What would the World be Like if we only did Things Based on Love?

by Frank Tybislawski, Brisbane, Australia

There was recently an event, a prank phone call, initiated by an Australian radio station to a UK hospital where a member of the Royal family was being treated. The callers pretended to be relatives and sought details of the medical condition of the patient. The prank phone call was recorded and later broadcast on an Australian radio station, however the situation turned tragic when it was subsequently revealed that the person who answered and then forwarded the phone call at the UK hospital had committed suicide.

My wife found this quite a shock, and although I can’t say I was shocked by what had happened, I kept pondering it for quite a while, well into the next few days. It stirred something in me, but I wasn’t immediately sure what that was, or why.

In the past I listened to a Brisbane radio station which also did, and perhaps still does, make and broadcast prank phone calls as part of their morning or afternoon program. At the time I worked in telecommunications so I was well aware that it was illegal to record a conversation without the permission of the other party, and also illegal to make that recording public or share it with any third party. I wondered how the radio stations got around this, suspecting that they just paid off the person being pranked to make them agree to have it broadcast.

Apart from the legal aspects, quite often it just felt cruel to knowingly mislead another person to cause them to get angry or upset, just for the amusement of others. I then started to think about other things with a common theme, such as TV shows like Candid Camera, secret business dealings, relationships where one partner (or perhaps both) cheats, and teasing or bullying. I thought about so-called sports like boxing and even went as far as torture, which I’m sure happened in the past and probably still does, which are all cases where one person does something to another person to get something for themselves without any regard for the other person. Even when I see things like this presented in movies or on TV, which I know is not real, I find it difficult to watch.

So what is the common theme in all these things that I have a degree of difficulty with? Well… I think it is love, or more precisely, the lack of love, in all those actions. One person acting without love for the other, it’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if it is a direct relationship or an indirect relationship, an immediate action or a delayed reaction, it still comes down to one person, by their selfish actions, causing another person to feel or experience something they would not otherwise experience. This could be hurtful in a physical, emotional or psychological way, or a combination of these.

Why does it feel wrong? I suggest that it feels wrong because it is not something we are naturally aligned with. It goes against the grain of what we feel and know deep within to be our true way of being. If the lack of love feels wrong, does that not mean that the expression of love is right? I think this says something about where we came from and what we are made of. To me this is just one small way to prove that we are essentially built of or around love, and anything which sits outside of that doesn’t feel right, and simply isn’t right.

What would the world be like if we only did things based on love?

469 thoughts on “What would the World be Like if we only did Things Based on Love?

  1. Thank you Frank, I have read this a few times and the simplicity and heartfelt way you have expressed the truth about our loveless society and the essence of love we all come from is deeply touching. The truth you have observed and expressed here stirs something in me also – we do know love and we do feel what is not love as “not feeling right”. The fact that it’s presented as entertainment, “harmless fun”, or a prank shows another way we cloak the indecency of society to make it more acceptable, and in so doing lower standards and degrade human life. Speaking up and not supporting such behaviours, whether at work, home or in society in general is essential. Otherwise how low will standards drop? It’s already dropped to an incredible level of indecency.

    1. Well said Melinda. But if we are honest, we all know that all these things that go on in society are not right. Yes, they stimulate us, but in our bodies, it just does not feel right. It interferes with what we are made of.

  2. The whole world is going against the grain of who we are and the lack of love thereof is deeply felt by all. So what do we do? Distract ourselves with entertainment, drugs, alcohol, glamour, food etc and dull ourselves to otherwise not feel the level of devastation we are living in that is so far away from the natural ever-glowing spark of Love in our inner-hearts.

  3. We know we’re in a bad place, when it’s a stretch of the imagination to imagine a loving world, but that can be easily changed by us all one by one acting with love for the people around us, and making that one of our most basic principles from which we live by.

  4. A great blog to come back to Frank in that you pose a very simple, yet powerful question; what would our world be like if everything was based on love? Our challenge and our responsibility is to live a life where everything is based on love. How beautiful that would be!

  5. The world is really in a challenging place where there is more lack of love, with more indulgence in food, alcohol, drugs, entertainment and social media. There is very little focus on things being done with love. Its very much about self and what I can get out of it.

  6. Beautifully said Frank. All these actions feel somehow not right because love is missing, and that is what we are made of in the first place. That is why so many things that supposedly seem right feel wrong. Love is missing.

  7. Pranks have always made me uneasy, one because there is usually an element of putting another down and two because there is often a threat of danger in them.

  8. What if we all knew the world is based on Love. My experience has mostly been no one even talking about it. If no one is talking about it they’re not aligned to it but choosing an unloving way-of-being.

  9. It feels wrong because we all naturally know what Love is, we are naturally drawn to equality and harmony with humanity, but we deny it to satisfy the stimulation of the self.

  10. “One person acting without love for the other, it’s as simple as that.” Perhaps it is not so simple but a complicated and confused way of denying the love that we all innately are.

  11. We know what the truth is and what our essence is and everyone is able to feel when we deny what we are naturally made of so yes when one person is acting without love for the other, we all feel this and it affects us all.

  12. It makes sense that if we are all connected energetically, everything that we and others do affects us all, so something not coming from love would be a very uncomfortable ripple that would be felt by all.

  13. I remember that prank, not the prank itself but I remember reading the fallout. I considered as I was reading this article my part in it. Not physically in the prank at the time but how I have listened, watched or said nothing about things I have seen that have felt similar. Could it be in a round about way adding to what happens in other situations thereafter? I say yes and while I don’t know why the media is permitted to move around actual laws without any repercussions I also see the part I can play in all of this and I am more aware of what goes on around me as a result of reading this. It’s not about not having fun but the quality of this fun needs to not degrade another person in anyway.

      1. I agree and how we are in one situation is how we are in all situations. So we think it’s a thing we only do in one place and yet this ‘doing’ then creates a platform for it to happen everywhere. It’s almost like a level where it goes across everything rather then being a spike in one place. Nothing is ever isolated and the key to being able to see it all is to open up to at least the possibility that all things are energy first.

  14. I love this question, what would life look like if no matter what happened we made it about love? And what if we held this principle in the highest regard, and making life about love was the most important thing in our day?

  15. Great question: What would the world be like if we only did things based on Love? First of all we would all need to reconnect back to the love that we innately are, and express fully from that connection.

  16. There is a way of life that does not consider us all equally of value, or equally loving, and that way allows abuse in all its forms.

  17. A lot gets passed off as banter these days. We have come to accept a level of abuse and call it normal, but its just the tip of the iceberg that then give permission for other forms of more shocking abuse to take place. We all need to start having these conversations where we call out any form of abuse, even if it comes disguised as a joke.

  18. I can remember the incident you describe of the radio station call to the hospital, what disturbed me the most was how as a society we tried to justify this. There were reports of the women suffering mental illness and so the ‘radio presenters’ weren’t to blame etc. I see this time and time again, it is how we as a society try to play things down so that we don’t have to take full responsibility and change how things are. We use something ‘worse’ to justify our actions or to try to prove that ‘its not so bad’. It is this that keeps things they way they are. The world was shocked by what happened in the situation you describe- yet nothing changed- we still have many shows like this, in fact they have increased and lost even more decency.

  19. This is manipulation and deceit and it disturbs us greatly because we know it plays out in our relationships and lives every day. If we looked at our intentions with everything we do, in all our movements then these shows would cease to exist.

  20. This highlights a great point and how the constant exposure to these things almost has us immune to what we see at times. It’s not that we don’t feel it but our awareness is that scattered or distracted that things can go on that we indirectly accept by not actually being present to say no to them. There is an expansion then or things gain a momentum quickly and so then we can get to a point where we can listen to something on radio that is not only actually illegal but is really hurtful to another and we call it entertainment?

  21. If we lived in a world where we “only did things based on love” we would definitely be living in a very different world than we do now. There would be no wars in progress for a start, no cyber-bullying, no corruption, the list is endless. Now I love the feeling of living in this world.

  22. Love is definitely a missing ingredient in life; if we acted with love in everything we do our connections with each other would be more true and not allow for any abuse to enter.

  23. The media to fill up their pages and their air time indulge in the most ugly and harmful pranks and have lost any sense of care for the people who suffer as a result. Puerile is the word that comes to mind, I recall the same mindless mentality at school, displaying a complete lack of any responsibility or care towards others.

  24. We have come so far off the true nature of who we are, that we find amusement and entertainment at the expense of others with no decency and respect of their being. This type of behaviour is abuse and should be totally made illegal in our society.

  25. I have never found pranks very funny as there always seems to be an undercurrent behind them and also they are done at the expense of another.

  26. “What would the world be like if we only did things based on love?” – when I first read this I could hear the thought ‘Oh, that would never happen’ – too right. I haven’t even given this a proper go. What about just trying with “What would my day be like if I only did things based on love?” and see where that is going to take me? Not from tomorrow, not from when/if I finish the project I am working on, but now.

  27. The thing is with these types of pranks is that the person being the butt of the joke has to pretend that it’s ok, and if they react badly then there is something wrong with them. It’s like saying we are going to be cruel to you, but you then have to think it’s funny and harmless – when the bottom line is we all know that it is far from harmless.

  28. “One person acting without love for the other, it’s as simple as that.” all the stories aside Frank it really is that simple, an action that has no love in it, and it hurts because it is not who we truly are, for we come from love and we are love innately so.

  29. This is so true Frank; it is the lack of love we feel within that allows us to follow such unloving moves. Love feeds love so what are we feeding when we choice the what is not?

  30. This is so beautifully written, we do know when behaviours and actions are not loving, because we innately know love. The thing that is deeply sad is that many find it difficult to stand up, against the crowd and say how we feel.
    Thank you Frank.

  31. Something that I have felt today is how we very quickly react, by closing down our body, rolling in our shoulders, tightening our body, trying to make it hard to withstand the behaviours and actions of another that are not done with the grace of love. How much does this choice damage my body? How many others live in the same way even though they may not be aware of it? How much illness and disease does our body experience due to this choice to harden to another’s choice?

  32. At the moment in society we value a good laugh over love and respect for each other. To deliberately set someone up to be laughed at or harmed feels quite the opposite of love. For me I think it is the deliberate and knowing abuse of another person for your own gain that feels the worst in the cases discussed. We all know that we naturally want to be treated with respect, sincerity and love, so we know when we are not treating someone else like this.

  33. Great question, the world would be very different if we did things only based on love and that cringe we feel when people mis-treat each other, or we are mis-treated or mis-treat another is because we know that we are being less than the love we are.

  34. It takes quite a bit of screwed-upness to derive pleasure from another’s discomfort and pain, in this case even leading to the suicide of the nurse who took the call at the hospital. The woman most thought herself to be totally discredited and shamed.

  35. Frank you have really highlighted the disregard and lack of love in relationships with your words that “one person does something to another person to get something for themselves without any regard for the other person.” This is now so normal it’s a form of entertainment in reality style competition based TV shows, alongside radio, etc, that’s how low we have dropped as a human race. We are now so unaware of the love we naturally are that we deeply disregard ourselves and others and actually champion it.

  36. Loveless actions feel wrong because we know brotherhood is our true way. It hurts to feel such things but then maybe the hurt is serving us by reminding us that we too have departed from our nature. Perhaps we should not seek to numb our hurts but to listen to them. They offer us a crucial awareness.

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