Based on a letter submitted to the SMH: ‘Let the truth continue to be heard’

I have been associated with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for just over 2 years, and was nothing less than shocked to read in recent media reports, including the Sydney Morning Herald, (‘Da Vinci reincarnated?’ ‘I agree, it sounds absurd’ on 22nd July, ‘Cult cures on Medicare’ on 22nd July & ‘New age group’s herbal supplements under investigation’ on 23rd July) that Universal Medicine was being referred to as cult, along with a variety of other defamatory and untrue allegations.

Not only have these allegations been made against Serge and Universal Medicine, but by default they have also been made directly against the many students (including myself) who have chosen to be associated with this work. Not only are these allegations unfounded, they mark an unjustified and inaccurate representation of the truth.

How can the following behaviours and choices, that support me to be more self-loving and self-nurturing, make me part of a cult?

  • Choosing not to eat foods that make me feel heavy, bloated and constipated.
  • Choosing not to drink coffee because I came to feel that I was using it as a stimulant to stop feeling my exhaustion.
  • Choosing not to drink alcohol because I was using it to numb myself to parts of my life that I didn’t want to feel, and that I never felt ‘me’ when I drank (but something or someone else).
  • Choosing to go to bed early (and wake up early), because I am taking care of myself and allowing my body an opportunity to regenerate.
  • Choosing not to participate in sport because I feel that all sport is competitive, and therefore does not create equalness; and in addition, the physical hardness that my body must go into to participate. In contrast, I choose gentle exercise that supports my body.
  • Choosing to discern relationships that are abusive and harming to me.
  • Choosing to take responsibility for, and reflect on, my choices.
  • Having more respect for humanity as a whole, and being aware that comparison, competition and ‘betterment’ only create separation between us.
  • Seeing others as equal – not better, worse, greater or less than – but simply as others choosing to express in different ways.
  • Choosing to be gentler and more accepting of who I truly am first, and as a result, I have an ability to be more gentle with and accepting of others.
  • Choosing to take more care of myself.
  • Feeling more joy, more love in my body, and being more vibrant and clear.

In fact, I suggest as a possibility that the world is deeply in trouble if the above choices are viewed as being harmful or a detriment to either myself, or to the wider community. We only need to look around at the increasing rise in illness and disease throughout our world to perhaps really ask, “what is truly going on?” – particularly in light of more technological, scientific and medical  advances and applications. How can this be? Perhaps ‘that’ would present a more pertinent story to report on, in contrast to the mis-allegations about individuals and an organisation that simply presents a way of living that supports and deeply cares for the body and humanity.

In all my association with Universal Medicine I have never ever been imposed upon, been told what to do, or how I should live. Those who know Serge and Universal Medicine, whether as a student or otherwise, will know they conduct themselves, and live with, nothing less than absolute integrity, respect and truth – as a marker of everything that they present.

Have I been imposed upon previously in my life? Absolutely yes! – by religion, by education, by society, by the media, and by new age medicines etc. – telling me how I should be, what I should do, and what I need to do to be accepted. Have I ever once been asked to discern for myself what my choices should be? No.

Prior to Universal Medicine, any information I was presented with was presented as fact, with no encouragement, no call and no support to truly feel whether what was being presented was true for me. I was never encouraged to feel what was right for my body, but rather imposed upon to accept that what was being presented was true, without cause to question or discern for myself.

I have not accepted anything Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have presented that I have not already known to be true for myself. It is the first time I have ever been asked to discern whether what is being presented is true for me, with no judgment, and no less support – regardless of my choices. While I have been challenged at times – holding on to ideals and beliefs that have been ‘comfortable and familiar’ rather than what is true – at no time have I ever been imposed upon, either during an individual session with a practitioner, or during a presentation.

I have had numerous esoteric sessions with various practitioners of a variety of modalities, and at no time have I experienced anything less than absolute integrity, professionalism and support during these sessions. I have had numerous esoteric breast massages, which are only ever performed BY women FOR women. To print allegations that Serge or any other male have performed esoteric breast massage is a blatant untruth (with The Northern Star newspaper recently releasing an apology to Serge Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon and Michael Benhayon in relation to this).

Through the work that Serge and Universal Medicine present I have experienced nothing less than ABSOLUTE love and support, never with any judgment about where I am at, or the choices I have made or continue to make.  I have chosen to associate with Universal Medicine and will continue to do so of my own free choice. There is nothing I have experienced in my life previously that comes close to (or that has even suggested that I care for and nurture my body) providing the support that Serge and Universal Medicine do with ABSOLUTE commitment and love – to themselves and others equally.

If true journalism claims to report unbiased truths, then printing and sensationalising inaccurate “facts” without proper discernment and deep investigation has allowed recent media attempts to fall well short of representing journalism with true integrity.

Let the truth continue to be heard.

By Angela Perin, Brisbane, Australia

40 thoughts on “Based on a letter submitted to the SMH: ‘Let the truth continue to be heard’

  1. Thank you Angela, if looking after ourselves by deeply caring, nurturing, loving, not drinking alcohol, smoking, or eating certain foods is seen as abnormal, then it feels like we as a society have everything upside down.

  2. Thank you for sharing the blessings you have received by becoming a student of Universal Medicine, I too can attest to a very different life i now have compared to the life I have lived most of this lifetime, i have experienced most of what your have shared, my life now is a learning to bring love into all of my expressions and live the joy that this love brings.

  3. Often times, what we do is not what it appears we do. For example, we are extremely sensitive one day and feel a lot. We get this urge to eat. It is not really hungry. It is about not feeling so much. Another example, we are a journalist who can feel with the body that what is being communicated is true, but also feel that such true will have an impact on our way of living and say no to it and just to make sure that I close that door, I will write a very clear article that will seal the door to even be tempted to go there.

  4. Since coming to Universal Medicine I have never deeply respected my body as I do now. It’s my sacred marker of the truth and the continuity of expansion of love I feel.

  5. “I have not accepted anything Serge and Universal Medicine have presented that I have not already known to be true for myself.” Absolutely agree. The truth of what is presented at Universal Medicine is undeniable.

  6. It is an oxymoronical to call an organization that is non imposing and deeply cares for humanity and the state of the world a cult. Gorgeous that you have stood up to expose this but ridiculous that you should ever have to.

  7. Acceptance of the choices of others and what others choose to participate (without criticism) in is challenging. To reach that point we need to have the same level of acceptance in who we are ourselves. So what’s going on if we have an intolerance or lack of understanding that others make?

  8. Gosh I too am really starting to realise what I have accepted in my life that has been imposing and so forth and I realise that these things all happen to teach me important lessons. I do claim myself a great deal more now, and today I feel rather than asking myself if things are good or bad, right or wrong for me I see that the question is are they True? Do they carry the essence of truth and do I need to accept that or not.

  9. Beautifully expressed Angela, blogs such as these are so needed in a world where the media continue to print lies and write false stories about innocent people.

  10. It feels like media is deliberately getting themselves a bad reputation because eventually when they do choose to report what is true there is no one left that actually believes what they print. So who is it that doesn’t want truth to be told? That’s a good question to ask, what are the forces behind the media being run the way it’s being run?

  11. To re-connect with this sharing Angela, once again brings up a feeling of dismay that these papers and their reporters write some articles purely on sensational here-say. I agree totally with your blog comments and express also that the world must be way off track when a person or group of people with such amazing integrity as Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, its Practitioners and Students are denigrated in print as they have been!

  12. Hear hear Angela, let the truth continue to be heard. Where is the medias integrity, when so many have now spoken out in the name of truth and it seems without the slightest interest by the media in reporting these true facts, for they just keep on willingly reporting the lies and fictional accounts being fed to them from only a very few.

  13. Your summary of the self loving and nurturing behaviours and choices you have made is deeply inspirational and far from needing the concern that being in an apparent cult would suggest. The media is only exposing their lack of research with such a ridiculous label alongside their lack of care for what they print considering the harm that such accusations can cause. Thank you for letting the truth be heard, it is a shame the media haven’t realised it is definitely one worth hearing.

  14. Wow Angela I love the care with which you have listed so many points that Universal Medicine inspires in daily living. Any single one of these points if embraced by just one nation would completely transform our world. What on earth are journalists whose business it is to make a point of knowing what is going on in the world doing being so irresponsible to put down an institution that can literally support us resolve all our woes?

  15. “I have not accepted anything Serge and Universal Medicine have presented that I have not already known to be true for myself. It is the first time I have ever been asked to discern whether what is being presented is true for me, with no judgment, and no less support – regardless of my choices. ” I so agree Angela. In over twenty years of spiritual searching I had never been once asked to discern for myself, let alone the integrity of the presenter. The reason I became disillusioned with so many spiritual presenters was that they had no integrity and never walked their talk. The relief of ‘coming home’ to a place where I knew in my body that what was presented was true and discovering that Serge Benhayon truly walks his talk was fantastic. The lies told by these journalists are written to suit their own agenda of blame and revenge – certainly no balance – all about judgement to attack. Fine to disagree with someone but when cyber abuse takes over and incitement used to prevent truth from being made accessible to the world, then enough is enough.

  16. It is clear that the journalists have to shape the story that they are presenting as most people do not want to necessarily hear the truth of what is going on which often is very different to what the media make it out to be. But who is missing out here? US ALL as we ALL are in effect accepting a lie to be true so when the truth hits us, are we prepared in full for it?

    1. I would not take issue if a news-paper offered absolute truth and then there was another publication perhaps called fiction-paper that offered fabricated stories. Then we would have no pretence and no unclarity. Everyone would know exactly what they are picking up. It is possible that some people may prefer sensational fiction to actual true fact. But that is not by any means everyone, and if that is what a paper is going for, I would prefer it changed its name from ‘news’-paper to something else.
      The fact is that Journalists are in the business of presenting truthful news in a way that makes it more interesting to the public, just as a teacher is in the business of delivering the lessons in a way that makes it more interesting to the students. Using the public’s assumed lack of interest as an excuse to print lies and nonsense is as absurd as the fabricated stories themselves and shirks journalistic responsibility.

      1. This is where the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been helpful beyond compare as they have taught the power of discernment and true and whole Truth. Without this foundation, everything we read is just a mental haggel at best.

  17. At one level, we can say this is just a couple of journalists working in a Murdoch tabloid doing a sloppy job and this would be true. Yet, at another level, we could also say that what the press is doing is to stop people feeling free to give Universal Medicine a go and see if it is something there for them. This is also true. We could also say that this is a battle between forces (one promoting evil, the press, and one promoting love, Universal Medicine) and this is also true. This may sound like science fiction to some, but the piece of ‘news’ came with an immense harming force behind it.

  18. Well documented blog Angela, I am in totall support of what you have written and since being involved with Uni Med my vitality, general health and relationships have improved dramatically

  19. ‘Prior to Universal Medicine, any information I was presented with was presented as fact, with no encouragement, no call and no support to truly feel whether what was being presented was true for me. I was never encouraged to feel what was right for my body’ reflecting on the truth of that statement was a moment for pause and appreciation for me. Look what has come of one man choosing to Love and Support rather than impose! Ah-Mazing!

  20. Well said Angela. I enjoyed reading your list and wondering how anyone could find this something to sneer at and ridicule. My experience with Universal Medicine has been and continues to be a deepening of my understanding of myself and the world around me and I am making choices to live in a way that is nurturing and loving to myself and everyone else. My body is saying ‘thank you’ for taking this medicine.

  21. I agree with everything you say here Angela as this is definitely my experience of Universal Medicine. The Universal Medicine practitioners hold you with so much Love and Understanding. As you say there is no judgement. The only judgement I have felt is my own that stems from trying to be who I am not and not accepting myself as I am. The practitioners and Serge Benhayon have always accepted me how I am, where I am, regardless of the choices I make in my life. The Work as presented by Universal Medicine has been so supportive in allowing me to understand my body, who I am and what life is about that I will continue to support this work until my last breath on this Earth.

  22. It’s a reflection of the lack of integrity that has been allowed, and fostered even, in our media that articles like the ones referred to here get written and published. There is a complete lack of appreciation or care for the harm done when printing such slanderous, skewed stories and how they really impact all the people involved.

  23. Reading through your list Angela it leads me to ask the question, since when is taking more care of yourself and others ever been harmful? Just because some people are now starting to choose to live their lives with these principles being lived with more dedication in practice every day, and just because this is not what the majority of humanity is currently choosing to do does not make it subversive or harmful or dangerous to society.

  24. I totally agree Angela. I only realised for the first time, soon after I finished 4 years at University, that everything I had been taught at school and Uni was not necessarily fact, but someones opinion or belief. I read a book about the Great Pyramids in Egypt, which revealed their configuration to be an exact map of the stars, not purpose-built pharoh’s tombs, as I had been taught with authority at school. It was like a veil had been lifted and got me questioning everything I had been taught. I was really confused because I now didn’t know who to believe or how to work out what was true or not.

    Coming to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine was actually confronting for me at first. Serge encourages all to not just blindly follow or believe everything we are told by anyone, including himself, but to rather discern the truth for ourselves. He encourages you to feel how your body feels when you make the different choices that Angela has shared – eating with care, drinking or not drinking alcohol, exercising gently or rigorously, etc. If you drink alcohol and feel awful afterwards, you do not have to rely on the huge number of scientific studies that contradict each other – you can feel the truth for yourself that alcohol is a poison. You then have a marker in your body from which you can make a true decision to continue to drink it or choose not to. This common sense, self-responsibility and discernment that Serge presents is obviously confronting for the journalists too, who want everyone to believe their story. They are therefore never going to encourage discernment as they might lose newspaper sales.

    1. Well said Carmin! The journalists who wrote the lie based stories about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are relying on a public that is not discerning, so indeed why would they present a balanced view or encourage discernment in any way?

  25. Well said Angela. I too feel I have been imposed on by nearly all areas of my life and it has been very unpleasant so I am very grateful to Universal Medicine for being so non-imposing across the board and allowing me to just be me and make decisions for myself.

  26. Thank you Angela, I also have a list similar to yours and in this day and age I am still amazed that anyone can take offence or even find fault with a group of people who are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. Especially as there are so many different diets and exercise regimes out there – which do not come under scrutiny.

  27. Thank you Angela for this awesome blog and I agree, the world is totally upside down if it sees all the changes you have made to improve your life as harmful. With your list of all the changes you have made, and with the many other people who have made similar choices, how is it possible that the press just ignore all of this and report on a story that isn’t even true? Surely, its not just about money? Surely, there must be a journalist out there who wants to hear the truth and has a smidgen of integrity?

  28. The absolute love and truth that is delivered and presented by Serge and UniMed, is loudly and clearly felt in your article – and indeed as you have written may this truth continue to be heard, experienced, felt and treasured. Thank you Angela.

  29. Angela, now that you’ve listed those choices and behaviours so eloquently, it gives a beautiful picture of the human being/s that society is pining for, for which we do not need to look any further than inside ourselves – the qualities that ought to be celebrated, honoured and treasured instead of being labelled as the ones that are attributed to ‘cult members’. This makes no sense at all. When each and every individual increases his/her awareness to this fact, we’ll see a bigger shift in the society for the better.

  30. Hi Angela, well said, I too agree completely. It seems completely bizarre that the media makes a sensational story out of lies, when underneath those lies, is a truth that is very much needed in humanity and that many would choose to feel for themselves. As for most of us, what has gone on in the world hasn’t made sense, so we do whatever we can to get by, deep down we all crave to know that there is more to life than the human eye can see because we somehow just know there is more to life – even if we cant put our finger on it – and what a beautiful truth it is. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer consistent and absolute truth for any who feel open to connecting to that.

  31. “Hear, hear” Angela, to all that you’ve written. I especially appreciate that you speak of the impositions and expectations from other organisations, institutions, the media, etc – in contrast to no imposition having ever been experienced from Universal Medicine(UniMed), alongside having experienced such amazing support & absolute integrity from all associated with UniMed. The changes you’ve experienced in your life that you share here, are truly inspirational, and indeed a ‘true story’ for the press (should they consider looking this far..!). Thank you.

  32. I too have made a lot of changes within my life. To me these changes have been profound as I have finally started to give voice and action to what I truly feel rather than what might be considered good or right by others. My relationship with my husband has deepened in our connection and love and I have much more joy and appreciation for my work. I no longer feel stressed and exhausted from working and I no longer NEED holidays or weekends, I just simply enjoy them. This has all come about by living my life with more honesty and commitment to myself, allowing me to make choices that are supportive and loving even if they are not the easy option.

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