Whistleblowers: no ‘due’ process

by Deb McInnes, Australia

What I find interesting in this case is that by going directly to the media, there has been no one investigating the small group of disgruntled ‘whistle-blowers’, who they are, nor even their intentions to ascertain if they are in fact or could be vindictive or malicious by nature. The media has taken the lie and ran with it. This level of corruption would be very difficult to get away with in any reputable organisation.  How can this be? 

It is common practise and a well known fact in any Company or Business that of the ‘whistle blowing policy’ … where an individual comes forth to report suspected wrongdoing, malpractice, corruption and so forth in a company. The complaint of the whistle-blower is investigated by the company as to its intention and if it is without malice before ever acting upon it. If it is seen to be discriminatory and malicious the individual (whistle-blower) reporting receives disciplinary action in line with the company’s particular policy on this.

  • How can a group raising allegations towards Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon NOT be investigated to ascertain if what they are revealing is true or is in fact malicious in nature?
  • How can the person and company accused of such allegations not be investigated and interviewed in fair response to these allegations to ascertain if the allegations are in fact true or not before being publicly outed and disgraced?
  • How can facts be overlooked and true responses to allegations be denied in favour of an non-investigated source (the whistle-blowers).

That this can be allowed to happen to any individual or company should be of great concern to us all in society.

55 thoughts on “Whistleblowers: no ‘due’ process

  1. And when someone does step out and be a true whistleblower, they can often be ridiculed or even attacked for rattling the applecart. It is the truth that gets attacked in favour of the lies we have so comfortably been accepting as our normal.

  2. It certainly is concerning that we as a society have become so comfortable in avoiding truth, that we do not question enough what we are being supplied with from the media, or considering the possibility that we are responsible through how we live, or that the supply is a result of the entertainment we are demanding, seeking and calling for to help us manage our lives.

  3. I am surprised that the media do not thoroughly investigate the source of their stories, because there are many reasons people want something to be published, and sometimes what is published is far from the truth.

  4. We do not need to be experts to know that wrongdoings abound. People get hurt by others everywhere. Yet, not many of those stories get to the public. There are specialized circuits where these pieces of information circulate. Those circuits who are promoted as producers of transparency are themselves not necessarily very transparent and this is a problem if what circulate in them does not represent a factual truth. And the truth is that no one is above truth even if you portray yourself as a whistle-blower.

  5. Repeating (or even exaggerating) a story and passing it on without checking whether it is true or not happens at all levels and scales in society everywhere. What is out there cannot be there without it being allowed in micro.

  6. There is a great question here similar to, “how can this happen?” and what have we truly done since to bring this out more. I see the great divide between what is getting done and what people actually want to see done. Meaning that collectively we aren’t unified together pulling things like this up and to account. The process and those in control of it absolutely have their own hand in this that needs to change and for us to be aware of but equally we just can’t sit back and wait for this to change. There needs to be a consistently activity to bringing these things further and further out so we can all see them more clearly. The ‘lack’ of action with something like this reflects simply there is more to do, we see it partly but there is more awareness needed for us all. It’s back to work for everyone here until things like this are seen as a break from what is common society and not so much common place as they are now.

  7. The quality of intention and information that anyone including a whistleblower presents first needs to be honestly discerned if it is discriminatory, biased or based on malice and spite prior to being circulated in the media. In no way can this process ever be compromised.

  8. Yes, I agree Deb, it is of great concern, as it shows that our media has long left the path of truth and that what is reported to us as news is often false and flawed if not an outright lie. That we have to discern nowadays what is news and what is ‘fake news’ shows the corruption of this system and that they are not operating in the intention to support people but by self-invested interests.

  9. I agree Deb, when there is no discernment by people publishing what is basically hearsay, and they don’t investigate and substantiate it, then they are not taking any form of responsibility and when people’s livelihoods are at stake, surely there has to be a duty of care.

  10. This is a very intelligent piece of information and should be used with that intent in mind. I have never heard of the ‘whistle blowing policy’ in any organization I have worked for, when in fact it is the most real and true act to follow. It maybe should be given a different name so it can be kept as policy that will support all who work in and outside the organization.
    This is professional and very intelligent advice.

  11. Sometimes ‘whistle-blowers’ provide amazing insights that bring transparency to a matter. This is only possible though, when there is lack of transparency in the first place. Yet, when people, organizations are transparent, the mere concept of ‘whistle-blowers’ does not apply. There is nothing to ‘whistle-blow’ about even if they try hard.

  12. When the media connive with disgruntled individuals to spin a story to denigrate another they do a serious disservice to anyone who has a true grievance. As a result, all true whistleblowers are met with suspicion and are often dismissed and rejected.

  13. There is a massive lack of integrity when it comes to many things in this world and common media practice has become almost founded on this to sell what they do. There is no doubt that thorough investigation is required on the intent of any apparent whistleblower, for the harm that can be done to undeserving people through spreading lies can be catastrophic to the innocent parties life and business… and to society as a whole for the truth we are denied.

  14. Whistleblowers alert us to immoral or unlawful behaviours and play an essential role in exposing the rot of corruption in our organisations and society. But no matter what the issue is we must always look beyond what is being said, review the actual source then consider all angles of the issue to establish what is true.

  15. This is something I cannot understand myself – that there is no investigation into any of those who are the source for the media for the preposterous lies being perpetuated about Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine. Even the most cursory of investigations would expose their motives and bias – not even an ounce of which is founded in truth.

  16. Truth and integrity go out the door with any company that is solely there to feed the greed of that company, and where profits are put before people.

  17. It’s been the perfect example of trial by media and the way everything is portrayed says ‘guilty as charged’, therefore leaving no room for exploring the truth. But there is no excitement in truth, which probably means less sales and profit.

  18. Always check and confirm the integrity of the source of anything you are told by another, particularly if you are going to repeat what they have said only according to their particular version. It’s quite simple really.

  19. This is a great parallel to draw here Deb, the concept of whistleblowers runs though industry world wide, and there are a vast number of examples albeit imperfect in many cases, but they represent how such a situation is typically dealt with. Of course both sides have to be heard and taken seriously, and the truth and motivations drawn out to see what supports truth and a greater good in every case. So how come the media with all their publicity might are allowed to behave so irresponsibly? There is something very wrong about this.

  20. Media is corrupt. It is not about truth at all – just about selling & money. So at the end it is all about greed. …How miserable we are when we look at us in the light of truth…but wait: in fact we are in truth amazing. When we see the misery we just look at the way we’ve moved away from who we truly are. Lets live a life of integrity and so reflect the truth again and remind everyone that there is a way of love.

  21. You make some great points here Deb. It feels absolutely unjust that a persons name is allowed to be printed and broadcast in relation to unsubstantiated allegations. It is indicative of a society that cares not for its fellow man. Hence we have the world we live in.

  22. I agree, being discerning is what we need because you never know what people’s intentions might be. We have a justice system which can be used for true good but a lot of people also take advantage of it.

  23. Journalists are known for protecting their sources yet not investigating them. In this case especially, clearly the disgruntled sources should have been investigated for even the slightest research would have exposed their intentions to not be founded in whistle blowing but in a malicious campaign to spread rumours and lies about Serge Benhayon.

    1. Yes Samantha, even a simple check would have shown that those that were making the accusations wouldn’t have passed a standard ‘whistle blower’s test’. So why couldn’t the media have the decency to apply even the most basic of research tools before going ahead with their stories? Apparently there is as much corruption there in and amongst the media as there is coming from the handful of people seeking to blame others for their woes.

  24. What seems to be getting sold here by the media is a propensity to assume or assign the worst, perhaps based on a deep distrust of people, and then judge, package and discard that group or individual.

  25. Most definitely corruption at play here, we see yet again the media’s complete disregard for the truth in preference for printing a headline grabbing article full of lies.

  26. Reading this blog again it seems extraordinary that so much is found lacking in the process of this media beat up. There has been no justice here and no truth.

  27. Whistleblowing is not a bad thing when it is about truth. The Watergate is a clear example of this. As a result of the value of bringing truth to light, the whistleblower became a legally protected character as a way to ensure that truth could emerge without the fear to be retaliated against. The problem is that some people aspire to become one and get the legal benefits to pursue an agenda that has nothing to do with bringing truth into light. This kind of people are abusers of people and they also try to abuse the legal system to their own benefit.

  28. Thanks Deb, great point about the whistle blower. Clearly sensationalism and profits are the name of the game, in our society , you only have to look at the so called reality shows on TV which are becoming popular, and which only foster and feed emotionalism. The false way of living life.

  29. It’s all about interest and power/force and the media is ruled by it. But who is ruling the media? Journalists seem to be puppets of a strong force that blows in certain direction and does not allow truth to be told.

  30. That is very clear Deborah and these are fair questions. The only reason for not investigating the source of these complaints is that when these questions are asked, too much that is inconvenient to the sensation of the story comes to light. In fact these stories do not stand up to scrutiny. Now that there is a trail of cyber bullying that leads straight to the complainants door, it would be very hard for them to prove they were without malicious intent once those transcripts were read.

  31. Very True Deb, it is really important that due process is followed to protect both parties. This is a point in question where due process has not been followed and the consequences have been vindictive and damaging to a great number of adults and children.

  32. It is of great concern that the media is largely unregulated and are free to print what ever they like without thoroughly investigating the facts.

  33. Unfortunately, the readers of the newspaper articles often just read the story and assume it was well researched before publication. The whistle blowers in this case are no ‘heroes’ – they are a small group of bitter, angry people unwilling to take responsibility for what has happened in their lives. In my eyes, the journalists who jumped on the easy story are no better than these ‘whistle blowers’.

  34. There are so many questions to be asked in this case, and it is indeed very off that the ‘whistleblowers’ are not exposed to who they are and why they are saying the things they say. There is an enormous lack of responsibility by the journalists involved in these outings.

  35. Great questions. We do need to be concerned about this practice and not take what is in print as the truth. In appreciation of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for holding a clear template for business, practicing true integrity, truth, and Love in living practice – showing the way forward and living the future now.

  36. Yes I agree completely with this Deb. The online and off line behaviour of many bullies is 100% designed to cause trouble, ‘stir the pot’ and directly lie about and attack people, and get as many people onside as possible. It’s like a game of who can get the most followers and media coverage for the most ridiculous lie. It’s utterly disgraceful that such behaviour is not being stopped by our legal system or even by people in the community speaking up and saying No.

  37. I agree with you Deb, Why indeed did the media not verify the story that was fed to them by the ‘whistle blowers’? Was it possibly more important to them (the media) to increase their readership, rather than publishing the true facts?

  38. I agree Deb, what you say in this post should really ‘go’ without it having to be said, as it is in your company. Basically, this should be an automatic procedure.

  39. Awesome article. What you say is so true Deb and I absolutely agree. Whistle blowers are vital to our society to call out the truth when it needs to be exposed. That is undeniable. But. If the media’s actual sources for what is published are not in truth whistle blowers but instead corrupted individuals with malicious intentions, then all that comes from that source is corrupt. Thus, the very foundations of all subsequent articles that lead on from that source are also forever corrupted. No journalist to this date has bothered to investigate and expose the true nature and intent of the vicious and disreputable sources who instigated this corrupted campaign of hostility and who continue to attack all who associate with Universal Medicine …..Now an article that exposes that truth would be something I would love to read.

  40. It is deeply concerning that the press are allowed to print lies, without being called to account. it is up to us the readers to voice our concerns to the editors, and also to the Press Complaints Commission when the press try to feed us lies

  41. It is obvious that the media had no intention of investigating the ‘facts’ provided by the whistle-blowers. Why would they when they had a sensationalised story that could sell newspapers. If they took a chance & investigated (as I am sure they are ethically bound to do) & the lies were revealed as lies, they would not be able to print them. Rather print the story quickly before the truth comes out & you can always say sorry later, after the damage has been done.

  42. Very well said Deb, those questions you ask should be a matter of course for any complaint that is made against anyone or any organisation. The fact that there was no true investigation into these claims, highlight the fact that the press will report on whatever suits their agenda and seem to have no regard for the actual truth. It seems as long as their product is selling, the facts take a back seat, and as you say, this should be a great concern for us all.

  43. Great points and I totally agree! And even though it does seem to be of great concern to many people, especially those affected, there is no global outcry to demand that these kind of injustices not be allowed. Those concerned voices are currently too few in numbers or just not loud enough yet to make the world stop and listen and initiate the necessary change. No one deserves to be the target of anyone’s malicious campaigns, however anyone subject to this should be firmly supported by the spotlight being shone brightly on those making the allegations. Although possibly we may need to first address humanity’s apparent preference for drama and sensationalism and their utter complacency in wanting and demanding the truth.

  44. I agree Deb, it is appalling and of great concern that this has been allowed to happen. It’s made me appreciate the level of corruption in our media even more and how important it is that we are very discerning of what we read and see on TV and online. And the importance of us calling for total integrity and truth in our news and current affairs reports.

  45. Deb that is so true, given its now over 2 1/2 years since they started had Esther Rockett and Lance Martin been investigated by the press before they choose to run with the wildly made up lies then tens of thousands of hours, of time and of resources would have been saved to be used on what humanity really need.

  46. Thank you Deb. Yes if only there were a whistle blower within the actual press/papers distributing these false lies of the disgruntled few — now that would make an interesting and highly newsworthy story…but sadly that may also mean the end of someone’s coveted career and ambitions – unless that person had the courage and conviction to cover the facts to get to the REAL story!

  47. Awesomely put, Deb. The media involved clearly exposed for having their ‘own rules’.
    with love, Victoria

    1. … that are actually not really rules but corrupt behaviour that seems to have become accepted as normal simply because we get to see it everywhere and it has created a system that justifies itself by “rules” that are corrupt in the first place.

      1. Agreed Alex… a complete lack or responsibility, and in certain quarters, a cesspool of corruption that continues to feed and confirm itself in its behaviour. And we have allowed it to be so.

      2. Thank you Deb, Alex and Victoria, maybe it is all too simple for the media to apply common decency to these situations. Even once the lies have been exposed, the media have not done a follow up story reporting the truth. This all leads one to feel that ‘a system that justifies itself by “rules” that are corrupt in the first place,’ is a system that needs a huge overhaul. If only all companies were open to investigation like Universal Medicine.

      3. There has been corruption in our society for thousands of years, and as a society we have allowed this to happen because we have stood by and not called it out. The only way to change this way of life is to call it out which is what we are all now doing. It will take a long while to turn this around but at least we are walking the steps to do this now.

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