Nothing Like a Little Common Sense

by Cindy Rideout

Regarding the recent article printed in the Brisbane Times (Da Vinci reincarnated? ‘I agree, it sounds absurd’) about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and the responses to those articles, it seems to me that what we have on one side is a poorly researched news item sensationalised to ‘sell’ news and keep readership up and, essentially, testimonials on the other side. Testimonials, at best, are taken with a grain of salt.

What are the accusations, overt or otherwise? 1) Universal Medicine (UniMed) is a cult. 2) Serge Benhayon is the cult leader. 3) Practitioners can cure or prevent cancer. 4) Sexual misconduct takes place during Esoteric Breast Massages (EBM). 5) Serge and UniMed is responsible for relationship breakdown. 6) Practitioners overcharge for their services. 7) Selling unregulated supplements. 8) Changing lifestyle habits. 9) Book-burning. 10) Multiple property and company ownership.

Time to inject a little reason.

  1. Cult – defined as “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.” According to the Brisbane Times, there are roughly 1000 UniMed “followers”, a small group by any religious organisation’s standards, and at least the author of the article in question seems to consider the beliefs and practices of these followers strange or sinister so, yes, one could then conclude that UniMed is a cult. However, we all know that “cult” has inflammatory connotations demonstrative of a bias whereas “organisation” may have been the word preferred by someone interested in reporting the truth. As an aside, there’s this group out there, granted, it has more “followers” than UniMed but I consider their practices strange. It’s called Toastmasters. And I’m looking at Girl Guides and Boy Scouts in a whole different light now too. Alcoholics Anonymous is next.
  2. Serge Benhayon, the cult leader – it makes sense that if UniMed is a cult, and I have already conceded that it could very well be perceived in that fashion, then Serge must be the cult leader. Or maybe he’s just a role model. Or a mentor. Even a teacher. But that doesn’t make for very interesting reading, does it?
  3. Universal Medicine practitioners can cure or prevent cancer – I wish! Wouldn’t that be great? If that were the case, there’d be a line-up from the clinic doors that wrapped around the world. Twice. They might be able to support you in making choices that are less likely to promote disease but that’s about it and that’s all they will tell you too. Additionally, you won’t find “alternative” therapy practitioners more supportive of allopathic medicine than those at UniMed. It is also worth noting that there are many medical professionals who are members of UniMed , which is no small thing since there are only 1000 followers.
  4. Sexual misconduct during Esoteric Breast Massages – first of all, EBMs are only given by female practitioners. Ever. To state or imply otherwise was very poor research on the reporter’s part. Secondly, any woman who has ever been for a breast exam or a mammogram, or breast fed for that matter, will tell you that not all contact with her breasts is sexual in nature. It’s a male fantasy to think otherwise. Have one of your female reporters go for an EBM and then get back to me on the sexual nature of it.
  5. Universal Medicine wrecks relationships – unloving relationships are responsible for relationship breakdown. Don’t shoot the messenger.
  6. Universal Medicine overcharges – have you been for massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, or osteopathy lately? If you have – or bother to investigate – you will find that the UniMed practitioners are competitively priced.
  7. Unregulated supplements – UniMed is in contact with the TGA. There’s basically a no-story story there.
  8. UniMedians change their lifestyle habits – a friend of mine recently had a quadruple bypass. He has since radically changed his eating habits. A whole lot less fat, minimal dairy (too high in fat), very little bread, no more junk food, lots of veggies. And he exercises regularly. I’m not game to ask about the lovemaking. UniMedians don’t eat dairy or gluten. They eat veggies, fruit, eggs, meat. No junk food. They exercise regularly. Could be they’re just trying to avoid heart attacks. Or maybe they simply want to feel good. I find that … sinister.
  9. Book-burning – I’ve thrown books away. Most of the self-help ones hit the bin a few years ago. All unread. They seemed like a good idea at the time. I’d have burnt them if I’d had a fire pit. There are online news articles I’d burn if they were in print.
  10. Capitalism – isn’t that what owning multiple properties and companies is? I didn’t know that was against the law. In fact, I thought it was an aspiration in some circles.

There’s nothing like a little common sense to ruin a perfectly good news article.

Just sayin’…

102 thoughts on “Nothing Like a Little Common Sense

    1. Love it Amanda… exactly! You are being very gracious in your use of the word ‘silly’ however… I can think of some that might be more precise in their representation 😉 Substitute ‘ridiculous’, ‘corrupt’, ‘heinous’, ‘criminal’… and we’re getting closer.

  1. ‘Sticks and stones…’ is a lie. Words do hurt people and can do a great deal of harm. ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ is a much more accurate reflection of the truth about words.

  2. Recently my mother, who is absolutely convinced that after death nothing is left over, said to me, if it would be so that we reincarnate, the world would be different. She said, ‘I could be reborn in a place of war and misery….like the people who come here (so called refugees, she means) and who I want not to have here.’ She was a bit shocked by this possibility. Even though it was ‘just imagined’.
    So. Could it be, that it is all about this little thing we call ‘responsibility’?
    IF it is true that we come back and have no control over it, we HAVE to take care of the whole world and not just our little one.
    For me it looks quite clear that every attack against Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine is just that: the desperate try to deny what is so obvious if we look without our self-made blinkers: We do not take our responsibility, we do not live in integrity. And this causes all our troubles in this world.
    All this nonsense written by ‘journalists’ is what you say here Cindy: it makes non-sense. It is just much ado about nothing to distract from the truth and buy a bit more time in comfort.

  3. There is an expression I once heard about someone who talked up a good story to a mere shadow of its origins “He never ruined a good story with the truth” I would like to re-write that, “never ruin the truth with a good story” for we are all robbed.

  4. I love your no nonsense facts here, here here, the truth oozes from your words you can feel it everywhere. Nothing in this article stands up to common sense let alone truth.

  5. I so enjoyed reading this Cindy! Absolutely blows that article out of the water! It’s so hilarious what these so called journo’s are trying to evoke. It’s embarrassing actually more than anything. But, the truth is, is that if any of them were ever interseted in attending an event or session, they would never ever be turned away, for the integrity of those truly living a life of service know that we are all equal and everyone deserves equal opportunity.

  6. Reading this again it is so very easy to see that to have common sense, one is more connected to themselves and their truth. It seems to be a value less accessed in today’s world where blind acceptance of much rot delivered not only by the media, but by those who without discernment judge another seems to be the way of living chosen, as then the responsibility for the worlds woes constantly lies with another, where in truth it lies with us all.

  7. Oh Cindy – I had a belly laugh reading this and I actually had tears from laughter when you debunked the ‘book burning’ controversy. What a fabulous response to a hideous misrepresentation of a man, family and organisation that has shown nothing but the highest standard of integrity.

  8. Very matter of fact and common sense. I love how you have debunked all of the sweeping statements that have been made against all associated with Universal medicine, bringing truth.

  9. Seems like the best way to combat lies and falsities is to show the ridiculousness of them with playfulness and yes, common sense. My life has never been more committed to living and I thank myself and my choice to be part of Universal Medicine… just sayin.

  10. When we ignore common sense we also ignore the wisdom and understanding that comes from being practical and honest and can instead invite drama, judgment and lies into the picture.

  11. A clear and comical way to expose the ridiculousness of stories that attempt to corrupt the minds of those who are still ignorant to the games that the media can play to sell stories, regardless of the harm they cause by doing so.

  12. The relationship with reincarnation is a curious one. The majority of people in the western world does not believe in it. If I do not believe in something, and I am a journalist, why would I even bother with it in the first place? That would never be part of what I present because it does not make sense. So, why going out of my way and present a story that ridicules the possibility of this happening and make sure to deny that we carry a quality from life to life? What is the press article really all about?

  13. Thank you Cindy. How simple it is to expose the misinformation used to create a sensational story to sell the ‘news’. The truth of Universal Medicine is just common sense but that does not excite or sell newspapers.

  14. I wonder what the job description of a journalist looks like these days. ‘To write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’…or to write in a way that stimulates the reader, that provokes interest, to ‘flavour’ the news so that more copy is sold? That said, we must surely look at ourselves for we are the ones who buy such products and hence we are the ones who are promoting the media we receive.

  15. Many of the lives of those associated with Universal Medicine and its practitioners have changed beyond recognition for the better. Surely it is time to investigate the truth!

  16. Absolutely nothing like a bit of common sense to be able to see through the media and the fabrications that they make, it would be lovely to read a newspaper that is full of genuine news, that is truly newsworthy.

  17. The term cult has always been used to describe a religious group. It is only in recent times that it has altered by a media trying to sensationalise news for its own profits to now mean something derogatory. You could equally apply the term cult to the Catholic Church etc. Indeed it would be more appropriate than with Universal Medicine which does not indoctrinate people like the world religions do.

  18. I love this down to earth approach and the way you debunk these concocted stories about Universal Medicine and their alleged wrongdoings – but for the media, telling the truth would get in the way of a salacious story, no matter how far fetched and fraudulent.

  19. Thank you Cindy for bringing common sense into this whole witch hunt by the media. The sad thing is, it is not about common sense anymore, it is about selling news. Here they are accusing Universal Medicine, who offers a highly successful approach, of making money with that, whilst they use and a abuse a medium, which is meant to inform people to be able to make more sound decisions, to make money. As the saying goes, maybe they need to sweep in front of their own door first.

  20. We don’t ‘dig for the facts’ like we use to, we don’t hold our judgement until we have seen both sides. When I was younger these were both more evident, people didn’t jump at the first hurdle, there was space for us to consider what was being said to us and almost apply a truth filter over it. Experience has taught me that no matter what is said and by whom to allow some space for what is said to filter before I action it. This maybe seconds minutes or days but I don’t jump to the first dramatic headline that hits me. I know how many times I have jumped and ended up falling on my face when I have found out the real story behind something that has been said to me. This for me is another example, none of this story sings truly and so for me I need to do more digging.

  21. The best blog ever written on this so specifically nailed publication of liars, that is so standfast in truth that it allows nowhere to go but to the truth.. It totally rocked all the lies, turned them upside down and inside out – revealed. What a gorgeous expose. Love it. And this made me laugh, simply because the world has turned truth upside down , whilst in fact, truth is not wrong here, but the lies are. For you all to read again and truly enjoy what is being stated. ‘Book-burning – I’ve thrown books away. Most of the self-help ones hit the bin a few years ago. All unread. They seemed like a good idea at the time. I’d have burnt them if I’d had a fire pit. There are online news articles I’d burn if they were in print.’

  22. Wow, I love your way of dissecting a story by simply applying common sense. A sense that is very much needed in this world of story after story that have nothing to do with what is really going on.

  23. To add to point 3)
    Anyway breast cancer is not there to just be rid of. It is there to show us that we living in a way that is not loving. If breast cancer could be released in a short notice then nobody would learn from the illness, the message the soul gives us.

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