The Wings of an Airplane Doctor

Since I can remember, I have always loved and appreciated anything with wings – birds, butterflies, and especially airplanes; anything to do with aviation. As a small boy growing up in a rural farming area, finding feathers and collecting them was special to me. It connected me to the magic that made the birds soaring above me swoop and fly in graceful circles.

It was with this feeling of joy and amazement of flying creatures that I eventually decided to become an aircraft technician after I had completed college. I was always fascinated with the systems that made airplanes work and I enjoyed working with my hands in a team environment. Even though I was leaving the mental health field that I had gone to university for, there was something that brought me back to my childhood and told me that aviation was indeed my calling.

I can see now in retrospect how important it is for us to follow our heart when life choices like career changes come up. Had I allowed the belief ‘How can I waste my psychology/philosophy degree by entering the aviation maintenance field?’ to jeopardize something that was so in line with my being and joy would have certainly been a much larger ‘waste’. Later I appreciated just how much those college degrees helped me in understanding and working harmoniously with people, which is actually the most important thing in every job as people should always be the focus over anything like profit or speed of production.

Not surprisingly, everything about aircraft maintenance school was fun and fascinating for me, and I really ate it up, learning about how airplanes are built and all the complex systems that make them work. I received excellent grades and graduated while having fun along the way. What this taught me was that when we follow our heart and trust that it is guiding us appropriately, things tend to fall into place and flow without effort, whereas when we go into doubt or fear about what might happen if we do make that heart-based decision, then things do not tend to align or fall into place naturally, as they otherwise would.

After getting the opportunity to work on all kinds of airplanes from small single-engine trainers, to turboprops and corporate jets, all the way up to large Boeing commercial airliners, I have come to some interesting observations. During that time, I was involved in various structural repairs and working on all kinds of aircraft systems that make the whole body of the airplane work. This brought me to the realisation that all airplanes are designed and manufactured in a way that is in a direct correlation to the way the human body is designed and functions.

For instance, the main structure of almost all airplanes is made up of aluminum frames (that wrap around the fuselage), stringers (that run the length of the fuselage), spars that support the wings and tail (they even call the main wing supports ‘ribs’), and metallic or composite skins that cover the wings, fuselage and tail sections, tying the whole structure together aerodynamically. To me this is obviously synonymous to the human skeletal system. There is even insulation that is placed in between these structural members of the fuselage that reminds me of the connective tissue of the human body that wraps around all our internal organs and muscular system. Speaking of muscles, all the hydraulic actuators that move the flight controls and landing gear/brakes are just like the muscles in our body moving our body parts, with the hydraulic fluid and lines in the airplane being like the blood and vascular system we have to move those muscles.

Another observation I have had is that the engines of an airplane are symbolic of the human heart, as they are the driving force that propels the airplane forward and everything else would come to a grinding halt without those engines turning out their incredible power, just as the human heart is the foundation that transfers the energy for everything else to work in the human body. Crawling inside the avionics bay the other day – with its myriad of electronics control modules and miles of wiring wrapping all around to all these black boxes that work their magic to control the navigational, control, and communications systems – made me realise how those control computers are like the various modules within the human brain (like the occipital lobe associated with sight and the temporal lobe with auditory functions, etc.), with all those wires being the nervous system of the aircraft, sending the signals out to make those functions happen in a coordinated and harmonious fashion.

Having made these correlations between the human body and airplanes over the years, it has occurred to me that it may be possible that our outer material creations have a correspondence to a divine origin, and that we attempt to replicate divine order and structure in the things that we create – as in that of airplanes.

Another thing that I have noticed while working on long term aircraft maintenance projects with a team of mechanics is that the times that strange problems pop up with the airplane – like a hydraulic line suddenly leaking or an autopilot controller failing even though it tested fine five minutes ago – is that these events seem to mirror the state of well-being and level of harmony within the team. It’s as if the airplane’s state of well-being is directly proportional to that of the crew working on it. On several occasions I have witnessed weird things happening in conjunction with internal struggles and emotional angst being displayed by the crew. I don’t feel it is a coincidence at all anymore.

Anyone who has had their personal computer crash on them right when they were stressing out about something could attest to what I am proposing here. It’s all about the energy that we put out that has an effect on electrical and mechanical devices around us. Comparatively, when we have been working in brotherhood and supporting each other without any competition or games being played, the work seems to flow better and the plane develops fewer problems.

Considering the relationships between airplanes and the human body that I have proposed above, sometimes I consider myself an airplane doctor, performing various intricate and delicate surgeries on its structure and systems, removing and replacing damaged components or removing corrosion (which is like a cancer for metal), and diagnosing and troubleshooting certain failures that do not have an obvious cause, as well as administering general preventive maintenance and servicing, such as cleaning areas that lead to corrosion, replenishing engine oils and hydraulic fluid, checking pressures and performing functional checks, etc. The tests that we do are synonymous with the many tests that people do in the medical field, such as blood work and CAT scans, physiotherapy range of motion and strength tests (similar to flight control travel checks), and many others.

For me, airplanes are incredible machines in the way that they can connect and bring together people from all over the planet and make our world feel smaller and more united, seeing that in the end we are all really the same no matter which country we are from. I love the feeling of working together with a team to put back together a huge airliner after a two-month heavy maintenance visit, appreciating the thousands of tasks my fellow mechanics have accomplished. It never ceases to amaze me as we watch this massive machine magically lift into the blue sky, knowing all the work and pieces of the puzzle that had to come together harmoniously to make it happen. It’s in these moments that I am reminded why I love airplanes so much.

By Michael Goodhart, Aircraft Technician, B.A. Psychology, Lover of Nature and being playful with life, North Carolina, USA

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95 thoughts on “The Wings of an Airplane Doctor

  1. Observations from an airplane doctor indeed. So so gorgeous to hear about your job and that you love it so very much, this can be tangibly felt and gosh what care and love each plane will be getting from you and also I can feel how big it is that you see this as a connection with and to all ✨❤️

  2. What we create is not really original when you see that nature has already has a form of it. I like looking at trees and seeing how they resemble blood vessels.

  3. Michael, there is a joy in feeling your love of all things aircraft. To be passionate about the work we do brings service of a greater and grander quality. This is true service indeed.

  4. ” Not surprisingly, everything about aircraft maintenance school was fun and fascinating for me, and I really ate it up, learning about how airplanes are built and all the complex systems that make them work. I received excellent grades and graduated while having fun along the way.”
    Its just amazing how easy study and learning can be once a person has made a choice from their heart on what they want to do in life.

  5. When we know who we are it is easier to find the profession we are aligned to but unfortunately many of our teenagers (and adults) do not know what they want to be when they grow up.

  6. Thank you for sharing this Michael. My take away today is how important it is to follow our hearts when making career choices because it is then that we access the committed, engaged super hero we are. And sometimes these choices do not make any sense mentally – there is fun in being irreverent to our mental chattering.

  7. We have all lived, or are still living, the tip of the iceberg of our ability to read the world we live in. As we reawaken what beautiful reflections are we offering everyone around us!

  8. Thank you Michael for such a beautiful blog. It has inspired me to look and feel below the surface of everything around me and to appreciate the interconnectedness and the importance of working harmoniously as a team.

    1. Jonathan, One thing I realised not too long ago about working harmoniously is how I have had a tendency to take the lead at work in a way that I actually also took on all the burden and responsibility of the whole project, being the senior mechanic. This sometimes resulted in others with less experience stepping back a bit and letting me take on that burden, which is not truly working in harmony. But when I have connected to the amazing abilities and what all the other men and women on the crew had to offer and truly honoured that by confirming that to them and asking for more help with the tasks and tests at hand, and offered some of the wisdom I have gained over the years in a supporting way to them, they responded so strongly, feeling empowered and more motivated to help instead of being timid based on inexperience. By us all doing our part, the whole operation has run more smoothly and more productively, and by keeping things light and playful, not taking everything so seriously (although we realise our work is serious) we have had a lot of fun with it along the way!

      1. As you share asking for help in the way you do is not a sign of weakness, as would commonly be seen, but a strength and empowerment of others. It also breaks down the separatism and superiority. Very inspiring Michael.

  9. “I can see now in retrospect how important it is for us to follow our heart when life choices like career changes come up. ….. Later I appreciated just how much those college degrees helped me in understanding and working harmoniously with people, ……” When we do become aligned to our inner heart I am always in wonderment how our previous experiences support us and are often key foundations enabling us to deliver what is required to fulfill the needs of that alignment.

  10. What you write is a nice example of the correlation between our state of mind and how anything, and be it machines, are made of the same energy. They respond just the same. I had a similar, almost romantic relation to airplanes- they could take me anywhere to beautiful far away places. But that has completely changed since I know that flying is one of the main causes for climate change, for the pollution of our planet. We cannot go on like we used to when we were not aware. Now we know what it does to the environment. So we need to act responsibly and reduce the frequency of our flights .

  11. An angel at my window – this is how it felt to be in the presence of a window cleaner that worked with joy and love.

  12. I love how life offers a reflection in everything around us and that we are able to see what is offered and deepen in our appreciation of what’s there. It feels to me Michael, that this beautiful understanding of how everything comes together to enable the ‘Magic’ of flying and its connection to the workings of the human body can only be known because it is within you first – thank you for sharing.

  13. I could completely agree that when we follow the wisdom of the heart rather than calculating life from the head life becomes so much more simple, light and joyful and fun!

  14. Love that you see yourself as airplane surgeon. This reminds me that in life we are all practitioners, called upon where-ever we are, we are purposeful and of service to humanity by observing, listening, and reflecting through our movements of a truer way to be.

    1. “This reminds me that in life we are all practitioners, called upon where-ever we are, we are purposeful and of service to humanity by observing, listening, and reflecting through our movements of a truer way to be.” A powerful, timely reminder, kehinde2012, that life begins and ends with purpose and service, and in-between there is service and purpose. Oh, and breathing – we can’t forget the breathing bit. Breathing our own breath to a truer way to be.

    2. So true what you share here kehinde2012, about reflecting through our movements a truer way to be. And ironically the ‘surgeon’ thing came up the other day at work, when I was performing a delicate task that required me to actually use the same forceps that surgeons use in order to complete the installation of an engine component. It was like open heart surgery! haha But the cool part was that when I actually compared the procedure to that of one being performed on a real person, the level of tenderness in my hands went to another depth, and I could feel how this would actually have an effect on the functioning of the engine and ripple out to the future passengers on the airplane. Quite beautiful to feel, really.

      1. What is beautiful is your deep connection and dedication to your craft. To you engine parts are like living body parts and treated with the same tenderness and precision as a surgeon. When we work co-creatively, we bring heaven to earth leaving ripple effects for all those who follow us.

  15. I was recently on an airplane and found myself pondering on how such a huge and heavy machine could fly … absolutely stunning after take off when you are in the air and can see the wings tips and the clouds, it feels very beautifull indeed. Quite Amazing really.

    1. The physical manifestation of a plane that takes us where-ever we choose to go, is symbolic of our multi-dimensionality and ability to be whatever we choose and where ever we want to be all at once. There are no limits, accept those we we place on ourselves.

  16. This is what happens when we find work close to our heart – pure magic, joy and purpose in every aspect of what we do.

    1. Which is in stark contrast to the hard slog that many people find their working week to be. So many of us wish that we didn’t have to work, we dread Mondays and clock watch our way through to Thursday. Thursday is bearable and Friday is great. The weekend’s brilliant up to about 5pm on Sunday and then we remember that we’ve got work the next day. I lived this way for years and years and years but now, since addressing the rot within me that made me dislike being with me, I love work. So much so that I would rather be at work than on holiday.

      1. Yes Alexis, like you and having been there myself when I worked full-time, I remember how this feels, Aged forty-six, I took myself out, became self employed and work was no longer a dread. I was doing work I loved.

      2. When we transform ourselves inwardly, we find joy in most situations, especially work.

  17. There is so much to enjoy and be inspired by in your article Michael, the take home messages for me are your dedication to your job, bringing such a deep and more expansive understanding of the interconnection of all things, and the power of harmonious relationships.

    1. Bernadette, I love that expression ‘expansive understanding’. We currently have such a narrowed view of life, our understanding is minimal which in turn reduces our experience of life to an incredibly watered-down and bastardised version of what in truth Life can be. Once we expand our understanding of life then our experience of life will expand.

  18. If we don’t try to control life, but just live it all of our experience seems to come together and give us the skills required to perform at our jobs. And if we don’t have the skills, we learn them as we grow. But if we think that we have to have it all and be perfect, we’ll never see an opportunity as it comes.

    1. Having been a hardened control freak since the age of about 16 to the age of about 46 I can categorically state that living with control shuts down the expansiveness of life, it narrows it down and condemns it to a mere fragment of itself. I had a constantly roving eye that scanned the horizon for potential situations that would unnerve or unsettle me and so I was forever trying to control what went on so as to avoid being unsettled. It was exhausting and limiting and guess what……….unsettling! There is a vast difference to the way that I am living now. Now my roving eye is on myself and my reactions to life and to the best of my ability I am committed to surrendering to whatever is in front of me, allowing it and others to be whatever it is that they are being at the time and in doing that I don’t compromise my quality and the quality that I am in and so I end up staying steady, which is exactly what my controlling behaviour was attempting to do in the first place, keep me steady.

      1. It is an illusion, because if we’re honest we will see that when we’re trying to control we are actually in so much anxiety already that no control can make us settle.

      2. Wow Alexis, this is really beautiful what you share here about control, as I can very much relate to it, being very sensitive to things that are ‘out of place’, both physically and through people’s non-loving actions. I could really feel the strength and steadiness of where you have gotten to with this, and that it is a trick to feel that this control is doing us any good, when it only leads to emotional reactions and exhaustion. But it’s funny how we fall for this view, when all along we just need to focus on ourselves and how we hold others without judgement and with understanding, constantly reading the situation so as to let go of any frustration and reaction, that only separates us from others and from our true selves.

  19. I love how you have drawn attention to the relationship between the divine design of our body and the outward ‘inventions’ that have brought us together. Everything therefore has the potential to be a reflection for us to deepen our relationship to something that is so much more powerful than what we can physically see.

    1. There are such opportunities to deepen our awareness if we can accept that all the things we have created energetically mirror the qualities we are in. It never fails to amaze me when my car signals to me something I have failed to recognise in my expression or behaviour. The other day my brand new car (it had only done roughly 1,000 miles) did something quite weird with the indicators – they made a sound they shouldn’t have, but I knew immediately that I was being shown how I had been out in my expression with one of my students earlier in the day,.

      1. Great example Michelle of how our physical machines that we use around us reflect our inner state of being. Your story reminded me of how a month ago or so ‘High beams’ setting on my headlights in the car would hesitate about 3 seconds to actually turn on the high beams after I pushed the switch into position. This seemed weird to me, and at first I felt it must be from a loose connection somewhere. But when I was willing to actually feel into and be honest about wanting to know what the symbolism of this meant, it instantly became obvious that it was showing me how in life I had been hesitating to ‘shine my light’ fully in the world and had been holding onto some doubt about it in the sense of worrying how other people may react to me when I do that. But what I found even more fascinating is that once I nominated that and began to let go of any concern how I am viewed by others when I don’t hold back being the full me, the high beams began to respond immediately to my imputs with no delay!

      2. The simplicity in the symbolism is totally awesome, which actually makes most events like this easy to read. Many of us can dismiss this type of communication because it is so simple, but once we accept this as support, it can blow us away with what it is offering through what it is showing.

    2. Yes, I really liked that too – when I was a child I always used to look at cars and think that they look like humans. The lights were the eyes, and they always had weird looking mouths. Some were kind of cute, others looked a bit scary. I used to think that it’s just my childish brain trying to understand life, but perhaps it was actually a very intelligent brain already understanding & reading life.

  20. It’s beautiful that when we follow our heart, everything that we do makes sense and we can find the union of it with the all. Every coincidence we find in that interconnection is a confirmation of the impulse we had in a first place.

    1. How beautifully put, Amparo! Heart, union, interconnection, confirmation and impulse. When these words are strung together our way of living in the world becomes quite extraordinarily ordinary.

  21. This is really interesting … thank you for sharing ‘This brought me to the realisation that all airplanes are designed and manufactured in a way that is in a direct correlation to the way the human body is designed and functions.’ Your passion and love for what you do shines through ✨

  22. On reading the title this morning ‘Wings of an Airplane Doctor’, I felt the deep care within the profession and understood from my body that love is the guiding principle and that it doesn’t matter at all what it is that we do or who we do it with, what makes all the difference is doing it with love.

  23. I drive past an Airforce base on my way to work and often slow down to watch the planes take off, always amazed at how these large objects can make their way from a stationary position on the ground to slowly lifting up into the sky. A couple of months ago, my amazement increased another notch as a visiting plane of the hugest proportions was sitting at the beginning of the runway waiting its turn to take off. As it began to move it seem to lumber awkwardly down the runway but then slowly began to lift off and the next minute it was gracefully disappearing into the sky. All around me cars had stopped and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to be wondering the same thing – how does this happen?. But if we were to stop at that moment and turn our gaze inward and ponder on the intricacies of our human body, we could easily be in the same depth of amazement.

  24. “….. the most important thing in every job as people should always be the focus over anything like profit or speed of production.” So true, Michael, for so much of the state of disharmony in society is because of greed and not putting people first. Putting people first in work you then have the possibility of a truly successful business.

    1. People are the Life of Life, they are the Livingness of Life itself and so when we put people first we are actively investing in Life. To put anything else first is to simply find another way of stalling truth.

      1. So true, Alexis. For aeons the world has been putting ‘anything else’ first and the stalling of truth is felt in the tailspin we are caught up in, spinning more and more out of control as we head towards a collision course with our own choices. The moment we begin to put ourselves and people first is the moment we halt the out of control rotation which allows us to pull up the nose of our aircraft gradually and safely as we return to the true purpose in and Livingness of Life….people.

  25. Whenever I get in a plane I love the view out the window – a zoomed out panorama which can’t help but remind me how grand life is – don’t sweat the small stuff.

  26. Thank you Michael for the beautiful reflection that nothing created by man is original but a replication of something divine.

  27. Just Gorgeous ✨ Follow your heart. What came to me when I read this is the question that is asked to our younger generation when growing up or choosing options ‘what do you want to be/do?’ When really what we should be saying is ‘Follow your heart’, and if nothing comes to you right away just allow yourself to be and with what unfolds. In my life I have experience of not following my heart … where struggle, misery and function followed and following my heart where I now have true purpose along with joy and the love for what I do.

    1. When we fail to follow our hearts and opt for what we think we need to be doing that is practical, we override and batten down that sense of who we are making life about function rather than purpose.

    2. I can look back over my life now and see ever so clearly the times I ‘followed my heart’ and the joy that followed, and the times I didn’t, the times when I allowed my mind my to lead me away from the truth. I can’t go back and change those times of choice but I sure can commit to listening to my heart from this moment on.

    3. So true, there is an enormous lack of trust following our heart and considering why that might be I come come the need for security. It seems we have created a world of fear of not having enough or being enough and therefore we need to work extra hard to make sure we maintain that sense of security – in fact a false sense of security because, in truth, anything that comes from outside of us is fragile.

    4. The difficult thing about just ‘following your heart’ is that like everything else in life it’s been hi jacked, misinterpreted, bastardised and reinterpreted. The inner heart would never impulse us to compete against another but so many people go into competitive sport, dance, singing, acrobatics etc under the illusion that they are ‘following their hearts’.

  28. Thank you Michael, you make it sound like “plane” sailing as we all can work together to appreciate how we can get of the ground together and soar our way to heaven on the foundation set be living in “brotherhood”.

  29. Michael something else I really love about what you have shared is how you changed profession to follow your childhood love of aviation. And by doing so you are now bringing an indescribable amount to the world of aviation, be that the planes that you work on, your fellow team members or the passengers that are blessed to fly on the planes that you have worked on.

    1. I also love the fact that nothing is wasted and that the study that Michael put in before his career in aviation began served to support in this career. So often we can live with regret thinking we have chosen the wrong thing, but with hindsight if we have been supported to learn or to use those skills for the benefit of others then we can enjoy the process of letting it all unfold!

      1. What stuffs so many of us up is the belief that we live in a straight line, going from birth to death. This belief sets us up for many other beliefs (understanding here that all beliefs are in truth false). We believe that we can’t give something up if we’ve ‘invested our time in it’ or we believe that life is radically different now that we are ‘an adult’ or that we are ‘too old’ to change something. But if we lived from the truth that life is not lineal but more of a ‘falling back towards ourselves and truth’ then this would change many of the choices that we make.

      2. Well said Alexis.. yes we are living in cycles so in truth we keep returning to the same point only being invited to deepen once we reach it.

  30. Michael I loved reading this, I really did. You bring the topic of multidimensionality into a field that is not generally known for having a link to the bigger and deeper aspects of life but you do it brilliantly. And the fact of the matter is that you are absolutely right, there is an energetic starting point to absolutely everything in life, nothing just pops up randomly.

    1. Just felt to share Alexis how your comment inspired me to write another blog on the scientific myth of randomness. Because for too long now modern science has ignored what was so obvious to the true ancient scientists who knew that there was no separation between the Divine Order of the Universe that flows from God and all that we observe in our world and others- that everything we see is being formed and is occurring in a most meaningful and purposeful way. How could the amazing coordination and order of the human body possibly be the result of the random conjunction of atoms and molecules? But when science has adopted this belief, then they force themselves to not see that divine source that is reminding us of our OWN divine origin at every turn.

      1. Absolutely brilliant Michael I’m very much looking forward to reading your next blog, you have an incredible way of weaving God, science and the everyday together into a very relatable ‘good read’. Writing for the everyday man, which, at the end of the day, is most of us.

  31. Wow Michael loved your sharings and wise insights. Can feel the love and purpose of your profession. Very beautiful indeed. Thank you

    1. One day each and every profession will be imbued with the same level of love. Not only that but each and every thought, word and action will be impulsed by the same unified love. We will return to being The One United Love of God because we can’t not, it’s actually who we all are and never ever can we not be that Love, we can only temporarily pretend that we are not, which is a pretty flimsy and pathetic thing to do in the face of God’s almighty Love. But do it we will until we get so utterly sick of it that we throw in the towel and choose something different instead. At the end of the day it’s up to us and no one else.

      1. Love the powerful claiming of our True Nature you shared here Alexis. It really brings all the delay in returning to that Love that we are into the daylight to be seen as the ridiculousness that it is. Also, when you put it in the truthful way that you have, it’s not about if we will all eventually return to being The One United Love of God, but when. When put that way, why would we possibly not want to have that way for ourselves right now!

      2. Well for starters because it would mean standing up and admitting how utterly ridiculous we’ve all been and how all of our suffering and all of our pain has arisen solely out of our choice to not live the truth of who we all are. And so it continues by our own choosing until such time as we choose something else. Don’t hold yer breath Michael!

  32. I am really amazed how on earth we managed to fly that lump of metal up in the air. How can it possibly fly across the vast distance? And I still have this suspicion that it can only fly because we collectively agree that it does, and if there’s anything that disturbs that agreement and enough doubt sneaks in, it won’t. I guess that is probably so about everything in creation.

    1. Ha ha yes I agree – how does that happen and perhaps, when we first looked at replicating what birds do, will played a very big part. We clearly had a better understanding about energy.

      1. So true Lucy, we certainly have had the ability to use energy sources like the combustible engine or turbine jet engines to forcefully push aircraft through the air after copying the aerodynamics of the divinely created bird’s wings, but in reality we have never been able to get to the point of the amazing efficiency of how an Albatross bird has been found to have flown 13,670 miles around the world in 46 days and can live 5 years at sea. To me, that shows how even though we attempt to mimic the Divine on Earth, it is still a ways off because of our forceful drive in how we create things, even if they are serving in other ways, as airplanes do in bringing people around the world together and offering a different perspective of Earth from the air to show how we are living on it.

  33. Beautiful Michael, thank you for sharing your loving insights into planes, I now have a new appreciation of the wonder of air travel/

  34. Fascinating Michael to read about the many tasks required to support an aircraft to perform well, and the amazing way human beings can work together with a purpose. I also enjoyed reading about your reflections on how disharmony in the team was reflected in the airplanes, there is a lot to ponder on there regarding how energy comes before everything and how we may affect the world around us.

  35. “Anyone who has had their personal computer crash on them right when they were stressing out about something could attest to what I am proposing here. It’s all about the energy that we put out that has an effect on electrical and mechanical devices around us. .” Yes, i can attest to this one too!

  36. “… when we have been working in brotherhood and supporting each other without any competition or games being played, the work seems to flow better and the plane develops fewer problems..” I love this and it remains true for other workplaces too.

  37. I love the analogy between a plane and the human body. It feels so apt! Having taken a few flights recently I also am hugely appreciative of the work of you airplane technicians, enabling us to fly safely. It never ceases to amaze me how such huge machines can take off into the air.

  38. Fantastic sharing Michael – the love and joy you have for the bigger purpose of what you do just jumps (flies?) off the page. It is strong reminder not to ignore the symbolism at play in our everyday lives. If we do our trajectory in life will be temporarily grounded.

    1. I agree Joseph and yet most of us have such a narrowed down view of life. It’s like we’re not only wearing blinkers with our heads bowed down towards the ground but that we also have our fingers in our ears. We need to take our blinkers off, take our fingers out of our ears, stand up tall and open up to the constant communication that is going on all around us. Life is communicating with us as incessantly as a forest of cicadas but most of us can’t hear a thing.

  39. Michael, I really enjoyed reading this blog. What you are sharing makes complete sense to me and you have invited me to appreciate more the mechanics of what we create within the bigger whole, and then what those mechanics reflect back to us about the quality we are choosing in the moment, being held within that bigger whole so that we may know it more deeply.

  40. Your blog has put a huge smile on my face, Michael, in feeling the appreciation you have for working with and on such amazing machines – airplanes. It mirrors my own appreciation for the flying machines I spent many years inside of as cabin crew and although I only ever met a handful of the dedicated airplane doctors who I could feel looked after our airplanes with the same care and purpose you describe in your blog, the appreciation I felt for the teams on the ground was immense. I learned a lot about this appreciation and respect for airplane doctors from the many captains and cockpit crew I flew with during my 17 years of flying; the mutual deep regard I felt and saw when the airplane doctors and cockpit crew connected and interacted before and after a flight reflected to me the loving and harmonious way these massive machines were tended to behind the scenes.

  41. Everything that goes into an Aeroplane is made of the highest grade material; they use Aviation grade material such as nuts, bolts and washers in Formula One racing cars because of the high quality and strength of them. And you describe so well Michael how incredible the aircraft is and how highly maintained it is too, everything has to work together to make the entire aircraft perform to its best. So my question has to be why is it that we do not look after ourselves with such care and dedication? Why is it we put the wrong fuel as it where into our bodies, why is it we can be in such disregard for ourselves and yet put so much time and dedication into machines such as the Aeroplane or car?

    1. You raise an excellent point here Mary. If we consider that even though a complex modern airplane requires the highest grade of materials, maintenance and servicing to perform optimally, the human body actually defines a quantum jump in both complexity and sensitivity to what how it is maintained and what we put in it by way of fuel (food and drink). The fact that we have such stringent rules and regulations in the aviation industry to maintain safety and performance shows that deep down we know that is exactly what is needed for our own bodies too, but that perhaps we choose otherwise after making decisions in life that disconnect us from feeling what is truly going on for us (such as via the use of drugs and alcohol).

      1. Yes, and by taking that care and responsibility for something external it is a distraction from taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions – it is like being a martyr and therefore excused of our responsibilities.

    2. Because we don’t value who we are Mary, it’s as simple as that. We have chosen to spend eons writing ourselves off as mere human beings living a fragmented existence here on earth instead of recognising, acknowledging and embracing the fact that we are the eternal Livingness of God in all His glory.

  42. As soon as I started reading this article I knew you had written it Michael, I love how you adore maintaining aircraft as they are the most fascinating pieces of machinery and what is even more fascinating is that Leonardo De Vinci in the 14c sketched and by that brought into form aviation, to me he was a true scientist as he was always fascinated by everything around him. But where did he get the inspiration to draw in such detail a helicopter or the first flying machine back in the 14c? Was he tapping into the divine intelligence that Universal Medicine says it’s something that we can all do if we got ourselves out of the way? I personally feel this is why Serge Benhayon knows so much naturally about everything because he is also tapping into the same divine intelligence that supported Leonardo de Vinci to produce such a prodigious amount of work most of which cannot be replicated today.

    1. Mary, you just reminded me how when I first came back to aircraft maintenance after working in the wind and solar power industry for a number of years I had that famous DaVinci painting you alluded to hanging up in the shop that depicted a man inside a flying machine with wings and a tail (the first depiction of an airplane in modern history). Pondering on this now I could see how right there he was showing how the airplane is an extension of the human body, and perhaps would naturally evolve systems that matched that correlation. What you shared about the Universal nature of both DaVinci and Serge Benhayon makes a lot of sense, for how could someone possibly possess that level of worldly (and otherworldly) wisdom on so many varied topics without having previous life experiences, education, or training unless they were tapping into a greater form or field of divine intelligence?

      1. Exactly Michael some years ago I went to see an exhibition of Leonardo’s work on the human anatomy and amongst the people standing next to me was a specialist surgeon and he was asking the question to everyone around him how come DaVinci could draw in such detail anatomy that they have only discovered since the invention of the microscope and cat scans? To me this was praise indeed and really put into perspective that the man was beyond a genius and so to be tapping into a divine intelligence would make so much sense. The same questions could be asked about the building of the Pyramids how come with all the modern day technology we currently have at our disposal today we cannot replicate those building to the same exactness? There is so much we cannot answer while we think inside the box which constitutes our mind.

  43. Thank you Michael. This emphasizes that people working in harmony is the essential ingredient for all airplane maintenance, in fact any mechanical maintenance, including on the human body.

  44. “On several occasions I have witnessed weird things happening in conjunction with internal struggles and emotional angst being displayed by the crew. I don’t feel it is a coincidence at all anymore”.
    Thank you for offering this ‘Ah Ha’ moment Michael. it has made total sense of many incidents (from computers to dolphins!) that I have experienced similar to this, that confirms the fact that we are always all living in a pool of energy and everything (movements, thoughts, emotions) affect the quality of this pool of energy, wherever we are located in the world.

  45. A brilliant blog to read Michael, the deep joy from a heart-centred alignment to your work is felt in every word written. I have a completely different view of aircraft now with your clear observations likening it to the human body and its complex systems.

    1. My goodness me we really do operate on such a superficial level, rarely pondering like Michael the deeper aspects and significances of life. We collectively skim over the top of life, actively disregarding topics of conversation that take us deeper. ‘Comfortably numb’ yes but missing out on the absolute richness and riches of Life.

      1. Yes, when we go beneath the superficial life becomes so much more expansive and enhancing.

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