple and practical changes that we know would make a big difference to our lives, if only we could get around to implementing them..so why don’t we? We like to do what ‘we’ want to do, because we think we can, when we’re choosing to not connect to what our body feels like and the impact of our choices. The more we tune into how our bodies feel, and how our choices make us feel, and appreciate the choices that support us to feel amazing, the easier it becomes to choose what makes our bodies feel good, which then leads to greater flow and harmony in our lives.

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