What would the World be Like if we only did Things Based on Love?

by Frank Tybislawski, Brisbane, Australia

There was recently an event, a prank phone call, initiated by an Australian radio station to a UK hospital where a member of the Royal family was being treated. The callers pretended to be relatives and sought details of the medical condition of the patient. The prank phone call was recorded and later broadcast on an Australian radio station, however the situation turned tragic when it was subsequently revealed that the person who answered and then forwarded the phone call at the UK hospital had committed suicide.

My wife found this quite a shock, and although I can’t say I was shocked by what had happened, I kept pondering it for quite a while, well into the next few days. It stirred something in me, but I wasn’t immediately sure what that was, or why.

In the past I listened to a Brisbane radio station which also did, and perhaps still does, make and broadcast prank phone calls as part of their morning or afternoon program. At the time I worked in telecommunications so I was well aware that it was illegal to record a conversation without the permission of the other party, and also illegal to make that recording public or share it with any third party. I wondered how the radio stations got around this, suspecting that they just paid off the person being pranked to make them agree to have it broadcast.

Apart from the legal aspects, quite often it just felt cruel to knowingly mislead another person to cause them to get angry or upset, just for the amusement of others. I then started to think about other things with a common theme, such as TV shows like Candid Camera, secret business dealings, relationships where one partner (or perhaps both) cheats, and teasing or bullying. I thought about so-called sports like boxing and even went as far as torture, which I’m sure happened in the past and probably still does, which are all cases where one person does something to another person to get something for themselves without any regard for the other person. Even when I see things like this presented in movies or on TV, which I know is not real, I find it difficult to watch.

So what is the common theme in all these things that I have a degree of difficulty with? Well… I think it is love, or more precisely, the lack of love, in all those actions. One person acting without love for the other, it’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if it is a direct relationship or an indirect relationship, an immediate action or a delayed reaction, it still comes down to one person, by their selfish actions, causing another person to feel or experience something they would not otherwise experience. This could be hurtful in a physical, emotional or psychological way, or a combination of these.

Why does it feel wrong? I suggest that it feels wrong because it is not something we are naturally aligned with. It goes against the grain of what we feel and know deep within to be our true way of being. If the lack of love feels wrong, does that not mean that the expression of love is right? I think this says something about where we came from and what we are made of. To me this is just one small way to prove that we are essentially built of or around love, and anything which sits outside of that doesn’t feel right, and simply isn’t right.

What would the world be like if we only did things based on love?

520 thoughts on “What would the World be Like if we only did Things Based on Love?

  1. This is a great blog because it exposes very simply that as a race of human-beings we are in disconnection to each other and in that separation it is then easier to harm. But as you say Frank we can feel that when someone is being abusive as it does go against our natural way of being. We are naturally sensitive human-beings and yet we have collectively bludgeoned our sensitivity in order not to feel what we actually cannot stop feeling.

  2. “I kept pondering it for quite a while, well into the next few days. It stirred something in me, but I wasn’t immediately sure what that was, or why.” Frank your words here show to me how important it is to not dismiss how we feel, to not cover up or bury our sensitivities but allow ourselves the time and space to go deeper into them. Because of the space you gave yourself to ponder and reflect on this incident we received this piece of writing. What else could we all offer the world if we took the time to truly explore how we feel, and then express our insights and wisdom?

  3. A gang has just been exposed in the UK as holding a group of people as slave workers who were living in squalid conditions. Apparently their wages were taken from them by the gang members and if the reports are to be believed the money gathered was then used to support a luxury life style by the gang. I do find it hard to believe that such people can behave in such a way towards others, and I do wonder what is going on inside the minds of these people that they find it acceptable to use and abuse others in such a way. I do not feel that humanity is so cruel, so I wonder if there is something else going on here on a level that we are as yet unaware of. If we were to look deeper is it possible that there is a karmic cycle that needs to be completed so that life can be rebalanced for all those people involved? Because many of us do not want to consider reincarnation it does then leave us with a lack of understanding of life on a much deeper level.

    1. If we do not value sensitivity, and values like decency and respect, anything is possible. As soon as our sensitivity is buried we cannot connect to what is decent and true, or respond to how we truly feel or understand how others feel.

  4. Most media articles and feature stories are presented, not simply to inform, but to humiliate, attack, mock, or shame someone. We’ve lost the way, news is rarely presented neutrally, instead it is steeped in emotion with an intention to harm. There is no love. And yet all is not lost: we can choose not to read these media articles, watch TV, movies or participate in malicious gossip, and instead turn to magazines, publications and webcasts that inform and nurture the heart. Through our own loving movements we reflect to others another way to be.

  5. What a great point. Why do we laugh at another persons misfortune or pain? I know I have laughed in the past at it, I know I have been irresponsible in my care of another and rightly, it does not sit well in my body.

    1. Love your honesty Lucy, many will relate to your comment. Part of our unfolding is acknowledging harm caused by past behaviour and learning from it. Re-imprinting as we move in the here and now is a choice always open to us.

    2. I grew up watching Candid Camera and had no idea what it felt like at the time for others to be tricked and used for entertainment the way they were. Even today TV shows are used to criticise, judge and degrade people, it’s almost like a sport on some talent shows. We seem to keep lowering the bar by accepting these things in the media, and I agree our power rests in following our integrity and choosing to switch off abusive TV programs, and not purchasing newspapers and magazines, etc, that promote these low standards.

  6. This makes me realise how much we allow ourselves to be moved by something that is not love. We might be after recognition, want to impress, develop a reputation, sell an image, be liked, want to be seen as funny, intelligent, dumb etc. etc. It all defies who we are on both ends.

  7. Doing something at the expense of someone else is never loving and often unnecessarily cruel and we have a responsibility to call out behaviour like this whenever we witness it.

  8. There seems to be this false idea that love is something shared between people we know, and not a consideration for everyone we come in contact with. In part this is from the belief that love is from others or only in special relationships like family or when we meet “The One”, instead of the truth that it’s actually who we are and our natural expression. Thanks Frank for everything you’ve shared here including the dynamic “where one person does something to another person to get something for themselves without any regard for the other person.” Definitely something to look at in all it’s subtleties as well as the more obvious examples.

  9. Even before this prank, which had the most tragic outcome, I had an absolute hate of this type of behaviour, a behaviour which has someone laughing at another’s expense. There is not only a lack of love in this treatment of others, it is also a denigration of those carrying out the prank as deep down I am sure there is a part of them that knows that this is wrong, but it gets lost in the need for recognition.

    1. That is so true Ingrid, we know deep down this is wrong but the need to recognition, for laughs, for approval, trump the responsibility we have to another for what we say and do.

  10. I always asked myself what is so funny on a prank phone call – I still have no idea. But there must be something funny as there are so many people who are listening to it. That means in a way they are asking the radio reporter to do so as if no one would likes this kind of prank phone calls and would complain at the radio station about it. I am sure they will stop this kind of calls immediately – but that is not happening. So the question is why? Perhaps most of us do not care anymore about how the other feels so what does that tell us about us?

  11. When I look around me at the actions of many people there is definitely a “lack of love,” in how they are treating others. And as for the raft of so-called reality shows on television, there appears to be no love whatsoever in the creation of these shows simply the need for ratings and profit, via the humiliation of the participants. Every human being is sensitive, even if they don’t show it, so it follows that anything coming their way is going to affect them in one way or another, sometimes with dire consequences.

  12. “What would the world be like if we only did things based on love?” This feels like the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon and invites us all to live love in all we do so that others are inspired to discover the joy of living based on love.

    1. So true – when we reflect love to others in the way we are living this gives them the opportunity to be inspired by it.

  13. I feel we live in a very sick society where we feel it is okay to abuse each other in the many ways we do. Long gone are the days when we were taught that if you didn’t have something good to say about another person then don’t say anything at all. We have in the space of my life time lowered our standards and sense of decency and because of this we are leading a lesser life.

  14. If you looked around life it’s so easy to find the small abuse and the great big ones everywhere. But where is this love that is providing us with a sense that there’s something wrong with the world? This I have found is within me waiting to be connected to and once that occurs the landscape changes as that love within comes out.

  15. The lovelessness of prank calls, of demeaning or making fun of people is rife and only equalled by the devastation that we call ‘normal’ life, an abomination that spawns more and more aberrations.

  16. Recently I was on a flight and I noticed that the person sitting next to me was watching films that were in parts violent. I obviously couldn’t hear what was being said and actually I didn’t need to. It brought home to me that we have got so used to violent behaviour we have incorporated it into our daily lives as normal.

    1. And that sort of behaviour is definitely not normal from where I stand. I only have to look at the video games that so many of our young are playing, games that are introducing them to gratuitous violence from such an early age. So, I wonder, with this form of normalisation, what their lives will look like as adults?

    2. If you have ever watched someone watching a violent movie on headphones such as a plane, you can see their body react and recoil at the violence they are watching. The body is taught not to react and recoil because in truth there is no part of us that should see violence to another as normal, ok or at worst entertainment.

  17. This is very beautiful and touching. What I can feel from this is how disconnected we are from our essence and how we can often be unaware of what we are doing. If we are love by essence and our expression does not match that essence, then something must be working to stop love. And for us to keep expressing love, we have responsibility to keep aligning to love.

  18. It is true Frank, that we are love and come from love and it is this that makes us cringe when we see others being treated with out love, I remember candid camera many years ago, and what does it say about us when we laugh at someone tripping over or caught off guard or being embarrassed.

  19. Just imagine if everything we did was based on love – what a beautiful thing to carry with us – to question if each moment is it about love or not? I know my choices and therefore my day would be very different. Is this an experiment we are willing to try? One day where it is all based on love.

  20. It’s a sorry state of affairs when we get off on embarrassing others, stirring them up or using them for selfish gains, as is the case with these prank calls you mention. And worse still is the audience, the demand side of the equation. Which means that generally, we get what we have asked for – how would we feel if it was at our own expense, and no pay off?

    1. It’s true and which is the greater evil: two radio presenters pranking someone or thousands of people tuning in to witness such and even repeatly every day/week etc. …?

  21. Beautifully framed Frank, yes if we take love out of the equation anything goes and we create a horrible world to be a part of and have to live in. Increasingly so the media have been doing just this, why because we lap up the vomit they spew around as entertainment so we cannot blame them.

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