Supply and Demand – What about the Truth?

Sensationalised journalism, news reporting and the like offer us a reflection of what we as a society are demanding. Supply and demand affects everything in this world – if there is no demand then there will be no supply. It literally applies to everything.

When we consider the mass volume of reported and consumed news through the medium of newspapers, that which is watched on television and through social media daily, it feels imperative to ask a couple of questions:

  • What is it that we are actually consuming?
  • What are we over and over again, continuing to ask for?

From what I see, our world today is set up to entertain, to distract and to position life, people and events in either the right or wrong basket. It is not about truth. We, as a global society, no longer seek the truth of matters and do not foundationally base our perception of life from the point of truth and untruth. Even though we all know truth deep down, each and every one of us has in some way contributed to this fact, whether we can consciously admit to it or not. We all have a role, a responsibility to take in how our world is as a whole, collectively.

If we each chose to bring truth to every facet of our lives – our relationships, our interactions, the things we create and the way we are – then that which is untrue would have no place to exist. However, if we are complacent, stand back, do not get involved, have an “It’s nothing to do with me” attitude, or do not want to take responsibility, are reserved, are happy to act on only a functional level in life and in relationships, then we allow a way of being in society that is rotten to the core and allow it to have an open road to continue and extend itself.

It is fair to say that our level of decency, respect and care in life with ourselves and others has taken quite a plummet over the last century or so. Evidently, this is reflected in our media platforms, our journalistic manner and the cyber-abuse that has absolutely no consequences or rules to uphold that which we have already established and agreed upon in our physical interactive world.

The fact is, we are actually choosing and even enjoy sensationalised, tantalising media and news reporting instead of calling for that which simply gets to the facts and truth of the rot in life and exposes it for what it is. The news and social media platforms allow us to know about issues from an emotional, elated view, whether they are the truth or not. It is the elation, the emotional aspect and the sensationalism that we have become familiar with and accepted.

News makes us think we are informed, thus we feel included in life with this misinformation. We can even talk about it as part of the distraction and circulate the story to just regurgitate it. However, in-truth our news does not require us to stand up, or call us to account in life – to make changes that eliminate the rot and call people to take true responsibility, especially energetic responsibility, in all aspects of their lives.

The way our media is today allows us to remain distracted from living life in-truth, side-tracked from taking responsibility for our own quality and ‘how we bring, and the what we bring’ to life. I mean, why do we need to bother with the importance of the above statement when we have much worse things to focus on, talk about and distract ourselves from how we are in the world? When in actual fact it is our quality – what we establish as our foundation in our life, in our relationships, the decency and respect we live with – that then filters out to lay the format for how the rest of life plays out, not the other way round.

We must ask as a society, as a growing world population… why is this so? It may be something we complain about, similar to that of the obesity crisis affecting such countries as America, Australia and England to name a few. However, we still buy pizza, soft drink, feed packaged food to our kids. The issues we all complain about and do not like to see and feel, especially when they come knocking on our own door, are the very ones we have been investing in. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. And one that we are constantly choosing until we decide otherwise.

Are we willing to look at …

  • How much do we do about bullying and cyber abuse if we are not directly bullied?
  • How much do we care about the climbing rates of illness and disease both physical and mental, what causes it and those affected by it, unless we or those close to us are affected?
  • How much do we do and work towards eliminating the inequality in the world? There is a vast difference between those who have nothing to those who have too much to list.
  • How much do we care about someone’s character being defamed or the lies created to do so and the impact that has in all areas of their life?
  • How much do we care about the rate of suicide and self-harming behaviour, self-abusive behaviour and why people get to that desperate state of seeing no other way?
  • How much do we care about neglect, physical, mental abuse and domestic violence unless it is in our face knocking on our door: often people will walk past such incidences, pretending they haven’t happened.
  • How much do we care about the atrocities such as human slavery, human trafficking, child labour, and torture in some places – and the fact these behaviours are condoned in parts of the world?
  • How much do we care about the way the courts, the family court and the way law and justice is served in our world unless we feel unjustly done by?
  • How often are we happy to sit back and listen to or view the latest dilemma in a celebrity’s life when there are people in the world who do not have running water or plumbing?
  • Do we think twice about the homeless person sitting on the street and how they got there, or even the young children who may seem to be unaccompanied on a train or bus port?
  • How much do we care about the impact we are having on our natural environment and the adjustments it needs to make, from the way we choose to live in it?
  • How much do we question, care about or want to take a stand against the actual rot that takes place in the world, the what we know is not true, decent, equal or of true good – from something right in front of us to the issues going on in another country?

How much goes by around us that we simply do not want to take part in or get involved in, enquire about or voice our position about to another to start the conversation? These examples are but a few of many more that currently exist in our world today. However, the common thread among them all is that they exist and will continue to exist as long as the majority of the population sit back, relax, and allow them to keep existing by not saying a word or showing any different way of being.

How far will we fall as a whole before we are forced to do something that makes true change? Will it be to the point that everyone experiences these atrocities on some level forcing us to stand up and stand firm against them together, or will we wake up and understand there is another way of speaking up, living truth and love in the smallest areas of our life; that this actually affects the whole and sets a standard?

Time will tell and as always, will reflect all of our choices.

By Johanna Smith, BA Education, Diploma of Counselling, Esoteric Practitioner
Perth, Western Australia

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673 thoughts on “Supply and Demand – What about the Truth?

  1. Johanna I agree with you while we are willing to stand by while these atrocities of life continue unabated then I feel we are doomed. I have personal experience of people being vilified who are known to a community but the community has not stood up as they do not want to get involved. So to me it always seems to come down to a choice and people’s perception that if something is written in the press or watched on television then it must be true. I can now see that mob rule simmers just below the surface of any society that in reality it shows me that as a species we have not evolved at all.

  2. Your questions are good ones, the thread that I read all the way through is, are we willing to do anything if it doesn’t actually affect us? The majority would answer no. I have become so much more aware of things since I experienced them, things that I would have read or heard and just not taken in. Now I listen with less naive ears and I see with less naive eyes. We each have a responsibility to work for the good of the all rather than our own comfort in life.

  3. This blog highlights for me the many ways we are willing to use the media as a form of entertainment and a distraction without wanting to see that behind every story is a person who is struggling with something.

  4. The media has become the child jumping up and down wanting attention. Their actions feel like the reporting of anything out of the ordinary supports only the organisation presenting the information that draws more readers that in turn increases revenue.

  5. This is becoming much more easily obvious to recognise the game played here. So often we consider the supplier to be the ‘baddie’ where if there was no demand, the supplier would have no role to fulfil.

  6. Who decides in the sensationalised journalism world what they think we want next? Has it gotten to the point that it is like giving free drugs in the schoolyard to hook new customers? These journalists would not exist if we did not have the habit of consuming what they present.

  7. As I deepen my awareness I am returning to the fact that everything is energy first and what I am feeling is that the energy we are currently living in has not changed for aeons. There is an energy at play that wants to keep us in distraction so that we do not have a sliver of a chance to return to all that we are. There are establishments that have aligned to this energy and because of this they have chosen to peddle the lies and miss truths that we now all live with as though they are the truth. There is a saying for it, It’s called ‘running with the hounds’ however there are consequences for this lack of responsibility and we are seeing more and more of the consequences of such ill behaviour in the weather systems that are affecting everyone. Mother nature is reflecting back to us that we are out of kilter and if we do nothing then it will only get worse and we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We are choosing or we could say we are demanding this waywardness and the energy is quite happy to supply it, the majority of us have no idea we are being played with like a cat plays with a mouse rather than killing it outright.

  8. Have we all become turtles that just pull our heads in and ignore the world and never speak about anything? You only have to look at their evolution of non-change for what is in store for us!

  9. I love the simplicity of truth. There are no grey areas. Being honest with myself is the way I am seeing through the miasma of lies that we have built our societies on, whether that is around cultural beliefs, religion, race, parenting, education, health… And each day is more refreshing as I explore the simplicity of truth.

  10. Of course how we live has an affect on everything and this includes energetically what we are demanding. I have recently seen how often I will try and find something cheaper but in this what am i demanding the price or the quality and also am I valuing the person who makes the product or offers the service? First and foremost I really feel we need to value both ourselves and others in doing this it will change both the demand and the supply.

  11. I read an article on a big news and entertainment site that was advising people on how to deal with the addiction of distraction as they called it. It’s quite something for this to be recognised but interesting how strategies are given but the call to ask what are we wanting to distract ourselves from and really name and address this, isn’t there.

    I know for me half measures don’t take away the need to distract myself; what does is facing what I’m avoiding until it’s passed and I’ve come to a deeper understanding that doesn’t require any element of needing to look away.

    1. Yes, there is that deeper question waiting to be asked, because otherwise we are using coping strategies to deal with coping strategies which just goes round and round in circles!

  12. Only when we start to address that great long list you have supplied for us Johanna, will we be able to start to change the demand that we are coming from. But small changes can make a huge difference and there are now many people who are doing just that right now.

  13. The media also contains a lot of judgement, they present a snapshot of a person’s life without the bigger picture being represented, and the opportunity for understanding.

  14. If we look at the way the public in general often reacts to sensationalism journalism, it’s a proper lynch mob culture. There’s so much unexpressed, undeakt with emotions, which is basically suppressed feelings, waiting for any trigger for it to burst.

    1. That’s very true Fumiyo, the media can also be quite intentionally manipulative, inserting unnecessary words about someone’s race, for example, to incite racism or imply such crimes are typical of certain nationalities. Garnering sympathy is another common tactic. The media is very cyclic with the use of emotion, content to elicit reaction, and a way of presenting information that ensures no true change.

    2. Yes. I remember the relief of reading about other people’s dramas, indulging in salacious gossip basically, because it kept my attention from my own life and the stuff that needed dealing with at my front door.

  15. Media is about selling entertainment and sensationlised stories including abhorrent lies, no longer about truth only because that’s what we will buy. We have lost our care for knowing what is truly happening because we would prefer to remain in the comfort of our current existence apart from those who live according to a deeper truth which has always been there when we choose to return to it.

  16. I love the accountability of looking at the world and seeing what is being demanded. I listen to the news and though people seem to be demanding of truth they are looking in areas that obfuscate the truth at hand. For example, Did a politician say or not say some derogative remark about another politician or not? A whole debate that takes us from what is at hand needing true discussion.

    What am I focusing on that is really a distraction, a procrastination of what there is to do?

  17. “Sensationalised journalism, news reporting and the like offer us a reflection of what we as a society are demanding.” In the UK currently so called news organisations promote their own bias. So who’s to know whats really true. We tend to read/ view the articles that support our own viewpoint. yet we, as a part of society need to take responsibility for what is happening currently – not just in the UK either, but on a world-wide scale.

  18. ‘It is fair to say that our level of decency, respect and care in life with ourselves and others has taken quite a plummet over the last century or so.’ because we do not generally value older people in western society in the same way as some other parts of the world, or indeed in our own past, as a consequence we tend to forget the lessons learnt by previous generations much to our own cost.

    1. In 2011 the UK abolished the retirement age. Was this to save the government money paid to retirees? Or, to keep people working because they could not afford to stop working. How have we gone from respecting our elders and the wisdom of lived life, to old people becoming an expensive commodity most governments can ill afford to support?

  19. Our existence has become so far from truth that even when it is so clear that what we have as a way of life is not working, rather than make it about truth because that has become so distant, we turn to good and solutions to try to fix it. The truth however is never as far as it may seem as it lives inside each of us constantly and only takes a simple choice to start to connect to it and live from it each day.

  20. It is salutary to consider what we are demanding for in this life and what are we making available for everyone else with our demands.

  21. We are living the lie that because of our advances in technology and scientific research etc that we are evolving but it is very clear from our ill health and recycled forms of abuse toward each other and ourselves that we are not. This being the case, this blog clearly shows this is not something we are victim to but rather a situation of our own creation and in realising this we have the choice to change it.

  22. Indeed lets look our why we keep demanding things. Are we caught by our nature to seek stimulation and experiences over and over again? Or are we simply avoiding the truth that we disconnected from our very essence that does not seek individuality?

  23. We get what we ask for, it is proven time and time again. It’s simple economics, when there is something in demand, the market finds a way to deliver – and the more they deliver, the cheaper the goods get. Exactly the same as journalism, in the past journalists were regarded as people of integrity, people who may bring to light what is going on in the shadows. Today, journalists (many, perhaps not all), remind me of hyenas, looking for dead meat to indulge on and fight over.

  24. I’m seeing there’s such an accepted level of corruption in society that people just accept. Deceit is everywhere and I have been a part of this until I choose to address all the ways I have wanted to ‘get away with something.’ Recently my car broke down and I could have sold it with a fault and ‘got away with it’, but having this happen to me a few times I couldn’t choose doing this to another.

    The feeling of being ‘got’ has always felt awful. There have been times I ignored what I’d knew was dodgy because I had wanted something too good to be true, but there were also times when I’ve done my best to be honest with what I was feeling and been got too. I have no doubt I’ve had my own past karma come back at me!

  25. ‘If we each chose to bring truth to every facet of our lives – our relationships, our interactions, the things we create and the way we are – then that which is untrue would have no place to exist.’ profoundly powerful to bring this quality into everything without compromise. No shade only light.

  26. It is the quality of our expression that makes the difference. If the intention is to sensationalise to draw attention to a media source or ourselves then we are circulating the need for external validation and that is merely circulating a poison that does not offer an answer for our ills and disharmony.

  27. We are offered so much distraction these days with computer games, TV, films, and so many more sports people can try. Until we stop demanding theses things, the supply will continue. The question to be asking is … why are we needing all these distractions?

    1. A great question Gill. Indeed what are we demanding? i remember being a bit bored oin the long school holidays but soon found something to occupy myself with. I recall my own children saying the same thing and they’d go outside and play. I doubt my grandchildren will say the same, as there are screens to occupy them day and night – for distraction. However the adults around them are reflecting screens at every opportunity – rather than interacting with the young ones around them. Why are we not taught to enjoy stillness and to be at one with ourselves – wherever we are and whatever age we are?

  28. So next time we go to the supermarket and they have run out of a favourite product, it’s good to consider what we are demanding is supplied to us and what comes with our demands.

  29. Most of my life I was very good at pointing the finger of blame at this or that. There seemed to be a sense of superiority gained through the belief that I was on a moral higher ground and the comfortable thought that I had somehow done my bit because I had participated in a conversation about how wrong everything was. Yet when we bring in the understanding that there is no supply without a demand, and consider the invitation to go deeper into our relationship and actual impact on everything that is happening, it all starts to look quite different.

  30. “What is it that we are actually consuming?” It seems that we are seeking for something that is not us and will make us sick. We live life as if energy is not first, when energy is always first, middle and last. Energy is everything.

  31. ‘it is our quality – what we establish as our foundation in our life, in our relationships, the decency and respect we live with – that then filters out to lay the format for how the rest of life plays out, not the other way round.’ So true, we can’t underestimate the power that comes through us or, indeed, the forces we may indulge in when we aren’t allowing of that power.

  32. Johanna, reading your article I can feel how when we do not say anything about the abuse and lies in the world then this allows things to slide and gradually get worse. It is for each and everyone one of us to stand up for what we feel is true.

  33. Johanna, I have noticed a real change in the media that is now available in shops, particularly with women’s magazines. There used to be a lot of real life stories about people and their health and their lives, in the last 5-10 years this has changed from real, true stories, to more of the content being instead gossip about celebrities.

    1. Interesting you’ve noticed this. Sounds like what’s consumed is becoming more toxic – and I say toxic because I know whenever I read any of this I feel very ill at ease, nauseous even. It doesn’t sit well knowing people are being spoken about in negative ways and copping the effects of this.

  34. “If we each chose to bring truth to every facet of our lives – our relationships, our interactions, the things we create and the way we are – then that which is untrue would have no place to exist.” So true Johanna, yet we are choosing anything but, preferring to wrangle about right and wrong, as per our own individual perceptions. What if we paused and took a moment to see the bigger picture at play?

  35. The supply and demand cycle is one of circulating what is not the truth of who we are in life and never ending as its source requires constant feeding.

  36. ‘…are happy to act on only a functional level in life and in relationships…’ this really highlights the lack of attention we pay to the quality of a lot of things in life, whether determining whether something is truth-full or not or just the quality of energy which comes with all things.

  37. An interesting way to view things came to light as it is all too often the simple way to blame another, blame a system instead of asking why that system exists. Take my attempts at different businesses over the past 20 years, whenever I had a great idea I wanted to supply to the world it never worked. Then on the flip side say I got a sense of what the world wanted and then supplied that the business worked great. In effect, it was only the demand that created the success in my supply. So if we don’t like things, we first have to stop demanding them.

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