The One? A Student Response to the Recent Sydney Morning Herald Articles on Serge Benhayon

by R.H., Australia

In response to the recent Sydney Morning Herald article published July 22, 2012, ‘Cult’ Cures on Medicare, with the opening line that proclaimed that “his followers call him The One”; I would like to state that I am not a member or follower of Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon. I am a person who pays to attend presentations and workshops and I do not and never have called Serge Benhayon “The One”. In fact I call him Serge, after all that is his name; a family man who cares deeply about people and their well being.

I have known Serge for 8 years and in all that time he has never told me what to do or how to think or offered me advice. I have never ever heard him say or even hint that he or any of the esoteric modalities that are offered can cure cancer, or any other illness or disease for that matter. Under no circumstances have I heard Serge or anyone from Universal Medicine say anything other than that they are pro conventional medicine and that people should seek and do require medical care. And not once have I heard him say not to exercise or make love or encourage anyone to leave their partner or end a relationship.

What I have heard Serge talk about is the way he lives and what works for him and from that I have developed my own way of living and things that work for me. Breathing, eating, walking, sleeping, energy levels, daily rhythm. It is simply an application of common sense.

What he has done is bring to our awareness that we (all of us, not just people who attend Universal Medicine presentations) need more love in our lives, that we need to be more self-loving, that we need to care deeply about ourselves and then others, and that society is lacking of nurturing, connection and care for one another. If that makes Universal Medicine a “cult” and Serge Benhayon a “cult leader” then so is every doctor, medically trained person and practitioner or lay person who promotes self care and lifestyles to enhance well being and caring for one another.

These simply, accessible and practical actions of self-love, care and nurturing are at the core of all Serge’s presentations and what I came to realise was that what was being presented were the things I already felt inside and knew for myself but wasn’t choosing to live by.

What Serge has said is that we are all equally “The One”; “The One” that has a choice to make a difference to our own life and perhaps, by way of reflection, to the lives of others. “The One” that is responsible for living our own life, “The One” who is responsible for our own choices and “The One” responsible for our own health. “The One“ that can choose to live a more gentle, loving way with ourselves and be “The One” to let others see that there may be a different more self-loving way to be, not through preaching or teaching but by simply being who we are in our normal everyday lives and interactions.


135 thoughts on “The One? A Student Response to the Recent Sydney Morning Herald Articles on Serge Benhayon

  1. It is ridiculous that something so deeply beautiful and unimposing as being self-loving and responsible for our own health can be bastardised through a few misinterpretations or intentional lies to what is being printed. I look forward to the day when the truth is reported and those suffering from the lack of the former get to hear of the benefits of living in such a simple and loving way which poor journalism is currently denying them.

  2. At the end of the day no matter how much I attend the Universal Medicine presentations and workshops it is for me to discern what is true for me eg.the food choices Serge Benhayon or another student are making may not be the same choices for me at this moment in time. It is paramount that I do not compare myself to another as to where they are at but accept and follow my inner heart and what my body requires to support my evolution.

  3. Precisely and exactly what I also have experienced though my choice of attending Universal Medicine presentations. Yes Serge Benhayon is absolutely the ‘One’ but he is not the only ‘One’ and has never been called as such. He is ‘One’ of many of us, as are all equally the ‘One’s’ who have the same choice and hold the exact same responsibility to live the truth of who we are, in honor of all that we are. In fact we are always the ‘One’ but it is our willingness to being aware of what we are choosing that empowers us to stand tall knowing without hesitation that being the ‘One’ is our natural way of being.

  4. Serge Benhayon has nothing to hide, he is a man of great integrity, the way the papers lied and handled this was appalling, yet nothing no matter what gets thrown at him Serge will always handle what comes his way with the greatest of love and understanding. The way Serge has dealt with these lies against him is an inspiration to us all.

  5. Personally, I am quite happy to say I follow Serge Benhayon. He is quite frankly an inspiration. That being said, I do not follow blindly and that is the difference. I follow with discernment. It is bemusing in many ways that people take issue with this and feel the need to define such a relationship as odd or peculiar, when the truth is we all following someone or something, even those who say they don’t.

  6. Serge Benhayon lives life from love first, he is all inclusive and treats everyone equally so, we are all the one, responsible for the way we live and the impact that our choices have on the rest of humanity.

  7. Do I really need to make comment to this? As the saying goes ‘actions speak louder then words’ and you only need to look at the results and the ongoing care of the people to see there is no truth in these words. Here we are in a world so busy that we read a headline and may not take any notice of what it’s saying but it stays with us. We run the world on headlines with few taking the time and care to actually see what is truly going on. I can say the same thing many different ways but that doesn’t make it true nor does it make it fact, the truth is the truth and as they say we are ‘judge by our actions’ and so if we really have an interest in something then take some action to find out the truth.

  8. I also pay to attend presentations from Universal Medicine. That does not make me part of a cult any more than attending a show at the Opera House does.

  9. This line – “What I have heard Serge talk about is the way he lives and what works for him and from that I have developed my own way of living and things that work for me” – highlights why Universal Medicine is so successful and inspires such true and lasting change for people. Because they present another living way that that has worked for them (and for many), the people attending then have a choice to see what would work for them, and to see if it works out in their lives. They develop their own way of living that works for them, and they learn about taking responsibility for their own actions, and choices. As it comes from them, it inspires true change because it is not something being ‘forced’ upon them.

  10. I agree absolutely R.H. we have the choice and the responsibility to live the qualities of what is already with-in us. If this makes it a cult in some people’s eyes then its possible these thoughts are coming from the mind and not the heart. Our hearts don’t impulse us to harm ourselves, but our minds can.

  11. We do need more love in our lives. FULL STOP. And why not welcome someone who is inspiring a global movement to do exactly that?

  12. This is a great example how easily things get twisted and then are being viewed as the truth, all the while they are outright lies.

  13. Serge Benhayon is a person who has an enormous capacity to inspire others to be more so these can also inspire others to be more. This movement of inspiration is not against anybody but in favor of us all. So, why the attacks? Well, it may be due to a few reasons (that work independently or as bundles): (1) people who are inspired but do not really know how to inspire others and use knowledge to preach triggering reactions in others who feel threatened and start fighting it; (2) people who do not want to be more and then fight it; (3) people who are simply not ready for the beauty of what the movement of inspiration may bring us to all of us and fight it. This understanding of the reasons why people may fight helps because it makes clear that there are movements which are not compatible with the movement of inspiration and, that there will always people willing to fight it because they simply are not prepared to be more and to live in a society where everybody is more.

  14. Serge Benhayon is the one who has chosen to be ‘THE ONE’ in his life, inspiring others to be ‘THE ONE’ in their lives too. This is empowering in itself as it brings everyone to face their own lives and assume the responsibility of their past and current choices… Everything we do in our life has a direct effect in the whole, no more no less that others, and Serge just gives voice to this facts that we all know within us.

  15. Beautiful, I whole-heartily agree. The One is being referred to as The One and only responsible — that is you, that is us, that is everyone for their own.. and because of that we carry and walk with such power that is not wise to deny any longer than we have already. For what we have denied we will return to whatever volume it costs.

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