A Relationship with Stillness

For a very long time, I was unwilling to stop long enough to have ever discovered stillness.

Stillness is the antithesis of how and what I felt as a child. As babies, we are born with a natural connection to our inner flow and stillness, and it is only through imposition that this can be changed. When our surrounding energy is one of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’, we will pick up on this and may choose to enjoin the overriding force that comes with doing, where we have lost all sense of connection to God and our innate essence.

From this point onwards, life generally becomes a gradual force of doing and driving ourselves forward to fit in with the surrounding world that is reflecting to us anything other than who we truly are.

What exactly is stillness – is it simply a word that describes no physical movement, or could there possibly be another deeper meaning? Have we ever stopped the continual momentum that seems to run our body at a pace that is so intense, to feel this, and then consider that there may be another way to live life? This may be a feeling that possibly resonates within us as we begin to feel beneath the outer layers that we have built up to protect ourselves and to realise that there is a depth of wisdom that pulses through our body.

By opening up to this possibility, I was offered a space where I could connect to my body and feel within that there could be more than I had first perceived. I was able to feel there were flows of energy and that these changed according to the movements of my body. If I moved with gentleness, my body was more settled, and if I moved in a way that was harsh, my body would feel aggravated and uneasy. Could this stillness possibly be something that was already within – as subtle as the tiny movements that take place in our body all the time as we breathe or our brain sends out a message?

How would it be if we were to be born into a family where everything was about stillness and being – would this not allow us the freedom to gradually grow and mature into a fully rounded person who is in connection both with themselves and equally with those around us? Wouldn’t this allow a flow where we were all working as one, rather than a force where competition has become the only way to survive in a ‘dog eat dog’ kind of world that has dominated and diverted us for far too long?

We all innately know the truth of who we are and how we should be truly living in a way of harmony, cohesion, integrity, and love – but for most human beings the problem is to know how to change this when we have for so long looked outside of ourselves for confirmation.

Having lived and played the game of survival and struggle for so long, it can often feel like a seemingly impossible task to do this on our own. We all need support and a reflection to inspire us, but where do we find this when so much of the world appears to be in the same struggle and stress?

For me, the support came when I was willing to open up and change. ‘The teacher appeared’: I was introduced to the books of Serge Benhayon where I found inspiration, and as a consequence, I have been encouraged to look deep within to find the answers to what had always seemed like an impossible conundrum. When we open ourselves up to that first chink of light, we are expanding our Universe as we allow the light to flow in and lighten our day.

As the cycles of life unfold, we return to the beginning to start life anew and begin to sow the seed of stillness as we return to the In-breath and Out-breath of God. When I gently breathe in and out through my nose and in connection with the whole pulse of my body, it feels as though I am gently returning to a rhythm that brings harmony and a feeling of at-one-ness both within and to the space that surrounds me.

In the words of Serge Benhayon:

“We all came from a single Out-breath and we will all  return back to our source by a single In-breath.” (1)

As I connect more and more to breathing my own breath, I receive a blessing as my whole body opens up and expands and this brings a deep healing, one that each of us can equally access. The problems and the tension are allowed to dissipate when we allow space for our body to be free of the contraction that takes place as we tense up our bodies to ‘cope’ with our daily workload.

As I read these words by Serge Benhayon, they come with a simplicity and clarity that allows me to feel a settlement and a steadiness in my body – a true home where I can rest awhile and connect again and allow the ravages of time to slip away as I feel the expansion and the space that is offered.

The support that this can bring is something that can impact on our daily life as we build a steadiness and begin to feel that there is a stillness residing deep within.

As we begin anew we can feel that we are being offered a moment of unmoving movement and a deep stillness that is in vibration with the Universe and beyond, and further volumes of this impulse that come directly from heaven take us further along our path to feel the eternity that is God and beyond.

We have for oh so many years been searching for this intangible moment and looking outside of ourselves for something akin to the ‘Holy Grail’.

“It may be that what is made legend is not material at all but a source and or style of livingness: a way to move that aligns your physical particles so as to receive the wisdom of God.” (2) 

Throughout my life, I knew that there was a greater meaning to what had become an existence and because I had made my life so complicated, I could not see that something as simple as stillness could possibly hold the answer.

It feels like we are continually searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ without having an inkling of what this could possibly be. To have an infinite relationship with God is beyond our comprehension when we have sought to live life ‘our way’ – a way that is hard and full of tension as we have an inner fight and turmoil continually playing out.

When we meet what feels like an impossible block, this may offer us a moment to reflect and become open to changing what has seemed like the treadmill of life. When we make the decision to get off the treadmill, it can be the moment when we begin to return back to the stillness that is God’s holding Love, where we can realign to our “physical particles so as to receive the wisdom of God.” (2)

By Susan Lee. Now in my seventies, I am enjoying deepening my relationship with myself and my body. I am also appreciating that life is a continuum and that we are forever evolving and enriching. Norfolk, UK.


  1. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, Volume 11, Ed. 1, 45.
  2. Serge Benhayon, Time, Space and all of us, Book 3 – all of us, Ed.1, p. 415.

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97 thoughts on “A Relationship with Stillness

  1. What if there were two rocks in a stream, one made of granite and the other made of sandstone. One is slowly eroded by all the movements around it and the other is unscathed. Is this how we enjoin the world and eventually be pulled along by the flow or we can be ourselves and stand the test of time and outside forces.

  2. I can absolutely relate to this way of living
    ” Having lived and played the game of survival and struggle for so long, it can often feel like a seemingly impossible task to do this on our own. We all need support and a reflection to inspire us, but where do we find this when so much of the world appears to be in the same struggle and stress?”
    There is a saying may be it is a Chinese proverb?
    ““When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will disappear.””
    For thousands of people Serge Benhayon is that teacher and I know that history will show that he is in fact one of the greatest prophets to walk this earth and is so often the case unfortunately is not recognised at the time. In just the same way that those that walked before him where not recognised in their time; this however takes nothing away from the truth he represents and reflects back to humanity.

  3. If a child is born into a family where life is about stillness and being, which brings an alignment to God, at least they have a choice and can, if they choose so, make life about evolving to greater awareness and universal wisdom.

  4. We are taught to be stoic and self sufficient by keeping others at arms length but in truth we have the support of others and we can ask for assistance when times get rough or tough. We’ve also been indoctrinated with the belief that we are weak or pathetic if we ask for support, which is another lie.

  5. This alone tells us all we need is within ‘As I connect more and more to breathing my own breath, I receive a blessing as my whole body opens up and expands and this brings a deep healing, one that each of us can equally access.’ and just how simple it is, no complication, no cost just breathing our breath and being with this feeling all it is revealing https://www.unimedliving.com/meditation/free

  6. One could say that the Benhayon family was the marker for what it was like to be born into a family where everything was about stillness and being. They are no longer alone. There are now thousands of families working on these to two important aspects of what life should be with the Benhayon’s setting the standard. Stillness and Being is SB.

    1. Christine it is so true that stillness is a choice and recently I have felt that space and stillness are interchangeable. I have been very aware of the behaviours that I have that close down the space and so, as best as I can I have been making a choice not to do them. As simple as this sounds this basically is the way out of our individually created messes and out into the open space of truth.

      1. The simplicity of what you have shared Alexis is our greatest blessing – space can be felt deep down when we let go of complications, which only fight to fill the space with non-sense.

  7. ‘I was able to feel there were flows of energy and that these changed according to the movements of my body.’ Some time back I had an example of this that changed things for me in a big way. I was in a state worrying about something and had very hard thoughts and felt like I was spiralling out of control, and that if I continued there would be no way back or a lengthy return. You know that feeling of going into mental health. I walked into my bathroom and just stopped in the middle of the room and I just felt to change my movements to gentleness, as best as I could. The more I went into moving with gentleness the steadier my thoughts became and I felt as if I was coming back to myself. It was so simple but profound, and deeply confirming that our movements do matter and they do affect our health one way or the other. What I also noticed was that the thoughts changed to more loving in nature.

    1. We are so powerful when we connect fully to our movements – they allow the tension to dissipate and for us to return to our essence.

  8. The title of this blog stopped me in my tracks and I asked myself ‘what is my relationship with stillness?’ something I feel to explore more.

  9. Stillness is a body of movement that’s continually expanding, it’s something that I feel very clearly that I am in a relationship with. It is a wordless intellect that is in constant communication with us all. I am in love with the sacredness of stillness.

  10. The Gentle breath as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has indeed been a huge and supportive bridge for me to connect more deeply to myself and this is an amazing gift that has opened up other doors I had never fathomed.

  11. Life is very much a treadmill experience for most of us. We either learn to run really fast and handle the treadmill well and then we think we are really good at what we do. OR we are not so good with the treadmill and think we are failures. But in the end the focus is still on the treadmill. Meanwhile there are those who are not on the treadmill and getting on with life without the treadmill effect, simply doing what they are doing with the simplicity of knowing that one day the person on the treadmill might just glance in their direction and see that there is indeed another way.

  12. Susan, thank you – I love how you have busted the myth that stillness is about sitting or lying still. It is far deeper than this and something to develop a relationship with and bring into our lived experience over time.

    1. I have had this sense of a never ending sense of depth, it is the most exquisite sensation to feel, and a marker to return to when I allow myself to get caught up in the rush of life.

  13. Living a life of fight or flight is exhausting. Living with a body which we put into constant tension on a physical level does not bode well for living a healthy life.

    1. I agree with you Alexis there is something in the way they walk that is arresting to watch, and quite frankly there is this over powering sense of I want some of that, grace, power and delicacy which is combined into a flow of movement that is like watching liquid mercury.

  14. This shows the responsibility we have as parents, families, as a community and society in supporting the growth, nurturing and wellbeing of our younger generations ‘How would it be if we were to be born into a family where everything was about stillness and being – would this not allow us the freedom to gradually grow and mature into a fully rounded person who is in connection both with themselves and equally with those around us?’

    1. Beyond doubt I feel and yet we are slow to make the change – in our arrogance we want to hold on to the ‘old familiar’ patterns that have paralysed us for aeons.

  15. It is true we can be hard and rough, charging around but when we choose to be gentle with our movements the quality of our being changes and it is tangible. The gentleness gives us the precious gift of being able to read the messages from the body that are there to evolve us and not there to punish us. The body is not our enemy but our greatest support.

    1. I love what you say Julie – the body’s messages are not always welcomed by us but none the less they spring forth from love – the love that knows no limits.

    2. Yes, Julie, so true and yet we have arrived at a point where abuse is more common than not. Until we return to love we will not change the world around us – the world that we live in with our whole family.

  16. The saying, if you can’t beat them join them, comes to mind with the peer pressure that erodes our stillness when we are young. There is another point when we leave school and spread our wings to leave the nest that can turn into flight or fight. All of this is to keep us moving away from who we are. But we never lose our stillness, that it is always waiting patiently for us to return to who we are.

    1. How gorgeous is that, that the depth of stillness is always there within each and every person. So then how crazy is it that we do not fully allow ourselves to feel this beauty? Everything we need lies within: no other person can have it, take it or own it. It is innately there.

      1. And when we doubt this we can simply dig deeper and the Universe will respond by simply holding us until we are ready to trust the infinite power of a bounteous God.

    2. The one-ness and Joy of being in our essences or Soul take the beating-em out of the equation as we become much more harmonious in the most loving ways, so we can spread our wings.

      1. And fly. The joy of embodying stillness allows us to let go of our dense body and feel the wisdom of our soul.

    3. And when we do return that stillness is holding us as we gradually surrender to a way of living that reflects this to everyone.

  17. Without stillness we are lost to the whim of everyone and his brother, find stillness within and we are an authority to ourselves.

  18. ‘It feels like we are continually searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ without having an inkling of what this could possibly be.’ The clue is it has never been on the outside ❤️ Also just reflecting on how we reduce the vastness, beauty, depth of God, magic and absolute wonder of the Universe by calling it the ‘Holy Grail’.

    1. Ah, yes Vicky, that is really calling out how fooled we have been – or is it a matter of fooling ourselves? I ask myself why would we want to substitute the magnificence that is God with something as facile as the ‘Holy Grail’. We have sold out to an illusion yet again.

  19. Stillness is always there and so a pertinent question for all of us is ‘what is our relationship with stillness’. Now for most of us are answers would be along the same general lines ‘I have no conscious awareness of what it is/I hate it, it makes me feel uncomfortable/it’s a foreign concept/I don’t know what it means/I can’t remember ever feeling still/do you mean sleeping or laying still?’, the number of people in the world who truly know what stillness feels like in their bodies is relatively very few and that’s not a criticism that’s simply a reflection of how much motion we’ve injected into the world and the way that we’re choosing to live.

    1. Interesting how the lack of stillness is prevailing more and more – and yet as you say Alexis ‘Stillness is always there’ – something to ponder on and maybe connect to that stillness?

  20. This is a very thought provoking blog. What I can get a sense of is that there is a way to live that currently we are choosing not to live. But we do know this way of living as we have lived it before, the particles in our body align to the universe and there was a time when we were in tune with the universe and could look at the stars and they gave meaning to a way of life. Is it no coincidence that the way we live produces so much light pollution that for many of us we cannot even see the stars at night and are therefore cut off from visualizing our truth?

    1. What we have lived before is so much greater and grander than any space flight to the moon can offer. We have an innate connection to the stars and that huge expanse above us – we can feel the magnetic pull and the feelings that vibrate from our body when it’s in communion with the all. As you say Mary ‘Is it no coincidence that the way we live produces so much light pollution that for many of us we cannot even see the stars at night and are therefore cut off from visualizing our truth?’

  21. In stillness – everything flows, in rushing my life feels like concrete. The pay off to this is getting to be ‘hard’ and so not have to feel things. Embracing our natural stillness means accepting the awareness that is so ready and waiting there – no matter how inconvenient this may be.

      1. Seeing each moment as an opportunity we are forever learning and expanding our understanding – and then we realise that we are incrementally returning to heaven.

    1. And what I find very beautiful is that we all have access to this knowingness – all we need to do is open ourselves up and become willing to feel the vibration of God and what he is sharing. This process is infinite and boundless – the more we surrender the greater the abundance.

      1. What I am learning is that if this is what I feel in my body I must listen and discern the truth of what I feel. When I feel the connection to God I am indeed an open channel for God to pour through……and the deeper I go the greater the wisdom that pours through without reservation.

  22. Years ago I’d avoid being still. These days I can still avoid it, but when I do allow myself to drop I am more able to accept it and sink deeply into that feeling. Better than sinking into a hot bath any day.

    1. For me it wasn’t so much that I avoided being still it was that I wasn’t able to be still because I felt a constant level of anxiety and restlessness. Even when my body was sick and calling to be still I would push myself to do something if I possibly could. This continual drive to be moving came from two main sources, one was the constant avoidance of feeling the underlying agitation that I lived with and the other was the driving force of the belief that I had that my strength as a woman was governed by how much I managed to cram into my day.

      1. What a farce we have made of life Alexis – we have chosen to make life as complicated as possible to avoid the gloriousness that we truly are. When we allow the Ageless Wisdom to flow through us we can let go and surrender to the way of the Universe, and then all we need to do is be. It may take us a while to return to our true way of being but for me there is no alternative. The world as it is at present is slowly destroying our connection to our soul – and I have tried living away from my soul and that felt so empty and without true purpose. Why would we choose anything less than the magnificence of God.

      2. We seem absolutely determined to make ‘living less than the magnificence of God’ work and it’s a bit like using our heads as battering rams, we keep doggedly trying to make it work.

      3. And yet deep within we do know that we will return to our innate magnificent selves in union with God and humanity. And maybe that day is not as far away as we think? Together we can make such a difference.

  23. This is gorgeous “We all came from a single Out-breath and we will all return back to our source by a single In-breath.” (1)’ It is crazy how society currently fights and resist our innate way of being .. wasted energy adding to struggle and stress when it so does not need to be like this ✨

    1. And what is even more extraordinary is that this is our choice – we are definitely not a victim but the perpetrator of all our ills.

  24. Thanks Susan, I appreciated reading about the stillness we can reconnect to with our breath and it’s link to the particles of our body being able to receive the wisdom of God. In this when we are in our gentle breath we can return to our innate stillness, we then can know so much by what’s available to access – or we can leave ourselves and that stillness and spend our lives in ‘doing’, seeking knowledge outside of ourselves, and missing being who we naturally are.

    1. I find it fascinating Melinda that we are as a group of human-beings living with this constant raciness and unsettlement in our bodies that keeps us in the ‘doing’ rather than in just ‘being’. Is it possible that by always being in the activity of the ‘doing’ we have given our collective power away to the many mainstream religions that have encouraged us to rely on their version of God, rather than the natural connection we have with him, and because we have disconnected to our own sense of knowing God we live in the unsettlement which is our bodies way of telling us we are out of kilter with the universe/God and therefore with ourselves?

      1. It is truly extraordinary that as human beings we are actually living less by choice and bringing so much complication into that livingness. We can either choose to live life simply from the impulse of God or we can live a life that is besieged by unrest and anxiety.

  25. “It may be that what is made legend is not material at all but a source and or style of livingness: a way to move that aligns your physical particles so as to receive the wisdom of God.” I love this quote. Being with God is simply to align our particles to the vibration of God and it is not about the doing as we have made it to be in our mainstream religions.

    1. So living religiously is therefore an alignment and not something that is reserved for a select few who have studied, been chosen or been ordained. Of course this must be true otherwise God wouldn’t be who He is.

      1. That’s so gorgeous Alexis and makes such sense. By allowing God to be anything less than the all that he is we are denying the whole of humanity the blessings that are poured down to us in every moment. God is indeed infinite.

      2. Wow, Alexis, I so agree ‘He is us and we are Him’ and with God there can be no separation try as hard as might.God’s beholding love leaves no doubt.

      1. We can feel that we have no option until we realise that we do. This may come about in different ways – for me I am often stopped in my tracks before I am willing to surrender – at other times I am open to seeing that God is always waiting and holding me.

  26. Taking our time so we feel what is happening to us allows us the space to proceed through life in connection to our stillness, joy, harmony, wisdom, truth and Love of our Soul-full essences, that which resides deep within.

    1. Beautiful Greg – those moments to see reflect and ponder are magic moments that can change the course of our lives.

  27. Great sharing Susan. It is so true, what you write about stillness. Even today I struggle to stop the momentum of doing. As you say, it can be so simple. I just have to stop the busyness, this wrong desire of needing to do to do something all the time. Stillness is part of our essence and once we are in stillness, joy and harmony arises as well.

  28. ‘When our surrounding energy is one of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’…’ so much is offered in these words when we allow ourselves to feel the difference between approaching life from ‘doing’ and ‘being’ first.

      1. And ‘Being’ develops the quality in which we thereafter can do things. So it is a constant rhythm from deepening in our ‘being’ to bringing this out in what we are doing but it always starts with ‘being’. When we start from ‘doing’ we don’t have a reference point of what quality we are in.

    1. Well said Michael and we are often more drawn to the one that keeps us in the momentum we have always had as this is our zone of comfort – what we are familiar with.

  29. “there is a depth of wisdom that pulses through our body.” A beautiful invitation to feel and reconnect to the vibration of stillness within.

    1. I love the sense that the ‘body invites’ – what we refer to is pain is an invitation from our body to look at what might be causing the pain and yet we more often than not complain. In future I will be more welcoming with these invitations.

      1. And what I am experiencing at the moment is that ‘pain’ in the body isn’t reserved to pain that is felt when we are physically unwell or injured but also to the pain that we feel when we are in the pain of disruption caused by any kind of emotional unrest. I have recently gone into a long held pattern of comparison and it is physically uncomfortable and incredibly unsettling and I can feel how it totally obliterates stillness. But how wonderful in a way that I can feel it so clearly because it is something that absolutely has to be addressed because even when it’s not triggered it still sits as a barrier between me and my ability to be still.

    2. Sure there is a ‘depth of wisdom that pulses through our body” but most of us don’t have a clue that it’s there because we have to be able to feel it to know it and the way that most of us are living is so chaotic (even those of us that live in an ordered way, order and control can be a form of chaos) that we can’t feel or hear the wisdom that’s there. And this is the tactic of the forces that work to keep us from the truth, ‘keep the people constantly distracted’ and for the most part it works.

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