Supply and Demand – What about the Truth?

Sensationalised journalism, news reporting and the like offer us a reflection of what we as a society are demanding. Supply and demand affects everything in this world – if there is no demand then there will be no supply. It literally applies to everything.

When we consider the mass volume of reported and consumed news through the medium of newspapers, that which is watched on television and through social media daily, it feels imperative to ask a couple of questions:

  • What is it that we are actually consuming?
  • What are we over and over again, continuing to ask for?

From what I see, our world today is set up to entertain, to distract and to position life, people and events in either the right or wrong basket. It is not about truth. We, as a global society, no longer seek the truth of matters and do not foundationally base our perception of life from the point of truth and untruth. Even though we all know truth deep down, each and every one of us has in some way contributed to this fact, whether we can consciously admit to it or not. We all have a role, a responsibility to take in how our world is as a whole, collectively.

If we each chose to bring truth to every facet of our lives – our relationships, our interactions, the things we create and the way we are – then that which is untrue would have no place to exist. However, if we are complacent, stand back, do not get involved, have an “It’s nothing to do with me” attitude, or do not want to take responsibility, are reserved, are happy to act on only a functional level in life and in relationships, then we allow a way of being in society that is rotten to the core and allow it to have an open road to continue and extend itself.

It is fair to say that our level of decency, respect and care in life with ourselves and others has taken quite a plummet over the last century or so. Evidently, this is reflected in our media platforms, our journalistic manner and the cyber-abuse that has absolutely no consequences or rules to uphold that which we have already established and agreed upon in our physical interactive world.

The fact is, we are actually choosing and even enjoy sensationalised, tantalising media and news reporting instead of calling for that which simply gets to the facts and truth of the rot in life and exposes it for what it is. The news and social media platforms allow us to know about issues from an emotional, elated view, whether they are the truth or not. It is the elation, the emotional aspect and the sensationalism that we have become familiar with and accepted.

News makes us think we are informed, thus we feel included in life with this misinformation. We can even talk about it as part of the distraction and circulate the story to just regurgitate it. However, in-truth our news does not require us to stand up, or call us to account in life – to make changes that eliminate the rot and call people to take true responsibility, especially energetic responsibility, in all aspects of their lives.

The way our media is today allows us to remain distracted from living life in-truth, side-tracked from taking responsibility for our own quality and ‘how we bring, and the what we bring’ to life. I mean, why do we need to bother with the importance of the above statement when we have much worse things to focus on, talk about and distract ourselves from how we are in the world? When in actual fact it is our quality – what we establish as our foundation in our life, in our relationships, the decency and respect we live with – that then filters out to lay the format for how the rest of life plays out, not the other way round.

We must ask as a society, as a growing world population… why is this so? It may be something we complain about, similar to that of the obesity crisis affecting such countries as America, Australia and England to name a few. However, we still buy pizza, soft drink, feed packaged food to our kids. The issues we all complain about and do not like to see and feel, especially when they come knocking on our own door, are the very ones we have been investing in. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. And one that we are constantly choosing until we decide otherwise.

Are we willing to look at …

  • How much do we do about bullying and cyber abuse if we are not directly bullied?
  • How much do we care about the climbing rates of illness and disease both physical and mental, what causes it and those affected by it, unless we or those close to us are affected?
  • How much do we do and work towards eliminating the inequality in the world? There is a vast difference between those who have nothing to those who have too much to list.
  • How much do we care about someone’s character being defamed or the lies created to do so and the impact that has in all areas of their life?
  • How much do we care about the rate of suicide and self-harming behaviour, self-abusive behaviour and why people get to that desperate state of seeing no other way?
  • How much do we care about neglect, physical, mental abuse and domestic violence unless it is in our face knocking on our door: often people will walk past such incidences, pretending they haven’t happened.
  • How much do we care about the atrocities such as human slavery, human trafficking, child labour, and torture in some places – and the fact these behaviours are condoned in parts of the world?
  • How much do we care about the way the courts, the family court and the way law and justice is served in our world unless we feel unjustly done by?
  • How often are we happy to sit back and listen to or view the latest dilemma in a celebrity’s life when there are people in the world who do not have running water or plumbing?
  • Do we think twice about the homeless person sitting on the street and how they got there, or even the young children who may seem to be unaccompanied on a train or bus port?
  • How much do we care about the impact we are having on our natural environment and the adjustments it needs to make, from the way we choose to live in it?
  • How much do we question, care about or want to take a stand against the actual rot that takes place in the world, the what we know is not true, decent, equal or of true good – from something right in front of us to the issues going on in another country?

How much goes by around us that we simply do not want to take part in or get involved in, enquire about or voice our position about to another to start the conversation? These examples are but a few of many more that currently exist in our world today. However, the common thread among them all is that they exist and will continue to exist as long as the majority of the population sit back, relax, and allow them to keep existing by not saying a word or showing any different way of being.

How far will we fall as a whole before we are forced to do something that makes true change? Will it be to the point that everyone experiences these atrocities on some level forcing us to stand up and stand firm against them together, or will we wake up and understand there is another way of speaking up, living truth and love in the smallest areas of our life; that this actually affects the whole and sets a standard?

Time will tell and as always, will reflect all of our choices.

By Johanna Smith, BA Education, Diploma of Counselling, Esoteric Practitioner
Perth, Western Australia

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690 thoughts on “Supply and Demand – What about the Truth?

  1. We all innately know truth – its just that we override it to fit in with everyone else … but if everyone was living their truth there would be no fitting in.

  2. I agree – the news makes me feel included by hooking me in to become a part of the ongoing story of human life, or so I would like to think. But what if the story is just outright wrong, the headlines sensationalised, the basis some whim of the reporter or a strategic twist on a mogul’s personal agenda. Forget truth, forget right or wrong, there is a game being played by the media.. which we are all supporting, and it serves no one.

  3. The fact that there is such a big demand for sensationalised articles in the media (as opposed to true reporting of news), shows how most of us prefer to be entertained (which includes our emotional outbursts which is not dissimilar to watching football or some other sport) rather than bothering to actually find out what is going on, let alone consider what could be done about it.

  4. If we bring truth to all aspects of our lives there wouldn’t be any room for what is not true. This is so true. I can certainly close the gaps where I let in what doesn’t serve humanity. I know where I am not running a tight ship.

  5. What is the easiest thing to consume, something that is free! Newspapers on trains, planes, waiting rooms, junk food that is handed out as samples. Are all these freebies just a method of fishing?

  6. It makes sense to broaden our enquiry of what we consume to not only material things but the quality of the energy we choose to live by.

  7. The question, ‘how much do we actually care’ about whatever it is that is not right in this world is more honestly answered by our willingness to actually stand up for the truth.

    1. It sure is Sandra and it is a great question, because if we truly cared about something or another we would say no to anything which is less than the love we are as anything less is abusive and an assault to the body.

  8. You ask the question “How much are we willing to see?” This is central to the topic, as we have not wanted to look at what our role is with the suppliers who feed us our addiction of choice, be that sugar, junk food, gaming, TV, all an addiction we want more and more of.

  9. TM OH

    Almost everything in life is there because of a demand, our demand. ” Ask and thee shall receive”. But do we know what we are asking for and what the consequences of that will be over time.

  10. We demand and are supplied with what we want and yet are outraged at certain behaviours in the world, yet what we want comes from the same pool. If we didn’t demand it the supply would dry up.

  11. “The way our media is today allows us to remain distracted from living life in-truth” – and this could be said for many things in our lives – how much of what we live is lived for us growing and evolving versus simply being distracted from the all that we feel?

  12. Consumerism is what dictates the market with demand controlling the supply – but what is this saying about our current consumerism? Perhaps there is something behind consumerism itself that is controlling this too…

  13. I do have to wonder at the choices we are making having recently watched part of a documentary called ‘County Lines’. It is where drugs are transported into the rural areas of the UK to be pushed by local dealers who report back and get their supplies from the drug bosses back in the cities; it’s rife apparently. People who are on drugs sometimes allow or forcibly have their property taken over by the drug dealers this is called a ‘cuckoos nest’ where the house/ flat becomes the focus point for the dealing. It all looked pretty appalling. But there is a part of me that has to ask why is this is happening what is it about us that we don’t wake up in the morning full of vim and vigor looking forward to the day ahead? Why is it we go to bed at night so tired and yet wake up just as tired? We go to school, get a job, get married, have children, retire, die and our children repeat the same process surely there has to be more to life than this? And if we don’t think there is then no wonder there is a demand for drugs or anything to suppress the monotony of a life bereft of any meaning or joy.

    1. “But there is a part of me that has to ask why is this is happening what is it about us that we don’t wake up in the morning full of vim and vigor looking forward to the day ahead? Why is it we go to bed at night so tired and yet wake up just as tired? We go to school, get a job, get married, have children, retire, die and our children repeat the same process surely there has to be more to life than this?’ Agree Mary, this is the very question we all need to be asking ourselves.

  14. I’ve been looking at my demands, how much I want to be distracted and entertained. It’s been very sobering and to feel the energy I’ve demanded (mostly TV shows) has felt awful. I can feel how I’ve sold myself so short of the glory of who I am. I can feel this great heavy, dulling blanket over people that people are grabbing for comfort. But the blanket is dull and grey and very damp, it’s making us sick. If we were to do away with the blanket we’d discover beautiful sunlight coming through us. But we have to be willing to see through the lies and corruption and say no.

  15. It would seem that many are only called to stand up and be counted when they are affected personally. Your list of questions makes sobering reading. How much do we truly care about our fellow humans?

  16. Why do we feel we can control the supply of the truth? Have you ever been told by someone that they held back the truth for your our own good? But at the same time, demand that we are told lies?

  17. There is no judgement when we see that life is based on supply and demand. We have created a market in the world for things to be needed so that we can numb and dull our connection to who we are. In fact we demand it.

  18. It’s pretty awful to see where we are as a society and the abuse that goes on within the media. There are so many cases just at the moment of where the media has failed to tell the truth and that is then what the readers believe. There is a responsibility to be taken both as the reader and the writer – and the worst thing is that we are comfortable with where we are rather than questioning of what we are presented with and what we want to believe is actually the truth.

  19. This becomes a cycle of not asking for truth and accepting that which is not true which we feel then allows us to indulge further in a lack of responsibility in this regard.

    1. Have you ever been accused of doing something you did not do? Then justify it to yourself that it is OK to do it now because they are adamant you’re guilty! How long have we played this game of tit for tat, playing the blame game?

  20. It is actually exhausting trying to stay up with the supply and demand of general media circulation and yet connect with truth in what is expressed or reflected and there is an expansion that is offered.

  21. “News makes us think we are informed, thus we feel included in life with this misinformation.” And thus we sell ourselves short of achieving a society that innately nourishes all of us rather than one that at present favours those who value money, power and wealth more that people’s welfare.

  22. The media have a smorgest-board of topics that they can play with to keep the public attached to misadventure, misleading agenda, gossip and the excitement of the chase all of which are designed to hide the Truth by their shadowy tactics to make so called good reading in other words they knowingly contrive to eliminate the Truth.
    We get a deeper understanding of how greed and corruption affects us all in the latest 2018 movie on Robin Hood produced by Otto Bathurst. So then the question becomes how long are we going to allow the greed and corruption to go unabated before we become honest about what is going on and start asking for change as a collective society?

    1. Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam from a major or minor traffic accident, on the other side of the road that is caused by rubberneckers slowing down to have a look? Does this obsession that makes us have a look, make ourselves a fertile bed for the media?

      1. True – and the amount of print that goes into intruding into the lives of so-called celebrities. Wanting to see what’s going on in others lives – is this a distraction form taking a long hard look into our own – and seeing the mess we create on a daily basis?

      2. So True Steve, and looking for fertile beds, which are usually made of Compost that is composed of poo and left-overs or in other words a lot of crap makes us believe in efforts that are futile as far as our evolution is concerned. So we make our own “fertile bed” and once a seed is planted it will flourish being feed on crap! Until we re-connect to our essences and feel the difference between Truth and S___!!!!

    2. Well said Greg. It is our responsibility to call a STOP to it all and ask the Media to take responsibility to write and print the TRUTH for truth sakes.

  23. Time can certainly be used as a marker for our choices, but space is the one that determines the quality of those choices. In the end when we look back, we get to feel where we stand, not in terms of how ‘far’ we have come for there is no such thing, but there is the quality of the space we stand in and with. What quality do we want to be standing in – that of lies and sensationalism, or that of Truth and a foundation that is solid and known? These are big questions to ponder on especially in today’s climate.

  24. Truth does not appear popular, instead people are drawn to sensationalism and lies. This is the reality of the society that we live in and the way that the majority are living. Truth asks you to be accountable, to step up to truly living life and to being honest about where we are at – this can be too confronting for some and so out of comfort it is easier to ignore the truth and by default opt for the lies and sensationalism. But there comes a point when this too will feel hollow and pointless and then we will eventually seek Truth. When will this happen to us as a collective, I wonder?

  25. And so it follows that to dry up the supply we simply need to cease the demand, but we have to want to cease it so herein lays the problem.

  26. ‘How often are we happy to sit back and listen to or view the latest dilemma in a celebrity’s life when there are people in the world who do not have running water or plumbing?’ This one is very typical of the way we love gossip but ignore Truth.

  27. It seems as though the misery of others is being used for entertainment by the media in response to what we are asking for. Are we asking for it because it then distracts us away from our own miseries?

    1. Well said Julie – a distraction from what we should be dealing with is a powerful tool to delay any true work on and for ourselves and our own growth. What are we then investing in?

  28. There is so much in the world where we simply don’t care enough as the list above begins to show us, yet it is not that we can go and resolve these directly, first hand, that would feel like an impossible task – yet what’s shared here of we can do, is play our part by living truth and love in the smallest areas of our life.

  29. A drop of rain on our head is of no concern. If it rains harder, we just put up an umbrella. What are we going to do when we are up to our neck in water and it is still raining? Is this not the same as not standing up for all the things we are allowing to go unchallenged?

    1. Great analogy Steve … will we wait until we are almost drowning before we wake up to the reality of this world we have created?

  30. ‘Sensationalised journalism’ is the driver for our media stories. Truth is far too unexciting and doesn’t sell, made up lies however, sell like hotcakes.

    1. The truth becomes a very hard sell when it exposes that we are all shirking our responsibility, big time – we want to read what will allow us to feel good about ourselves and stay comfortable. It appears, we are not truly interested in knowing the truth if it’s going to challenge our status quo.

    2. At first glance truth may appear unexciting but as an alternative for circulating emotion, heightened emotion, distraction, numbing and so on, it provides a refreshing foundation that feels solid and the deeper we allow ourselves to go into truth the richer we find the stillness and awareness it offers.

  31. Reading this I am asking myself what is it in life that I am demanding? No different to what foods am I craving tells me if I am honest with myself, what’s going on, the same too with seeking out films or clicking on certain ‘news’ headlines.

    1. Great point Karin – when I am craving foods that I know are not good for me, this is a great opportunity for me to consider what else am I craving and choosing that is not true, that is not helping me to evolve, but keeping me in circulation energy, in comfort.

    2. It is a great question to reflect on, be honest with ourselves and to ask what in life are we demanding even on a subtle level.

  32. We tend to stay in our own comfortable bubble until something impacts us directly. I tended to ignore drug addicts until I lived in a street where drugs are sold and consumed and the aggravated behaviour that resulted from drug and alcohol abuse disturbed my sleep. What have I done about it? Nothing directly, but it has made me explore my own addictive behaviours.

    1. It is interesting Carmel that unless something impacts us directly, we tend to ignore it. What’s going on in the world affects all of us so it’s important we are more aware of it.

    2. Yes, we definitely do stay in our comfortable bubble, I can attest to that! I love what you raise here, Carmel, when we find something disturbing, even if we’re not contributing directly – it’s a great opportunity for us to consider what other ways we may be contributing to the same energy in other area’s of our life.

  33. ‘It is fair to say that our level of decency, respect and care in life with ourselves and others has taken quite a plummet over the last century or so.’ We so like to bemoan this fact and blame everyone around us, but if we are not taking responsibility for our own expression we are adding to this pool and are equally responsible for it.

  34. I was having lunch with some colleagues recently and one of them ordered a Fish curry and when it came some of the Fish was raw and they were not happy about this, but they did not complain to the staff but said it didn’t matter. I watched and felt that the person was already so given up in life that it was as though they felt it was just another incident to show them just how much life is a drain. When we do not stand up for what we know to be true it sends out a message that we don’t care and it is the ‘I don’t care’ energy that dominates and everyone gets to feel this and can be persuaded by it.

    1. I love the way we can take this example to the greater end effect – that by one person not speaking up makes it so much more normal for these types of situations or quality of service to be expected and accepted by others.

    2. Reading this I can appreciate how much I have changed as in the past I would have felt a similar way (thought it didn’t matter) on reflection this was an ongoing effect of being younger and feeling that what I said did not make any difference, or ‘did not matter’. The truth is what we say does make a difference, our voices do count and also I now know it is easy to change from not loving yourself to starting to love yourself when you know how.

      1. I can relate Vicky because I used to hate speaking up about things and used to tell myself that I hated making a nuisance of myself or it’s not worth the hassle was a good one. What I have now come to realise is that by not speaking up we add to the rot and keep it all going.

  35. ‘We all have a role, a responsibility to take in how our world is as a whole, collectively.’ – when we make life about right and wrong – this is not taking responsibility – it provides us with a means by which we can remain irresponsibly comfortable in the knowing, and justification, that we are doing ‘better’ than others.

  36. “What about Truth?” Indeed … we seem to avoid it at all costs but perhaps that is because it often comes loaded with the reactions of the person presenting it? But how amazingly healing is truth when it is presented with love – presented without any judgment and with the honesty that is there to be truly felt … this is when truth transforms our lives in the most inspirational ways.

  37. ‘How much goes by around us that we simply do not want to take part in or get involved in, enquire about or voice our position about to another to start the conversation?’ Too much! It’s been so easy for me to discount what I do know because I think I don’t know enough, I’m not knowledgeable enough about a subject but actually, when I give myself the chance to express, there isn’t a subject I can’t comment upon. This is incredible and I’m no different to anyone else. We’ve all got a completely valid perspective that needs to be heard that, more often than not, we’re stifling.

  38. It seems that we are all happy to use what ever we we think we need to get by, but not so happy to pay the consequences for our choices.

  39. I watched a clip the other day on county lines in the UK. For those that haven’t heard of county lines it is where gangs recruit young people as young as 12 to be drug runners and where drugs are moved out of the town and into the country expanding their patch. The reason there is a lot more knife crime in London and other areas. In the interview one business man was interviewed smoking crack saying how he can’t stop and he spends all of his money on it. Later on when a young girl was interviewed sharing how a young person she knew had been killed because of county lines the top she was wearing said ‘supply and demand’. To me this summed up we are all responsible for what is happening within the world for if the demand is not there then the supply will not be.

    1. I find this very confronting, there is a part of me that is struggling to accept the truth of what you are sharing because it’s so tragic that children are being recruited and used in this way, that as a society drug use has become normal/not out of the ordinary – in truth, this is exposing a level of comfort that I’m living with – nothing will change unless we are willing to be honest about how we are choosing to live and the consequences on us all from those choices.

      1. So true Alison. The depth of our irresponsibility is shocking and hence the desire to look the other way is huge. Addressing how we live each and every day has a much bigger impact than we may care to acknowledge, as everyday we can either fuel the demands for more of the same that keeps everyone in the same rut, or begin to restore integrity, respect and truth to our every move and thus create a different demand that can empower real and lasting change.

  40. ‘It is fair to say that our level of decency, respect and care in life with ourselves and others has taken quite a plummet over the last century or so.’ I had the pleasure to be talking with a elderly gentleman yesterday of 102 years in age and it was amazing to feel the quality in which he has lived his life and continues to despite his age. We really have got so much we can learn from our elders if we but valued the lives lived by them irrespective of age.

  41. A few years ago, it was just funny clips of people on their phones walking into posts ponds and walls. Today it has become a statistic that is rising, from people dying by walking into traffic. What is hooking us to exit everything around us? As you have stated, ‘what are we actually consuming’?

  42. All that is not right in the world is going to have to get so bad and to the point where it effects everyone before we all say enough is enough and demand change. The majority needs to wake up and force the powers that be to strive for a fairer and true way of living where no one hungers and no one is without true medicine.

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