What Would God Want for Christmas?

by Joel Levin, Western Australia

I thought I’d get myself prepared early for Christmas this year. Going through the list, I found one name that I struggled with for gift ideas… the name on the list was GOD. After all, what would God, the ancient of days, the creator of all there is, the big guy, want for Christmas?

So I turned to the religions around the world for some guidance as they profess to know him best.

A few suggest that awe and respect are the perfect gifts. But this didn’t fit my experience of the big guy; every time I have felt him, the feeling was asking (not expecting) me to recognise I was equal to him, and that I couldn’t show him respect without respecting myself first. After all, what would someone who knows all and sees all need with the adoration of others?

A few religions seem to think the best gift is to walk around scared of his might and fury and to be subservient to his will. All I needed to do was to look at my own children to realise this wouldn’t be something he’s interested in. There was no way I’d want my kids to feel scared of me. If my kids didn’t grow up with the ability to make and be responsible for their own choices, I would somehow feel like I have failed them.

A few suggested guilt and repentance would be the ‘new black’ this season. Again, I remembered when my kids were learning to walk, they didn’t need to feel guilty that they couldn’t walk yet, nor seek forgiveness if they tripped and fell. How could a love that is unending ever judge – and if you don’t seek an ability to judge, what do you need the ability to forgive for?

A few suggested exclusivity and prestige. Now I thought this would be a something I could do – make him feel special (and by reflection make me feel special for knowing him), but then I realised those guys that walk around wanting to be ‘better’ than everyone usually came across as arrogant and/or very insecure. Neither fitted my experience of God.

Finally I stumbled on a suggestion that God is already love: not an emotional, needy or dis-empowering love, but a love so simple, true, consistent and strong that God doesn’t need anything that affirms him, makes us beholden to him or makes him the controller of our fate.  All he might be waiting for is for us to realise that we are the same love he is.

The beauty of this gift is that when I allow the possibility that I am this love too, not as prayer, not as something I wish for, but in how I live my life, I get a gift, others I meet get a gift and the big guy sees another prodigal son return… at last a gift that truly keeps on giving.

749 thoughts on “What Would God Want for Christmas?

  1. Making the way we live a wordless prayer that confirms us as Sons of God and thus confirms him and therefore all of us as one, that´s a religious way of life and confirming what Christmas is all about – a reflection the Christ within every human being.

  2. I love this question – “and if you don’t seek an ability to judge, what do you need the ability to forgive for?” Judgement has nothing to do with God as is something that we have created to avoid our responsibility to see beyond what is before us and look for the deeper truth.

  3. Only two months to Christmas and the shops filling up with Christmas paraphernalia this was a very timely blog to come back to. I know what God wouldn’t want for Christmas and that is a present that is given because the giver feels that they have to. God definitely wouldn’t want us to think that we had to give him a present out of tradition, guilt or a feeling of wanting to be liked, but we as humans tend to do this a lot. But I know one present that he would like if he was a present sort of guy, and that is for each and every one of us to claim the amazing beings that we are and to live this amazingness to its absolute fullest; now that present would be as equally for us as it is for God.

  4. ” What Would God Want for Christmas? ” If I was God I would love for everyone to ponder on all the gifts I have delivered from the heavens.

  5. ‘At last a gift that truly keeps on giving.’ Spot on Joel, reconnecting back to God and my Soul has been the greatest gift I have ever received and continue to treasure everyday.

  6. Ahhhh, we’re equal to God. Equal….as in, there is nothing to fear, nothing to fight, nothing to cower too. Well, if that’s true, then I don’t feel so anti-God anymore.

  7. It is often a challenge to really comprehend that God wants nothing from us, never has and never will. The question then becomes are we willing to let that much love in?

      1. God doesn’t want anything from us, can we truly comprehend that? it is amazing to see how we have chosen to believe the opposite, that he wants all the devotions in the form of fear, awe at the negation of awe towards ourselves etc

  8. We have a long history of pontification, of theorising, and speculating. We like to pronounce words, but the truest test is when it comes to living it. It seems clear to me that what God truly wants is for us to come together – to see we are brothers and start loving and stop fighting each other. We know this is true, but what if we actually started to live this way and let everyone in today? Thanks Joel for highlighting how crazy our current way of being is.

  9. What would God want for Christmas? There would be no need of material goods, tinsel, mince pies and sherry left out for Father Christmas on his visit down a non existent chimney of many modern homes.
    The simplicity of being all that we are in truth and choosing the return path of knowing and living in the way that confirms that we are Sons of God would be the greatest blessing for all.

  10. A great question, is I wonder if God would want anything given the fact that he is there allowing each and every one of us the free will to act how we choose until we appreciate we are the same as God. Now I only know that through what Serge has presented but it feels completely true, it feels like God has no expectations just an eternal holding us in Love for us to return to Love.

  11. You are so right Joel, when we see and live our true beauty, we give the world a gift that far outways any present we might think we need. Your words make me wonder what my day would be like if I kept seeing the gifts I bring instead of finding faults. Surely this is how God sees me, so why don’t I?

  12. Thank you for this timely reminder of God’s love, his all encompassing love, and that we are held in this always. 24/7. All of us.

  13. And your phrase ‘The Big Guy’ made me chuckle, it really does bring home the equality, that God is an ordinary and normal part of living life.

  14. Ah ,but if there was no God as all the man made religion describe him , but that there was a God who is God. If there is a God who is God then we are of God and us accepting that truth would be a great present for everyone . And that present would be presence .

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