Thank God for Serge Benhayon – No Longer Living a Comfortable Life

I pondered to myself recently on how my life has changed over the past decade.

If I hadn’t met Serge Benhayon, I would probably be living a very comfortable life.

What’s wrong with that you might ask?

I have been very active all my life having worked in the medical profession, brought up four children, been very busy, always involved in community projects and committees, so what would be wrong with hanging up my hat, retiring, and enjoying some comfort? I would probably have been travelling around in a motorhome with my husband, visiting places we could afford to visit, and having lots of holidays.

It doesn’t sound like a bad life… you may think it would be desirable to be able to live in comfort, and it may appear so. After a few decades of ups and downs, don’t we deserve a little rest and comfort? We have worked hard when we were younger so that we can sit back and have enough for our old age and have a rest … that is what many strive for in their later years.

But the point is that our lives are not about living in comfort.

When we cruise along in comfort, we are basically saying… “I’m alright Jack.” Living in comfort is switching off, not engaging with people, not continuing to contribute actively to life with all we can bring. In comfort we are lining our own pockets, looking after ourselves and those closest to us, and ignoring others around us and in the world who may be struggling.

And by far the biggest point we are missing when we live in comfort is the fact that the true purpose of life is to evolve.

Through the presentations of Serge Benhayon, I have learnt a lot about the truth of comfort:

  1. “The name of the game is evolution, not comfort or security.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, Volume 11, ed. I, p. 399)

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we can’t ever have holidays and have to work until our dying day when we finally drop. We may slow down as we mature; it is for each of us to feel how much we can do, in terms of paid or voluntary work. For some there may not be the pressures of mortgages or outstanding bills to pay so we can feel we have done enough in society. But here is another trick, because those who are in a lot of comfort or have huge amounts of money can still create a false ideal for the rest of us. I have learnt that no amount of financial security or comfort brings fulfilment in life, only when we have true purpose do we come to feel a settlement in the body. And that purpose is that we are here to grow and develop and evolve, so we can be in service to others.

We are here to learn on a daily basis – until our dying day – that there are unseen forces around us, to learn that life is about being in brotherhood and living in harmony with each other and to constantly be growing in wisdom. Life is about meeting people, holding and being there for them and reflecting there is another way we can live.

I say thank God I met Serge Benhayon and decided not to go for the comfortable life. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I meet many people who have a comfortable life, but they are discontented and have an emptiness they find difficult to fill.

So, after meeting Serge Benhayon and listening to the teachings from Universal Medicine, I am still very much involved in life…

  • Still working and meeting members of the community every day despite being past the official retirement age
  • Engaging in voluntary activities on a regular weekly basis
  • Still sorting out my issues, renouncing and re-imprinting behaviours
  • Working on developing all my relationships
  • Being open and evolving as I develop more awareness in life.

My intention is to continue this to the best of my ability to my last breath.

Our choices and our changes inspire others to look at their choices in life so those nearest and dearest to us have that reflection to feel where they are too.

By Gill Randall, Complementary Esoteric Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Wife and a Woman returning to who I am, Oxfordshire, UK

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223 thoughts on “Thank God for Serge Benhayon – No Longer Living a Comfortable Life

  1. It has not been that many years ago that we abolished the mandatory retirement age. We were paper towels, used and then disposed of. And, we were given a watch… so we knew when it was time to eat. When we have a purpose, we have a job for life and when it is done with and from love, it is never work.

  2. I’ve sought comfort and security all my life. I didn’t feel safe and the unseen forces that I knew were there as a child are pretty much ignored by the world over or, if they aren’t, they aren’t addressed in a way that I could see their true nature of being cowardly and bullying, and our true power.

    So I joined the many who deny such forces and seek comfort and security as a result. I’ve come to understand the comfort and security I’ve been awarded has come through a deal with these forces – I’ll not step into the power that addresses such forces but stay meek and subservient in exchange for comfort and security of being left alone.

    Not living who I am has taken a huge toil on my health, physical and mental to such a degree that I can nolonger ignore the tension of living a lie and denying there are forces we can deal with when aligned with God, love and the universe, and this reflection is needed so others can step out of their self-made prisons.

  3. When we evolve every relationship changes. The beauty is that others get exposed in one way or another and relationships either flourish and grow together or they dissolve because of the comfort they choose to live in. The key is to live with no judgement for what another chooses.

  4. For many of us it is not until we meet soul-impulsed people like Serge Benhayon that we realise how we short-change ourselves by selling out to comfort as our ultimate goal in life. We are so much more and the greatest level of love, wisdom and vitality are our natural foundation and dedication, responsibility and purpose are the expression of our true essence.

  5. I can also relate to all the items on your list for being still involved in life. I do my 18 hour day and awake afresh every morning looking forward to what the day brings and the reflection I bring to those around me.

  6. A comfortable life is one of the biggest fattest red herrings going, is akin to stepping into an energetic coffin. By stepping up into a managerial role that I have avoided for twenty years I feel like I have just stepped out of my coffin and put a match to it. I have never felt more alive and purposeful in my life.

    1. Haha – great analogy “….stepping into an energetic coffin.” Not really a laughing matter but funny nonetheless.

  7. I love the role model you provide through your sharing of the way you have chosen to live and relate to life. This is how the lies that we have been feeding ourselves for eons get exposed and humanity can start to live and breathe the truth once again.

    1. I suppose it’s true to say that at any point in time we are all modelling a way of being in the world. And although there are a million trillion variations of both models, the truth is that fundamentally there are two and only two different ways of living. We can live true to who we are or we can live a made up version of who we are. Each model has it’s own specific energetic impulse which in turn propagates more of itself.

  8. Simply thank God for we are returning to a level of Love that is so amazing is it any wonder the Students of The Livingness are evolving and living within the true purpose that is presented by Serge Benhayon.

  9. Through the teachings, presentations and healing modalities of Universal Medicine I have realised that there is so much more to life than what is seen and lived on the surface. Dive into life a little deeper and there is so much more to discover and like you Gill if I hadn’t met Serge Benhayon, I would probably be living a very mundane and now boring life continuing to be ruled by my head and not feeling the wealth of what my body is communicating.

  10. The ironic thing is that as we get near to the old retirement age when we were put out to pasture, we have so much lived life experience to be handed down. And, we never stop evolving so why stop.

  11. As long as there is disharmony, discord, corruption, war, strife, humans harming other humans in this world – both in the obvious and not so obvious ways, in my view we can never be comfortable for clearly there is still work to be done until we achieve harmony on this planet for all.

  12. If life is about constantly deepening and developing our relationship with ourselves and with other people then I’m sure that no one could ever get bored or say they have done enough of that!

    1. So true! Whenever I say, I’ve done enough for the day and say timeout, it’s ok to watch loads of TV to switch off, then I need to look at the quality of what I’ve brought – it may not be that great. Or, it may be that what was done was amazing but I’m wanting to make it all about me – like it’s a pressure to sustain this quality when it’s only tricky when I get in the way. Being open and allowing, trusting and letting be is a focus until it’s an ease I bring to my everyday.

  13. ‘And that purpose is that we are here to grow and develop and evolve, so we can be in service to others.’ this is a key ingredient to life and it’s a great opportunity to see where we are in comfort through noticing where this purpose is not.

  14. “I have learnt that no amount of financial security or comfort brings fulfilment in life …” While having lots of money might make us feel materially secure, it can never provide the inner warmth of knowing who we are and why we’re here. I love how Universal Medicine empowers us to restore our sense of purpose and inner joy, qualities that need to be expressed right up to the end of our days.

  15. A few years ago my comfortable life became so uncomfortable by its very nature that I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I had no choice but to address the comfort that I had chosen in my relationships for the last thirty years or so. And although it was uncomfortable, at least I was able to breathe again. The discomfort has mainly gone now and there is a sense of freshness that is palpable and a clear sense of movement and possibility. Having said that I am also acutely aware that the pull to resort back into ‘comfortable’ ways of being is still there, but I know that when I do it feels incredibly stale.

  16. “… so what would be wrong with hanging up my hat, retiring, and enjoying some comfort?” What a shame to let go of our purpose and commitment when it brings so much to the world we live in.

  17. I had been living a life of motion and lived like a light switch, work hard, party harder and relax. It was a daily balancing act of abusing my body in both camps. Meeting Serge Benhayon has shown me and many others the real purpose of life.

  18. The last 12 years of study with Universal Medicine has taught me in a very practical way that seeking comfort is the fastest way to dull myself down, and the best way to spark myself up is to commit to purpose, love and integrity every day of my life. And then the idea of abandoning these qualities just because I reach a certain age seems to me the fastest way to have a really dull retirement.

    1. Agreed Rowena, why on earth, literally would we switch off and stop reflecting to those younger than us, from the wealth of experience that our years have taught us. It’s not coming from a ‘know it all’ place, it may be ‘I did that and it didn’t turn out to be a wise decision’.

  19. ‘ … only when we have true purpose do we come to feel a settlement in the body’. This is very true, and then, with that settlement in the body brought by purpose, it’s easy to feel empowered, strong, sensitive and joyful of being available for what is needed.

  20. This may have to be one of my favourite blogs as you’ve explained so clearly what makes me uncomfortable about comfort and it’s bedfellow, security. The deep irresponsibility that comes when we think “I’ve done my bit” for a whole chapter of life and can just kick back and choose to abandon the work that so clearly needs to be done, has been long entrenched in Western societies and we wonder why the up/down round and round is not so merry for those “struggling” through life. The measured and comfortable life holds back the evolution of us all and letting it go opens us up to love and btings humanity naturally along with it.

  21. “Living in comfort is switching off, not engaging with people, not continuing to contribute actively to life with all we can bring.” When we make life about what we want to do, we cut our selves off from the immense richness that arises when we work with and for people.

  22. We don’t bother to question life if we settle for comfort, for we are given everything we need even though we know deep down we can feel an unsettlement within that can’t be quietened, only ignored.

  23. It is great to understand life is about evolution and not comfort. It is about everybody feeling great and not just (the comfortable) you. It is also a knowing that if you are not feeling great what can be done to bring about feeling. . Even better .. holding it as a truth you know and cherish a feeling you can evolve with constantly.

  24. I’m really struck by how different this approach to life and what it’s all about is so different from chasing comfort. It’s the knowing that comfort never delivers true ease and settlement only numbing.

  25. Comfort is a killer. The more comfortable we have made our lives, the greater the rise in illness and disease. Purpose keeps us fit for life and brings a quality to everyday that keeps us bright eyed and busy tailed whatever our age.

  26. ‘Living in comfort is switching off, not engaging with people, not continuing to contribute actively to life with all we can bring.’ for many this seems to be their main aim in retirement but what a waste of so much that people have to offer.

  27. “And by far the biggest point we are missing when we live in comfort is the fact that the true purpose of life is to evolve.” Gill this is super inspiring and amazing to hear all that you are involved in, the image of getting older holds many illusions yet this blogs busts through all that.

      1. Yes, I like that Karin! By promoting it as a way of life from very young we get locked into this way of thinking. If we were told at school that getting the house, car, job, partner may not bring all that we seek and instead leave us feeling a little dulled and flat we might reconsider what priorities are important in life.

  28. Years ago there was an anti-drug advert on TV showing an egg and said this is your mind, then cracked the egg an put it into a hot pan and said this is your mind on drugs. Is comfort just another drug?

  29. To consider how much our lives have changed since meeting Serge Benhayon is a truly great marker, and so the change continues to deepen.

    1. Yes, Ariana the change is enormous and everyone who has remained consistent with The Way of the Livingness can testify to this with the continual deepening that you mention. With so many claims… it can’t be a fluke… there has to be something in The Way of The Livingness that supports true and long lasting change!

  30. If we actively sought out all of the activities and relationships that brought up discomfort in us and then systematically worked through each thing and eradicated the discomfort, we would evolve faster than a rocket ship moves through space.

  31. I’m clocking when I think I’ve done enough in my day and think I deserve a bit of comfort. Haven’t I given enough is such a bad penny. I think I’m entitled to take it easy but actually what can be expressed through me from God is always amazing, always flowing if I don’t get in the way. How small minded to think I know what is best when coming from ‘I’m alright Jack.’ How I am holding back riches for us all when I retire into comfort.

  32. Comfortable has been a carrot that has been dangled as the ideal goal everywhere throughout society. There seems to be the perception that once I get ….. (whatever that thing is be it a partner, a family, a job, a prowess, fame, it doesn’t matter) I will be happy, I will be left alone and I will live happily and comfortably forever and ever. But whenever I have had a comfortable break, it only feels great for a short time and those whose lives appear to tick all the prescribed boxes don’t seem that happy, showing what a big fat lie the carrot actually is.

  33. “We are here to learn on a daily basis – until our dying day” And when this truth is taken to heart, every day of our lives is transformed into the most amazing tutorials and living lessons, one that if we choose to study empower us how to reclaim our sacredness.

  34. I have close relationship with a ‘retirement village’ and often wondered why so-called, rather than ‘community of elders’ or simply named without referencing age or stage of life. My observations show me that when we lose our raison d’etre, we become directionless, under-utilised and begin to wind down. To choose a life of ease and comfort in older years means no longer participating fully in life. For some this leads to feelings of sadness and loss for all that is ‘missing’ in their lives. With no clear sense of purpose, everything revolves around mealtimes (prepared by others), outings and planned activities. Villages like these often have minimal true contact with their local communities, and consequently become inward looking islands insulated from the outside world. There are many ways to continue to live purposeful lives. One thing residents in these communities have lots of is space and the choice always to either use it purely for self or a way to be of service to others.

  35. “Living in comfort is switching off, not engaging with people, not continuing to contribute actively to life with all we can bring.” The level of commitment, engagement and love of life I feel today is a stark contrast to the depression and exhaustion I used to feel from the endless battle with un-resolved hurts and self loathing. Universal Medicine has supported me to heal these wounds to such an amazing extent that the yearning to withdraw from the world has completely vanished. Thus today I live life to the full and have every intention of carrying on until the day I stop breathing, no retirement plan in sight.

  36. In the way Serge lives he shows us that there is a richness to life that is exquisitely beautiful and it is experienced through our choices and commitment to being present and awake to the magic in moments and learning in every interaction. It is so simple and disarms us of our resistance and protection.

  37. ‘I have learnt that no amount of financial security or comfort brings fulfilment in life, only when we have true purpose do we come to feel a settlement in the body.’ this should be learnt by our children as they grow up, from parents, in schools and as part of society as a whole.

  38. If I ever catch myself looking wistfully over to another’s life and wishing I had it easy I need to stop and take a serious look at my life. Where am I creating struggle? Where am I not appreciating and learning from the amazing lessons I am given?

    Like I am looking at sympathy at the moment – how I do things for people out of sympathy (this feels so disrespectful), where I don’t want to see it is all about choice and where I still want to pretend I didn’t make choices but was a victim. So today I got full-blown sympathy from someone. I got to feel how awful it is. Their projections of where I’m at and how upset they were for me on my behalf was quite bizarre. We are given these opportunities to learn all the time and I know I’ve reacted to them – taken them as personal cosmic grudges against me – what did I do wrong rather than appreciate the gift.

    1. You deliver so much learning here Karin. I can feel how purpose is becoming a stronger influence in your life …there is no purpose in sympathy whatsoever…thank you for sharing. It helps others to understand.

  39. So many people when they get older and retire as far as I can see stop learning and growing and go into a bit of withdrawal from the world and decline and many struggle with this, so this is great what you are presenting here that it does not have to be this way and we can keep growing, learning, evolving until our last breath.

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