What’s right with this world?

by Rod Harvey, Gold Coast, Australia

When I read newspapers, peruse social media, listen to radio and watch television, it’s quite easy to assume that there is not much right with our world.

Each week I see stories about violence, obesity, starvation, poverty, greed, illness, disease, bullying, gossip, complaining and so on. While it’s important to be informed about what is going on (however unsavoury), I cannot help but think that as media continues to focus on the sensational to make money, we receive an unbalanced perspective.

Because we are inundated with negativity, our viewpoint of the world and people may become impaired and our focus shifts to underlying pessimism, or even despair.

But there’s something that doesn’t gel here, because overall, the world that I see and the majority of people in it are awesome. There is so much to be inspired about.

Technology has given us the opportunity to instantly connect with people around the globe and bring us closer together. It appears to me that we’re all very much the same, but what can divide us are different opinions, particularly those about religion, beliefs, nationality, allegiances and what should be done to fix the world.

Yet because another has a different opinion, that does not make them any lesser or any greater. Their opinion is equally as valid as mine, no matter how far removed our points of view are. Provided there is no harm done physically, emotionally or psychologically, we can work through our differences.

We have built up our own protective barriers and shields, but deep down our essence is love. By taking time out to quietly feel that love within, we can then look into another’s eyes with openness and truly connect.

I believe it’s necessary to speak up and expose injustices. At the same time, I feel it’s also essential for me to be alert and not miss out on the incredible opportunities that are presented to me daily (that I was previously insensitive to) which reinforce the marvels of our world and the ‘wonderfulness’ of people.

Rather than hold out for an intangible ideal of hope somewhere in the future, I say: “Why not take a fresh look at life right now?” There is so much that is right in this world. Let’s call it, tell it, show it, celebrate it and be part of it.

We may be pleasantly surprised at what we discover…

183 thoughts on “What’s right with this world?

  1. We don’t often live in full appreciation of ourselves and so then our ability to appreciate and truly value others is limited and replaced with emotional conditions on each other.

  2. We have lost the art of true journalism, newspapers prefer the sensationalist stories to printing the truth as it makes more money – so it seems it’s the ones buying the newspapers that are demanding the supply.

  3. It’s the constant feed of all that is not. The demand for evil that is continually asked for. If we demanded love could it be possible that the papers would change?

    1. Absolutely great question Kim – when we live the love we are, are here to live together our expression, movements and behaviors reflect this quality and integrity, and our acceptance for living less that this love is not tolerated, in all aspects of our lives, including the media or otherwise.

  4. How different it would be if the media, newspapers, magazines and social media only reported the positive aspect of life, the world would certainly be very different, the written word is very powerful when it is used to bring out the best in people or situations.

  5. “There is so much that is right in this world. Let’s call it, tell it, show it, celebrate it and be part of it.” So true, Rod, turn one’s focus to appreciation and one’s world is very different to the one presented by the media.

    1. As I read what you have shared here jstewart I have just realised I don’t focus on appreciating or celebrating what is awesome in this world nearly enough.

      1. I have found that with appreciating life, life becomes increasingly more consistently joyful.

  6. Appreciation as we are coming to learn is the foundation for so much personal evolution… Perhaps it is necessary for our community, our society, our countries, and indeed for the whole of humanity to start to truly appreciate, and to have this publicly reflected.

  7. “Why not take a fresh look at life right now?” I agree Rod, we live in a world that forgets to confirm the grandness we truly are, why not focus on the ‘what is’ and we may be pleasantly surprised to see there is so much to appreciate within and around us.

  8. A balanced perspective is not a true perspective. It may contain elements of truth but always watered down.So, it is not a true perspective and yet we cherish as the best we can get. In many regards it is better (and much better) than others, but it is still not it. Imagine if reporters get trained in reporting nothing but truth!

  9. I agree Rod, when we switch our focus and give attention to what there is to appreciate, everything changes.

  10. I can really feel how I have held being critical and negative as a kind of an ideal that said I was not blind and could not be fooled, while looking down on those who would focus on the positives and be more appreciative as naïve. Funny how I was spending days feeling grumpy and resentful while believing I was somewhat ‘better’ than those who were more open to appreciate and celebrate life.

  11. Indeed Rod. It also more easy to look at everything that is not right in this world, when we are connected to our own beauty, our essence, so we can always see the beauty that there is as well. Especially in people.

  12. Yes Rod, the media are continually circulating this negativity. What’s best is to not view or read it. It is worth as you say to focus on what feels right and more importantly speaking up and claiming it so.

  13. I’ve had a big stop moment recently of where I have been focusing on the negative and what is presumably wrong and looking at mistakes that are made. This takes us instantly away from people, it reduces the magnificence that is there down to a single speck of mishap that does not shape or change who a person is in their essence.

  14. “What’s right with the world?” And this starts with the appreciation of all that is amazing within ourselves so that we open our heart to be aware of the amazingness in another – and another, and another.

  15. I know what you mean Rod, we somewhat obsessed with finding the flaw in the picture and then completely ignore the whole beauty it delivers and only see where it fails us. Of course we need to call out the wrongs in this world, but to not at the same time see the bigger picture and the amazingness it holds is reducing ourselves to a small square instead of enjoying the whole picture.

  16. The media does make it seem like it’s all doom and gloom. I am all for being aware of whats going on, but I have always thought there should be a ‘good new’ publication that celebrates all the wonderful everyday loving acts that occur.

  17. We are fed to see all the ills in this world and overlook the divine bounty of God that lives, breaths and walks with us in our every move. It is for us to open our eyes, feel with our hearts the truth of what life truly presents.

  18. I love this Rod for it is so easy to be disillusioned in this world that we do often miss the true beauty in the moments that are presented to us… the things that remind us of what is possible and allow us to smile on the inside. These are absolutely worth celebrating and remembering for otherwise the pessimism that forms can be deeply blinding and our perspective on life and people unnecessarily skewed.

  19. The press makes a serious effort in presenting what stands out in the world for being wrong. And there is much to choose from in that front. Yet, there is not an equal go to what is actually truth and beautiful. The problem with all this is that when we buy into what is presented to us as the reflection of our world, instead of seeing it as a mere selection of what goes on.

  20. Rod, yes the world is crazy and full of many injustices and we need to call them out, yet as you say it is super important to remember that underneath all this craziness people are the same, and there is a love in all of us that is ready and waiting to express. So while we need to see what is not right in the world, we also need to deeply confirm the amazingness of who we all are. It’s so much easier to tackle all those things we know are no love if we have deeply affirmed, live and know the love we are and the more we do this, the more we show each other that it is possible to be love in the world no matter what.

  21. ‘We have built up our own protective barriers and shields, but deep down our essence is love.’If we start from this understanding that in our essence we are all love we can open our hearts to humanity in our loving connections, and not have our view tainted by the one-sided doom and gloom presented by the media.Thank you Rod for sharing.

  22. When we actually start to appreciate aspects in our lives and within ourselves this naturally extends to others and we are then able to be more understanding and open with them as we don’t look at the what is not but focus on what is.

  23. It’s a great balance you present Rod, because the focus of the media on the insanities of this world should not obliterate the beauty going on everywhere – even in the smallest of moments or exchanges.

  24. This has been led before and dismissed as propaganda, ignorance and now most people are aware of this to a point but have resigned to it being true and not having the power to do anything about it, “While it’s important to be informed about what is going on (however unsavoury), I cannot help but think that as media continues to focus on the sensational to make money, we receive an unbalanced perspective.” If we look at the current media system and it is not alone in how it is, but if we look at it without the story, the current system doesn’t look after the people within it. Sure you can say some have success or are going ok but overall the general mood is one similar to ‘dog eat dog’. In this way that is what is produced and what we are reading. It’s not a true story but a version that puts something else rather than everything else first. We can dress things up, glossy covers etc but in the end what you get is what is sown. The current media system is very very unwell and so the quality of what is produced no matter how pretty or sensationalised is just an extension of that. This is not to say there aren’t great people within the industry but the system overall stinks.

  25. When we realise that our power comes through our responsibility of how we are choosing to live our lives, we then will see that great changes can come through each and every one of us, simply through the lives we live. This is where our true power lies and how truth will come. Through the quality of our connection to ourselves and with each other, confirming that which is true, we bring light to every aspect of our lives. Our future, that is one of Divine harmony and Brotherhood, already lives inside every one of us. As such all that is right in this world, is all the majesty that dwells within the heart of every man, woman and child through which the choice is ours and ours alone to live.

  26. I know whenever I am giving myself a hard time about something, I am more likely to see the world and the people in it in a much more negative light. However when I am steady, consistent and deeply caring for myself this is not the case at all, I am much more understanding of others and if someone reacts to me in any way, I don’t react back. Now that says something about how we are in the world.

  27. I absolutely agree Rod that “the world that I see and the majority of people in it are awesome.” Unfortunately the media have come to believe that “awesome” news doesn’t sell newspapers but that sensationalist news does. What a travesty that so many awesome stories about awesome people go unreported whereas shock- horror stories, often mis-reported, get the front page, so presenting us with a view of the world that is rather distorted.

  28. I agree with you Rod, ‘We have built up our own protective barriers and shields, but deep down our essence is love.’ If humanity lived from their essence the world would be a very different place, and if we celebrate what’s right with the world now, maybe more people will join in the celebration.

  29. I find myself feeling that there is a deep truth that we cannot ever escape. It is our essence and whatever goes on in our world this essence is constantly being reflected back to us in some way or another. It is like we have a deep sense of what is true and when our world does not align with it, there is tension. We can ‘read between the lines’ of those media articles or posts using our deeper awareness to sense what is true and see that the negative angles we are so often presented with do not add up to the essence we know within. I meet amazing people all the time, but we wouldn’t know it from the way things are reported or reflected in the media – social or mainstream. Perhaps we need a revolution of appreciation from within the hearts of men. Then we might get a fairer reflection of who we truly are.

  30. Appreciation, which I feel is only deepening to more appreciation for those who I connect to, is something that is now part of what I am starting to feel from people I meet.

  31. When we frame everyone as equally ‘dangerous’ because of the behaviour of a minority in the world, we are essentially missing out on connection, which hurts us more than anything because we are made to connect to each other. Our bodies are from the same body of love and know each other by divine rite. To starve ourselves of this connection to our brothers is a travesty.

  32. If we focus on the negative that is often what we calibrate to and only see….thus we fail to see the qualities already there and we definitely miss out big time on any of the potential.

  33. ‘By taking time out to quietly feel that love within, we can then look into another’s eyes with openness and truly connect.’ I totally agree Rod, how can I connect and appreciate others if I am not doing this with myself first? It’s been a game changer for me to claim and live this more each day and notice the flow on effect this has to everyone around me.

  34. Great call Rod. We as humans have a tendency to either focus on the negative or focus on the positive – the ‘pessimist’ versus the ‘optimist’ and both truly blind to the truth of what is going on. The ‘good’ versus the ‘bad’ is a perpetual ride we embark on to avoid what is true. Lost in this seemingly endless oscillation we become lost in a sea of emotion, either consumed by overwhelm or consumed by bliss, either way not an accurate picture of what is truly at play. There is a way to look at the horrors of the world and know that they do not match the loveliness we know ourselves in essence to be, but it means we must first know to the bone that loveliness and know that it is our appreciation of it that leads to its greater expression in the world in which we live through our bodies that are living it.

  35. I love this line: ”Rather than hold out for an intangible ideal of hope somewhere in the future, I say: “Why not take a fresh look at life right now?” There is so much that is right in this world. Let’s call it, tell it, show it, celebrate it and be part of it.” I agree, it’s easy to get caught in imagining the whole world changing sometime in the distant future. But that just allows everything that is far from ok now to keep going on unaddressed. Like you say, we have to actively be part in changing it and showing it a different way, not just wait for something to change in the future.

  36. One can’t help but question the nature of the fodder we are fed through our airwaves, screens and more, that would have us deny the true greatness that we – being humanity – are capable of living and remaining connected to in our everyday lives. The media does not offer a perspective that is balanced, this is absolute truth, Rod.
    How lost are we in the version of life we are fed, that those such as Serge Benhayon, who are truly inspirational, who do live and express the greatness of their being, can be falsely portrayed in the media – given a ‘slant’ that is far from savoury and anything but a reflection that can be trusted? Our penchant instead, has been to taint and smear, including by false words, rather than offer a true story, and a balance that is willing to say – hey, here is a person(s) or group of people who are making a true difference, and who are not just ‘further statistics’ in the spiralling decline so many face today…
    One can’t help but question what truly fuels our media to so readily slide into bias, sensationalism and sheer irresponsibility, when truth and integrity are presented.

  37. Written by one who clearly does not shirk from the grim realities we witness, and may well experience, in so many quarters of life, and yet who still – through the greatness of his own heart – knows that we are more, and that humanity at our heart, holds an inherent truth, beauty and love. No matter where’er we walk, how far we wander and how deep our wont for giving up on this truth, it remains.
    Thank-you Rod Harvey. The true words of an elder – not only in years, but in wisdom.

  38. For two weeks I’ve been travelling and had no interest in watching TV or listening to the radio. I began observing how my body felt: quieter, still, no agitation. To test this, on early morning drive, I switched on the radio momentarily, and felt the difference instantly, a disharmonious energy entered my body, I switched off the radio. This gave me cause to reflect on how much harmful rays and energies I previously allowed into my body, without feeling any effect, and ask ‘Where was I?’

  39. “But there’s something that doesn’t gel here, because overall, the world that I see and the majority of people in it are awesome. There is so much to be inspired about.” So true Rod we are inundated with doom gloom and despair by the media, it is not often that we can read anything that will inspire us to truly change our lives. Working in a supermarket I get to meet many people from all walks of life and I am inspired by many of the stories I hear, there are so many awesome people out there leading ordinary lives it may not make headline news but it certainly inspires me.

  40. This is so true Rod: “We have built up our own protective barriers and shields, but deep down our essence is love.” So to me it follows that if we are willing to bring down our shields allowing our immense love to be seen and felt, that this love then has the potential to ripple on out to not only those close to us, but even further on out, and before we know it the world, that so many of us think is in chaos, may also receive the gift of this love and the healing that comes with it.

  41. Lovely to read something inspiring about our world Rod, and us , that are in it. I recognize that we are to blame for wanting more and more sensational stories to entertain us, but how do we feel after reading some of the horror that is presented? I agree we need to know the truth of what is going on in our world but surely there are many more loving and positive outcomes. I also feel our own contributions to conversation can look at the bright side more often too!

  42. Totally agree that it is great to celebrate and appreciate what is right with the world, and counter the negative bias of most of the media, whilst also being willing to take responsibility for calling out any injustices and wrongs when we find them.

  43. I’m sure that in old civilisations they were the equivalent of the tabloid press… Probably the storyteller in the village square… Whatever the medium, so to speak, it seems that people have always preferred distraction rather than to hear about something that will actually evolve them.

  44. “Why not take a fresh look at life right now?” There is so much that is right in this world. Let’s call it, tell it, show it, celebrate it and be part of it. We may be pleasantly surprised at what we discover…’ You are spot on Rod. Too many of us in this day and age are focusing only on what is wrong in the world and looking at life from battered and beaten eyes, not the fresh open sight you speak of that sees with far more transparency and clarity at the qualities and riches just waiting to be awakened by us all. Great blog.

  45. When we finally take responsibility for every action that we have done, for everything that we have created, and start the journey of returning to who we truly are, then we have the possibility of experiencing what is truly right in this world.

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