I have just had the most amazing experience. I was phoned by Barclays bank fraud department to say that two transactions had been made on my credit card and they wanted to confirm with me that they were with my consent. One transaction was for 400.00 GBP to Amazon and the other was 700.00 GBP to a union credit bank to someone in the USA. I explained I had not authorised these payments. The lady then tried to instill in me the fear that someone was using my bank details to make fraudulent claims pretending to be me. Something didn’t feel right with the call – you know when you’re a kid growing up and you just sense that something is wrong in the adult world, even though to all outward appearances the situation seems on the straight and level. Something within me decided not to play ball and instead said that with no disrespect to the caller, I would hang up and call Barclays myself. 

Barclay Card is not the easiest company to get through to. There is a lot of automation to go through before you actually get to speak to another human-being, but eventually I managed to connect with a Barclay’s representative. After answering security questions, I discovered that the first call was a hoax, that the caller was trying to get me to give them my card details.  

The reason it is such an amazing experience was that I have reconnected to my sixth sense or clairsentience. To me it’s a feeling in our bodies that we had as children but many of us lose this genuine feeling as we grow up. It’s not a gut feeling, that is something completely different. It’s a whole-body experience about everything, a very clear sense that you know what you are feeling is true. A natural ability to feel beneath the surface of any conversation to discern the energy behind the words spoken. I am regaining my trust of myself when something doesn’t feel right and to hold to that feeling, rather than giving my power away to another person. Once I would have been inclined to fall for the honey trap that was being set for me, firstly by playing the victim: why me? then going into overwhelm: why is this happening to me? I have too much going on right now to deal with this: someone help me! Of course, the lady on the other end of the phone on the first call was so ‘nice’ and so concerned: she was there to support me and get this all sorted out. She just needed a few details from me. But as I have said, there was just something about this call that didn’t feel right as a result I didn’t go into victim mode or get engulfed by emotions. Why?  

I have reconnected to a sense of awareness which we all have but don’t seem to take much notice of. You know those times where you can feel that something doesn’t feel okay with a friend: you have sensed the feeling before they even tell you that they have a problem. Being able to sense other people’s emotions without taking them on is a great example of clairsentience, it gives us the ability to feel or observe our surroundings without getting caught up in the soup of life that surrounds us.

Reconnecting back to my awareness has supported me in many ways especially at work, for example in meetings I can discern those people who are in resistance; behind their niceness is a certain tone in their voice that gives them away. Before regaining my awareness, I would not have noticed this and fallen for their ‘niceness.’ This can be a front for anger, jealousy, frustration, competition, comparison etc., or worse – if I am ‘nice’ to you that means you will be ‘nice’ to me. It’s a disguise we can use not to get hurt.

Family situations are so easy to read and the emotional blackmail that can go on between siblings no longer bothers me, neither does the complaining about their spouses because I can feel what their part has been in the situation, so I don’t take sides but listen to what they need to say without getting involved any more, whereas before, I would jump straight in to give out advice on how to ‘fix’ the situation.  I wasn’t able to sense that maybe they just wanted to have someone to talk to without being given any advice on how to ‘fix’ them or the problem. It’s actually such a relief because it takes me out of the equation, and I become a by-stander watching the play unfold.

I guess we could say we are all in a big play and to be able to extract oneself from it and just watch how it plays out without being a participant in it, changes everything.

My clairsentience (clear- sense) is normal to me now. I was able to discern the energy that was coming through the lady on the phone so that I could sense something wasn’t quite okay with the call. It was confirmed by Barclay Card that there were no fraudulent transactions on my account and that everything was okay. This leaves me in the full appreciation of all that I have learnt and am now putting into practice which is to not give my power away to another person, institution or situation but to discern the energy coming through them.

By Mary SanfordSales Manager EMEA 

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19 thoughts on “Fraud

  1. I was asked to complete a training course on security and it was fascinating to get a glimpse into how sophisticated the criminals have become in order to gain access to information held on our computers or to gain access into a company so that they can steal confidential information. I was shown several short videos of events that actually took place. One event was a family that got scammed using a Airbnb site to book a holiday, and how it happened, how easy it is to get scammed if we are looking for a bargain. So we should all be extra vigilant and really take notice of the web address to make sure it’s legitimate before sending any money. The other security breach was a cyber attack that happened because someone let a delivery driver into a secure area without the appropriate identification. This so-called delivery driver who looked totally legitimate then managed to compromise one of the computers which led to huge financial implications for the company. This event was to show that no matter how convincing a situation looks, if the person or people do not have the correct security on them they should be denied access until they can be verified as legitimate no matter how convincing they may appear. That the easiest way to access our computers is via an attachment sent in an email, Or befriending someone we do not know on a social media platform. The reason I’m sharing this with everyone is because I was made aware of how gullible we can be when it comes to being secure online. how easy it seems to be to trick us because we want to be liked on social media, or are in a rush to get through our company emails without taking the time to properly assess where the email is coming from.

  2. It feels so empowering when we are connected to our essences, and use all our senses to understand what is going on energetically around us, as you have shared Mary.

  3. I loved your further translation of clairsentience (clear- sense) and the simplicity of your sharing. If we all were living with and acting on our clairsentience then there would be no ‘handing over responsibility’ to another person, institution or situation. It is the reliance on what we see on the news, read in the paper, family expectations, learnt behaviours or even the constant publicity we are bombarded with that ensures the rollercoaster ride that humanity is on.

  4. Helen absolutely, I’m fascinated by how our bodies know something, as an example I was with some friends and one of them was talking about something and I knew the answer before it was given to the group by my friend. The answer just dropped in, I have never considered myself to be an intelligent person in the way that society would have us believe intelligence to be. For example, I do not have a degree that most companies prefer as a starting point for a career, but what if there is another intelligence that can inform us, that we can access if we have a deeper relationship with our bodies. It’s available when its needed and not something we learn by rote or get attached to. That to me is fascinating because I can feel there is a science behind this that we are not discussing and instead rely on the regurgitated intelligence we are constantly re hashing.

  5. Being able to understand and read where a person is coming from makes the lies simple to read and maybe one day all lies will be seen for the insidiousness betrayal of the True energetic Love we all come from.

  6. It feels amazing to be able to honour my body and respectfully listen to what it is telling me rather than constantly over riding it and then feeling full of regret.

  7. Whilst we might like life to come with instructions and easy-to-follow user guide, on how to live life ‘right’ the fact is nothing can beat listening to your heart and what you sense in life. When we do this we get to see there are in fact ‘subtitles’ right under our nose explaining and translating everything that takes place.

  8. Helen I recently had a sense to switch off the electricity at the mains to a blender I was using, I overrode the feeling saying to myself I’ll do it in a minute and with out warning the blender started working again even though it had been switched off at the controls. The soup went everywhere. To me it was a lesson that if I have a feeling about something to act on it immediately and not procrastinate, to listen to the intelligence that as you say is right there inside of us.

  9. I’ve been subject to a similar attempted scam; the thing that almost got me is how scared I should be. As with you, it got to a point where I felt the whole thing was off and I put the phone down. If I didn’t have the clear-sense to feel it was off, things would not have gone well. Thank God for clear-sense.

    1. What I find absolutely fascinating Andrewmooney26 is that if I sense something doesn’t feel quite right, if I just stay with that feeling and don’t try to fix or do anything I get shown the answer, it is given to me. The energy behind what is going on gets exposed. How cool is that, then all we have to do is observe life as it gets revealed to us.

  10. Well done Mary. I had a similar call recently that was supposedly from my mobile phone provider offering me their 3 month COVID discount on my bill – and then wanting details… nothing huge or unrealistic but just as fraudulent. We appeared to get cut off but really she knew she was rumbled. I did the same thing, it just didn’t feel right so I checked it out and reported it. It is so empowering to trust what you feel and claim it! Such a great practical example here and we can use our sixth sense anytime anywhere.

    1. Shirley-Ann, these scams are rife at the moment it seems, just yesterday there was an awareness campaign in the National Newspapers asking people to be aware of the scam to trick you into giving over your National Insurance number, if you do this the scammers can take over your identity for their own uses. This is huge which is why it was made so public. Because so many people are not discerning for themselves what is happening and therefore have been caught out by the sophistication of the scammers, this is why it is so important not to override our sixth sense. If something doesn’t feel right don’t go there, delete the email or put the phone down.

  11. Thank you Mary, your example is living proof that underneath it all we have a very clear awareness that if listened to very carefully can guide us safely through the honey traps such as these. What stands out for me is if we take a step back from jumping straight into victim mode, then we get to see through the cracks to what is playing out underneath. Playing ‘nice’ is such a trojan horse!

    1. Rowena when we allow ourselves to really feel what the energy is behind a persons words we get to feel how false and sickly ‘nice’ is. We have been conditioned to take life at face value rather than feeling what is behind the words being spoken. Words can be the most harmful expression on earth because of the internal unseen damage they can cause within our bodies and psyche.

  12. By not being hooked into the hoax call it is offering the caller an opportunity to look at why they had agreed to be part of the deception.

  13. Brilliant Mary! I know I’ve been sucked into the game of over riding what I sense, but the more I am paying attention when I have the slightest niggle that something isn’t quite right, the more I am finding that my sense were spot on. It’s very empowering to know that we all have this type of intelligence right there inside us!

    1. Helen isn’t it strange how we rely on the education system to inform us rather than our clear – sense which is far more intelligent than this man made system we all rely on. It’s almost as though we do not want to know and so suppress our innate understanding of life.

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