Absolute Love

by Victoria Carter, Australia

The ways in which my life has been enriched through knowing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, are far too numerous to here mention. In short, the absolute dedication of this man, and the vehicle that is Universal Medicine, continues to blow me away. Before meeting Serge, I had long sought wisdom and truth – only ever finding ‘pieces’ of it here and there. In honesty, I’d given up on there being what one might call “true truth”.

I ‘researched’ much, but there were always ‘holes’ – particularly in the people imparting the so-called wisdom, and how they lived their lives, yet also in underlying beliefs that denigrated and subjugated women, people of differing religion, and the rest. And then there was the ‘new age’ – ever taking us outside ourselves to ‘escape’, or even to attempt to arrogantly ‘dominate’ this ‘cruel world’. Could there actually be something with ‘no holes’, that answered ALL my questions, and that actually reflected back to me that I knew ‘it all’ deep within myself? 

It took a long time to fully accept this, yet in my life now I can say a whole-hearted ‘YES’ to there being absolute truth in this world.  It does live within me. And in and through Serge, it is continually and powerfully poured forth.

I readily admit that I am ‘learning’, i.e. to live this truth, and great love, in every aspect of my own life. And this is the beautiful point here – for without all that Serge brings I would not be at a place where I can now live (for the most part) joyfully so, and where I can also (as I’m ready..) joyfully meet and support those parts of myself where I’m not living ‘me in full’.  This is not to seek a ‘perfection’, nor to ‘prove myself’ in an outward, ‘worldly’ sense, but rather to embrace a way of living where I can truly be all of who I am. This is indeed amazing, as previously I had been so given up on there being absolute truth and absolute love in this world, let alone that this could actually be lived, and simply so!  Like many who ‘seek’ something deeper, something with more meaning in life, I had thought a life of true connection was only possible in some far-off monastery in Tibet, or such.

It is this ‘giving up’, and the great sadness in the world that Serge does not hold back in addressing. This, for sure, has challenged places within me, as it challenges many. And yet Serge has never, in any way, ‘told’ me to be a certain way – he’s only ever, in truth, asked me to feel for myself. And ‘feel’ I have – the places and things within I’d long resisted/didn’t feel I could ‘deal with’, and the ways I live/have lived that do not fully honour the precious being that I am, and am coming to know myself truly to be.  Has Serge, or anyone in Universal Medicine, ever asked me to depend on them, to deify them, etc?  Nope.  Has any of this ‘inner and outer development’ ever been ‘pushed/forced’?  Nope.  It’s all been 100% my call.

In knowing that I can indeed honour myself, and have the courage to bring ‘who I am’ into all areas of my life, and to everyone I come in contact with, I am no longer powerless in the face of the great sadness of the world, i.e. the lack of connection, the lack of true unity and brotherhood in mankind. This isn’t to say that it has become ‘all easy’ – there is indeed much in the world that continues to sadden and at times shock me; at other times, I have my own little ‘hiccups’. However, in developing in the ways I bring true connection, love, truth and the ‘joy of play’ to my own life and living, including how I am with all others, I am now not only ‘ok’, but am able to take steps forward in this world as the precious being I am. At times I may even hear that another has been inspired or touched by this love I’m learning to be (which I know simply reflects their own). Without the work and inspiration of Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine, this true ‘living of life’ would simply not be possible for me. I would be hiding away, knowing the love of God, and yet ‘clinging’ to my threads of connection, still trying to ‘get through life’, and wishing for the monastery!

For ‘all this’ – and indeed what Serge pours forth is more than I could ever have imagined – this man asks for nothing in return. He simply smiles in the joy that another has ‘got it’ – that the simple and absolute truth in living life is about us being love; living it for ourselves (for it is who we are), and meeting all others in kind. I can think of no greater gift anyone could ever give to humanity than to be such an awesome ‘reminder’ – an inspiration, true healer, author, clinic director, teacher and friend to so very many – equally. All this and more Serge is – constantly bringing to us the truth, that humanity is at its core deeply and naturally loving, and that we are all, due to the fact we come from God, inherently great beings. He also brings us the fact that what is ‘not so’ is a result of our own complications, our own doing – and that it can all, in time, be undone.

There is nowhere else to ‘seek’. The love of God and Heaven can be a reality upon this earth. It’s up to us.

140 thoughts on “Absolute Love

  1. I went to the supermarket yesterday with some young children, queued for a long time to get into the building thankfully it was a warm sunny day. The queuing was the end result of the current pandemic and social distancing measures that meant we all had to be at least 2 meters apart. But the point is I had so much fun going around the aisles finding what was on my list of things to get. The children were brilliant they were in the shopping trolley one of them was at the front leaning out of the trolley like the girl in Titanic which made some people smile which was great as mostly everyone was dull and anxious. So here was I and the children having fun such a stark contrast to everyone else. Since knowing Serge Benhayon my world has changed so much I can now feel a beautiful richness to life that I didn’t know was possible before. Now every part of life is to be savored for the delight that it is. So that even such a mundane task of going food shopping is full of delights. How amazing is that?

  2. One of the things I have learnt from observing Serge is that even though there are many devastating things going in the world, it’s still possible to live our love and joy, in fact it’s actually necessary. I used to feel so hurt by what I had experienced and by what I saw around me, and for good reason as abuse is not our natural way, however I am learning that I can be amongst it all, deeply care, yet be the love and joy of my soul, which reflects to others that love and joy is their true way also. The love and joy I’m connected to also gives me the opportunity to respond with purpose to what’s occurring around me and make a positive contribution, instead of feeling hurt and withdrawing from life.

  3. “to embrace a way of living where I can truly be all of who I am.” This is an amazing gift on offer for all who choose to find their way to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

  4. “I am no longer powerless in the face of the great sadness of the world`’ A great place to be. In fact what we find within ourselves is power, grandness and grace, to be ourselves in the world but not oppressed by it. Not ignoring what we see and feel, but being a vehicle of change through our own lived way. We are empowered to be much more than we could have ever have imagined..

  5. If we search for the truth about the meaning of life outside of ourselves we will never find it no matter how much people claim or advertise that they can give it to you. The truth is the truth lives inside us all and the difference with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is that they support people to reconnect back to their own truth inside which is always waiting there to be reconnected to, if only we stop looking outside of ourselves for answers and start looking inwards.

    1. Andrew your comment has reminded me of how much of the world is based on finding what’s needed / the answer outside of ourselves. In my experience it’s only been with Serge and Universal Medicine that I have been so deeply supported to find everything within me, and then bring that out to support those around me, and show them that they too have everything within. We are so set up to fail by looking outside of ourselves. Even God is within, as Jesus talked about when he said “The kingdom of God is inside you”. So, there is a lot within us!

  6. “In knowing that I can indeed honour myself, and have the courage to bring ‘who I am’ into all areas of my life, and to everyone I come in contact with, I am no longer powerless in the face of the great sadness of the world, i.e. the lack of connection, the lack of true unity and brotherhood in mankind.” This is huge if you think about it as what is going on in the world is deeply sad, abuse, corruption, neglect, a plague of low self-worth – this list goes on and on, yet we have been given the tools to become agents of true change, not through force or imposition but by living the energetic truth of the soul within our lives and reflecting that to others as a source of inspiration. Thanks Victoria, exactly what I needed to read today.

  7. No one can make you develop – it’s got to be 100% authentically your call. I agree that there are many groups or organisations in the world that do try to control you but Universal Medicine is definitely not one of them, it’s just simply a matter of come along and listen and if you like it that’s great and if you don’t that’s totally cool too – and if you want to develop yourself then that is totally your choice too.

  8. Knowing Serge Benhayon was a life changing experience for me. The tenderness and authority is clearly felt once you meet with him but also his transparency, there is nothing to hide, nothing to pretend, the no need of ‘fix’ or change anything. He inspired me and he is still inspiring me, for the qualities I see in him are within me and in all of us too.

  9. There is an absolute sense of space that I deeply appreciate by being part of Universal Medicine. No one is pushing, no one is calling me to attend any particular course or telling me what to do. It’s up to me to live the Love that I am as much as I can in my day to day. Now more than ever before I receive each moment as an open book to learn from and I embrace my honesty to do so, for the Truth that I can see and live.

  10. There has been a change in what the word Love means. A complete turnaround really. It is not about candles, chocolates and flowers, it is about reconnecting to who we are, what we are made of and where we are from. Love is a being not a doing and Serge Benhayyhas offered us all an example of that which has inspired many others to re-embrace the same. It is up to us to love that truth now.

  11. Serge has offered so much to all of us, not as a presentation of being greater but as a reminder that we too can access the wisdom he brings and that we too can live the love we are because he does so, naturally so, he is a big brother reminding all of us of the greatness we are.

  12. Yes anything can be undone when we open ourselves to being honest and to continuous learning and growing, this is how we move out of old patterns and habits that no longer serve us. The willingness to learn is a great tool to have as there is so much more love to give and to receive.

  13. There is indeed no greater gift I can imagine than what Serge Benhayon offers humanity: the truth of love, our origin and what we are here for on this planet. This is true wealth and being rich and it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with energy.

  14. Wow, Victoria, you’ve put in words so much of what I feel having met Serge Benhayon, how it’s not about giving up, even in subtle ways, it’s not about protecting myself, it’s about being and living in the world, not demanding that it be different and knowing that us living us in that world is all that is needed and that each of us has this in us, we are all great beings who’ve introduced complication and reduced ourselves, and it’s for us to unravel that.

  15. “There is nowhere else to seek”, except within. After meeting Serge Benhayon, I stopped the outer search for answers to learn that ‘We are already everything we need to be’ and our sole purpose is to return to our true and divine essence and ended years of inner disquiet and feeling inadequate in one way or another.

  16. Serge Benhayon is providing a Living example of many things including a deep Humble-Appreciative-Ness that we all feel and we can also start to be a Loving example by reflection to build the Love we all are in complete Humble-ness as a base or foundation.

  17. Learning to live as a whole again is a continuing process for me as well, accepting deeply that I am in fact totally divine, and I have responsibility/power to live as such. The world is still full of holes and dents, but truth has never left us, we took a step away from it.

  18. “In short, the absolute dedication of this man, and the vehicle that is Universal Medicine, continues to blow me away.” The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom do not stop deepening and expanding into ‘so called newer’ principles. The energy goes up all the time and it feels more and more amazing to be alive and a part of something that is so much more than a life without awareness that there is more. In the last 13 years I have experienced many many amazing courses and workshops where I have walked away with what felt like the most precious gift – feeling more of me …

  19. To know that we don’t need to live in a monastery in Tibet to connect to a grandness that infuses our everyday with the commitment to healing our hurts and learning to see way beyond the imperfections of this world we have created is an absolute blessing.

  20. This blog reminds me of where I was when I first met Serge Benhayon. Fifteen years ago, I believed life would never change, stuck as I was in past hurts and patterns that defined and held me back. It has taken years of steady practice (and a few stumbles) to arrive where I am now with absolute trust in my own worth and divinity that supports me to live a simple life with vitality, purpose, love.

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