God’s Waiting Room

by Joel L, Western Australia

So there I was, sitting in God’s waiting room. It’s a comfortable enough place with lots of people and their children waiting around. There was a big door with the word ‘God’ written on it, with everyone looking, waiting for God to open it.

I looked over and saw Moshe; he’s been waiting for thousands of years and is excited for the chance to see God for the first time. Abdulla has also been waiting a while and is sitting next to Moshe; there is an obvious tension between the two. Bodhi is also there and looking peaceful, if not a bit distracted by an ant, wondering if it’s someone he knew. Finally there’s Chris, who seems to have a quiet confidence that he and his kids will be seen first.

Moshe’s kids are a pretty driven bunch and seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Abdulla has some troublesome sons who appear to be pretty angry with each other and everyone else – and Bodhi’s kids seem quiet… too quiet. As for Chris, he seems to have lots and lots of kids running around, all doing different things to vie for his attention. None of them looked particularly joyful, healthy or happy, but all of them were determined not to give up their place in the waiting room (you’ve got to have faith, you see).

From time to time they get frustrated with the length of the wait and they blame each other for cutting in or making it harder for them while they wait, but generally they prefer not to comment on the behaviour of each other’s children, lest it reflect back on their own children.

I looked around for something to read (as you do in waiting rooms) and found everyone had their own rule books on how to wait best. They also seemed to have their own ideas as to what would happen once God arrived.

It seemed crazy that they didn’t help each other. After all, they were all in the same place, they were all waiting for the same thing, they all had similar troubles, worries and hopes for their children.

I tried waiting with them for a few centuries but recently started wondering if there was another way. It was only then that I noticed a man walking in and out of the door with ease. I asked the others about him and they all looked away, outraged at his lack of respect for the time they had waited. Others attacked this man’s suggestions that it could be as simple as taking responsibility for yourself and just getting up and walking through. He wasn’t looking for followers, but others saw sense in his words and also started to walk in and out of the door… this got my attention.

A couple of times I stood up – each time I got harsh glares from around the room, so I sat back down and waited a bit longer. Eventually I could wait no more… I stood up and walked though the door. I felt joy, I felt sorrow for having waited so long, and I heard the simplest and most welcoming words: “I’ve been waiting for you”.

436 thoughts on “God’s Waiting Room

  1. Oftentimes I feel like that throughout my day…I liken it to what you say here Joel. I seem to be sitting in God’s waiting room. In all those moments that I am not taking responsibility I am actually just waiting for god. Your blog points out the irony and futility of this approach.

  2. When we are truly open and humble enough to ask for help, God, seemingly from nowhere, but in truth waiting in the wings all the time, answers our call.

  3. Re-reading this again has been a great joy. Thank you Joel. Such a beautiful and lighthearted reflection of something of such importance.

  4. Great to re-read your blog, to sit and just wait will not get us to God. Stepping up to take responsibility, will support us in moving towards God.

  5. Love the simplicity bringing home to us that we have the choice in any moment, to mess around interminably in the waiting room, creating stories and dramas and belief systems which we invest in, defend and fight over, while all the time God is all around awaiting us, to recognise we can take those steps back through the door at any instance and return home.

  6. We learn to live in hope whilst searching for answers, believing that that will come to us from the world outside of ourselves, from another or through the lifestyles we choose or the outcomes we strive to achieve. Yet forever open is the door to our Soul, forever waiting for us to walk through and be bathed and held by the great light where we are forever at one with our Divinity, with all, with God.

  7. The last part reminds me of how much we tend to hold ourselves back when we worry about what people think or how they are going to react to our choices. ‘A couple of times I stood up – each time I got harsh glares from around the room, so I sat back down and waited a bit longer.’ I am learning to follow what feels true and loving more consistently.

  8. So lovely to read your blog again Joel – it puts life into a perspective that one can feel is true. ‘I felt joy, ‘I felt sorrow for having waited so long, and I heard the simplest and most welcoming words: “I’ve been waiting for you”. We have spent aeons avoiding God and the truth but when we approach life in a way that has let go of complication, we know deep within the answer to what until the moment of enlightenment we have chosen not to see.

  9. I can almost not express how amazing this is because it shares the absolute truth about religions that are around and the falsities of them with some simple words. It shares also the absolute truth of how simple it is to be with God and that there need not be any hardship in connecting with him as many of the mainstream religions make it look like today.

  10. We are returning to him only held back by ourselves. He is awaiting us whenever we are choosing to rejoin. Our responsibility not his permission is required.

  11. We are the keeper of the keys…we choose when to unlock the door, open it and walk through.
    In-truth, we are with God always, we are simply choosing to ignore or not accept this loving fact.

  12. When we feel a glimpse of that which we know is true and has always been true but we covered it up it keeps knocking on our door until the moment arises when we find ourselves wanting to know more and then we find ourselves at the beginning of a journey of uncovering and getting to know who we truly.

  13. We have accepted life to be a waiting position that something comes to us, all the while everything that we need is inside of us and is already there and neither do we need to ask for permission other than giving ourselves permission to live the grandness that we are.

  14. This is so beautiful Joel to reflect how we can behave. We can sit back and be passive, we can compare and criticise, we can jump up and down and get cross. But in truth all we have to do is be responsible for ourselves and make our own choices. That’s all that needs to be done.

  15. Joel I have tingles from head to toe reading this and feeling it is that simple! The claiming of who we truly are is the depth and quality of the self that is needed. Any other self-identification or recognition will have us sitting on the benches reading self made trash why we wait for someone else to say ‘I know you’. It’s become clearer and clearer that we can wait a very long time.

  16. So beautiful thank you Joel… brought tears to my eyes. Knowing it is only me that stops me walking through that door is the saddest but the most liberating and uplifting thing, all at once.

  17. Hahaha and this is a great simple article on how it is. We wait, argue, discuss, fight, argue some more and then just wait for God and yet he is waiting for us. Great great article on how to move to God yourself, after all we are created from him and only think we are seperate from him and each other. What if, like the waiting room we have just been looking at each other and holding each other back from actually just simply standing up. Let’s all leave God’s waiting room, it’s starting to get crowded

  18. What you’re saying here Joel is really quite profound, we’re all waiting or looking for something in completely the wrong place, and it’s all just there waiting for us to claim and step forward with – no waiting necessary.

  19. This blog makes me forever smile. The way you describe the kids with different culture backgrounds. And how not one is better than the other. And the acts we put ourselves in and the only way to God is to become ourselves again.

  20. Yes I won’t be waiting for God as well. I am ready, I know that he is just there waiting for so what is holding me back? God is not only around me all the time, he is also in me, so now it is possible to know and experience God every single day

  21. Thank you Joel I loved your story, I once was one of those people in the waiting room, waiting for God to open the door, crazy that we are so separate from each other, when we are really wanting the same thing which is a relationship with God, such is the illusion.

  22. I just love this blog. It shares so much based on the logic and powerful simplicity of how it is and how it can be.

  23. Oh, yes Joel – your blog is just as awesome however many times I ready it – and I could feel myself letting go as I realised that I no longer have to wait – but can also walk through the door, and feel the joy, the sorrow for waiting so long and hear ‘the simplest and most welcoming words: “I’ve been waiting for you”.

    1. Susan, it is also a powerful reminder and confirmation to me reading this blog each time. We don’t support each other enough which puts an incredible strain and tension on ourselves that is just not needed.

  24. While we wait, what happens to the people around us? We are all reflecting to each other it’s ok to sit back and wait for someone (or God) to come and rescue us, when we are the ones who need to take the steps forward and commit to everything life has to offer, waiting simply has nothing to offer us.

  25. I can feel tingles in my body and tears in my eyes at the simple, loving truth you share Joel. I’m choosing to walk through the door, and writing this brings a big smile from with-in.

  26. This is a super clever, humorous and deeply stunning piece of writing… and such a perfect analogy exposing the sad truth that we have been waiting around for centuries, guided by the individual rule books we have aligned to, ignoring the similarities we share due to being blinded by the differences… and all along we have had the power ourselves to embrace what we have spent eons seeking.

  27. How simply and elegantly written… That Joel simply made the decision to walk through the door himself, to not to wait, to take the status quo is the truth, but to seek within himself and find that connection into which we can all feel the truth of the divine connection that we all truly have

  28. I love coming back to this beautiful blog Joel, so simply and playfully written and profound in its underlying message. No waiting required! Just a willingness to take true responsibility for ourselves and to live from the truth and fullness of who we are.

  29. I love how in such a clear and succinct way you have expressed exactly what is going on. Serge Benhayon has made sense from the moment I heard him speak and attended presentations and I appreciate and love every day that I have also chosen to walk through the door beside many many more people.

  30. Beautiful Joel, it sums up our predicament as humanity so clearly, we are from God, yet we deny this and create systems and rules to allow us to get to God while ignoring the godliness in us and failing to live taking true care and responsibility for our piece of divinity, our body and how we live with it. It does not have to be this way we can walk through the door, we just need to be willing to live in a way that supports and celebrates the divinity we are.

  31. Most beautifully described how we keep ourselves away from God and that there is no need to wait for anything to happen but can choose any time to accept ourselves as a Son of God and live as one.

  32. “I’ve been waiting for you”. And the door is always open for us to open our heart and walk through the door together.

  33. And if helping each other gets us to where in our hearts we all want to go with reduced waiting periods, I say let’s do it.

  34. There is so much in what you share here Joel, how we get caught in the ideals of what we see around us and do not always feel and discern what is true, and how simple life can be when we drop them. And how in fact we can support each other and in fact we have deliberately set up ways and systems of belief and rules that make each other an outsider rather than seeing that we’re all the same and we’re all looking for the same, love. A great reminder that it’s about truth and that no matter how long we’re been waiting we can now choose to get up, be responsible and walk right in.

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