Inspired by Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine: Feeling the True Me

When I first started practicing Optometry 20 years ago, and for many years thereafter, I felt like I was an actor on a stage, but seldom the true me.

My approach was to ‘mimic my patient’ or ‘to follow their lead’. I was never taught this explicitly at the time, but just recently I attended a Customer Services workshop where this was recommended as a way to ‘wow’ your client.

I reflected back to a time when I was constantly measuring how another person was from the minute they walked through the door. If they were friendly and jovial, I would be too. If they were quietly spoken, I would drop my voice. I have always seen a lot of paediatric clients, many with ADD: when they were in my chair, I would rush around in a frantic spin trying to get everything done that I needed to do in as quick a time as possible.

At the end of every working day I was exhausted. Not because of the physical aspects of my job, but because of the energy I put into being what I thought everyone wanted me to be, and my constant measuring of everyone else. I thought, though not consciously, that I was meeting each person where they were at.

When I look back now, and if I think of the ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) child, what reflection did they get from me? Did they get a gentle person who could calmly work, being present with each task in every moment, without judgement? No! Did they get a reflection that there could be another way? Definitely not!

Since coming to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been presented with another way; a true way that supports not only me but everyone who walks through my door.

The reflection I have received from Serge Benhayon is that he is always the same, with everyone in every moment. He meets everyone with his full presence and attention. He never tries to be ‘nice’ or ‘polite’ or play social games. He is just himself, consistently – he ‘breathes his own breath’ and never holds back his truth and love.

From attending Universal Medicine events I have learned to support myself at work. To approach each person and task with my full presence. To work and move gently throughout the day and to honour what I feel in every moment.

I have learned to connect to me, to feel the true me and to express from there (without perfection, as I still have ‘wobbles’). I am naturally a friendly person who loves people: I love to chat, to listen and to share. Some days I feel tender and delicate, and I honour that too. Because I can now feel the loving essence inside of me, I am able to truly meet another. In other words, connect to that loving essence in everyone else and allow them to express however they so choose.

Now when you walk through the door, instead of the exhausted, racy actor, you get the true me!


Carmin Hall
Carmin Hall – “the true me”

By Carmin Hall, B.Optom  Grad.Cert.Ocular Therapeutics

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1,026 thoughts on “Inspired by Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine: Feeling the True Me

  1. I have been that racy actor too, now however I am me, and people can love me or hate me, as I have re-learnt that really all that matters is my connection to God and my soul.

    1. Le when I was in my late teens I really didn’t care what people thought about me, that was their problem not mine. When I had a mental breakdown in my early 20’s everything changed I apologised for taking up space in the world.
      Like you meeting Serge Benhayon Carmin – it was life changing and it is so worth repeating.
      “The reflection I have received from Serge Benhayon is that he is always the same, with everyone in every moment. He meets everyone with his full presence and attention. He never tries to be ‘nice’ or ‘polite’ or play social games. He is just himself, consistently – he ‘breathes his own breath’ and never holds back his truth and love.”
      Serge Benhayon has shown the world that there is another way to live with a connection to God and our soul and this now means everything to me.

  2. “The reflection I have received from Serge Benhayon is that he is always the same, with everyone in every moment.” Yes I agree. This inspired me to change from being the chameleon I used to be ( thinking it was good to adapt to each and every person – becoming what they needed me to be – ) to being the truer version of me.

  3. We have this amazing sensitivity that lets us know the exact detail of what is in front of us, naturally so. What I can feel is how when something is not fully accepted and embraced for what it is – be it our own sensitivity or its subjects – we start narrating side-stories that would justify our reaction and make sense of missing pieces, and that is very detrimental to our being.

  4. I wonder how many people have been also deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon. He has reawakened in so many the simple fact that we are divinity. No need to exhaust ourselves pretending to be something we are not.

  5. When we are the same with everyone the reflection is felt and our authenticity builds trust and as you share it is way less exhausting than trying to be all things to whoever you are with as I did for so many years and wondered why I felt so depleted. We constantly clock how others are and observing Serge Benhayon over many years his consistency is inspiring along with his willingness to share the choices that lead to living with this loving consistency.

    1. Yes, it is the authenticity and consistency that is so inspiring. Everyone can shine for an hour or so – but to hold that always – amazingly inspirational..

  6. The many layers of distraction we have to keep so we are distracted from living our essences simply is showing us how power-full we are when connected to that essence, as you have so lovingly shared Carmin.

    1. gregbarnes888 not only is it exhausting trying to keep up all the distractions that you mention in the effort to stop us from feeling our own true power. Have we stopped to ask ourselves the question why do we do this?

  7. Often we can hold a raciness or anxiety or play a role when we are uncomfortable with the power and beauty that we can bring and how this might make another feel.

  8. Serge Benhayon has inspired so many people to connect back to who they truly are, nothing is so precious then that feeling of connection, knowing you are with God.

  9. Crazy how we are taught to not be ourselves, no wonder we have a world where most people have no idea of who they are, the norm is to sell out – no wonder we have so much illness and disease when everyone is playing a role and not being them, it creates so much disharmony.

  10. What I like most if I am customer is that I am not overriding through the person how serves me. Therefore I love what you have shared Carmin as if you be who you are you will give me the space also to be me.

  11. It’s amazing how quickly we can adapt to the behaviour of those around us losing us in the process. Serge Benhayon has absolutely inspired me with his consistency, his steadiness, and the fact that each time you are with him, he feels the same person as the previous time. He does not take on the behaviours, dramas and emotions of others, but stays true to himself, always. Now that to me, is the ultimate in inspiration.

    1. The ability to observe how others are and not absorb what is happening around us supports us to remain true to ourselves but is an ongoing process when so much of life around us is trying to distract us from our inner steadiness. Reflecting without judgement on how an interaction has unfolded has supported me to become more present with others and not get pulled out.

      1. Helen I can really feel that the more I step back to just observe life there is a part of me that wants to stay in the emotional drama of everything. It’s as though there is a part of me that is saying what is life without drama? I know this is my spirit hanging on and in total resistance to what is on offer. It’s really interesting to now feel just how much we are dominated by our spirit that is always working unseen in the back ground but now it has exposed itself as I re master myself.

  12. I think you have nailed why so many people are tired in life…especially when they have to ‘put their face on’ to be with people. We get a lot more energy when we are being our true selves.

  13. When we start measuring how to be with people we are reflecting back something that is a long way from who we are, we are actually reflecting back judgment, calculation and dishonesty.

  14. I wish I had more people around me as a mirror which shows me the true way of the livingness as Serge Benhayon does. This way I am for sure more settled within myself.

  15. When we are simply ourselves, we give others the space to be true to themselves too, how simple that is when we just stay with who we are.

  16. When we don’t have a connection to our bodies, as in we choose not to be aware of what and how we’re feeling, we don’t have that anchor, that connection, to being ourselves and being and absolutely knowing who we are in every moment – we become reliant on others to take the lead and show us the way. Re-establishing that connection with our bodies, and commitment to ourselves and life, by staying with and owning what we can feel, is an immense support to knowing ourselves from within – and learning to live from there.

  17. A doctor’s consultation room is definitely an important place, because this is where everyone goes – regardless of culture, status, history or background. This is the great meeting point of all people, where we are all in a position of receiving care.

  18. Not being ourselves is one of the quickest ways to feel exhausted because it requires us to draw in an energy that does not belong to us and it depletes our own energy at the same time.

    1. Yes, it is absolutely exhausting Chan, and I know this feeling so well as this is how I lived for a huge part of my life. So, I wonder why I didn’t want to be myself? Maybe it was simply because I didn’t know who I really was as I was living in a world that from young, was encouraging me to be someone that I wasn’t. These days I can see how crazy that is, but at the time I simply thought it was normal, which now I realise it definitely wasn’t.

  19. Having a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we live life, like you share here, is priceless and a true form of living medicine.

  20. It is truly exhausting to be a chameleon and try to figure out how to act in different situations with different people, once we feel our essence and move our body full of ourselves, we don’t need anything else and can just be there for who ever comes through the door, being the reflection of the Son of God that we are.

  21. The levels of self – doubt and self – loathing that is rippling at alarming rates in our current global interactions is showing that there is something that is not quite right going on for us all. To read of a person that has made healing and monumental changes due to the inspiration of another shows us that there is another way to live that can support the all.

  22. Carmen I agree with you the consistency of Serge Benhayon is amazing in this world of shifting goal posts and with everyone being inconsistent this inconstancy has to be loaded with anxiety because there is no settlement in our bodies which is probably why we feel so stressed.
    I can honestly say that by attending the Universal Medicine workshops and presentations I have also supported myself to live in a different way, and this was brought home to me just how much I have developed and grown my steadiness since knowing Serge Benhayon where a situation occurred that should have had me in an emotional puddle on the floor ranting and raving at the injustice of it all and the why me victim of old, I admit there was an initial reaction but then I read the situation saw the game being played and that was it on to the next thing. I would never have seen or read the situation so clearly if I had not the support of the teaching of Serge Benhayon, what Serge teaches should be part of the education curriculum, sales techniques; actually incorporated into everyone’s daily life. For a start we would all lead far less stressful lives that’s for sure.

  23. For many years prior to meeting Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Ageless Wisdom I thought I was being ‘me’, how ever much I may not have liked being that. On first meeting Serge, when attending Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1, I realised that I was not in Truth about myself. Over the coming years I came to realise I had been in a complete illusion, and that how I was was not me and that was why I did not like myself – in fact, there is far more to me than I had ever appreciated and am still learning to discover and appreciate.

  24. Same same here Carmin. Instead of doing a so called pacing and leading trick, I am just being me, with this loving essence being felt inside of me, with everybody I meet. No exhaustion anymore!

  25. Beautifully shared Carmin and I can very much relate to the chameleon way of life you are describing trying to fit everyone’s needs and moods and it is such a freeing process to come out of this step by step and allow oneself to just be without any need to try, fit in or be someone.

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