Absolute love

by Victoria Carter, Australia

The ways in which my life has been enriched through knowing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, are far too numerous to here mention. In short, the absolute dedication of this man, and the vehicle that is Universal Medicine, continues to blow me away. Before meeting Serge, I had long sought wisdom and truth – only ever finding ‘pieces’ of it here and there. In honesty, I’d given up on there being what one might call “true truth”.

I ‘researched’ much, but there were always ‘holes’ – particularly in the people imparting the so-called wisdom, and how they lived their lives, yet also in underlying beliefs that denigrated and subjugated women, people of differing religion, and the rest. And then there was the ‘new age’ – ever taking us outside ourselves to ‘escape’, or even to attempt to arrogantly ‘dominate’ this ‘cruel world’. Could there actually be something with ‘no holes’, that answered ALL my questions, and that actually reflected back to me that I knew ‘it all’ deep within myself? 

It took a long time to fully accept this, yet in my life now I can say a whole-hearted ‘YES’ to there being absolute truth in this world.  It does live within me. And in and through Serge, it is continually and powerfully poured forth.

I readily admit that I am ‘learning’, i.e. to live this truth, and great love, in every aspect of my own life. And this is the beautiful point here – for without all that Serge brings I would not be at a place where I can now live (for the most part) joyfully so, and where I can also (as I’m ready..) joyfully meet and support those parts of myself where I’m not living ‘me in full’.  This is not to seek a ‘perfection’, nor to ‘prove myself’ in an outward, ‘worldly’ sense, but rather to embrace a way of living where I can truly be all of who I am. This is indeed amazing, as previously I had been so given up on there being absolute truth and absolute love in this world, let alone that this could actually be lived, and simply so!  Like many who ‘seek’ something deeper, something with more meaning in life, I had thought a life of true connection was only possible in some far-off monastery in Tibet, or such.

It is this ‘giving up’, and the great sadness in the world that Serge does not hold back in addressing. This, for sure, has challenged places within me, as it challenges many. And yet Serge has never, in any way, ‘told’ me to be a certain way – he’s only ever, in truth, asked me to feel for myself. And ‘feel’ I have – the places and things within I’d long resisted/didn’t feel I could ‘deal with’, and the ways I live/have lived that do not fully honour the precious being that I am, and am coming to know myself truly to be.  Has Serge, or anyone in Universal Medicine, ever asked me to depend on them, to deify them, etc?  Nope.  Has any of this ‘inner and outer development’ ever been ‘pushed/forced’?  Nope.  It’s all been 100% my call.

In knowing that I can indeed honour myself, and have the courage to bring ‘who I am’ into all areas of my life, and to everyone I come in contact with, I am no longer powerless in the face of the great sadness of the world, i.e. the lack of connection, the lack of true unity and brotherhood in mankind. This isn’t to say that it has become ‘all easy’ – there is indeed much in the world that continues to sadden and at times shock me; at other times, I have my own little ‘hiccups’. However, in developing in the ways I bring true connection, love, truth and the ‘joy of play’ to my own life and living, including how I am with all others, I am now not only ‘ok’, but am able to take steps forward in this world as the precious being I am. At times I may even hear that another has been inspired or touched by this love I’m learning to be (which I know simply reflects their own). Without the work and inspiration of Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine, this true ‘living of life’ would simply not be possible for me. I would be hiding away, knowing the love of God, and yet ‘clinging’ to my threads of connection, still trying to ‘get through life’, and wishing for the monastery!

For ‘all this’ – and indeed what Serge pours forth is more than I could ever have imagined – this man asks for nothing in return. He simply smiles in the joy that another has ‘got it’ – that the simple and absolute truth in living life is about us being love; living it for ourselves (for it is who we are), and meeting all others in kind. I can think of no greater gift anyone could ever give to humanity than to be such an awesome ‘reminder’ – an inspiration, true healer, author, clinic director, teacher and friend to so very many – equally. All this and more Serge is – constantly bringing to us the truth, that humanity is at its core deeply and naturally loving, and that we are all, due to the fact we come from God, inherently great beings. He also brings us the fact that what is ‘not so’ is a result of our own complications, our own doing – and that it can all, in time, be undone.

There is nowhere else to ‘seek’. The love of God and Heaven can be a reality upon this earth. It’s up to us.

112 thoughts on “Absolute love

  1. Beautiful, this blog is very much about self-responsibility. Like you shared Victoria, coming in contact with Universal Medicine and choosing to self-develop in the depth of love and joy has been always your call. And this is beautiful.

  2. Thank you Victoria for this testament of the truth that Serge Benhayon brings to all of us. There is a complete and absolute truth for us to know that lies within all of us and is known equally and absolutely within our cells. We are so blessed to be inspired to come back to knowing God.

  3. In the past I could never imagine that there was an absolute truth. I used to wrestle with this, intellectually. What seemed true for some was not true for others. It was only after meeting Serge Benhayon and learning to come from my heart that I truly felt that there absolutely is a universal truth that encompasses everyone. I did not understand or fathom true love before but now I feel I have an inkling of the possibilities of love. I say that because each time I feel I understand love, I am nudged to go deeper and have another – so now I get it – moment. So my understanding is always expanding as my love is ever expanding and for this awakening I thank Serge.

  4. I love how Serge presents that the power lies with us, that we have the power to create great change by simply making different choices.

  5. Victoria like you, I ‘researched’ much on my quest for truth and love, but was always left feeling un-fulfilled and with a knowing that something was not right…, that was until I came across Serge Benhayon. Attending The Universal Medicine presentations has supported me in the un-raveling of the hurts I was carrying, and there were many, to uncover the love that dwells deep within me and also within everybody else too.

  6. I very much enjoyed reading this article Victoria. I can feel the deep support that it holds and has personally offered me tonight. There has been a major shift in my body, and my connection to it lately, where I feel the definate gap between my essence and where my body is currently at. In this awareness there is a continuing call from my body to nurture it deeply, support it and hold it as it transforms and becomes equal to my essence.

  7. Serge Benhayon shows us what absolute love is in all that he is and is reflecting that to us continuously. In that he is inviting us to open up to that same love he is connected to and we all equally belong to.

  8. I think a lot of people are looking for what is true but in many instances we are looking for what fits with our perceived picture of what we want truth to be so that’s why we can choose things we want to be true but are not really as they will most often eventually show. If we hold on to what is true within us then it’s easier to see it outside and this is a process we all have to discover for ourselves. First time I heard Serge speak I could easily say that this was coming from a place of truth.

  9. I love this Victoria, ‘There is nowhere else to ‘seek’. The love of God and Heaven can be a reality upon this earth. It’s up to us.’ After spending many years searching outside of myself for the answers this has been an absolute game changer for me. I am forever grateful to Serge Benhayon who has inspired and supported me to re-connect to the truth of who I am and to feel this as a reality – it really is up to us.

  10. Victoria, I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve shared here how Serge Benhayon offers us all an understanding that we can live truth in the world simply and always through his lived way, and he does this with absolute humbleness in the knowing that each and every one of us each have this in us, ready and waiting when we choose to live it.

  11. Beautiful summing up of all that Serge Offers. As you say its endless what he shares and the changes that have taken place, and a great thing to be expressing. I love the fact that he asks nothing in return, we just see the joy in his face when he sees us get it too, beautiful.

  12. Once we realise that our imperfections can provide our greatest teachings in daily life it becomes much easier to see every curve ball and experience in life as a lesson we can learn from.

  13. I agree Victoria that initially I found it hard to accept that Serge Benhayon was presenting an absolute truth and love that I was looking for, but had given up on, due to there being so many dead ends in my search for it. What Serge Benhayon is presenting to the world is far bigger than him and one person (and he knows it) and the way he lives and loves every day is the best way to rebuild that trust that much of humanity has lost in love and truth. I am learning to live that level of consistency also so that others also can regain their trust in the same way I have.

  14. Thank you Victoria, as I read your blog I realised the enormous giving up I had been in prior to finding Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The world seemed a cruel and confusing place because in my heart I knew that we all deep down know love, yet we don’t live it. I knew that brotherhood and unity was possible globally yet I found nothing of substance to show me there was a practical way forward to achieve this. When I found Serge I knew everything I had felt in my heart as possible and true was true because here was Serge living and expressing it everyday. Now he and his family are a constant inspiration and my days of feeling given up are replaced with joy, purpose and love – I’m not perfect but it’s pretty darn awesome (if not a miracle) what I am living now compared to where I was!

  15. ‘There is no where else to ‘seek”. Good, strong, true line! This is it, we live where we are meant to be, there is no greener grass. It is completely up to us to bring ourselves to all that we are and do.

  16. “He also brings us the fact that what is ‘not so’ is a result of our own complications, our own doing – and that it can all, in time, be undone.” And in this there is so much love, acceptance and support. We may give ourselves a hard time about things we have done or do that we do not like, or know don’t support us or that we wish we had never done, but Serge holds us in equal love, with no judgement. He simply consistently and constantly reflects to us that there is another way, and it is entirely our choice, when and if we choose to accept and embrace his inspiration.

  17. To re read your sharing Victoria is inspirational. I totally agree that we are so fortunate in having such a wonderful example of Love in action with Serge Benhayon. my life is so much the richer for connecting with Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness Presented by Serge. I too would have been still searching for the missing pieces!

  18. I have had a similar experience to the one you share here Victoria. Searching, exploring many different philosophies and practices only to find very quickly that they fell short of the complete picture I knew was out there somewhere just waiting to be discovered. And then I found it, in Serge Benhayon, and to my utmost surprise, he then immediately showed me that it was inside of me too all along!

    1. It is quite extraordinary how so many us, in fact practically all of us, have been fooled, and/or not prepared to take the necessary responsibility for so many lifetimes, looking for truth externally when all along it is found within.

  19. Thank you Victoria for a beautiful sharing of coming to find true truth as presented by Serge within your own heart. I too have been searching all my life trying to find God in the doing, when you took me along to my first talk that Serge presented, as I heard Serge speak I knew in that moment I had come home, here was a man speaking truth that my heart knew but had been hidden from me, but was now being revealed.

  20. I love this blog about taking responsibility for all of our choices, where everything matters. Especially how we are with ourselves. The more honest we are (without harshness) and the more loving we are with ourselves the more deeply we connect to who we are on the inside.

  21. “For ‘all this’ – and indeed what Serge pours forth is more than I could ever have imagined – this man asks for nothing in return. He simply smiles in the joy that another has ‘got it’ – that the simple and absolute truth in living life is about us being love; living it for ourselves (for it is who we are), and meeting all others in kind.” I never stop being amazed by the limitelss of depth of Serge’s inspiration of our true capacity and how to live it.

  22. A quality that makes Serge Benhayon stand out from all other teachers is that he completely and utterly lives what he presents. There is no difference, incongruity or inconsistency in anything he does, it is one flow of one life – truth in every movement.

  23. I can’t help but feel after reading your blog Victoria that we either live whole heartedly which invites outer influences to constantly undermine us through our unresolved hurts and issues, or to live whole heartedly the potential of who we innately are in full commitment to life.

  24. To be able to embrace a way of living that allows us to be who we truly are make the ordinary extraordinary is indeed amazing Victoria.

  25. Stunning… it is truly beautiful to be inspired and touched by a love we are learning to be… and live what is possible rather than the lesser versions of ourselves so many settle for.

  26. When we see love lived – the inspiration is like a spark that recognises that same quality within ourselves and everyone else.

  27. So true, Serge Benhayon has made ‘truth’ transparent, he has put an end to the misconception that we need to seek something or search for the meaning of life, that we need to find ourselves. He has been saying it for nearly two decades now – everything we have been looking for, is all within and equally so in every man, woman and child.

  28. To rediscover and feel the meaning of true love is absolute gold. Serge Benhayon presents on the true love that is the essence of every one of us.

  29. ‘It is this ‘giving up’, and the great sadness in the world that Serge does not hold back in addressing.;
    This is where people are afraid to go because then it exposes how they are living and contributing to the ills of the world. Serge goes there in full because the way he lives reflects a different and very true point of light and a true way of living on earth that does not add to the already waywardness we currently have.

  30. You sure are absolute in your expression Victoria – a great representation of the work of Serge Benhayon and what it equally draws from us.
    “It took a long time to fully accept this, yet in my life now I can say a whole-hearted ‘YES’ to there being absolute truth in this world.” 

  31. I have never seen a business like Universal Medicine before, the service they offer to their clients just continually expands and can not be defined by classical business traits, they lead the way.

  32. “…the simple and absolute truth in living life is about us being love; living it for ourselves (for it is who we are), and meeting all others in kind.” This is such a simple truth, which, when we understand it, lets us not seek far and wide anymore but take the responsibility we have to live lovingly to the best of our ability every moment thereafter.

  33. I too used to believe that a life of true connection and most importantly harmony was possible, but not on the planet I lived on, as I only had to look around me to see that it was utterly impossible to get everyone on the same love wave. But, through understanding that each and every one of us has a role to play here, I’ve left my skepticism at the door and instead work on trusting and knowing who I am so that I can be a reflection for others to do the same and maybe even realise that we have nothing to prove to each other, because we all just are.

  34. Re reading your sharing Victoria I agree absolutely with your words. We are so fortunate we have an inspiration and teacher in our midst. I feel blessed, and I know that we as humanity are too. Thank you!

  35. Amazing Victoria, inspired. Yes, a man of truth, love and absoluteness to bring your own love out and light the way forth also, brilliant.

  36. To know and accept those areas of my life where I am not living in full all that I am yet have a knowing that I can overcome those obstacles to be love is so far from the giving up on truth that I too have once felt – all because of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine’s inspiration to lead the way.

  37. I agree that what I have heard Serge Benhayon present over the years feels very complete with no holes or inconsistencies. It is the philosophy of life that makes the most sense to me.

  38. The support that is there in the way of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is grand, but so often we choose to not use it to its fullest advantage. It is pretty amazing to see the way we can live and know what love is possible. What we choose is our own but what we can reach is known.

  39. There is a lot here to learn and speak about. There is a way of life we can live that is making us more ill or there is a way of life to live that supports us to be in true health. It then comes down to which one you are willing or ready to choose. The choice is an ongoing one as there are many parts to how we live that when you truly look at them don’t support you to live at all. Universal Medicine has redefined what we call living.

  40. So apt Victoria, yes where we as in humanity is our own doing, our complication yet what I hear clearly from your sharing is it does not have to be so and within all of us is a natural, living way of being and so it’s for us to discard and let go those complications and re-learn to live the Love we are. And this is what Serge Benhayon offers us ever and always, he’s an ever loving persistent and consistent shining light for us all.

  41. This is gorgeous Victoria, accepting and allowing what is seen, “I can now live (for the most part) joyfully so, and where I can also (as I’m ready..) joyfully meet and support those parts of myself where I’m not living ‘me in full’.” I have felt completely supported by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine over nine years now, to connect with what is true see what is not and let it go.

  42. Whatever path we have chose to travel, we all have the power within to heal ourselves and it starts with getting honest with ourselves which is the stepping stone or bridge to taking responsibility for our not so loving creations.

  43. The point is not whether there is something out there capable of answering all my questions, but whether if there is something out there capable of posing all the questions and answering the questions we do not even have as questions.

  44. A great sharing Victoria, how life changing meeting Serge and learning to connect to your divine essence, here is a man who reflects all that he teaches, with deep love for mankind, integrity and equality for all, he is truly an inspiration who reflects to us what lies within each one of us.

  45. Beautifully written Victoria, Serge is a great inspiration and reflection for humanity, he brings absolute love and truth to everything that he does, and when in conversation with him, you can feel the absolute love that he holds you in too.

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