Thank God for Serge Benhayon – No Longer Living a Comfortable Life

I pondered to myself recently on how my life has changed over the past decade.

If I hadn’t met Serge Benhayon, I would probably be living a very comfortable life.

What’s wrong with that you might ask?

I have been very active all my life having worked in the medical profession, brought up four children, been very busy, always involved in community projects and committees, so what would be wrong with hanging up my hat, retiring, and enjoying some comfort? I would probably have been travelling around in a motorhome with my husband, visiting places we could afford to visit, and having lots of holidays.

It doesn’t sound like a bad life… you may think it would be desirable to be able to live in comfort, and it may appear so. After a few decades of ups and downs, don’t we deserve a little rest and comfort? We have worked hard when we were younger so that we can sit back and have enough for our old age and have a rest … that is what many strive for in their later years.

But the point is that our lives are not about living in comfort.

When we cruise along in comfort, we are basically saying… “I’m alright Jack.” Living in comfort is switching off, not engaging with people, not continuing to contribute actively to life with all we can bring. In comfort we are lining our own pockets, looking after ourselves and those closest to us, and ignoring others around us and in the world who may be struggling.

And by far the biggest point we are missing when we live in comfort is the fact that the true purpose of life is to evolve.

Through the presentations of Serge Benhayon, I have learnt a lot about the truth of comfort:

  1. “The name of the game is evolution, not comfort or security.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, Volume 11, ed. I, p. 399)

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we can’t ever have holidays and have to work until our dying day when we finally drop. We may slow down as we mature; it is for each of us to feel how much we can do, in terms of paid or voluntary work. For some there may not be the pressures of mortgages or outstanding bills to pay so we can feel we have done enough in society. But here is another trick, because those who are in a lot of comfort or have huge amounts of money can still create a false ideal for the rest of us. I have learnt that no amount of financial security or comfort brings fulfilment in life, only when we have true purpose do we come to feel a settlement in the body. And that purpose is that we are here to grow and develop and evolve, so we can be in service to others.

We are here to learn on a daily basis – until our dying day – that there are unseen forces around us, to learn that life is about being in brotherhood and living in harmony with each other and to constantly be growing in wisdom. Life is about meeting people, holding and being there for them and reflecting there is another way we can live.

I say thank God I met Serge Benhayon and decided not to go for the comfortable life. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I meet many people who have a comfortable life, but they are discontented and have an emptiness they find difficult to fill.

So, after meeting Serge Benhayon and listening to the teachings from Universal Medicine, I am still very much involved in life…

  • Still working and meeting members of the community every day despite being past the official retirement age
  • Engaging in voluntary activities on a regular weekly basis
  • Still sorting out my issues, renouncing and re-imprinting behaviours
  • Working on developing all my relationships
  • Being open and evolving as I develop more awareness in life.

My intention is to continue this to the best of my ability to my last breath.

Our choices and our changes inspire others to look at their choices in life so those nearest and dearest to us have that reflection to feel where they are too.

By Gill Randall, Complementary Esoteric Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Wife and a Woman returning to who I am, Oxfordshire, UK

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314 thoughts on “Thank God for Serge Benhayon – No Longer Living a Comfortable Life

  1. Reinventing ourselves and retraining so that we can still work until our last breath would be a fine reflection that could be felt by our elderly peers. This would be the greatest way to evolve and thus we could return full of True purpose as a Soul-full being.

    1. The thing is we actually look and act younger than many of our age equivalent peers – so many don’t even realise we are well past retirement age! When they get to know it’s a great advertisent for the Way of the Livingness.

  2. Comfortability goes hand in hand with comparison and jealousy as we are continually looking for something outside the box or to a screen and both can make us feel lesser than and thus comparing to others and wanting more. But as you have shared Gill we are so much more and can connect to our essences and eliminate any form of judgement we have and live the most amazing life.

  3. The trappings of comfort are varied because one man’s comfort is another man’s nightmare. There is a homeless guy I see who sits outside a well-known supermarket in London and he has all of his possessions, about four duvets to keep him warm and his dog. It’s the prime spot because people buy him and his dog food, he sits and lays there all day, and on the rare days when he is absent from his spot it’s really noticeable. Some may feel sorry for him but he’s not feeling sorry for himself, so is this his version of comfort? Compared to the equally homeless around the corner who do not get the benefits of the location, he’s doing alright.

  4. Serge Benhayon has inspired me to step out of comfort and whats familiar to see the world differently from the heart, this has changed my life.

  5. The comfortable life often has an underlying dis-ease with it that can’t be smothered or ignored for long. Actually getting on with life, being the love we are, feels more settled than resisting it in order to achieve some sort of false belief around the comfortable life having any benefit or merit.

  6. It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and attended presentations and workshops that I came to realise that the ‘comfortable’ life I thought I was enjoying was in truth a very stressful, unfulfilled and uncomfortable existence. Today, in my late 60s, I am discovering the joy of living life.

  7. When I was a young child I played with God I felt him all around me, this feeling lessened until I could not feel God anymore and I believed he had deserted me. Meeting Serge Benhayon and listening to his presentations I slowly began my personal journey back to God, so that today 13 years later I can once again feel God he is the space all around me that we just think of as just air; so I am breathing God with every breath I take; God flows round my body. So where on earth did I get this idea that he was not with me anymore? Interestingly from the religion I was raised with. Their teachings took me away from God.

    1. Yes orthodox religion has a lot to answer for. It took all the joy out of life for me and I learned I had to be ‘good’ and ‘nice.’ So false. We just need to allow ourselves to be who we truly are- letting the love out – and in….

  8. Gill I agree with you when you say “I have learnt that no amount of financial security or comfort brings fulfilment in life, only when we have true purpose do we come to feel a settlement in the body. And that purpose is that we are here to grow and develop and evolve, so we can be in service to others.” We can see this reflection in the so called film stars and sports stars that have seemingly everything they could desire and yet their lives are unfulfilled, they have all the financial security they could need but security cannot buy settlement in our bodies and that is what the body seeks.

  9. “My intention is to continue this to the best of my ability to my last breath” what is amazing about this Gill is that your momentum is now strong, ready for the new beginning however long away that might be.

    1. Yes – and how we pass will indicate how we return in our next life. I certainly dont want to repeat the firts half of my life again – when I was so self-centred and it was me me me. Evolution – for me and for all – is now the name of the game.

  10. Gill please give a copy of this blog to every single person thinking of retiring. What I get from this is a pure sense of joy and unfoldment as you approach elder years and this is to be inspired. Thank you Gill.

  11. This is something to definitely ponder on “The name of the game is evolution, not comfort or security.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, Volume 11, ed. I, p. 399)’ and then after pondering to live in such a way that we are coming back to our truth and living a life of true purpose 💫

  12. Gill, I love the title of this blog as it asks us to re-consider what and how we might be in comfort in life? And we are not here talking about wearing comfortable shoes or clothes or a comfortable bed – it is not about giving up this kind of comfort, but rather it is about looking at how complacent we can get in life and not address those things that really need to be addressed for when these complacencies accumulate, then in the end we are dealing with a beast that is far greater than it ever needed or was meant to be. Address each thing in each moment and do not let comfort slip in is the message here – one not easy to do when we have allowed our awareness to drop, but yet one we can easily bring back should we so choose to do.

    1. Henrietta thank you for the use of the word complacent to describe comfort it seems to me we allow ourselves to get lulled into a false sense and go to sleep which is a stagnation of the body. The universe is constantly expanding and as we are part of the universe it is our evolution to expand too. And if human-beings think they can hold back this expansion then we are seriously deluded.

  13. Comfort is what feeds the hand of evil – in other words when we are in the comforts of our own lives and not seemingly affected by the disasters that happen to others and not willing to get up off the couch to be of service, this in-action in itself is what enables the atrocities to continue. It is a very sobering thought.

  14. Comfort is actually sickly, think about it – it keeps you in a state of stagnation, you don’t want to change anything in your life because you’re happy with how things are regardless if there are areas in your life which are harmful/ abusive. It just blurs our vision and keeps us stuck where we are.

  15. Thank God indeed for Serge Benhayon, without whom I would still be totally unaware that this human existence is not it and indeed is so far from being it that it is one massive illusion or differently stated one massive lie.

    1. True Doug, when we just go with what we can see, we have a tiny part of the picture. There is so much more that happens, a lot of it energetically and once we are aware of that, we can understand some of the games where we are the pawns played.

  16. Great questions to be asking ourselves – what truly fulfils us, brings settlement, and evolves and enriches our lives? Then these things may or may not correspond with the normal picture of life for they have been chosen with purpose and not just comfort.

  17. It is very true that ‘Our choices and our changes inspire others’ when lived from a place of connection deep within us. We all have a huge potential for change.

  18. Being comfortable means that the rot can set in, circulation energy can increase, the truth does not get exposed and generally standards of life can slide… on considering this, does it make ‘comfort’ worth it?

  19. When vitality and purpose are in the mix, comfort really can be a killer. It can be so easy to settle into what’s known and familiar without realising its stunting our evolving.

  20. My purpose is to be all that I am no matter what; to live in a way that is not governed by wealth and security but from the love and joy that I am, a reflection for all to see and claim too if they so choose.

  21. I’ve lived in comfort the majority of my life – it’s not the usually desired comfort but a relishing of being in struggle and living less than the glory of who I am and who we all are. But I’m noticing how each comfort bubble (hiding myself away to watch TV, to eat foods that dull me or to play a game of solitaire) is an attempt to have a break from life – just like that old chocolate advert, have a break, have a … whatever is your comfort of choice which could even be the relief of an argument- feels like clogging up my body with lead. I know I’ve not walked away from comfort but I am feeling the effects in my body and asking, is it worth it?!

  22. Since having dropped this notion of retirement from my thinking life seems to have taken on a feeling of potential and possibilities that I would have told myself was ridiculous previously, but now it’s why not.

    1. I feel the same Julie… I will continue to work in some form or other and for as long as my physical health and body will let me. I love to work and to not have purpose would feel very stagnating to me.

    2. I am understanding how the definition of work deepens. It doesn’t mean we have to stay in the same job; or continue full time employment. We can bring the same quality of commitment doing voluntary work as any paid work we still do, it is all work activity.

  23. I have spent my time in comfort, and it is like getting off a train that is going someplace, and you get off and just sit on the station platform and go nowhere. The final destination is important as the start of a new beginning, but the journey is about expanding.

  24. As a young woman I never thought I would enjoy being fifty, sure as I was that you were past it at that age. Now I am here I feel more alive, inspired and engaged than ever before and plan to honour this in the way I take care of myself, develop my work, build relationships and have fun.

  25. I feel that we have narrowed life down to just taking care of ourselves, family and those closest to us as you say Gill, but what of everyone else? We all live on the same planet and it is despicable to see the contrast between the haves and the have not’s. We are all the same, we come in the same way and we all go out the same way and yet we have master minded such a plethora of differences to warp our senses into believing that we are different from each other that individuality is key. When actually this is furthest from our truth.

  26. We have so much to offer the world when we get to ‘retirement’ age, what a disservice we do to our selves through this notion that its time to stop working, when the depth of our life experience is pure gold. Why don’t we introduce the notion of Elder Age instead, a time when we look to support our youth to deal with the well-worn issues we have all lived through so we can share the vast amount of accumulated wisdom and insights that as elders, we have at our disposal?

  27. Is living a comfortable life like a world cruise on a large ship that everything is all-in and excess is a daily routine? Or, have we chosen to live a life lost at sea without a purpose?

  28. ‘ to learn that life is about being in brotherhood and living in harmony with each other and to constantly be growing in wisdom.’ Now this I can’t do if I’m wanting to hide away on some remote paradise. When I’m feeling connected with myself it’s so joyful being with people; and when I’m not feeling great then that’s where I look at what’s up and go deeper in understanding – not, as has been my way, give up on myself and blame the world!

  29. Feeling fulfilled in life sets a foundation that is cemented in Love. Being Love is all about our evolution and sharing that wisdom as a reflection, as reflection is our greatest form of communication.

  30. We have built a life that seems a reality but is not real at all. Is it possible that the reason we haven’t found another planet like earth with human-beings is that nowhere else in the universe is as dense as life on earth. That there is life but the particles are much more spacious and spin faster so that we are not aware of their presence. Is it possible that this is what our evolution is all about becoming more spacious? So is it possible we are here to learn that life is about evolving out of this false reality we have made for ourselves?

    1. It’s very possible indeed! I always find it remarkable that what I hear reported of scientists and space exploration is the conviction that other lifeforms have to have form and the assumption that there is nothing more evolved than form.

    2. I love what you bring here Mary. We have settled for creation being the everything we know and stand for. The possibility of the fact there is more than what we know in this human life opens the door to something much greater. We only have to look at the stars on a clear night to be humbled and know there is so much more than the false reality we live.

  31. This blog shows that the highest achievements of modernity and what’s sold to us as the dream isn’t it at all. This is huge to reflect on. From very young I knew there had to be more than the monotonous daily grind of a 9-5 peppered by a few moments of excitement and feeling ‘alive’ or big occasions such as marriage and children, loved ones dying, major illnesses etc.But even so I dedicated myself to the lie that I could achieve contentment, satisfaction from being held in high esteem within society or that material things, activities could bring happiness.

    It’s wonderful to be honest about this so I can stop asking life to fulfil me and return instead to the love that is within and bring this to the world. This is what matters.

    1. We are all walking around like dried up empty shells of our former selves, it’s high time that we returned to our full glory and then like walking waterfalls allow that fullness to flood out into the world.

    2. Loving this, Karin, ‘….so I can stop asking life to fulfil me….’ It almost feels like we are raised to believe that life owes us and so fulfilment should come from out there somewhere. Is this perhaps why the seeking is becoming more extreme? At what point do we begin to realise that fulfilment does not come from climbing Mt. Everest or shooting and killing one of the big 5? The selfie at the top of the world’s highest mountain or the wall mounted trophy takes us further away from the love that is within and further away from fulfilment but when emptiness drives us it seems there is nothing we won’t do to try to prove otherwise.

  32. If, I hadn’t meet Serge Benhayon some 12 years ago, would I have mirrored my now gone parents that had cupboards full of drugs and one of those plastic boxes that have the days of the week with little lids, for you put your pills in? Possibly not but that is what has become part of the cost of living a comfortable life. I do take a few vitamins the body requires. Comfort has no purpose.

    1. I have a pharmacist friend who astounds me when she talks about the number of medicines they dispense in a day. There are many people who take many many pills to keep themselves alive, but how well are we really living?

  33. What we are seeing is how our lived way of being has transformed our lives. We are our own Messiah, our own Superman or Superwoman, we are the ones who have to live our lives.

    1. We are indeed the one who have to live our lives. Though that has filled me with intrepidation at times having not been responsible for so long, it is beautiful to make the journey back to accepting and being my own Messiah. This is not a lonesome journey but one that requires humility and fragility, asking and accepting support where needed.

  34. “Living in comfort is switching off, not engaging with people, not continuing to contribute actively to life with all we can bring.” And what a waste of our immense inner resources, love, wisdom and joy when we decide to tone it down for the world because “we’ve done our bit”.

  35. I’ve been an expert at justifying a comfortable life and taking time out because I’ve given enough. But love and light comes through us and to try to halt it is trying to stop the universe – obviously harmful to our health and far greater effort is required than allowing it to flow for others to feel and be inspired.

  36. How awesome to read some truth and appreciation for Serge Benhayon. I too feel ‘Thank God for Serge Benhayon’ he is deeply caring and has 100% supported me to make more loving choices towards myself and others. It is a true blessing to have him in my life and to know him.

  37. “The name of the game is evolution, not comfort or security.” One of the things I treasure most as a consequence of studying with Universal Medicine is how my awareness about my self and the people I share my life with keeps on expanding. Everyday brings a new understanding and appreciation that adds a beautiful depth to my very normal life. Putting the tools offered by this award winning organization into living practice means that working hard, taking care of loved ones and contributing to the world I live in is as natural as breathing and has restored the magic to what would have otherwise been a very tarnished existence.

    1. We are all multidimensional beings but most of us live in a very one dimensional way. The teachings of The Ageless Wisdom open us up to our multidimensionality which in turn opens up the multidimensionality of life. Everyday life becomes rich beyond measure.

      1. Here here, Alexis, as our understanding of multidimensionality increases, so our awareness heightens in our every day and it exposes how games are played with us.

  38. ‘We are here to learn on a daily basis – until our dying day – that there are unseen forces around us, to learn that life is about being in brotherhood and living in harmony with each other and to constantly be growing in wisdom.’ This is pure gold. I used to put everything I had into being the best so I could get recognition whilst also sabotaging myself so I didn’t excel – all so I could keep on with the pursuit of trying to attain goals. That way of living wasn’t it but it can run deep. It’s wonderful to be able to see where I’m still chasing an ideal, a picture and let that go because they get in the way of being with people without imposing needs onto others. Being able to respond to life, to live from harmony and clock all the forces so I don’t take them on is living, the other way is like running a marathon exhausted – a painful experience.

    1. I was talking today to someone about the unseen forces, because we need to expose them. Otherwise they have the upper hand if we are not even recognising their influence on us. So clocking when they affect us is really powerful, thank you Karin.

  39. When we focus on our own comfort we exclude all those for whom life is a struggle. We are here to support each other to evolve and we can only do that if we are engaged with life.

    1. Yes, I can so feel this when I retreat from the world saying I want my break now. I’m learning to be fit for life and not needing to take bench breaks but rather live in a way that isn’t exhausting me. Then, even if I am resting, I’m not withdrawing which is very different.

  40. Thank God for Serge Benhayon living the truth in a world that needs truth so very badly. The lies of this world are many and varied, you can pick and choose them endlessly. Truth is truth and it is lived in this world by Serge Benhayon.

  41. In meeting Serge Benhayon, and hearing what he presents we can change our lives, change everything that makes us miserable and get to the root of our issues, problems, dilemas and so on. Not only that, the beauty of life starts to shine through as we take off the blinkers we’ve been piling on for decades.

  42. Enter into comfort at your peril it’s a trap. One that many many people spend countless lifetimes gagged and bound in. I am one of those people but now that I’ve wrestled my way out I’ve turned into a whistle blower and blow my whistle I shall.

  43. ‘…looking after ourselves and those closest to us, and ignoring others around us and in the world who may be struggling.’ So many people take pride in looking after those closest to them – but at the expense of nameless others. Or, conversely, people give everything away and don’t care for themselves. I’m learning it’s not about finding a ‘happy medium’ but living life in a way that supports myself and through this supports others without any effort or trying. There is no favoritism or favors but an universal order being adhered to. I’m learning to be open hearted. Though there are some I feel, for whatever reason, closer to, I am learning to open with everyone and work through any layers of protection I may have.

    1. Yes, isn’t it. I’m constantly inspired especially at a time when so much rubbish is being hurled at him in the media. He could easily have had a comfortable life himself but is showing humanity this is not it, we are accepting and chasing far less than our true worth and many object to his living another way, a way of joy and purpose, immensely – hence the level of abuse they are willing to inflict on a man to shut him and those who have been inspired up. What I choose and what others choose in the way of comfort is all our own business and karma but to attack another for their choices, well, that’s not on to say the least.

      1. “I’m constantly inspired especially at a time when so much rubbish is being hurled …in the media” Very true, and the rubbish seems to be increasing. False reporting seems to be the order of the day for the media.

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