Death and Passing Over, we need to Talk about it

Someone close to me recently passed over. What has come to my awareness is how we don’t generally talk about death, even our own, or a person’s last days in their current lifetime.

Could it be by talking about death from the start of our life, and not seeing it as an end, but the truth of what it is – a passing over, evolution, and the start of a new cycle to begin – we would have a very different relationship with ourselves, death, life, evolution and purpose, and how we prepare for our own or another’s passing over, and how we care for those dying? Continue reading “Death and Passing Over, we need to Talk about it”

Grief and the Healing it Offers

Losing both my parents recently has given me the opportunity to really feel very deeply where I sit with death, losing loved ones, and with grief.

I’ve always known absolutely that death is not the end. The fact that we live on in another dimension is without question for me. This ‘knowing’ doesn’t come from a need to ‘believe’ that there is more after this life or a desperate needing to make sense of life, but from an absolute knowing in my body that we all experience cycles of life in the form of reincarnation, and that I have been on this merry-go-round many times before, as have we all. Continue reading “Grief and the Healing it Offers”

My Mum’s Funeral: Celebration of a Life Completed

I recently had a very different day at my mum’s funeral, a celebration of a life, and one that was quite a new experience for me. In fact, in many ways it was one of the most beautiful days I have had in a while.

My experience of funerals in previous years was not the same as this as I always found funerals overwhelmingly sad and intense occasions where I felt very uncomfortable and unsettled. I have in my life been to a number of funerals, including one for one of my younger brothers. So in approaching this recent funeral, my memories and experience were of heaviness… and yet, somewhere deep inside me this time around I felt a joy and an honour, as well as a curiosity. Continue reading “My Mum’s Funeral: Celebration of a Life Completed”

Death & Dying – A Taboo Topic or a Joyful, Normal Conversation?

by Jane Keep, UK

In the last few days a close relative of mine has passed over. Something that struck me in these last few weeks is how scared she was of dying. In talking this through with a wise practitioner I got to feel how strange it is that in many parts of the globe, talking about dying openly and preparing people for passing over is not naturally done. Yes, there are many amazing nurses, doctors and carers who are experienced in supporting people who pass over, but generally in society in my recent experience, a lot of people are uneasy talking about it, and we don’t educate people about the process of dying.  Continue reading “Death & Dying – A Taboo Topic or a Joyful, Normal Conversation?”