Love is worth aspiring to

by Joanne Smith, Australia

I wish to clear up some misconceptions that have been written about Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners and students alike. Firstly I want to thank Serge, his family and the Universal Medicine practitioners for their support, care, patience, understanding and love over the last couple of years. I have been treated by Serge, Kate, Natalie and Caroline, and have personally recommended them to numerous friends, family and work colleagues. I have never met a more respectful, professional, ethical and dedicated team of people, who lovingly provide gentle and non-invasive treatments that help and support my body to heal illnesses that I have created through the way I run my life. NO Universal Medicine practitioner I have ever attended has claimed that they could heal or cure me – I am solely responsible for my own healing. Their integrity and responsibility to themselves and the people they work with on a daily basis is beyond reproach. They have the highest respect for the human body, to the extent that they do not indulge themselves in anything that is harmful to their own bodies (how many health practitioners can claim that?) By VIRTUE of that fact, I know that any one of the Universal Medicine team would treat my body and me with more love, more care, and more nurturing than I do at times.

Secondly, Universal Medicine is a support system in helping me to learn how to take loving care of my body so I can heal myself. If at any time I have needed further medical support, I have always been encouraged to seek it by all of the Universal Medicine practitioners I have consulted with.

Thirdly, I am dismayed that the media are targeting a community of people who live their lives responsibly and respectfully in a harmonious, joyful and loving way, and that they should be criticised as being ‘cult members’. As a Universal Medicine student I find it insulting that because I choose to live a life that is self-loving, self-nurturing and respectful to my body that I should be viewed as a cult member. Universal Medicine presentations and workshops offer simple and practical tools for a way of living that feels loving in my body, in my relationships, in my career and in everything I do, so that my life reflects the love I am. Is that not something for all humanity to aspire to?

The changes that have naturally occurred in my life have happened as I have built a stronger, more responsible commitment to be more loving, nurturing, and caring to myself. It is not easy and at times very confronting how we can be so unloving to our own body. The choice to not consume alcohol, caffeine and other substances that may harm my body has meant a more healthy approach to life. Apart from feeling great after the exclusion of dairy and wheat, and limiting sugar in my diet, I also noticed that long-term complaints cleared up; this included having more energy, better skin, better sleep and better overall health.

Every day millions of people mindlessly ingest huge amounts of caffeine, sugar, fatty foods, alcohol, drugs, indulge in toxic relationships and situations and run their bodies until they collapse from pain, exhaustion, illness or disease. The medical and health care system is as a result flooded with people expecting to be cured – people who do not take responsibility for the state they got their bodies into in the first place. Does THIS not seem ridiculous and unintelligent!?

128 thoughts on “Love is worth aspiring to

  1. The world doesn’t make sense, this is obvious to anyone. However the arrogance of not wanting to admit being the cause of the non-sense is very strong and will hurl lies and abuse at those choosing to claim their part in it all and start to address it.

  2. “Universal Medicine is a support system in helping me to learn how to take loving care of my body so I can heal myself.” This has been my experience also, and it shows how responsible and non-imposing this business is, simply empowering people to more lovingly care for themselves. I have experienced tremendous positive change in my life, and continue to, as a result of the simple self care principles as presented by Universal Medicine.

  3. When I deal with medical professionals they are very supportive of the self care and self empowered approach I have to my health and wellbeing. I approach my doctors as part of my team, we work together as I am responsible for my health, and I ask a lot of questions to both understand what’s going on, and to learn about the wonders of the body, All of the doctors I work with are very supportive of the way I care for myself, basically because it’s quite common sense, and they get to work with someone who will willingly take advice and not depend solely on the doctor to fix them. My doctors also know about Universal Medicine and it’s impact on my self care, they are not taken in by the salacious media stories, and as they can see my common sense, pro-active approach to my health they are very supportive of my involvement with Universal Medicine.

  4. Crazy and shocking that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are viciously attacked for bringing the message of love to humanity

  5. The title of this blog says it all. How many people when asked what they aspire to be answer ‘To be more Loving’ or ‘To be the love I already am’? Very few I suspect and yet his, the highest aspiration of all is often relegated to the bottom of the list, and rarely is it on the list The tide changes when we return to this truth and learn to live by it.

  6. A world where we are actually loving and respectful and incredibly caring towards each other is not unattainable – it may take time but it starts here and now with us and our next choice.

  7. The number of toxic ways freely available to numb and dull the body seem to be growing and intensifying with more stimulating drinks on the shelves, many more coffee shops, more tattoo parlours and now the high street is littered with vape shops. The changing shape of the high street is a startling reminder of the mess we are in and what we choose to harm ourselves with so freely on a daily basis.

    1. Thanks Fiona for your comment, I had to look up what Vape shops were as I had no idea, wow, another way we abuse our bodies. It seems that these things can proliferate because it’s quite normal not to care lovingly for ourselves and our bodies, and those who do care for their bodies might at times be seen as wowsers or cult members. It really confirms how needed different ways of being are, such as self care, to provide a reflection of another ‘normal’.

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