Is it possible that by working on the things we resist and procrastinate over in our outer world, that we can affect our inner world? A bit like energetic surgery, in reverse. And from my experience, I would most definitely say that “yes” – “yes, it is.”

There are some jobs that I love to do and will do first, and others that I will procrastinate over. And then there are some that feel so uninviting that I don’t get around to doing them at all. Cleaning shelves is one example. There’s something about having to take everything off a shelf, dust it and then replace it, that simply makes me want to just give up. But I know there are people that love the whole process of dusting.

What this then leads me to understand is that the things that each of us procrastinate over are specific to us. And therein lies a jewel. If the things that each of us resist are different, then the origin of those things must be coming from within us. We are each therefore the creator of the things that we either procrastinate over or resist completely. Hence we can trace everything that exists in our outer world to an energetic starting point in our ‘inner world’ –– our inner world being the energetic starting point within our bodies.

Tackling my almost pathological avoidance of technology is a great example of how, by addressing something in my peripheral world, I was able to simultaneously work on my inner world. What I discovered was that the energetic starting point for my resistance to technology was my investment in identity. I was heavily invested in being seen as a rather quirky woman, who was going against the grain by not being on social media or having a phone that did much more than texting or calling people. By addressing my resistance to technology, I unearthed my investment in identity and lanced a boil that had been festering for years.

But there’s more. Addressing things in our outer world deals with the inner blockages, and so then frees up space within us for more clarity and more flow.

As my awareness around this topic has grown, so has my determination to explore the effects of committing to doing the things that are way down on my invisible to-do list. In the beginning, tackling the jobs, chores and issues that I was avoiding was as palatable as swallowing a mouthful of gristle.

However, I have been able to apply myself consistently enough that there is a part of me now that actively embraces tackling the things that make me falter. What motivates me is the fact that I can feel how when I get stuck on something in my external environment, it is reflecting an inner stagnation: one whose rot sits within me, whether the job is on my invisible to-do list or not. The things that ‘dropped off’ the bottom of my to-do list, because I never got around to doing them, never really disappeared. They continue to sit deep within my body, like a fungus, until such time that I eventually get around to dealing with them.

What I can feel on a very physical level is that when I finally get around to tackling something that I have been procrastinating over, this then opens up an incredible sense of space and freedom in my body. It’s then that I realise just how energetically congested I have been, even though I haven’t been consciously aware of it. So now, everything that I am resisting gets flagged, and to the best of my ability I work through the steps that are needed to complete the task.

Last weekend I went to the hardware shop and bought a washer for my laundry tap (fixing my dripping laundry tap is something that I have been procrastinating over for months). A wonderful shop assistant took ages showing me how to change a washer, and the next steps are for me to learn where to turn the water off from, and to then to go down to the garage and find the tools that I need. By completing another job that I have got stuck on, I will free up even more space in my body. But space is not empty: on the contrary, it’s crammed full of communication – communication from the Universe. Universal Communication knows no bounds and carries with it the answers to every problem that man is currently facing and indeed will ever face.

By working on our internal energetic congestion, we open the valves that allow Universal Communication to flow freely through us. And it is by restoring the flow of Universal Communication that we will begin to restore true harmony on Earth.

By Alexis Stewart, A woman who has remembered that she made a commitment a long time ago to serve God and is now dedicated to fulfilling that commitment.

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830 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. ‘What I can feel on a very physical level is that when I finally get around to tackling something that I have been procrastinating over, this then opens up an incredible sense of space and freedom in my body’, I can feel when I do procrastinate how tense my body can be – showing me that procrastinating is not our natural way.

  2. I can feel with procrastination that for me there can be a real stubbornness around some things, and a refusal to go there until I absolutely have to, I can feel how draining this can be.

  3. Alexis, I love to read this article over and over and every time it supports me. I am becoming more aware of tackling jobs that I avoid and can feel that this is an ongoing work in progress – I feel lighter and more empowered as a result so its definitely worth working on.

    1. Rebecca I feel the same. I’m in a new job at the moment and if I was still procrastinating the way that I used to it would be overwhelming. But armed with the ability to keep my body open to new things and to embrace them as they come up, I feel exhilarated in my new role. To be honest the only reason why I’m able to have a go at managing is because I’ve worked through my habit of procrastinating because prior to that I chose not to manage because I thought that there was too much about it that was too hard. Movement leads to movement, I have unstuck myself.

  4. As above so is it below and within, we can either return and live our true divine nature to our every last particle or delay and procrastinate and rot within.

  5. Procrastination is a killer. And even in the most apparently mundane incidences when I avoid something that is there to be done, I can feel the harm of it. On the other hand when I am simply prepared and up for whatever is needed I experience so much inspiration and learning.

  6. “What I can feel on a very physical level is that when I finally get around to tackling something that I have been procrastinating over, this then opens up an incredible sense of space and freedom in my body” So true and often those jobs don’t actually take up much time to complete at all!

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