Supply and Demand – What about the Truth?

Sensationalised journalism, news reporting and the like offer us a reflection of what we as a society are demanding. Supply and demand affects everything in this world – if there is no demand then there will be no supply. It literally applies to everything.

When we consider the mass volume of reported and consumed news through the medium of newspapers, that which is watched on television and through social media daily, it feels imperative to ask a couple of questions:

  • What is it that we are actually consuming?
  • What are we over and over again, continuing to ask for?

From what I see, our world today is set up to entertain, to distract and to position life, people and events in either the right or wrong basket. It is not about truth. We, as a global society, no longer seek the truth of matters and do not foundationally base our perception of life from the point of truth and untruth. Even though we all know truth deep down, each and every one of us has in some way contributed to this fact, whether we can consciously admit to it or not. We all have a role, a responsibility to take in how our world is as a whole, collectively.

If we each chose to bring truth to every facet of our lives – our relationships, our interactions, the things we create and the way we are – then that which is untrue would have no place to exist. However, if we are complacent, stand back, do not get involved, have an “It’s nothing to do with me” attitude, or do not want to take responsibility, are reserved, are happy to act on only a functional level in life and in relationships, then we allow a way of being in society that is rotten to the core and allow it to have an open road to continue and extend itself.

It is fair to say that our level of decency, respect and care in life with ourselves and others has taken quite a plummet over the last century or so. Evidently, this is reflected in our media platforms, our journalistic manner and the cyber-abuse that has absolutely no consequences or rules to uphold that which we have already established and agreed upon in our physical interactive world.

The fact is, we are actually choosing and even enjoy sensationalised, tantalising media and news reporting instead of calling for that which simply gets to the facts and truth of the rot in life and exposes it for what it is. The news and social media platforms allow us to know about issues from an emotional, elated view, whether they are the truth or not. It is the elation, the emotional aspect and the sensationalism that we have become familiar with and accepted.

News makes us think we are informed, thus we feel included in life with this misinformation. We can even talk about it as part of the distraction and circulate the story to just regurgitate it. However, in-truth our news does not require us to stand up, or call us to account in life – to make changes that eliminate the rot and call people to take true responsibility, especially energetic responsibility, in all aspects of their lives.

The way our media is today allows us to remain distracted from living life in-truth, side-tracked from taking responsibility for our own quality and ‘how we bring, and the what we bring’ to life. I mean, why do we need to bother with the importance of the above statement when we have much worse things to focus on, talk about and distract ourselves from how we are in the world? When in actual fact it is our quality – what we establish as our foundation in our life, in our relationships, the decency and respect we live with – that then filters out to lay the format for how the rest of life plays out, not the other way round.

We must ask as a society, as a growing world population… why is this so? It may be something we complain about, similar to that of the obesity crisis affecting such countries as America, Australia and England to name a few. However, we still buy pizza, soft drink, feed packaged food to our kids. The issues we all complain about and do not like to see and feel, especially when they come knocking on our own door, are the very ones we have been investing in. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. And one that we are constantly choosing until we decide otherwise.

Are we willing to look at …

  • How much do we do about bullying and cyber abuse if we are not directly bullied?
  • How much do we care about the climbing rates of illness and disease both physical and mental, what causes it and those affected by it, unless we or those close to us are affected?
  • How much do we do and work towards eliminating the inequality in the world? There is a vast difference between those who have nothing to those who have too much to list.
  • How much do we care about someone’s character being defamed or the lies created to do so and the impact that has in all areas of their life?
  • How much do we care about the rate of suicide and self-harming behaviour, self-abusive behaviour and why people get to that desperate state of seeing no other way?
  • How much do we care about neglect, physical, mental abuse and domestic violence unless it is in our face knocking on our door: often people will walk past such incidences, pretending they haven’t happened.
  • How much do we care about the atrocities such as human slavery, human trafficking, child labour, and torture in some places – and the fact these behaviours are condoned in parts of the world?
  • How much do we care about the way the courts, the family court and the way law and justice is served in our world unless we feel unjustly done by?
  • How often are we happy to sit back and listen to or view the latest dilemma in a celebrity’s life when there are people in the world who do not have running water or plumbing?
  • Do we think twice about the homeless person sitting on the street and how they got there, or even the young children who may seem to be unaccompanied on a train or bus port?
  • How much do we care about the impact we are having on our natural environment and the adjustments it needs to make, from the way we choose to live in it?
  • How much do we question, care about or want to take a stand against the actual rot that takes place in the world, the what we know is not true, decent, equal or of true good – from something right in front of us to the issues going on in another country?

How much goes by around us that we simply do not want to take part in or get involved in, enquire about or voice our position about to another to start the conversation? These examples are but a few of many more that currently exist in our world today. However, the common thread among them all is that they exist and will continue to exist as long as the majority of the population sit back, relax, and allow them to keep existing by not saying a word or showing any different way of being.

How far will we fall as a whole before we are forced to do something that makes true change? Will it be to the point that everyone experiences these atrocities on some level forcing us to stand up and stand firm against them together, or will we wake up and understand there is another way of speaking up, living truth and love in the smallest areas of our life; that this actually affects the whole and sets a standard?

Time will tell and as always, will reflect all of our choices.

By Johanna Smith, BA Education, Diploma of Counselling, Esoteric Practitioner
Perth, Western Australia

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666 thoughts on “Supply and Demand – What about the Truth?

  1. Ariana we have all contributed to society life after life, so as a collective we must prefer the comfort that the lies give us. We now have the responsibility to clean up the mess the world is in because we as a collective made it what it is today.

  2. ‘Each and every one of us has in some way contributed to this fact, whether we can consciously admit to it or not. We all have a role, a responsibility to take in how our world is as a whole, collectively.’
    I got to feel recently how I have contributed to a way of life that crushes us from when we are small children. There is a consciousness that we allow that actually encases us in such a way that we cannot feel our connection to God, then we blame God for not being there. Thankfully there is a way out of this, Universal Medicine teaches the Ageless Wisdom we are supported to reconnect to the sensitivity we are naturally born with and in that reconnection we can feel our way back to God, who has always been there waiting for us all to come back to our truth.

  3. The abuse and bullying these days is coming from every angle as we are treated like sheep. So it is important to focus on our alignment to our essences, so we have to discern the truth energetically as much is not holding the energetic truth. Exposing the greed and corruption is simple as it is seen for what it is with most not even trying to hide the fact as they are so lost.

  4. Truth comes with an energy and when we understand that there is an Energetic-truth and like Love that also is an energy, and as everything is energy and thus must be because of an energy that the words mean little if there is no True-energetic-love. From what is being shared understanding energy is extremely important as True-energy comes from a Lived way that understand energy and the Energetic-truth ❤️.

  5. I hate the fact that the media can blatantly lie as it does and that people think that because they read something in a newspaper it must be true. It’s like all sense drops away from the body. I recently had a conversation with my family about an article that appeared in a national Sunday Newspaper and it was clear they believed the utter trash that was written. I had to remind them that they have known me for 45 years, they have witnessed the ill metal health I was in and they have also seen how I have changed my life around. I am living in a way that has supported me to come back to a true way of being myself by reconnecting back to my love of God. There is nothing wrong in reconnecting back to the truth of who we are, so I wonder why the media are kicking up such a huge storm is it that they are actually puppets of a different way of life that wants everyone to live a reduced life so that they never get feel what it is like to reconnect to God and the universe and how powerful that connection is.

  6. Life will always “reflect all of our choices”, or it is our Livingness that provides a platform for without a living way even the truth will not stand up as it is tainted by the discordant way we are living.

  7. Its very interesting to discover that a very well known tabloid news paper which posts nude women on page 3 has actually been banned from Liverpool because of the article that was printed in it about the Hills borough football disaster in 1989. Many fans were killed and injured. It was felt at the time that a British national newspaper was acting as the propaganda arm for an establishment cover up and a concerted defamation of the innocent dead. And 30 years later the paper is still banned. I feel the paper made a huge mistake when it thought it could lie about the incident and in no way appreciated that the people who were at the football match who were witness to what actually happened took on the paper and the establishment and even though there have been apologies from the news paper, the people of Liverpool do not feel that the apologies are genuine otherwise the ban would have been be lifted surely? This shows me that we do know that newspapers lie and cheat and cannot be trusted and if there was a total ban until the press reported what was true and not made up lies, fantasies, and didn’t allow themselves to be used as a propaganda machine for establishments to control the masses we would be able to believe what they said was true.
    They will bring themselves down because more and more people are actually waking up to the fact that newspapers cannot be trusted and they lie.

    1. If we do not live in way that supports what we are sharing then the virtues we bring are under the umbrella of lies that we have lived, so we can all stand up against injustice and not add to the lies like the Liverpudlians have done for the last 30 years. Thank you Mary, this simply shows we can make a difference when we get together as one.

  8. One of the key things for me to support true and lasting change in the world is simply in how I live my life. I care about what’s going on but the magnitude of abuse globally can be overwhelming, and our historic tendency is to get in there and take action. Sometimes that is appropriate and needed related to local or world issues, however I’ve learnt that the state of the world is made up by us as individuals and the way we live and the quality of presence and expression we bring, true change comes from love, truth, harmony, i.e., life lived from soul, and this is how we can make an impact on everyone around us. Every calamity and abuse in the world has come about from human beings not living from soul, so what could be more important than living soul myself and reminding others that this is the way out of the mess.

    1. This is a great sharing Melinda Knights, because so many of us wring our hands in despair at the way our society is heading, including me at one stage in my life but what you are sharing and what I know to be true is that if we were all to take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions it would have a positive impact on the world.

  9. Supply and demand. Everyone who buys, or has ever bought, illegal drugs has to accept responsibility for the aggression, violence and misery caused in countries that supply the drugs to meet the demand. This is true of anything that is harmful to us all.

  10. “The power of media, whether direct or indirect, is a real power which acts on us, which modifies our behavior, our tastes and probably our thoughts. Like all authority, it cannot be applied at random. Otherwise, that power could become arbitrary and irresponsible. The power gives media people responsibility comparable to religious or political responsibility. In their own way they contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a human community. The well-being of that community should be their first concern.”1
    1: “The Dalai Lama’s Book of Daily Meditations; the Path to Tranquility” compiled and edited by Renuka Singh

  11. We are on a perpetual merry-go-round and have chosen to not get off. If you look a fashion it is like the alphabet, there is a finite number of letters and repeats its self. When was the last time you watched a movie that is not a reinvention of an older one or worse a new one that is the same as original but just done in today’s time! In my short lifetime, we have gone from three tv channels that were only on from 6am to midnight and party-line phones. Today you talk to someone the other side of the world with video from almost anywhere on the planet. But we seem to have stopped talking to each other, face to face. Where does truth get a look in nowadays?

    1. Steve Matson I do not feel personally that truth gets a look in at all, I feel that we are out of control and slipping into a world where machines are taking over all areas of our daily lives and I do wonder what humans will do with themselves when the machines take over. It may seem like something out of a science fiction book, but I see what is happening in the industry I work in and it makes no sense to me. It as though we prefer machines to people.

    2. The greed and corruption that is exposed in Robin Hood 2018 produced by Otto Bathurst is a shining light that exposes the ill ways on many levels and things have not changed so it is time to “take true responsibility, especially energetic responsibility, in all aspects of their lives”.

  12. “The fact is, we are actually choosing and even enjoy sensationalised, tantalising media and news reporting instead of calling for that which simply gets to the facts and truth of the rot in life and exposes it for what it is” So true Johanna. There seems to be no such thing as unbiased media these days. The number of ‘reality TV’ shows is increasing because they are cheap to produce and the demand is there. Do we really want to hear the truth any more?

  13. The energy that created all the ills of the world cannot and will not solve them. Which is why we need to be shaken out of our stupor (via an incident, illness, misery, etc.) to see that it’s all rotten and not working. Thank God that there are some people living outside of that rotten energy so that when people do start to get shaken there’s that something else to be seen and felt.

  14. Taking responsibility for the energy in which we choose to live will, eventually, have the cause and effect to bring change to our world.

    1. Yes, one by one, drop by drop, when we all start to take responsibility the world will change. We have to start with ourselves, for we cannot make anyone else change. We can however give a different reflection and thereby inspire others.

  15. Supply and demand is the driving force with whatever is popular at the moment, including the extreme ugly behaviours we participate in physically or adding to it with our thoughts. As an example, I hated it when people would gossip about others but I would still enjoin in order to get recognition but now I have curbed that avenue of entertainment I feel so much clearer for it. Not perfect but greatly improved.

  16. Johanna I would agree with you that we have set up this life as a huge distraction from what we are in fact here to do. In Greek mythology we can read about the fallen Gods, I feel these stories are an analogy of what has actually happened to us. We have fallen so far from our origins and we know this and the only way to alleviate the utter pain and constant misery of the separation is by distracting ourselves, but in the end even this will not be enough to a assuage the devastation and we will retread the steps back to heaven.

  17. The sad fact is as a world wide society we are to involved in gossip, stimulation and entertainment to really care about what’s going on.

    1. True caring comes from an alignment to a particular consciousness, it’s not a choice or a way of looking at things, it is a bi product of an alignment. In exactly the same way as caring for people, the environment, the homeless etc also comes from an alignment and if that alignment is to an energetic source that is not true then it will produce actions in us that serve to ensure that we draw in more of the consciousness that is not true and so it goes. We are all the consciousness of God but it is the energy that we align to whilst we’re here on Earth that will dictate whether or not we’re in step with Him or not.

  18. The fact that as an English teacher I have to teach my students how to be discerning about the media they consume, more so now than ever before, is such an indictment on how society has preferred comfort, sensationalism, drama, gossip etc., over what is true. Whilst I am much more aware of the diet fed in the media to me as a consumer I still ask myself about all those other areas in my life where I allow truth to take a back seat.

  19. I feel this is a big one for the whole of humanity “It’s nothing to do with me” attitude’ and I know many times I have had this attitude if not conscious unconsciously. My learning here is it is not about protesting, rah rah-ing or throwing the blame at others but to instead start to take a look at how we live, our own back yard so to speak. What do we put up with in life, what do we value and hold dear to us, how do we want the world to be for future generations and actually holding and raising this awareness not shutting it out or down because it is too much for us and ‘it will never change’. It also comes back to self-love and self-care because if we truly love ourselves and hold ourself dearly then this of course will reflect out to others and so this then becomes our baseline not ‘it has nothing to do with me attitude’.

    1. Very true, I remember coming across a quote which said something along the lines of: “Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to change”, and that left such a profound mark on me. How can we expect the world to change but we ourselves remain forever the same, stuck in our ways and dogmas? If we are open and willing to see how we contribute to the mess we are in, if we are open to changing our ways, then we can perhaps see the world around us start making changes as well…

  20. The crazy part is, we are actually given what we ask for. So what if we actually asked for the truth, asked for growth and evolution and for love to be the true and real foundation of our lives? Because, if this actually is our natural essence then it would appear that this would then come very easily for us, would it not? But since this is not our lived reality, could it be that we are very good at bringing in all kinds of issues and problems and complications by demanding (and hence being supplied) everything and anything but the loving foundation that we are from? Interesting to ponder on how much of our energy goes to what I call backwards evolution or un-evolutionary demands…and it appears to be a habit we all indulge in in some way or another!

    1. I can put my hands up and say that there are many times when I have accepted the status quo not willing to rock the boat because to say the truth would be unpalatable for those to hear. What I am learning is to say it a way that doesn’t come from a judgement but genuine care, so that those who are open have the possibility to make a different choice. If we all keep indulging by keeping the status quo nothing will change.

  21. Most people will not take action unless what has happened has directly affected them or a close one to them. The only time we see people truly coming together in the world is when there is a large scale natural disaster, and in this time, people work together and put aside all their differences and realise that we are all the same in the end. But why is it that we must wait for a natural disaster to be this way with each other? Why can we not live like this on a daily basis?

    1. Because we are determined to carry on as we are, even though it’s so obviously not working. We kid ourselves that if things aren’t really bad with us or our immediate family then we’re doing well. But we know deep down that this isn’t the case. This rather shoddy representation of our true life is a greatly reduced version of the splendour that we’ve all lived before. Maybe we just can’t be bothered to change it because changing it has to start with changing ourselves. Easier in some regards to carry on as is, until that is, until it’s not.

      1. Alexis I get what you are saying
        ‘Maybe we just can’t be bothered to change it because changing it has to start with changing ourselves. Easier in some regards to carry on as is, until that is, until it’s not.’
        Because to be honest that is sometimes what I feel it’s easier not to rock the boat but to carry on until we cannot and we as a collective will forced to look at the mess we have made for ourselves and start to clear it up.

  22. As a country Australians seem very complacent and though they get mildly outraged at things happening around them, the first response is “when is someone going to do something about that?” as opposed to taking action themselves. There is a real arrogance in this, where one is so deeply steeped in their comforts that they will not get up and do something that needs to be addressed. And so here too exposes the demand for comfort and how that can buy people into inactivity. An interesting tactic to dis-empower a whole population.

  23. Johanna I agree with you while we are willing to stand by while these atrocities of life continue unabated then I feel we are doomed. I have personal experience of people being vilified who are known to a community but the community has not stood up as they do not want to get involved. So to me it always seems to come down to a choice and people’s perception that if something is written in the press or watched on television then it must be true. I can now see that mob rule simmers just below the surface of any society that in reality it shows me that as a species we have not evolved at all.

  24. Your questions are good ones, the thread that I read all the way through is, are we willing to do anything if it doesn’t actually affect us? The majority would answer no. I have become so much more aware of things since I experienced them, things that I would have read or heard and just not taken in. Now I listen with less naive ears and I see with less naive eyes. We each have a responsibility to work for the good of the all rather than our own comfort in life.

  25. This blog highlights for me the many ways we are willing to use the media as a form of entertainment and a distraction without wanting to see that behind every story is a person who is struggling with something.

  26. The media has become the child jumping up and down wanting attention. Their actions feel like the reporting of anything out of the ordinary supports only the organisation presenting the information that draws more readers that in turn increases revenue.

    1. But the difficulty is that if we were to start to call out the lies then we’d have to call out every single aspect of our lives because none of us are living the truth of who we all are (apart from literally a handful of people). We’re multi dimensional beings living a one dimensional life, which is why life sucks so much!

      1. Alexis what you are saying is that we all lie and we do because as you say there are just a handful of people who live the truth. So that must mean the rest of humanity is living in a cesspit of lies of our own making, which is as you say why life sucks so much!

  27. This is becoming much more easily obvious to recognise the game played here. So often we consider the supplier to be the ‘baddie’ where if there was no demand, the supplier would have no role to fulfil.

    1. Well said Gill – it goes much deeper than that. No different to a man or woman who ends up as a criminal and we dont stop to ask what kind of society allowed a person to grow up and feel they had to deal with life in that way? We are good at shying away from responsibility and blaming others, but how much are we really willing to look at in our own lives?

    2. The energetic source that the ‘supplier’ uses to supply us is the same energetic source that we draw on to ask for the supply, it’s all The What is Not Truth and just to add that if we get emotional about the supplier supplying us then the emotion that we feel also comes from the same energetic source that is being used by the supplier. The only way to pull the plug on the suppliers is to switch the source of energy that we ourselves are drawing on, there’s no other way, holding up placards just doesn’t work.

  28. Who decides in the sensationalised journalism world what they think we want next? Has it gotten to the point that it is like giving free drugs in the schoolyard to hook new customers? These journalists would not exist if we did not have the habit of consuming what they present.

  29. As I deepen my awareness I am returning to the fact that everything is energy first and what I am feeling is that the energy we are currently living in has not changed for aeons. There is an energy at play that wants to keep us in distraction so that we do not have a sliver of a chance to return to all that we are. There are establishments that have aligned to this energy and because of this they have chosen to peddle the lies and miss truths that we now all live with as though they are the truth. There is a saying for it, It’s called ‘running with the hounds’ however there are consequences for this lack of responsibility and we are seeing more and more of the consequences of such ill behaviour in the weather systems that are affecting everyone. Mother nature is reflecting back to us that we are out of kilter and if we do nothing then it will only get worse and we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We are choosing or we could say we are demanding this waywardness and the energy is quite happy to supply it, the majority of us have no idea we are being played with like a cat plays with a mouse rather than killing it outright.

  30. Have we all become turtles that just pull our heads in and ignore the world and never speak about anything? You only have to look at their evolution of non-change for what is in store for us!

  31. I love the simplicity of truth. There are no grey areas. Being honest with myself is the way I am seeing through the miasma of lies that we have built our societies on, whether that is around cultural beliefs, religion, race, parenting, education, health… And each day is more refreshing as I explore the simplicity of truth.

  32. Of course how we live has an affect on everything and this includes energetically what we are demanding. I have recently seen how often I will try and find something cheaper but in this what am i demanding the price or the quality and also am I valuing the person who makes the product or offers the service? First and foremost I really feel we need to value both ourselves and others in doing this it will change both the demand and the supply.

  33. I read an article on a big news and entertainment site that was advising people on how to deal with the addiction of distraction as they called it. It’s quite something for this to be recognised but interesting how strategies are given but the call to ask what are we wanting to distract ourselves from and really name and address this, isn’t there.

    I know for me half measures don’t take away the need to distract myself; what does is facing what I’m avoiding until it’s passed and I’ve come to a deeper understanding that doesn’t require any element of needing to look away.

    1. Yes, there is that deeper question waiting to be asked, because otherwise we are using coping strategies to deal with coping strategies which just goes round and round in circles!

  34. Only when we start to address that great long list you have supplied for us Johanna, will we be able to start to change the demand that we are coming from. But small changes can make a huge difference and there are now many people who are doing just that right now.

  35. The media also contains a lot of judgement, they present a snapshot of a person’s life without the bigger picture being represented, and the opportunity for understanding.

  36. If we look at the way the public in general often reacts to sensationalism journalism, it’s a proper lynch mob culture. There’s so much unexpressed, undeakt with emotions, which is basically suppressed feelings, waiting for any trigger for it to burst.

    1. That’s very true Fumiyo, the media can also be quite intentionally manipulative, inserting unnecessary words about someone’s race, for example, to incite racism or imply such crimes are typical of certain nationalities. Garnering sympathy is another common tactic. The media is very cyclic with the use of emotion, content to elicit reaction, and a way of presenting information that ensures no true change.

    2. Yes. I remember the relief of reading about other people’s dramas, indulging in salacious gossip basically, because it kept my attention from my own life and the stuff that needed dealing with at my front door.

  37. Media is about selling entertainment and sensationlised stories including abhorrent lies, no longer about truth only because that’s what we will buy. We have lost our care for knowing what is truly happening because we would prefer to remain in the comfort of our current existence apart from those who live according to a deeper truth which has always been there when we choose to return to it.

  38. I love the accountability of looking at the world and seeing what is being demanded. I listen to the news and though people seem to be demanding of truth they are looking in areas that obfuscate the truth at hand. For example, Did a politician say or not say some derogative remark about another politician or not? A whole debate that takes us from what is at hand needing true discussion.

    What am I focusing on that is really a distraction, a procrastination of what there is to do?

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