What Would God Want for Christmas?

by Joel Levin, Western Australia

I thought I’d get myself prepared early for Christmas this year. Going through the list, I found one name that I struggled with for gift ideas… the name on the list was GOD. After all, what would God, the ancient of days, the creator of all there is, the big guy, want for Christmas?

So I turned to the religions around the world for some guidance as they profess to know him best.

A few suggest that awe and respect are the perfect gifts. But this didn’t fit my experience of the big guy; every time I have felt him, the feeling was asking (not expecting) me to recognise I was equal to him, and that I couldn’t show him respect without respecting myself first. After all, what would someone who knows all and sees all need with the adoration of others?

A few religions seem to think the best gift is to walk around scared of his might and fury and to be subservient to his will. All I needed to do was to look at my own children to realise this wouldn’t be something he’s interested in. There was no way I’d want my kids to feel scared of me. If my kids didn’t grow up with the ability to make and be responsible for their own choices, I would somehow feel like I have failed them.

A few suggested guilt and repentance would be the ‘new black’ this season. Again, I remembered when my kids were learning to walk, they didn’t need to feel guilty that they couldn’t walk yet, nor seek forgiveness if they tripped and fell. How could a love that is unending ever judge – and if you don’t seek an ability to judge, what do you need the ability to forgive for?

A few suggested exclusivity and prestige. Now I thought this would be a something I could do – make him feel special (and by reflection make me feel special for knowing him), but then I realised those guys that walk around wanting to be ‘better’ than everyone usually came across as arrogant and/or very insecure. Neither fitted my experience of God.

Finally I stumbled on a suggestion that God is already love: not an emotional, needy or dis-empowering love, but a love so simple, true, consistent and strong that God doesn’t need anything that affirms him, makes us beholden to him or makes him the controller of our fate.  All he might be waiting for is for us to realise that we are the same love he is.

The beauty of this gift is that when I allow the possibility that I am this love too, not as prayer, not as something I wish for, but in how I live my life, I get a gift, others I meet get a gift and the big guy sees another prodigal son return… at last a gift that truly keeps on giving.

713 thoughts on “What Would God Want for Christmas?

  1. Thank you Joel for your blog it was very powerful for me today, as I was reading, it brought up the sadness and separation I felt in believing the religious way of defining God, thank God I have come to know the true God the one that lives within me, a God of love and only love, the love that I too am.

  2. What a gift that is, another article written in such a light quality that makes it easy to read, understand while also bringing a smile to your face. What would any father want from their son, ” All he might be waiting for is for us to realise that we are the same love he is.” In other words there is nothing you can truly give or gift someone that isn’t within you already. We spend so much time playing around in other areas, looking, searching often confused and on a roller coaster that changes to a merry go round. It’s great to see a piece of writing that brings forward to you the truth of something you already feel and see.

  3. Connecting to the love of God is like switching on a light inside of us and when we then decide to live and walk around keeping this light switched on others will see and feel inspired by it too – a beautiful gift indeed, carrying the torch for God and all of humanity.

  4. Absolutely, To live in a way that reflects God is the way to go and not to put our selves as less and give our power away to a God as God is equally in us, with us and holds us. We can be the full expression of his love in human form.

  5. The realisation that all God ever wanted was for us to see ourselves in the same light and love as which we see him is one I develop with every day.

  6. It is one thing to hear ‘you are Love’ but quite another to live its meaning. At first we can see and start to agree that yes inside we have a ‘good’ heart, or are friendly or often quite nice. But this is not the real deal – true Love is nature’s heartbeat, the pulse of life, the essence of the world around, of the stars in the sky, the plentiful abundant flow of life, the vibration of an understanding that is great. As you and God show with this blog Joel. if we truly know this and live in line, how can we subscribe to the problems, issues and difficulties we often see in life?

  7. How simple is this gift for God at Christmas. A far cry from the madness we see around us with holidays, gift buying and tensions over where to have Christmas lunch. When we connect to what is offered here would we even need to celebrate Christmas but instead just get on with living our life lovingly.

  8. This really is the gift that keeps on giving, that gift we give to our selves, the knowing that we can be held by love, because we live in a field of love at all times… how beautiful

  9. So brilliant – the most priceless gift of all and one to be absolutely shared every moment, not kept for an occasion like christmas, birthdays, birth and dying. One to be used for everyday living.

  10. There is an irony isn’t there… a frenzy amongst gifts at Christmas, giving and taking, and material things to be had aplenty – all in the name of celebrating supposedly God’s one Son. The irony being that no material gift is needed when you reconnect to God Himself, knowing that you are his Son, and that God is within you and never outside of you. The celebration is then of you, a daily one, and not one just at one point of the year – because every day you mark your return back to your true home, the Kingdom of God that is, as it has always been, within you.

  11. Absolutely Joel, the greatest gift we can give to this world is to be the divine Love we naturally are. Like dogs playing at being cats, we tend to hide and camouflage ourselves with ‘bad behaviour’ that is nothing to do with the true us. Imagine a world where we all held this Love – it feels like we wouldn’t need any festivals, or expensive razzmatazz gifts if we’d just enjoyed and appreciated the sublime quality we lived.

  12. ‘At last… a gift that truly keeps on giving’ I love it Joel, such a clever and true piece of writing that exposes much of the ideals and beliefs we have taken on about God, and who we are relative to Him.

  13. This reminds me of observing Serge Benhayon a few years ago at a Universal Medicine Retreat. It was celebration night and we had the opportunity to dance and strut our stuff down the aisle of appreciation. Having spent 4 days at the retreat we were all full to the brim of our own gloriousness. The look on Serge’s face was incredible. It seemed there was nothing more in the world he wanted other than for everyone to realise the love and glory that they are.

  14. I love the concept of a God that does not judge, requires no subservience or repentance, but waits patiently for us to awaken to knowing we are of the same love and at any moment can choose to embody and live it to remind others not through words but through our movements, that they are that too.

  15. And this of course is the biggest gift that we can give to ourselves… And it is one of those gifts that just keep giving, because when we give to ourselves, it cannot help but magnify out to all those around us… It is an ongoing gift of the highest order.

  16. Awesome contribution – and fascinating to observe what we have made of God the world over: how we have tried to make Him fit and squeezed Him into our beliefs and expectations; how we try to bend Him to our fears and hurts; how we try to distort Him according to our opinions and judgments; how we try to twist Him into our hopes and dreams, demands even. None of it works of course and leaves us well short of the glory and magnificence, the ease and acceptance, our deep inner knowing.

  17. A beautiful reminder living the true us is the best reflection for others, to living the true loving reflection they are through their loving choices.

  18. The only gift God wants from us is to live the divinity we are in full, no holding back, with the full humility of knowing how far we have strayed and how it is but a choice to return and live as we are designed to live.

    1. Yes Vanessa, God has been waiting some time and each moment we make towards bringing this joy in our lives the more we can appreciate and truly understand what is on offer each day not just during the festive season.

  19. It’s relentless this idea that somehow we need to be more. Today I woke up and I feel a little ill and under par. My skin is a bit rashy and the work that I said I would do remains incomplete. Like a school report there is something in me, constantly marking me – as if to say ‘could do better’. All of this occurs instead of me simply feeling the warmth in my chest, appreciating that my body supports me to live another day and celebrate the Love that is everywhere, that I can feel. It’s not about a glass half-full or empty but sensing a world that is truly wonder full. This is what I feel God wants for us all, each and every day. Thank you Joel for this gift of a blog.

  20. The best gifts in life cannot be given, it’s simple things like seeing someone else grow, or learning a life long lesson, or just waking up and knowing you are amazing.

  21. There is nothing that God wants us to be, beside be the love and light that we are, walk and move in this love and light. Connect to others with this love and light. He has everything and all he wants us to do is connect to the love that he has within him, which is equally in us.

  22. I keep returning to read this blog, I guess there must be some part of the gift I have missed and left unopened. Re-reading today I can see Joel, that all that God truly asks is for me to be me – the real divine me – not the emotional, struggling, irritable man I have taken on. All there is to let go and let all this other stuff just drift off. Phew!

  23. I am about to celebrate my 40th birthday in the coming week. Reflecting on what you share here Joel, it feels very clear that the greatest gift I could receive is to reactivate my knowing that my presence, my movements, my choices and words all influence and support the whole of the world. Every step I make is no small matter – so let us all move forward like we all are a great gift to God and the world.

  24. Indeed how amazing the different religions present different way to be with God. The fact that they present different way is already a clue that they don’t present a true version of God is like.
    I mean: in this Universe, created by God, or even if you like, which is God, could it be that on this little speck called earth, there are many versions of God?

  25. There can be nothing God could possibly want for Xmas as even to see his lost Sons return would imply an investment of sorts in this occurring. It’s a fascinating question to ponder Joel and despite your lighthearted and fun blog on the subject, it is food for thought. Love cannot want for anything, nor can it expect, believe, be elated, excited or anticipate success. It just is Love, and therefore God just is, and therefore who we are just is.

  26. To just be love is probably the biggest gift we can give ourselves and give back to God. This blog sums it all up and I love how there is a consideration of what God would want for Christmas.

  27. I like how you unravel the different notions of what we have made religion to be. Exclusiveness, adoration, guilt and so forth can not be it when God is all loving.

  28. We are all Sons of God so at some level we know exactly what God wants and it has nothing to do with Christmas or giving presents! The great thing is that God has no investment in Christmas or any other thing that we do because if he/she did we would have driven them insane long ago!

  29. I loved re reading your blog Joel . I feel you are spot on in “what would God want for Christmas”? I agree God would be waiting for humanity to start to recognise that what they have within us is all we ever need. The Love of God .

  30. “God is already love: not an emotional, needy or dis-empowering love, but a love so simple, true, consistent and strong” I completely agree, god’s love is not needy or emotional, it is generous and simple, it is consistent alright and definitely not judgement or critical, like a lot of the organised religious doctrines impose on the masses.

  31. ‘If only I could tweak, adjust and improve the current way I live” – this is what we seem to think. ‘How can I get my coffee quicker in the morning?’. It’s this rationale though that is holding us back from seeing the truth – that every moment we are alive is perfectly designed, divinely organised, superbly strategised to present us with exactly what we need. So when will we see, that we’ve been getting Gods gifts every living second? When we finally do, we will be able to comprehend our purpose and as you so beautifully say Joel, get God a gift in return – our obedience to the divine plan.

  32. The perfect gift for God would be that we all commit to learning from our own and each other’s human imperfections to build each other up, and in that process fully accept each other for those human imperfections.

  33. Love, the gift that keeps on giving and the more we choose to be the love that we are the more is reflected back to us.

  34. Given I was breath forth by God perhaps the only honorable thing that I can do is be the Son of God in full?

  35. God and Christmas in the same sentence! This prompts me to consider how different life would be if we dared to bring God, that is our divine nature not only into Christmas but every other part of the year as well.

  36. Being the love that we are is certainly the gift that keeps giving. There is no doubt about that. Great blog Joel this is a gift for everyone.

  37. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what we can do or bring to another and withdraw from ourselves. This behaviour should come with a warning label on the box as the quality of what we do for another is founded on abandoning ourselves. The greatest gift we can ever bring to another, Love, starts by giving it to ourselves first.

  38. Totally agree and it would be what we all truly want or at least speak for me and say the gift of true equal ness is one worth seeing. If I reflect back and see what has consistently given me the fullest feeling and this would be it as everything else is short lived or has a shelf life. This is not a claim for everyone to have the same thing, it is an equal ness in quality, in feeling and how magically this supports us all, very Godly.

  39. To live the love that we are seems a very appropriate gift for the ‘big guy’! For if we are equal in this with God, then there is a whole lot of love we are holding back…so why not keep expressing more and more of our hearts each day?

  40. This is a gift that is for ourselves and everyone equally. It’s an eternal gift and one that would change our world.

  41. Maybe God would want us to ban Christmas so that we could make every day a celebration of the divinity that lives within every one of us.

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