Words from the Student Body about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

by UniMed Student Writers

This site is intended for students who study with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to write about and share their experiences of Serge Benhayon and his work as a presenter, author and practitioner of Esoteric Medicine. It was started by a group of students who felt that their experiences were either not being documented or were being at times mis-represented online and in the media.

This site is not written to convince the reader of the merits of Universal Medicine. It is one of the central tenets of the Esoteric work as taught by Serge Benhayon, and many of us share the same view, that each person should have the right to discern for themselves whether they feel the Esoteric presentations to be of truth and value or not. It is not for us or anyone else to impose our views or chosen ways of living, on another. Having said that, it has recently become apparent that it is imperative that our voices and stories be present on the Internet lest the only source of information about us be that which originates from third parties.

There will be many people from many professions and walks of life whose contributions will be shared here. Among us are doctors and lawyers, cleaners, accountants, waiters, teachers and builders. We are normal everyday people with varied backgrounds and experiences. We share a commonality in that the words and teachings of Serge Benhayon have resonated with us and inspired us in one way or another.

Despite recent criticisms leveled at Universal Medicine that it is a “cult”, we are not writing here to make sure our name isn’t muddied, or because we fear for the reputation of our so-called ‘cult leader’ or guru. We write because through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and because of our own choices and commitments, we have enjoyed changes in our lives that are truly and deeply worthy of sharing. Our stories are often inspiring, and the connections we enjoy with each other and with our many friends who have no interest in the Esoteric (and who are respected for that), are many and varied. We are not unaware that everything we do can easily be viewed through cult-coloured glasses. Yes, most of us don’t drink or smoke, yes, we eat similar carb-light diets, although many in the student body do not. Yes, many of us listen to the same student-produced music – although there are many among us who find it not to their taste at all and aren’t afraid to say so.

Once accusations of ‘cult’ and ‘cult leader’ start to be thrown about, any discussion of that person or group is necessarily going to be approached with high levels of caution by the casual observer, making a considered discussion difficult. The student becomes painted as the follower, the cult-worshipper – a mind-controlled drone of the master who has no freedom of expression. To state it categorically, Serge Benhayon does not run a cult and is not a cult leader. He runs workshops for paying participants who do make varying degrees of changes to their health and well-being as a result of attending. When and if these changes are made, it can be difficult to accept that it is by free-will that a person has chosen a particular way of living, especially if that chosen way, by virtue of its contrast, might challenge another’s chosen behaviours and way of living. But we will leave that for the reader to feel for themselves. We can only trust that our words and experiences might be felt and considered free from a pre-decided position as is often the case on other online forums, especially, but not limited to, the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum.

Serge Benhayon – a brief history from a student’s perspective

Serge Benhayon is the founder of Universal Medicine, which began in 2000. He is a practitioner whose Esoteric Medicine practice has actively worked in unison and in complement to Western Medicine for a number of years. Serge Benhayon also runs workshops and retreats that allow participants to experience true care and rejuvenation in their daily living routine. Resoundingly, the courses and retreats present the possibility that we can claim a deep care and responsibility for our daily choices and actions in very practical ways. Should the participant choose it, this awareness is then taken into their daily living. Many hundreds have benefited from the teachings to date. While none of the teachings are prescriptive, the benefits of certain ways of living are presented for those who participate to choose for themselves whether the teachings are of benefit to them or not.

The teachings are at times unconventional insofar as they do break with what are considered everyday accepted habits of the human being. Some examples of the teachings presented below:

  • The most rejuvenating sleep is between 9pm and 3am (proponents of his work go to bed at 9pm and rarely later).
  • The consumption of gluten is responsible for a dulling effect on people on an energetic as well as physical level (the latter is also and in more recent times becoming widely well-documented by scientific studies).
  • Alcohol and ‘recreational’ drug-use is born of a desire to numb oneself or distract oneself from dealing with their core issues and or for ‘dutch-courage’ in social situations – but if a true joy is known and connected to in the person then the need to alter one’s state by way of ingested substances ceases.
  • Alcohol consumption is often triggered by exhaustion — as its high sugar content is a key factor in the want to consume it at the ‘end of a hard day’.

Of late some of Serge’s teachings have come under heavy criticism, this is not surprising as the presentations are necessarily confronting to a human society that is living less than a harmonious and joyful way of being. The presentations are often challenging on many levels. For instance, certainly people are much more likely to want to hear that ‘red wine is good for them’ rather than to hear that it is in fact a poison to the body and at the energetic level very harming. Interestingly, Serge has never told anyone not to drink alcohol, rather he has presented the energetic consequences as he knows them to be. This puts a lot of people off-side, but then, both students and critics alike have observed that he doesn’t seem to measure or calculate what he says simply to deliver that which people will want to hear.

Resoundingly Serge Benhayon’s teachings impress upon the student or observer the deep responsibility we all have in every choice we make — “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter”. (SIB)

In the following posts, what we write, we will write for everybody. Feel it, view it, reject it, rejoice in it as you see fit. We don’t ask that you agree. Just that you read it with an open heart.

Stay tuned.


There is much more to come.



494 thoughts on “Words from the Student Body about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

  1. There are many blogs written to share about every day life and to be inspired by.

  2. “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter” – SIB. A Very powerful realisation and responsibility.

  3. Although this was written six and a half years ago it is still totally apt today and the testimonials of the truth and healing that has come about, and continues to expand, because of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, are all the more important as the attacks and vilifications intensify.

  4. This is a refreshing statement about the simplicity and transparency we live as students of the Livingness. Nothing to hide, nothing to be afraid of. Just the living result of our free and self-loving choices.

  5. It is important for our future generations that there is a place that they can go to learn about this man called Serge Benhayon and the people that met him and felt inspired by his living way to reconnect again and listen to their bodies rather than their minds, so much so they became students of their own life, their own livingness. .

  6. Thank you to everyone who has been involved over 5 years of running this blog site sharing our experiences of this wonderful man’s teachings and presentations. There is indeed much more yet to be shared.

  7. Thanks to Serge Benhayon I came to know what love truly is, and it is nothing like those emotions that I thought were love before. This marker has enabled me to choose love in my life like never before.

  8. Beautiful to be reading this again, such a clear no non-sense account that represents the summary of views by the students of Universal Medicine very well. I say here here, I agree, this is just a sharing of our experiences and unfoldings for anyone who may wish to read them without any expectations. If you don’t like what you read that’s fine, you can close it down with the red X in the corner.

  9. What is expressed in this blog is as true today as when it was first written, as do the comments that we initially written in response to it.

  10. Many people in the world have gone through life-transforming events. Many have connected to something which for them is the truth, there are so many presenters, so many writers, and so many complementary therapists in the world. Yet, what is happened is that Serge Benhayon and the students of The Way of The Livingness have been targeted and attacked as a result of living in a way that challenges the status quo. For the people who are behind screens and typewriters are not writing anything of truth, anything that is a true representation of the events in place.

    During a Universal Medicine course there is no brainwashing, there is simply a presentation of teaching, some banter, some jokes and a place where the public feels comfortable enough to share their deepest hurts, talk about what truly troubles them so that it can be resolved and they can live a life of love.

    The presentations about energy are challenged as if we are not all aware of energy, almost as if the people who are challenging this notion are saying that we can’t feel anything, we don’t know if a person is lying or not, we can’t tell if another is dodgy.

    It is sad that this is the state at play, and people are being considered delusional for expressing their true feelings. People are being attacked for speaking the truth and called crazy for bringing up a different perspective to life…

  11. “what and how we live, is lived by everybody thereafter”. (SIB) This is worth pondering on very deeply. It talks about energetic integrity and energetic responsibility in everything we do in life and also how we are. Every choice matters, in fact every movement matters.

  12. These blogs are a joy to read and they are deeply inspiring. They are written from the writer’s lived experience and inner wisdom and they invite the readers to ponder, to be inspired and share. I read these blogs every day, I love how relatable they are and they are so honest, open, inspiring, and supportive.

    1. Likewise Chan – I too am inspired in so many ways by the simple words and the experiences of each writer bringing and presenting all the different perspectives that we can learn from and learn to understand.

  13. We each have our own story and experiences to share, that are important to be heard. Especially in a media landscape that only print what will sell rather than what will benefit. Big difference.

  14. Thank you to those who set up this site as a starting platform for hundreds of people to share their experiences. Such lives and changes that need to be shared for they are gold.

  15. It is very convenient to call another person who is challenging us “brainwashed” or a “follower” simply because we don’t want to admit the truth standing in front of us.

  16. The true story about Serge Benhayon is the greatest story never as yet reported on with any integrity. Seriously, one day mankind will wonder how such an amazing story was allowed to be buried under a pile of lies. Of course you cannot bury the truth for long so the truth will prevail and the liars will be exposed as just that.

  17. Agree – we are not here to convince or impose our choices on anyone. But telling the truth, we shall not stop. The truth worthy of sharing with entire humanity, as they will one day find themselves agreeing with, and most probably kicking themselves for not having done so sooner.

  18. For me there is no doubt that Serge lives love from the inside out, he moves with such grace and at the same time holds an amazing presence, his depth of wisdom seems endless and he stands for truth, not only for himself but for humanity as a whole.

  19. Serge simply delivers the truth, raw and uncut. I have never ever met someone who can do this with so much love and passion for life. I have been Soooooo inspired by this beautiful man Serge Benhayon, I will be forever grateful for the wisdom he has shared.

    1. Me too Sam, I am deeply, deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon and I am always blown away by the way he delivers truth with absolute love. He is a gorgeous man with a huge heart consistently sharing and supporting people from all walks of life. He has inspired thousands and thousands of people to commit to life and return to love, to live in a way that is our natural way filled with love and truth.

  20. This is brilliantly written, thank you. Everything Serge presents, whether it’s the best time to go to sleep or how holding back in relationships affects us is felt in the body, it’s not something that gets ‘told’, it’s something we feel for ourselves by observing the affects of our physical and energetic wellbeing in our daily choices. The body is always expressing (and confirming) the truth and if we listen and adjust our lifestyle that then becomes our truth.

  21. I am a student of life and Serge Benhayon has shown consistently that he is that also, I am inspired every day by that humbleness, because he lives with such consistency and care.

  22. What a gorgeous spelling out of truth. The biggest cult if ever there is one has to be the one that accepts, defends, and promote all the things that are slowly burying humanity. The alcohol, the sugar, the things we eat and drink that we know is not truly healthy or good for the body we defend and want to be good even though we know it is not. There are though many on this planet that knows and can feel that there is something else to life. That there is a life within life that can be revealed if we just know how to unfold it. And yes some things make it impossible such as alcohol. And I would also say that sugar is one of the most toxic things there is if we want to feel the stillness that is within us. If heaven is within then obviously we cannot have a racy body, for heaven is found in the stillness, when the body is at rest with itself and everything else.

  23. This site as well as Serge’s work, are pure transparency. No investments, nothing to hide and everything exposed, for the reader to freely discern by themselves.

  24. I have been blessed to read most of the blogs written on this site, they come from the heart and they are real people’s stories. I start each day by reading blogs and it has supported me in so many ways, I am grateful that so many volunteers make this site so active and interactive. If you are interested in what Universal Medicine is about and what values the people that attend presentations hold, then this site answers all those questions and more!

  25. With the hindsight of reading this blog after 5 years of publication, it is clear of how much ground has been covered thanks to this initiative and how much people have started to share themselves with those who are ready and open. It has been a massive process of discovery, of learning how to express and just going for it. A lot has been said. A lot remains to be said.

  26. This article in itself is extremely well written and informative so we can make up our mind or at the very least open to the possibility of supporting ourselves to see another part of life. I don’t know how many times I have seen or experienced it, you hear something about someone and you cast a view without actually talking or experiencing that persons perception. This view is often loaded one sided and we go ahead only at some point to get to know the person even briefly and your whole view changes and you wonder how you could have ever seen it any other way. If you want to know the whole story then you need to look at everything, take part of a view and that will colour everything so you only see that part, open up to everything and you can see it all and then from there make a choice.

  27. What I have realised through my association with Universal Medicine is how much I have been willingly giving my power away no matter how much I would have liked to consider myself as free. Instead of trusting and knowing what felt inside myself as true, I was constantly looking for approval or being validated as right. Learning to live by my inner-most (esoteric) has been the best choice I have ever made in my entire life – and it was made accessible and possible to me because those who had made the same choice did not hold back living that way.

  28. I went to see an old friend of mine recently and the topic of Serge Benhayon came up and in the conversation that followed I was seen by my friend to be a follower of Serge Benhayon.
    And this intrigued me and I stopped to feel what was being said.
    I feel that what Serge Benhayon presents makes sense to me, I met Serge Benhayon 11 years ago and decided to just have a go at some of the things that Serge Benhayon presented as my life was not full or happy I was just scraping by, to the world I looked successful, but inside my body I was a mess.
    I now lead a very successful life on the outside and feel joyful on the inside.
    I don’t follow Serge Benhayon but there is great value in what he has to say, I have learnt so much, and it is so practical and to me is far more beneficial than any education system currently in use.

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