Every newspaper has a tremendous responsibility – but are they stepping up to it?

by Rachel Andras, Germany

I find it totally ridiculous that the recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald is based on a few men and very few women who are hurt because their partner left them or they participated in a workshop with Universal Medicine. In a world where women’s rights and integrity is constantly violated and domestic violence is through the roof it is hard to understand how a supposedly serious newspaper is giving this minority a voice without checking their facts and thus, disqualifying what the Universal Medicine women students by free will chose they want in their lives – namely love and a loving relationship. It seems that these women, for the first time in their life, had claimed themselves independently from being identified through being with a man and they have chosen to no longer be in a probably convenient but not loving relationship. What is so bad about that?

In today’s society it is normal that women are brought up with the ideal that they are only complete when they find their ‘perfect man’, get married and have kids, and live happily ever after. Which very often means going through an unloving marriage, divorce, more unloving relationships, etc. But when women decide to not follow this pattern and claim a different quality of life for themselves – some men get outraged and look anywhere to put their blame – and Universal Medicine is the perfect scapegoat and a newspaper the perfect platform.

Considering that worldwide 6 million women are killed every three years due to gender based violence it is outrageous to see the disregarding position the Sydney Morning Herald holds towards women. I am not quite sure how it works in Australia, but in European countries there exist a strong code of ethics for journalism and one of them is to NOT picture women as passive victims, vulnerable and without any capacity to step up for themselves, but as active citizens who have an equal position and are respected members of society, very qualified in what they say and valued contributors to the well being of humanity.

What you write is highly unprofessional. You base your article on this disgruntled group of people (mainly men) who make themselves the victims of being left by their wives, by putting them in a superior position and discarding the ability of those women to decide over their own lives. This is exactly what is contributing to the increasing violence against women worldwide.

Gender based violence is a structural problem of our societies based exactly on behaviours, patterns, ideals and practices as you express at your newspaper: Disrespect, second class citizens, worthless, lack of autonomy, dependent, blind followers, stupid, etc.

A structural problem means that we are all part of a whole – that is not only about the individual actions but about the general position or consciousness towards it. Some disrespect women in their capacities, others treat them as less, and some (actually a lot) consider them worthless – and as such treat them with horrendous violence.

But it does not matter from which level you function you are nonetheless responsible. It is all feeding the same ideal of men’s superiority and contributes to the ongoing violations of women’s human rights.

Every newspaper has a tremendous responsibility on this subject. But are they stepping up to it?

133 thoughts on “Every newspaper has a tremendous responsibility – but are they stepping up to it?

  1. The media does have an amazing responsibility and power in terms of a true power IF they were to step up to the responsibility of presenting truth or at the least presenting the two sides of the story so that people can make their own choices from that presentation. It will be a special day if and when that happens.

  2. I feel there is a code of ethics which the media has ditched and does not abide by. Perhaps they feel above this in some way and think that they can get away with printing lies and attempting to destroy a person or organisations reputation? We have for ages seen women’s magazines write gossip and rubbish and trash people and their reputation and the general media is now no different only they are parading under the banner of presenting truth.

  3. 6 years on and the media have gone even deeper into their bias. I have become more aware that the print media seek attention through lying and call that ‘success’. What do they succeed in? Informing or controlling the masses with misinformation? I appreciate learning to practice energetic discernment. When I know the energy behind something it can’t fool me.

  4. You could say hurt people have caused a lot of devastation in our world. Put one in power or who knows how to leverage the media and you have the lies that are printed. It is a great understanding that people who blame are lying. I speak from my own experience here.

  5. We are so very unaware of how we feed the very things we so dislike in this world. We go for the good and doing the right thing but what we avoid in everyday life to simply live by the truth we know.

  6. So there are 6 million women being killed in gender based violence every three years. That is a staggering thing to be happening in the world… which is in need of integrity, truth and decency. Its media industry is spectacularly failing on all counts.

  7. It feels like we all need to step up to our true responsibility in life, not just with the media as the purveyors of news but all of us who accept the reporting of sensationalist news stories and don’t speak up, for in doing so are we not supporting and allowing the false news and a lack of integrity in reporting to fan the flames to incite separation and judgement of each other?

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