The Consequences of our Choices

What determines the choices that we make and are we as free to choose as we think we are?

I have been aware for some time that the way that we choose to think, speak and move governs the thoughts, speech and movements that will come next, but it wasn’t until I experienced this for myself that I really knew it to be true.

Having just finished providing a treatment session for a friend, I came out of the clinic to find that I had been parked in. When I say, ‘parked in’ I mean that someone had literally parked their car horizontally across the tail of my car – there was absolutely no way that I could get out. I stood for a while in disbelief, unable to comprehend who would do that; I mean who would be that selfish to knowingly park someone in and then abandon their car?

I felt utterly trapped… I was tired and hungry and just wanted to go home. On top of that I had no idea what to do. I called a friend whose only suggestion was that I ‘key their car’ – basically, use my keys to put a dirty great scratch along the side of their car, which wasn’t a very helpful suggestion but nonetheless, if I’m really honest, it held some appeal.

I called the police who traced the number plate to see if there was a phone number associated with the car but there wasn’t and so there was nothing more that they could do.

A guy came into the car park and I shared with incredulity what had happened. He shared my disbelief and suggested that I get the car towed, to which I replied that if I could get the bill paid by the owner of the car then I wouldn’t hesitate in getting it towed. Whilst all of this was going on, I kept trying to call the car park supervisor but he wasn’t answering his phone, which was adding to my building frustration.

When one of the guys who worked in one of the clinics came out and saw how I had been deliberately parked in, he became quite agitated himself and said that if he had a car with a bull-bar he’d bulldoze the car out of the way for me, and I had no doubt that he meant it.

I was aware that I was starting to feel quite desperate by this stage, as well as really pissed off. I was also very aware that I didn’t want the owner to come out and leave whilst I was inside the building because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of giving him or her a mouthful. I went and leant on my car boot and just kind of stared at the offending car. I noticed that a piece of the fender was coming away slightly and I put my hand on the metal and felt a strong urge to pull the metal away from the car and cause damage. I didn’t, but the impulse was strong…really strong.

I made one last ditch effort to go inside the building and find the owner. To my great surprise someone in the first office that I went into told me that the offending car belonged to the doctor working in the office next door. I marched into the office and shared with agitation what had happened. By this time I was ropeable. The secretary then explained that I had parked in the doctor’s parking spot and that the doctor was fed up with people parking in his parking spot, which is why he had parked as he had, but that he had left a note on my windscreen with his number, explaining what had happened. She then asked if I was going to apologise to the doctor. I was absolutely dumbstruck and unable at that point to even comprehend apologising.

The secretary came down and moved the car for the doctor. There was indeed a note on my windscreen, explaining what had happened and providing the telephone number of the doctor. It took me a while to simmer down. I was not able to settle my body for quite some time, but once home I called the doctor and apologised for parking in his spot, explaining that I had made a mistake about which parking spot belonged to the clinic that I was hiring.

On reflection, what really stood out to me was the fact that I had not doubted for one moment that the other person had acted unreasonably. And it was my interpretation of the event that had, in turn, influenced everyone that I spoke to and three of those people suggested violence as a way of dealing with the situation. And I can’t deny the fact that I too had felt a strong urge to act violently. As soon as I reacted I lost the ability to see things clearly, my head and body became a breeding ground for judgement, projections and emotion. I was literally unable to consider any other view than the narrow one that I had assumed and so I didn’t even consider the possibility that someone may have left a note on my windscreen, which in truth is a very common thing to do.

My usual steadiness, which comes from my fairly constant connection to myself through my body, was wrecked. I had allowed myself to become totally unhinged, and once separated from my body, it provided a gap through which emotions such as frustration and anger were able to pour. Once in, these emotions then paved the way for thoughts that I don’t usually allow in or if they do manage to get in, I choose to not entertain. These thoughts then set me up to receive more emotions and thoughts of a similar ilk: physical violence being one such thought.

I can categorically say that a deviation from my usual thoughts, emotions and movements took me on a very unfamiliar segue: one that is not within my normal range of choices but one that became very real very quickly.

We all like to think that we are in control of who we deem ourselves to be. Each of us thinks that we are free to choose to behave in ways that seem appropriate or desirable for us, but that’s simply not true.We are portals for energy. We are constantly streaming thoughts and emotions through us, and the quality of those thoughts and emotions set up the range of thoughts, emotions and movements that will then follow.

Therefore, we are not at the mercy of our environment, as so many of us like to believe, but moreover the recipients of our choices.

By Anonymous

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149 thoughts on “The Consequences of our Choices

  1. The level of deep honesty expressed in this story by Anonymous is truly inspiring and I feel we can all completely relate to what was shared here, that once we let go of that connection to our essence and begin to react emotionally to events around us, we are effectively ‘gone’. One such personal example occurred earlier this year when I could not find our passports after my wife needed hers for a business trip. I was the one that packed them when we moved a year ago and after not initially finding them in the box I thought I placed them in, I went into an almost immediate string of thoughts that they were lost on the moving truck or some other crazy story explaining there absence in an almost panicked way after searching the whole house like an FBI raid and never found them, having to order an expedited passport at great cost. The funny thing is that a couple months later when I was cleaning up in the attic I came across the same set of stacked storage tubs I looked through before and there at the bottom of all of them were all our passports! Aaaagghhhh! But what I realised is that when I was in such an emotional state of despair before, there was literally no way I was going to see what was right under my nose, as opposed to the settled state I was in while cleaning where their location was almost obvious!

  2. ‘I have been aware for some time that the way that we choose to think, speak and move governs the thoughts, speech and movements that will come next, but it wasn’t until I experienced this for myself that I really knew it to be true.’ It was a revelation to me to learn that if we want to change our thoughts we need to change our movements first. In practice this meant that when I couldn’t sleep at night and was in my head, all I had to do was move my body differently.. to my joy this absolutely proved to be true! To me this is normal now and it has been a game changer.

    1. Knowing that we can move our way out of every situation really does bring the power back into our own hands. We are no longer at the mercy of life but squarely in the drivers seat.

  3. This is so brilliantly honest and therefore supportive. I have experienced versions of this many times – script writing and indignation with the lack of clarity that ensues. It supports me no end to remember to consider the part I have played in every situation I find myself in and to clock when I begin to feel unsettled about anything as a warning sign that I am out if kilter.

    1. It feels to me like the whole world is unsettled. Unsettled as individuals, unsettled in small groups (be that our families, at work or our communities), we then take that unsettlement further afield and finally we have entire countries being violently unsettled. We live in an unstable world, the unsettlement of which starts with ourselves.

  4. Reactions are like train tracks. You are riding along on the train of life, and there may be a clickety-click when you switch to a different track, or you may not even feel it. But if you miss this moment of disconnection, the longer it takes to realise what has happened, it allows you to head further away from you.

    1. Steve this is a very cool comment because if we don’t realise we are disconnected and it can happen in a Nano second it can take a while before we realise we are out. The world is set up in such a way that it is constantly pulling us away from ourselves because the energy does not want one person to leave the consciousness we are all living in, for many they are not aware that they are living in such a controlled way. It sounds very Orwellian but it’s a fact that the greater part of humanity is saturated with a consciousness they are not aware of.

  5. The difficulty we have is to admit we made a mistake, because we have invested so much energy in convincing ourselves we are the victim. This could be applied to so many situations and really inspires me to practice observing and considering the bigger picture before moving in one direction or another.

    1. I am in a fresh period of learning about my relationship with mistakes. Still tied in some way to right and wrong or good and bad, I hold onto mistakes I make for too long. I realise that in the realisation of a mistake made there is the opportunity to stop, review, learn and move on.

      1. If we were to change what we refer to as ‘mistakes’ and call them ‘springboards to evolution’ then it would go a long way to changing the relationship that we have with them.

  6. This is a good one to come back to again and again! I always feel that the swiftness of my reaction is an indication of how tired I am, the more tired I am the less I am able to observe and more likely I am to react. However, there are movements that lead to that exhaustion that would indicate I had lost the connection with myself a fair way before I got too exhausted.

  7. When I’m in a situation like that I find reconnecting back to my stillness and letting the wait be one that’s supportive in it’s quality the way to go, also in that stillness I receive nudges about what to do next, if anything, which is really helpful. When reactions happen and cascade all we can really do is track the steps away from ourselves with honesty and commit to making changes.

  8. What I got from reading this the second time is how our reactions can be more damaging to what we have initially reacted to!

  9. Before what we think, is how we move. The Way of The Livingness has been presenting this for many years, and it is a teaching which has to break a very strong consciousness in order to be understood – because we are held in a consciousness that dictates “we are the free thinkers”, “we are in control of our thoughts” but that is not the case if we are not aware of energetic laws. Without awareness we become puppets and vehicles for whatever energy wants to come through us to come through us – this is what responsibility is in the truest sense, nothing to do with how many tasks we’ve completed & everything to do with how we have been whilst completing them.

  10. I was having a conversation about this with someone yesterday, that is how we can go into a huge reaction without truly knowing the full and bigger picture, and maybe if we take a few steps back and get ourselves out of the way the bigger picture will be revealed to us where we can then get more of an understanding.

    1. When we make life all about the self it is easy to fall into the trap of reaction and blame, Zoom out a little to encompass the bigger picture and we are shown pieces of the jigsaw that we had not contemplated before.

    2. Yes, taking a step back to understand the full picture allows us to see the different perspectives and often we see the hurt another is feeling from the lack of respect or appreciation. I can see how this would be useful to remember the moment I drop into ‘right and wrong’!

  11. Are we as free to choose our thoughts as we think we are? This is a huge topic that humanity is not prepared to look at or go to. We want to believe we own our thoughts this is what makes us who we are. From my own experience I know this to be a lie that we have conveniently fallen for.

    1. Mary as human beings we are constantly on the look out for ways to identify ourselves and our thoughts and ideas are one very significant way that we do this. We think that it’s ‘us’ that come up with ideas, we think that it’s ‘us’ that have interesting things to say or equally that it’s ‘us’ that have nothing to say. We think that ‘we’ are useless because of the thoughts that we have about ourselves or ‘we’ think that we’re super fab because of the thoughts that we have about ourselves but basically the ‘we’ that we think we are, are simply portals through which energy streams, nothing more individual or personal than that.

  12. Once an outside energy has us hooked we become immersed in it’s destructive ways to the point that we lose all sense of our true selves.

    1. The trouble is that most of us spend so little time being our true selves and so much time being who we are not that the fact that this is happening doesn’t consciously register.

  13. ‘We like to think we are in control of who we deem ourselves to be.’ We do, but as you describe in your blog, when in reaction we can get taken over by a force that feels completely alien to our normal way of being and it doesn’t look pretty. Recognising this as early as possible is key to not letting it go out of control. The importance of not judging ourselves for these mishaps is also key. Letting things go, be they ‘good’ Or ‘bad’ experiences…..

    1. ‘When in reaction we HAVE ALREADY BEEN taken over by a force’ and that’s the problem, it’s that we have let a disruptive form of energy in further back down the track.

  14. What a strong message, it is worth reading and re-reading to really get the lesson & see how we open up ourselves to the energy which conducts the violent & aggressive acts.

      1. Which is why the majority of us go through life with our fingers in our ears going ‘nah, nah, nah, nah, nah’ until such time as life pulls our fingers out of our ears for us and we have no choice but to sit up and listen.

      2. At the same time, it can be a relief – the honesty of that, breaking all the “must be this way” I sometimes find is exactly what I wanted but in my stubbornness wasn’t willing to admit.

      3. Yes – indeed. And if we can also work through the initial – ‘oh my gosh, how could I have been so dumb’ sense of shame and horror, which is what we are trying to protect in our stubbornness, then the reveal of the truth is at the same time incredibly refreshing.

  15. When something goes ‘wrong’ or not as we expect, for example, we receive poor quality treatment from a medical practitioner, we have a choice as to what to do. We can either write an honest unemotional feedback letter to the medical practitioner or ‘letter of complaint’ in reaction. Outlining weaknesses or failings in a neutral way opens the possibility that the feedback will be received and heard. Feedback, written honestly and from the heart without an ounce of attack, can result in the recipient making direct contact by phone to apologise, admit errors that took place and seek to recompense where this is appropriate. Feedback of this quality seeks to build not break relationships and advances learning for patient, medical practitioner and team.

  16. There is no sitting on the fence when it comes to reactions. We can read and see what is being offered to us or accept the free movie ticket and maybe one day step back into the light and ask where your life has gone.

  17. What came to me today and from my experience and also in being with and observing others is how sometimes it would seem that we feel we do not have a choice. Where does this come from? That we feel we have to do something that we do not actually want to or feel to do. I feel this is something we could definitely explore more.

    1. We have been set up from birth to feel lesser, to do as we are told, to toe the line, to suppress our true feelings, to not speak truth as our religions, education, cultures and politics demand it. In the overwhelm of feeling so restricted, abandoned, rejected, hurt we give up; we give up on humanity, on our institutions, on life, but ultimately, we give up on ourselves first, which is the biggest pain of all. It is from this sense of helplessness that we feel we have no choice, but in truth it was always a choice to abandon ourselves – no one but us made it and no one but us can make the choice to return. The choice is simple, the journey back not quite so, as we have to re-trace every footstep made in that lack of connection. Not everyone is ready to go there yet, and many prefer to believe in the comfort of no choice, denying their responsibility in beginning this process, but it is a journey, ultimately, we all must make.

      1. Yep I agree Michelle, it is a journey that we will all eventually make, knowing deep inside that we are all already the destination, we are all already the living consciousness of God.

      2. Feeling this and knowing this was one of the most important single things that has supported me to commit to sifting through my hurts and letting them go. It has roughly been a 14 year process, but now I am out the other end I can honestly say that most, if not all, those hurts are gone – not a trace of them left in my body. The journey is ongoing as I learn now how to deepen, but that re-tracing was so worth the discomfort, and in fact it was only uncomfortable whilst I held on to shame. Once shame was let go of, the process became much easier and less challenging – more normal.

      3. Beautifully expressed Alexis. Knowing We are already the destination, we are all already the living consciousness of God.” simplifies life and invites us to surrender to what we already are.

  18. Pictures create reality and should be avoided. Often reactions are based on pictures, rather than staying open, curious and asking ‘ I don’t know what happened here, but I have to find out what happened and seek answers,” we jump to conclusions and in doing so invite in drama and blame. Super rich learning when this is exposed.

      1. I love this response as it is so true! In the arrogance of our denial and ignorance we have determinedly and stubbornly nailed the pictures in so tightly that we have convinced ourselves of their veracity. Then when one of them crumbles we are devastated and feel like life is over. Life is not over however, a nail has simply been removed from the protection we surrounded ourselves in; our wobble an indication of the buried hurts that are coming up to be healed.

  19. More and more it is making sense to me that we are not in control of what happens in our life’s. Life is an outplay of an energy we’ve chosen to let in. essentially we choose who we want to drive our car and after the lap, so to speak (type) we either have our car back as it was or it’s been through the hedges and missing a bit or two.

  20. Have we considered that before we were born we made choices that would determine the life that we would have on this plane of life? I was talking to someone recently and I was given an insight into life but on a much grander scale than I was viewing it. This showed me how we are limiting ourselves that we have a very narrow view of life and this is very detrimental because we are accepting less when there is so much more.

  21. Reactions are a killer as they leave no space for any other perception of a situation except our own. If you’ve ever tried to talk to someone who is in reaction then it becomes clear that there is no point trying to reason with them or present something different – in those moments we do not want to hear anything except that which will fuel us even deeper into the emotion.

    1. Julie I would go even further than that and say that when we are in reaction it’s not so much that we don’t want to hear, it’s more that we can’t.

      1. I would agree with you anonymous that when we are in the mud all we can see is the mud. Someone was talking to me about an incident that happened to a friend of theirs. They were having difficulty in comprehending the situation their friend had gotten into. But if we stand back at look at everything it is easier to understand that when we have blinkers on then we can only have a very narrow perspective. And a lot of people wear blinkers because they do not want to see what is there to be seen because that means that they would have to make changes and a lot of people are so comfortable in their uncomfortable rut they don’t want to change and we have to respect their choices.

  22. When our first response is not Love we have gone into a reaction and the sooner we nominate any reaction the sooner we can clear that energy, and in this situation the Doctor also reacted and should have left two notes, which would be a loving way to approach what had happened and you would have at-least got the one from under his windscreen wiper before you had time to react.

    1. Very true when our first response is not Love it is from a reaction. Can we change this if we have gone into reaction? Yes .. by making another choice to come back to Love and something that can really support this (us observing not absorbing therefore = reaction) is The Gentle Breath Meditation

  23. ‘Therefore, we are not at the mercy of our environment, as so many of us like to believe, but moreover the recipients of our choices’. Thank you Anon, this has been a very powerful read and articulates so clearly the ‘illusion’ / world many choose to live in everyday, a world that operates from ‘Right & Wrong’. Stories can very qickly grow a small thing into a tsunami that wreaks harm and destruction on ourselves and all those around us.

    1. A work colleague contacted me because they wanted some advise and they were coming from the angle of right or wrong and it was so liberating to discuss with them that may be there is just a learning from our choices? They had got themselves into an emotional story, however by understanding there is no right or wrong they said they felt more settled with the decision they had made because they could see everything is just a learning. We also discussed judgement as that came up to during the conversation and I love to pass on what I have come to understand about judgement so that someone else has the benefit and can also learn and grow. There is a way to live in harmlessness and to pass this on is a great joy.

  24. As a teacher of teenagers, I get to see every day the denial so many of us choose. Even admitting honestly that there are consequences that play out for each and every choice we make, is a big start for many. So many of my students are not able to accept responsibility for their choices, instead feeling entitled, justified and blaming others for those consequences. There is an attachment to the circulation of reaction and all that this entails. I get it. I was the same as a teenager, to a certain degree, but at some point I discovered the refreshing breeze of being honest and when, how this started to clear out the gunk, I began to discover the gem that lay beneath all that denial and emotion I realised that I didn’t want to ever be dishonest again.

    1. Michelle819 I agree when we can accept that we have a level of responsibility that we should be living with rather than the constant resistance coupled with all the excuses we can muster; we discover that Gem that you speak of that lies within us all just waiting for us to reconnect to. And when we eventually unearth it as we all will, then we know beyond any doubt that this feeling is so precious that we don’t want to ever deny such magnificence again. What is so magical about this is that our future is guaranteed which is something we have been kept from knowing.

      1. Yes – the world is very much geared towards keeping everyone ignorant. However – that said we do know because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t encounter so much negativity and despondency about life. The very fact that we feel all this shows that we know we are missing out on something far, far grander and yet we like to play the games that allow us to say that we are ignorant when in truth we are not.

  25. What a great example of thoughts we allow in and how we run with them. This shows us that reading a situation from every angle is needed in order not to get caught up in situations like this that insight emotions in ourselves and others.

    1. Although I agree that ‘reading a situation from every angle’ would be preferable, it’s actually not possible for most of us to do. The choices that we get given are reliant on our preceding choices and so if our preceding choices have been biased, narrow minded or closed in any way then seeing the bigger picture simply won’t be an option.

      1. I agree Alexis, when you’re in the mud all you can see, smell, feel and touch is the mud. It takes someone who is not in the mud to support you to come out of it or not. The choice is always ours to make. This to me is where the Universal Medicine workshops and presentations come into their own as we have all been given the tools to support ourselves and each other to extract ourselves from the mud we call life.

      2. Mary I was neck deep in mud and swore blind that I was in a bath of petals, that’s how blinding the pranic consciousness is, it’s got us all fooled and I feel that for now it suits most of us to be fooled.

  26. It is really important for us to be able to truly understand the consequences of our choices and also how to make choices for us from our body that are supportive. This should be one of the first lessons in life that is carried right the way through. I know if when I was younger, especially as a teenager, if I had even the slightest understanding of this as to what I have now it would have been just massively supportive for me … and I would have felt listened to and I would have made those choices count and matter.

  27. Yes I have noticed this too that if I allow myself to go into a reaction about something it can quickly snowball into something much bigger and uglier than I may have started with. I am in no doubt therefore that there are energetic dark forces at play that can come through us when we invite them in and their aim is always for disharmony, destruction, distress, harm, separation and discord and so I am left with the sobering realisation that i am not ever on my own or the source of anything it is down to me whether I choose to play with these dark forces or instead align with the energy of love and truth which can equally come through me and brings unity, harmony and love to this world.

  28. I love this revelation: however far down the path we feel we are, we’re always just a breath away from falling off it.

  29. “we are not at the mercy of our environment, as so many of us like to believe, but moreover the recipients of our choices” How true and your article is a great representation of this. Awesome honest and great reflection for us all. Thank you.

  30. This is a very powerful and insightful article – blessed by the honesty of the author. I am learning that whatever situation stands before me the first, wisest and most responsible approach is to consider my part in whatever has and will unfold.

    1. I agree Matilda. I am very aware that everything that happens to me in my life has been hand picked just for me therefore it is my responsibility to sift through it all and understand why it’s there. That’s not to say that I have to put my hand up for everything but to say that I am the main character in my life and therefore the way that it’s playing out is down to me and so I need to always examine the role I’m choosing to play.

    2. Agreed. In our reactions we can be so convinced that we are right or that our reactions are justified. I love how this blog exposes the wider angle that was at play here that in the reaction wasn’t considered. There have been many times, I am sure, in my life where I have felt outraged at something, only to be shown that my view wasn’t entirely correct. Learning to eat humble pie was often uncomfortable and yet it was something that had to be done. Now, like you Matilda, I am much more open to considering my part in any situation in the midst of it unfolding – this does pre-empt any undue upset and reaction on my part. When we already arrive humble, we don’t have to eat the pie.

  31. Ah anonymous such a great and frank sharing – we need to be this honest to admit and see the absurd ridiculousness of the self-righteous fury emotions bring. As long as we see them as us, we miss out on the truth that explains everything.

    1. Absolutely Steve, Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and I can not see any angel chasing a rabbit, but maybe a devic (fairies, elves, gnomes, pixies and alike) would?

    1. Yes I agree. First and most damagingly it is ourselves we poison and our bodies feel this instantly. Building a relationship with our bodies based on really hearing what it shows us is a great foundation for not losing it in life.

      1. And we have to be super sensitive to feel poison in our bodies in the first place. We can ignore it, but awareness of its presence within, signals we’ve stepped away from Love.

      2. Unfortunately we’ve become so utterly numb to the presence of energetic poison in our bodies that we actively imbibe the stuff, often under the guise that it’s good for us. For example the energy that is behind ‘living a better life’ is pure poison, as is the energy that propels ‘self development’, religion and most ‘healthy lifestyles’. The energy that sets these things in motion is pure poison for our bodies but we don’t give a stuff, we snaffle it up anyway because at the moment (and for most moments in history), most of us are choosing to be unaware.

    2. Absolutely. We affect everyone around us so much more than we allow ourselves to think. Conversely to the poison, when we are simply ourselves – express naturally and with joy we have the capacity to inspire in equal measure; we can choose in any moment to harm or heal.

  32. Anonymous, consider this experience as one of the many offerings of life. The offering is of course from Heaven, do we respond or do we react? One of the problems with reacting is that we often fail to see the whole picture, we shut down. A helpful question that came to me the other day was to ask myself ‘What would God (in you) do in this situation?” The answer is usually instant.

  33. Wow anonymous your honest blog showed very clearly how powerful emotions and our choices really are. My feeling is most of us are not aware of this fact therefore you offer us something good to ponder on.

  34. What a brilliant blog! So honestly written, you had me feeling your pain at being parked in. Then the big whammy – the reality of your mistake. This so simply shows us where subscribing to an emotional and judgemental energy can take us. ‘I can categorically say that a deviation from my usual thoughts, emotions and movements took me on a very unfamiliar segue: one that is not within my normal range of choices but one that became very real very quickly.’ Thank you for sharing this powerful story.

    1. I agree with you narellepoole this is a very powerful story and completely exposes what energy we choose to align to and it can happen in a Nano second. We have forgotten that we live in a sea of energy and that it is passing constantly through us and we also constantly transmit that energy. But how many of us realise this science?

      1. The awesome reveal here is that the moment we align with emotion, reaction and blame we are gone; unable to think clearly or feel into the potential of why a certain event has happened, we are utterly taken/governed by what we have called in and are totally unable to accept responsibility for what is in front of us to learn from.

  35. Anonymous what you have described here is going on in every home, workplace and social setting worldwide. We are all involved in heated conversations and arguments about this, that and the other without discerning the quality of energy that we ourselves are in or for that matter the energetic quality of whatever it is that we are commenting on. Once one person starts a rant then it’s so easy to simply join in either by doubling up and confirming what the other person is saying or by agreeing and providing another example of whatever ‘outrageous, unfair, insulting, ridiculous, sad, annoying etc’ thing it is that they are talking about. But what we don’t realise is that our expression is simply more of the same. Expression either comes from truth or it doesn’t and as all emotions are borne out of untruth then we are actually and actively producing more of the same when we go into reaction about anything.

  36. I can so relate to this – being gotten by an energy, running with a story prompted by reaction, and ending up in a chain of behaviours and actions that I would avoid if I had some sense left and knew to choose. And it is very interesting how infectious this energy seems to be, and we would quite easily find others who would agree and sympathise, and at times even encourage escalation – we seem to just pile up on a heap with no discernment. Isn’t that how we often respond to a news story?

    1. And not only is that how we ‘respond to a news story’ but this is an example of how most situations end up being a news story. People come unstuck from themselves and allow emotions and reactions to run amuck in their bodies and before you know it the situation has got completely out of control and is newsworthy.

  37. When we act from judgment, interpretation, reaction and then realise we have been mistaken, it is very humbling and uncomfortable to eat humble pie. However, if we are open and truly honest it is an opportunity to learn and evolve.

      1. I agree Matilda although the energy that many of us are constantly in makes it very hard for us to do. There are many people who would have found it impossible had they been in Anonymous’s position to see that they were in actual fact largely responsible for what had happened and would have clung to the ‘the #*@ should never have parked me in’ attitude and there would have been a fair amount of people who’s anger would have got to such a level that they would have been unable to stop themselves from at least shouting at the Dr or potentially causing some kind of physical damage either to the Dr’s car or to the Dr himself. It happens all of the time, everywhere, the reason why we don’t see it all of the time is that it’s happening behind closed doors.

      2. Well said Alexis. So much of the type of angst that anonymous was aware of but did not act from is acted upon by so many and underlies much of todays society.

      3. But JStewart even though I didn’t act on the angst that I felt, it would have been so easy for me to do so because there were such strong feelings surging through my body that my usual identification of who I know myself to be had all but gone. I really got to feel in that moment how we end up doing such awful things to each other as a matter of routine.

      4. Yes, Anonymous that is why your blog is both inspiring and illuminating as most people do not question those emotions and instead just act from them.

  38. A reaction in one person can cause a chain reaction in others as clearly shown here. So how we think, speak and move affects all those around us.

    1. Yes, Mary, this is the essence here. I’m very conscious of circulation energy and language I use in the company of others, taking care to not express in anyway that fuels ill-feeling or judgement towards another. This is a completely different way of communicating from the norm and centres on being present with self and only ever offering love.

      1. We have to be careful however not to fall into the trap of niceness because the energy that fuels niceness is just as harmful as the energy that fuels judgement and both can influence those around us to do the same. Energy either comes from truth or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t, well then it doesn’t, it’s as simple as that.

  39. This blog takes away the excuses of I am a ‘victim’ of life, we are not. This is a big pill for us to swallow but if we can be honest about the choices we have made that have led us down the rabbit hole then we can get out and set ourselves free of the veil of illusion we all live in.

  40. This is such a brilliant blog and a much needed conversation we all should be having with each other. If we were to entertain the possibility that we are vessels and that there are only two sources of energy passing through our bodies then what energy are we choosing to align to? You have clearly written that there is an abusive emotional energy that we can get swept up in and a more settled, grounded and joyful energy that doesn’t have an ounce of emotion in it. As you say the choice is ours to make but until 1999 when Serge Benhayon started to have this conversation with humanity I would say very few people had any idea of energy and just how much it affects each and everyone of us.

  41. I like this blog so much. This reminds us to be more cautious about our reaction to every situation we encountered. Normally, our attidude relies to how we react on things that we faced daily. We must be more advance mentally before we can make judgment and conslusion about what happened. If we let our emotion to control above our mental capability of course, we always ended up just like being a loser.

  42. Once we become emotional we can go into learnt behaviour patterns but we are no longer ‘in control’ and have no knowing of the outcome and consequences of our reaction.

  43. A clear exposé of the consequences if one reacts rather than staying connected to one’s essence and thereby to multi-dimensionality, “As soon as I reacted I lost the ability to see things clearly, my head and body became a breeding ground for judgement, projections and emotion.”.

  44. Thank you anonymous, your story reminds me of thoughts that used to arise in me when under the influence of alcohol. They were certainly not the kind of thoughts I would have when sober. I do agree that whilst we think we think, in truth we align with an energetic source first and then thoughts arise from this source. Consuming alcohol it seems is one way of choosing this alignment and why so many ‘out of character’ things happen when we drink.

    1. What you have shared Richard is a great observation we think we think when actually we are not thinking but aligning to an energetic source. So what energetic source are we aligning to – one that indulges us in emotions of any kind or one that opens us all up to the possibility that there is more going on than we have been willing to see. When we choose to go into emotion we are immediately lost.

  45. I love your honesty here. Also a great sharing of the consequences of our choices and what energy are we aligned to when making those choices.

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