In response to the Northern Star false allegations about Esoteric Breast Massage

This was just issued on the Universal Medicine website:

“In response to the outrageously false allegations printed today in the Northern Star, Universal Medicine would like to issue the following statement to the media and to the public.

There has been a heinous disregard for the truth in the portrayal of Serge Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon and Michael Benhayon and a total misrepresentation of their character and their services, in today’s paper. The article, which erroneously states that Serge Benhayon trained his sons in Esoteric Breast Massage comes out only a day after an ABC Radio interview in which Serge Benhayon explicitly stated that Esoteric Breast Massage was a treatment only ever practiced by female practitioners and which has never been practiced by any man, himself or otherwise.

To state it categorically – at no stage has Esoteric Breast Massage been promoted or advertised as a substitute of any medical treatment or for the treatment of cancer.

Serge was contacted for comment yesterday and was unable to get back to the Northern Star reporter before the story was published. At no point did the reporter indicate the highly inflammatory and erroneous content of his story and at no point did he indicate the story would run with or without comment from the Benhayon’s. It is a discredit to the Northern Star that they have not supported a local business in the face of scurrilous lies and instead have become a party to them.

The reporter, who has failed to abide by the Journalist’s Code of Ethics made very little effort to find out the truth, choosing instead to print mistruths and outrageous lies. His actions, which were highly defamatory, have been carried out without any regard to the people they will affect. Universal Medicine is demanding an immediate apology, a retraction and a correction be issued by the Northern Star.

Those who know the Benhayon’s know that the integrity with which they treat their female clients is second to none.”

Edit: We have just been informed that the Northern Star has deleted reference to Curtis and Michael practicing Esoteric Breast Massage. The fact remains that the damage has already been done and the article continues to print misinformation online and in print in reference to claims that Esoteric Breast Massage cures cancer.

Please leave your comments of support for Michael and Curtis and Serge. Keep commenting and keep posting to your friends. Let’s let the truth trump the lies, it’s up to us to get the real story told.



156 thoughts on “In response to the Northern Star false allegations about Esoteric Breast Massage

  1. The reporters have come across as quite parochial and ill informed because it’s not uncommon or considered indecent for trained male massage therapists to massage women’s breasts – I was in fact a student at a registered training organisation where this was taught. I personally didn’t agree with this and opted out of that specific class as I feel women’s breasts are sacred to women. I do know that the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is only performed by women for women, which is why I have received the EBM modality. To suggest that Serge, Curtis or Michael have performed this modality is a complete lie. A strange and obvious hypocrisy from the media that not so long ago had a bare breasted or scantily clad page 3 girl for titillation.

  2. The journalist doesn’t know or understand what he is talking about and probably doesn’t even care all he seems to care about is how he can sell his story. And that is what it is, a made up story to sell a newspaper how sad is it that you have to lie through your back teeth, sell yourself out in order to earn a living. In contrast to this the Benhayon men stand out as role models on how to live as true men and they inspire others to live with the same decency and respect for themselves and others. This is quite rare in our current society where the male has been groomed to be the complete opposite.

  3. The level of care and respect that Serge, Michael and Curtis offer to women and everyone, is remarkable. Being in the presence of someone who treats you in such way, sometimes with a greater level of love than what we often treat ourselves, is a new marker in our life that I personally treasure, because it invites me to embrace it myself, not accepting anything less that this ever-growing marker in my life. I can’t but feel a deep gratitude for their reflection.

    1. Amparo thank you for your beautiful appreciation of Serge, Michael and Curtis, they do indeed offer incredible healing through their tender, loving and caring presence and I so appreciate their integrity and commitment to humanity – they are incredibly beautiful men.

  4. Apparently news is not about getting the fact right before you print anymore. The standards for truth and integrity are easily put overboard when it comes to writing a story that sells more papers. And we are part of this too, because we buy or bought those papers, so apparently there is a demand for lies or should I say ‘comfort’.

  5. Lies seem to echo around the world so fast and when we have the truth it is shunned, ridiculed, perverted, misconstrued, lied about, warped, twisted and simply laughed at so when what is felt by those who have become aware in their bodies by developing a self-loving discipline can be dismissed. And once the lies are out there its discrediting aspects are difficult to clear from every aspect of some people’s minds. Serge Benhayon has the highest integrity of anyone and this is simple to ascertain if one just is willing to spend time with him and the smallest amount of honest research.

  6. Humanity has a history of trying to crush those who bring us great wisdom and truth. Let’s not make the same mistake once again.

  7. It is a real danger to humanity when something that has the loudest voice is not interested in speaking truth but yells whatever it fancies. Is that how it reminds itself a taste of power?

  8. It is interesting how the media are always in a hurry to print news without getting all the facts, and they wonder why so many people have an issue with what they print, if the media waited for a moment surely common sense would prevail that it is necessary to establish the facts first, the Benhayons have always shown great integrity in all they do.

  9. It is an embarrassment to me that any journalist would write such blatant lies about someone who holds such high integrity. Serge Benhayon and his sons Michael and Curtis Benhayon are exemplary gentlemen, and for someone to come along and put into place such deliberate and configured falsities, shows there must be an ulterior agenda. Tarnishing or attempting to tarnish someone’s reputation with such absolute lies is not done by someone who holds much care nor respect for themselves and it is likely that they are deeply unhappy in their life and in their relationships. But this is still not an excuse to treat another with such blatant disrespect. It is crazy but a very real world we live in where our accpetable standards have slipped down on the scale and we actually have to call out another for inappropriate behaviour – this should be obvious and known and clear, but it is clear that some are not allowing themselves to realise the repercussions of their actions (or perhaps they do – which is even more devious)…And so even though it is not our responsibility as such, it is our position to clearly state what is not acceptable and set the record straight, making it clear that some are walking a fine line and that there are consequences to actions.

    1. It’s a world gone crazy when integrity and truth is attacked and you can have a ‘successful’ job in the media based on lies, deceit and dishonesty.

  10. If it would be illegal to print lies then many of the reporting offices would be out of business, or should be out I should say because many do publish pure lies and still getting away with it. The Esoteric Breast Massage must be a heaven sent modality looking at how much appreciated it is from women receiving it.

  11. Falsities is the only way to attack someone who stands for truth. You cannot speak truth about them because if you do, you cannot attack them. You have no ground to do so. Truth only gives you two options: align to it, or fight it. And each of us choose.

  12. This shows how quickly and easily harm can be done in the way we use words, may it be intentionally or not, that what once was written or spoken is not so easy to negate or withdraw as it has started a ripple effect that continues to move.

  13. As the saying goes that we all know, why let the truth get in the way of a story and here we have the real evidence. This is not only a careless journalistic mistake but a deliberate attempt to flavour the great work and support that is being offered to countless women and people. How does this happen? By us collectively not speaking up and saying no to things like this on a consistent basis. When did it become ok for us to accept cut and paste journalism from behind a keyboard? We need to turn this around and articles and comments like this build that turn around.

  14. The level of integrity Serge Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon have towards their profession is incredible and absolutely honouring beyond any other treatments by any other medical or complimentary practitioner. And with the treatments/sessions they offer never once has it been mentioned they offer Esoteric Breast massage.

  15. This exposes how todays reporting has little to do with what is really going on and that the media unashamedly print lies.

  16. Imagine a young student of journalism, called to the profession by their passion for expressing and sharing what is true. How shocking it must be to them, that their strong principles will get them nowhere in this field, for what sells newspapers is not truth, but sensationalism and stories that excite and stimulate the reader – regardless of truth.

    1. Richard someone I know trained as a barrister, he had to leave the profession because of the shock of the corruption he witnessed, this included going with barristers from his firm to have lunch with a judge where they decided together the fate of the next days court case. True story.

  17. Serge, Curtis and Michael Benhayon are three of the most beautiful, tender, honest and loving men I have ever met. They are full of integrity in my experience. The real question for humanity to look at here is ‘why does this sort of journalism sell newspapers? It will only be when the demand ceases that this will stop.

  18. It’s interesting how journalists twist a story for their own benefit, in order to sensationalise something, when more people would actually like to read the truth on someone. I have total respect for Serge Benhayon, Michael and Curtis too, who are three men who stand for integrity in all they do, they are amazing role models and their family is a joy to be with.

  19. You could say it was careless journalism to suggest such a thing. You could also suggest that perhaps it was actually careless on purpose, to seek to sensationalise something that is actually very sacred to many women, who have found profound benefits from the technique.

  20. This for me highlights the absurdity of simply believing what others say, proclaim, write, or share through the media and news without first discerning the truth behind it. What qualities or values are we building in our society if we allow such falsehoods to be unaddressed and uncorrected? And the key word is ‘we’ as it is our responsibility to be aware and actively discern what is true and what is not, and give voice to correcting the falsehoods when they are clocked.

  21. I have been attending Universal Medicine over ten years and not once have I ever heard Serge Benhayon say that he had trained his sons Michael and Curtis Benhayon in Esoteric Breast Massage. I have had Esoteric Breast Massages since they were first practiced and they have only ever been from female practitioners. I also have never heard Serge Benhayon or been under the impression from Universal Medicine that Esoteric Breast Massage could heal breast cancer. There is no doubt whatsoever that having EBM’s have supported and continue to do so in my relationship to my breasts and my body but certainly not a substitute of any medical treatment for cancer.

  22. Although it is almost the norm for the media to attempt to taint the truth with lies, the truth does not stop being the truth and will as a matter of course, expose the ills of man further, the depths they go to bastardise life through misinterpreting it and how we have suffered as a consequence due to what we have been delayed from knowing but never denied.

  23. It is indeed true that Serge, Curtis and Michael Benhayon treat people with utter respect and I only ever felt deeply supported and honoured as a woman. It is rare in our world today to find this level of integrity.

  24. Anyone who has been privileged to attend healing sessions with Serge, Michael and Curtis will know as a fact that what has been printed are just a pack of lies. These men offer the highest standards of integrity and dedication in their line of healing work with people.

  25. How is an article even though printed with lies and misrepresentations of the truth remain online or not re-edited / reprinted to now represent the real facts. Thus portrays the supremacy and bullying way of our society that we have allowed to go on because “it does not effect us” or so you think. It does effect us. The might and power of one should not be championed if it does not one-unify the power of all. Serge Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon live a way that does one-unify all – they are leading the way. These are the facts.

  26. I personally vouch for the integrity of Serge Benhayon and his two sons, Michael and Curtis . I have known all three for 14 years and in that time I have found that the integrity of this family is beyond compare. The benchmark of common decency has been lifted by these three all in their own right leading the way of the tender gentle man showing other men that the strength of true power lies in living and moving in this tenderness.

    1. In a world that’s become so thoroughly indecent one has to wonder why men of such exemplary integrity had their names smeared with such obvious intent by the media? To me it signals the power of reflection, and when anyone lives such high standards of decency, care and integrity their reflection can expose very clearly those who have dropped their standards. Instead of being inspired there can be reaction and in this case a form of attack. Anyone who could write and print such lies has already established their low standards.

  27. I have had many sessions and interactions with both Curtis Benhayon and Michael Benhayon and in every single moment and every single interaction I have had with them without exception I have felt completely respected and valued. What a load of crap that article was to suggest otherwise which was no doubt written by someone who has spent minimal time if any at all with either of them.

  28. Outrageous allegations have clearly been made that are total lies about Universal Medicine and the Benhayon family, and I totally support this statement stating the facts as I know them to be already by my own experience. Never ever has the EBM been practiced by any man, it is a modality for women by women, necessarily so by its very nature. There are no claims about it curing cancer either, though I would say that having received these treatments and carried out my self-treatments I know I am much more aware of any changes in my breasts and I feel sure I am more likely to spot any breast changes than I was before, which is a step in the right direction in prevention. breast awareness is widely encouraged by doctors all around the world. I find it disgusting that any journalist should proliferate such heinous lies as have been thrown at a family who are absolutely the opposite.

  29. How far have we come that sensational effects from false stories are worth to be published? That an author does not have to worry about his discredit, because no one cares? And we have to ask ourselves, what have we done that it did come so far? Where is our responsibility here? And from here we can make a change. I for myself have now chosen to call out any lie I hear, read or see and EBM is practiced from women only. Everything else is just a false, sensational making-up story and tells more about the media than the person Serge Benhayon or EBM.

  30. The integrity of these 3 men, Serge, Michael and Curtis, is unquestionable and the fact that they have been reported on in this way, with a total lack of integrity, in itself reveals there is a game at play here that has no interest in delivering news or bringing any truth to the community whatsoever. Sensationalism is rife and they are using whatever means to get their hit, even if it means trampling all over people along the way. This is not acceptable!

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